Disclaimer: This sounds so wrong all seems pointless. I don't own
Jeff Hardy, he owns himself.
This will probably get me some flames but I don't give a damn, I honestly
don't because this is how I feel.
I flip the channels,
Finally finding what I need,
Oh he's not on tonight?
Just another week off.
How wrong I was.
I've read the poems, the stories,
I've read the statement more than once.
How do I feel?
Someone's dug a hole in my stomach,
And ripped out my heart.
The tears are running freely now,
The pain's consuming me whole.
I knew this would happen but did it need to happen now.
Why not next week?
Why not next month?
Why not two years from now?
How about never while I'm alive?
How could this happen?
The words echo through me.
He seemed to be happy.
Being xtreme.
He's been doing well,
Or so we all thought.
And now,
He's gone.
I'm lost.
Week after week I waited to see him,
I'll still wait till it all sinks in.
We won't hear his music again.
We won't see him dance.
I won't get to tease him,
Even though he can't hear me.
I used to poke fun,
But it was all in good humor.
I didn't mean a word I said,
If only he knew.
How much we all loved him.
It feels like he's dead.
I won't see him week after week.
Doing what he does best.
I hate whoever ruined him.
I'd like to get them myself.
But Jeff wouldn't want that would he?
So I'll just watch the show,
And pretend not to cry.
As I laugh at the stupid jokes.
And ask myself why.
As you can tell I'm kind of upset about Jeff being fired but if he actually
ever reads this. I would just like him to know how much I love him and hope
that everything works out in his favor. I am really just confused about all