Logan remembers the first day that he met Quinn as if it was yesterday, even though in reality it was ten years ago. It was the day of the big basketball game in eighth grade, the first week of school and the first year girls were allowed at PCA. He remembers how badly she sucked at the sport and how mean he was to her back then, and as much as he hates how he treated her, he wouldn't go back and do things differently. That was their story, and he wouldn't change that for anything.

Except, the one thing that he knows that he would change would be the way it all ended. She was getting more focused on work, she wasn't making her quinnventions for fun anymore, she was actually working somewhere where she got paid to invent things, something she had always loved doing. She was busier now because of all of the deadlines, and Logan had been selfish enough to complain about how she wasn't spending any time with him anymore. He should have been happy for her, he should have been supportive, but he wasn't. Three years have passed, and that's still the biggest regret of his life.

Logan would never admit it, but before going out with Quinn he kind of liked the fact that she was so unavailable to him. She never seemed interested in him, like almost all of the other girls at PCA. She also had a boyfriend, but she was dating Mark, so he believes that doesn't count. He was so used to having girls at his fingertips, going out with multiple girls in one week. That all changed when he started dating Quinn, he only wanted her. He had never felt this way about anyone else he had ever met, so he imagined them lasting forever.

That was when they were sixteen, they broke up when they were twenty, and she's now getting married to some boy who she's known for two years. Quinn and Logan stopped talking shortly after they broke up, so the only reason why Logan even knew about all of this was through Michael, who he had been sharing a place with ever since him and Quinn broke up. Quinn and Logan had found a place to live shortly after graduating since their universities were so close by, but when they broke up, Quinn stayed in the house and Logan moved in with Michael, who had coincidentally been looking for someone to live with.

While Michael and the rest of their mutual friends and their dates had been invited to the wedding, Logan had not made it on the list. He wasn't surprised by that at all though, they hadn't talked in years, and besides, who wants their ex at their wedding?

At the moment, Michael had been getting ready to go to Quinn's house, the same house that she used to live in with Logan. Michael, Chase, Lola and Zoey had all been invited to help Quinn and her husband get ready. To Logan this was ridiculous, didn't her husband have his own friends to help him get ready? Or was he another lame dude, like Del Figgalo? He was already getting married to the only girl Logan would ever be in love with, he really didn't need to have Logan's two best friends help him get ready to marry her.

"Alright man, how do I look?" Michael asked, smiling wide in his suit, turning around to show off the entire outfit. Logan wanted to do anything but smile while thinking about this wedding, but he forced one to make sure his best friend couldn't tell something was wrong. As far as all of his friends knew, Logan was completely over Quinn, and even if that was the furthest thing from the truth, he planned to keep it that way.

"You look amazing man!" Logan complimented. This whole day Logan had been trying to think of a plan to make sure this wedding didn't happen, Quinn belonged with him, not John or Jake, or whatever Michael said this dude's name was. "Hey man, you're picking up Chase on the way to Quinn's, right?" Even saying her name broke his heart a little more, but he knew that he had to go through with this plan. "I am, how come?" questioned Michael.

"Well, I haven't seen him in awhile, I was thinking I could ride over with you guys and once we arrived at Quinn's I could call a car to come pick me up and take me somewhere" Logan told him. He had definitely gotten better at plans and making up stories in the past few years. Michael was gullible enough to believe him, and just like that they were off to go pick up their best friend.

The three boys spent the hour-long car ride from Chase's to Quinn's with loud music and the windows rolled down, occasionally talking about life, but mainly singing along to the music that they had been listening to. Logan had to admit, after not seeing one of his best friends in so long, he was happy his plan to try and get Quinn back included a little bit of time with Chase.

Once they finally arrived at the house, Michael parked his car and the two boys said their goodbyes to Logan. To make it believable that he was leaving, he began walking off. Though, he watched his best friends the whole time and after a couple of minutes of them walking inside, he walked into the big home that used to be so familiar to him as well. He knew that while Quinn's fiance was most likely getting ready in the biggest guest room, Quinn was definitely in her room, that used to be their room, getting ready. He snuck up the stairs, making sure nobody caught him and walked over to the bedroom door.

It took him a couple of minutes to build up the courage to knock on the door, but when he finally did he was met face to face with a brunette and a blonde who had been very familiar to him. Their jaws practically fell to the floor when they saw him, and as much as he wanted to catch up with the two girls he had missed more than anything, other than Quinn of course, he had the courage now and he wasn't going to let go of it. "Please just get out of my way and give me a minute" he told them, waiting until they nodded in approval and stepped out of the way. He closed the door behind him and stood against it. "Quinn?" he said quietly, speaking in a shaky voice. It felt so strange being in this room again, he had so many amazing memories in here and he knew that this was about to either be the best or the worst. Logan was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a loud scream coming from the other side of the bedroom, "W-what are you doing here?" she asked him, her voice shaking and her face even more pale than usual. Logan never knew how to act in situations like these, mainly, because he had never been in the situation where he tried to get the love of his life back on the day when she was supposed to be marrying another man. So, he said the only thing he could think of to lighten the mood, "Geez Pensky, you look like you're looking at a ghost." That didn't help anything, she just let out another loud scream. "Are you even real?" she asked him, clearly still in shock.

"I'm not sure, why don't you come kiss me and find out?" he joked, knowing she would never agree to kissing him that easily. "Alright, you're real" she said, letting out a loud sigh, "why are you even here?" she asked him, sitting down on the bed that used to belong to the both of them. Logan kind of just awkwardly stood in front of her, trying to be more serious now that she believed that he was really there. "I wanted to see you" he told her, trying to smile softly at her. She was already in her wedding dress and she looked absolutely beautiful, but the fact that she planned on marrying some other guy made Logan sick to his stomach.

"Logan, I'm getting married in just a few hours"

Oh, as if he didn't already know, as if that wasn't literally the exact reason why he was even there in the first place, "that's exactly why i'm here." He could see her shaking her head and looking down at her lap, but he wished he knew what was going on inside of her head. "What are you trying to say here, Logan?" He swore, every single time she said his name his heart exploded, it had been so long. Although, everytime he looked at her and he saw how shocked and disappointed she looked, his heart broke all over again. "Don't marry him, marry me instead, you know that it's supposed to be us today" he pleaded as he looked directly at her, not breaking his eye contact because he didn't want to come across as weak or unconfident.

"You expect me to throw away a two year relationship for someone I haven't talked to in years?" she continued shaking her head, he could tell he wasn't getting across to her, but he had no plans on giving up. "You know two years means nothing, you and Del Figgalo were together for that amount of time, and our relationship already meant more by the time we were together for a week" he knew that she probably didn't want to be reminded of Mark, but he was willing to say anything to get through to her. "Well, Josh is different than Mark, he's better than him" Logan laughed at that, anyone was better than Mark, what did Quinn think she was proving? "He's better than you as well."

Now, he wasn't laughing. Nobody, other than Quinn, was better than Logan and they both knew that. I mean, Quinn had to know that, how could she not?

"You are the only person better than me," Quinn rolled her eyes at that, but Logan just kept on speaking, "we're Logan Reese and Quinn Pensky, we're supposed to be together. This is supposed to be our day, not some day for some lame dude named Josh. I mean, why else would my two best friends be here? They should be helping me get ready for my wedding, the one that i'm supposed to be having with you." Quinn didn't know what to say to that, but she knew that she couldn't sit still any longer. So, she got up and began pacing around her bedroom. "I've made a lot of mistakes, but the biggest one I have ever made was being so selfish with you back when we were together." he walked closer to her, placing his hand on her face softly. To his surprise, she didn't walk away. "Quinn, I've spent three years away from you and they have been the most painful years of my life. I was so used to having you, you were with me from the time I was thirteen until I was twenty, my life has just gone completely downhill without you. Hearing Michael talk about how you're getting married made me realize how badly I needed to see you, I need you back. I understand that you're happy, and maybe this guy does treat you well, but he'll never love you like me." At this point quinn had tears falling from her face, but she still seemed to be listening. "This guy has known you for two years, he doesn't have the same history with you or the connection with the people that mean the most to you as I do. I spent almost every day with you for eight years, nothing compares to us. I promise if you take me back, I will never let you go. I'll even help you with your quinnventions, I'll never complain about them again. I know working and being the brilliant scientist that you are is important to you, and everything that's important to you is important to me" he continued speaking, still holding his hand on her cheek gently. "I know today is supposed to be the best day of your life, and I hope I didn't ruin that. If you want me to go, just tell me and I will, but I just needed to come here and see if you still felt it between us" he finished. Besides her quiet sobs, quinn was completely silent for a couple of moments. "Logan?" she whispered, he nodded his head as he waited for a response.

"Please get out of my house and just go home"

That was the moment that Logan's heart broke into pieces, and it would never be fixed. Logan had never passed out a day in his life, but as the room began to spin and he felt himself getting weaker and weaker, he was almost sure that he was about to. He did exactly as she told him to though, he walked out of the house and away from Quinn forever.