When Jessica Stanley was two-years-old, her grandfather told her she had the 'gift of the gab'. She could talk about any topic for hours on end and never get bored and she could talk someone into her point of view by sheer determination and guile. Poppa Everett probably had no idea that this gift would be rendered useless against Jessica's college roommate, a dead coyote, and the revelation that somebody knew that Jessica's boyfriend was a vampire. Her Poppa probably couldn't factor any of those things but Jessica was still going to freaking try.

"Come on, Bonnie. Vampires aren't real," She tried to scoff and play it off. "You think Edward runs around in a cape and sleeps in a coffin? He's moody but not that much."

Bonnie wasn't having enough of it though.

"He never goes under the sun. He's always wearing sunglasses and has that big black umbrella," the other girl pointed out. "He never eats or drinks anything. And he's so pale you could use him as a canvas."

"He's part-albino. It's not his fault he's unable to produce pigment."

Bonnie gave her a look. "Just stop trying to lie, Jessica. I know he's a vampire. I grew up around his kind."

Jessica gaped at her. "What?"

"I'm from New Orleans. It's filled with all sorts of supernatural creatures," she explained. "Including a coven of vampires. I knew what your boyfriend was the first day I met him."

"But you didn't say anything!" she replied, before thinking twice. She grimaced that she basically confirmed Bonnie's suspicions. "And how are you so sure Edward is a vampire?"

"I'm a witch," Bonnie answered nonchalantly. "And again, he's super pale and humans don't have yellow eyes."

Jessica opened her mouth, trying to come up with an excuse and closed it again when she couldn't think of any. Fuck. She didn't know what to say to fix this situation. And there was also the fact that witches were a real thing and her mind was spinning with the possibilities.

Bonnie sighed. "Look, the reason I'm bringing this up is because I'm worried about you. From what I've seen you're a nice person and getting involved with a vampire is dangerous."

"Like a shark dating a baby seal," Jessica remarked. "I'm the baby seal in this scenario."

"Exactly. It's just going to end badly," Bonnie agreed. "I thought at first he was using some sort of thrall on you but my magic couldn't find any and from what I've observed, he's the one that follows you around like a lost puppy."

"He has a stalking problem. We're working on it."

Bonnie smiled at her wryly. "There are millions of human boys out there. Pick anyone but the vampire."

"But…" Jessica pouted. "I want this vampire."

"Look, does no one else know you're dating a vampire? And how did that even happen?"

"We went to high school together. We didn't really like each other then one day I realized he's not so bad and now we're dating," Jessica explained. "My friends know and they don't really approve but they're not against it either."

Bonnie shook her head. "And nobody pointed out this relationship was a bad idea?"

"His sister did but nobody likes her so her opinion isn't relevant."

"Nobody else thought you dating a vampire might not be in your best interest?"

"If anything I'm the bad influence. Before me, he was a hundred-year-old virgin. I had to deflower him," Jessica grinned. "Then his siblings danced to a Madonna song. It was a weird night."

Her roommate stared at her like she had three heads. "He hasn't tried to bite you or tempt you into becoming one of the undead?"

"No biting, just moodiness," she replied. "Hasn't said anything about letting me into Camp Drink-Blood."

"Let me guess this straight. He's not feeding on you. He's not trying to turn you," Bonnie clarified. "He's just dating you and he just happens to be a vampire."

"He loves me," Jessica explained with a smile. "He puts up with all my jokes about how old he is. He let me name his car."

"You don't need my help in getting rid of him?" Bonnie asked. "Because I know plenty of hexes and he would wish he was really dead."

"He has a tendency to hover but I like having him around," she reassured her. "So no on the hexing."

Bonnie was quiet for a moment as she tried to process all the information. Jessica didn't blame her. It took her all of winter break to take in that Edward was a vampire. Though according to Bonnie she grew up in a place where there were witches and vampires, she should be used to weird.

"Okay," Bonnie finally said. "I'll just have to trust your judgment about this but the moment he even thinks to bite someone I'm spelling him on fire before he can even say 'sparkle'."

Jessica realized that Bonnie might be more formidable than she thought. And they would need to be careful around her. Edward had told her he was only vulnerable to one thing and it was something Bonnie could conjure at the drop of a hat. She needed to tell Edward.

Like nothing out of the ordinary, Bonnie put the dead coyote back in the burlap sack and said, "I'll see you later, Jess."

As soon as Bonnie was out of the room, Jessica called Edward.

Edward had an uneasy truce with Bonnie. He was wary of her and she was the same with him. They outwardly showed that caution and dislike and it made all their interactions tense. Jessica was in the middle of this play of wills and she was getting sick of it.

She understood Bonnie's hesitance about Edward. She had been unsure about him at the beginning too. She just needed to show Bonnie that Edward was a good guy deep down despite all the hair gel and brooding he did. And Edward had to realize Bonnie was not going to set him on fire no matter how much she threatened to do it on a daily basis.

There were in the middle of lunch in the Dining Hall and Bonnie and Edward were intensely staring at each other. Jessica picked at her salad and wondered about Californians' obsession with avocado. They put it on everything. There seemed to be an unlimited supply of it.

Jessica started, "Guys, what's with all the guac? I mean I like it but-"

"Aren't you a little old to be dating an eighteen-year-old?" Bonnie directed to Edward. "In your day, marrying pre-teens might've been the norm but in this century you're just a creepy old man."

Edward glared at her. "Don't you have some witchy ritual to do? Take a ride on your broom or something?"

Jessica frowned miserably. Why couldn't they just get along? She just wanted to have her roommate and boyfriend be friends. Was that too much to ask?

"How's it going?" Riley appeared and he was cheery as can be. "I can't believe we still have avocados so late in September."

Riley was oblivious to the tension at the table and took the free seat on Jessica's other side. He had a plate of tacos with a large side of guac. She was being haunted by the green stuff. Riley seemed to genuinely like it.

"I don't get why people like them so much," Jessica said. "I don't think they taste like anything."

He stared at her in horror. "Jess, you can't say that around here. People will kill for a good avocado. You will be blacklisted everywhere."

She offered him her guac. "You want it?"

He happily took it from her. "How about I take all your unwanted avocado from now on and I won't tell people you hate the state fruit?"

"Deal," She smiled when he gave her his brownie. "And you give me all your brownies in return."

Bonnie remarked, "You guys are so cute. Why aren't you a couple?"

Jessica gaped at her and turned to Edward who looked annoyed. Riley took a big bite of his taco and tried to pretend he didn't hear what her roommate had just said.

"It would be healthier, right?" Bonnie continued. "Not like a lion falling in love with a lamb? That lamb's gonna get hurt at some point."

Edward closed his eyes, exhaling deeply before he got up and walked out of the Dining Hall. Jessica tried to stop him but he shook her off. She went back to the table and glared at her roommate.

"What the fuck, Bonnie?" she hissed. "Why are you being so mean to him?"

Bonnie moved closer to whisper to hear so Riley couldn't hear. "I can get flashes of memories when I touch people. Why don't you ask Edward what he was busy doing in the late 20's?"


Bonnie finally picked up her fork and started on the salad she'd been ignoring. She offered her guac to Riley. Jessica could not get more out of her and she was frustrated. What did Bonnie see about Edward?

Edward's apartment was just off-campus but near enough that he could easily get to his classes even without his super speed. It was too nice for a college student. While she and their peers were living in tiny dormitories, Edward had a two-bedroom nicely furnished apartment. She had seen it a handful of times and had to remind herself that they needed boundaries from each other and it was too soon to move in with him even as he reminded her that the other bedroom was still unoccupied.

She found Edward playing on the piano that came with the apartment. The old owner had left the piano and Edward had spent his first week there having the piano tuned rather than unpacking his things. He was playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and that's when she knew he was in a really bad mood. The last time he played it was during his mother's death anniversary.

Warily, she approached him. He didn't stop playing even as she stood behind him. She watched his fingers move over the piano keys and was struck with how easily he played. Piano to Edward was like breathing, effortless.

"It just takes practice," he said. "That's what immortals have when they have all this time on this wretched earth."

"I'm sure I could play the flute well if I had a hundred years to do so," she replied, lightly. "I'd be the world's best flute player."

The subtle quirk at his mouth emboldened her. He once said he loved that she could never bore him. She could always make him smile. As long as she could do that, he would never stop loving her.

"Bonnie was kind of an asshole," she remarked. "Sorry about that."

"She wasn't wrong though," He refused to look at her. "You would be better off dating a human and not me."

"I decide that," she returned. "And I want you."

His fingers stopped on the piano keys, the last note ringing through the air like a thunder clap.

"You're eighteen," he scoffed. "You're a child. How do you know what you want?"

That sounded too much like her last conversation with Rosalie and she bristled. She frequently joked about their age difference but he never was condescending about her youth till that moment. He enjoyed how she saw the world and never made fun of her for it. He made her sound like she was some naïve idiot that didn't know anything.

"Doesn't matter if I'm eighteen or eighty," she retorted. "I love you, you great big moron. Out of all the boys in the world, human, vampire, werewolf – I chose you. And you're just going to have to deal with it."

He shook his head. "You can change your mind."

"No," She went closer and cupped his face in her hands. With him sitting down, the height difference wasn't a problem. "You told me that you're mine. Heart, body, and soul. Same thing for me. I'm yours."

He opened his mouth to say more stupid things and she kissed him. He kept still refusing to respond and she kept kissing him, trying to coax him into feeling every emotion bubbling inside of her. She loved him so much sometimes it terrified her. This love that could break her if she wasn't careful.

"I love you, you idiot," she murmured. "Just let me love you."

He gave in, eyes heavy, pulling her closer as he kissed her gently like she was glass. He held her that way sometimes like he remembered how easily his hands could crush her. She deepened the kiss and his cold hands travelled up her spine then rested at the space between her shoulder blades. In the Californian heat, he was a comforting cool breeze.

Jessica was on her way back from Edward's apartment when she remembered she forgot to ask Edward about what Bonnie told her. She was so distracted, she accidentally hit somebody with her car. She had looked away for one second and suddenly a guy in a hoodie was sprawled on the ground. Heart in her throat, she got out of her pickup truck and kneeled beside the guy.

"I'm so sorry," she said worriedly. "I didn't see you. Are you okay?"

He let out a pained groan. Oh God. She might've really hurt him. She took out her phone from her pocket and was about to call 911 when he raised his head and met her eyes. Glowing blue eyes stared at her and she remembered the last time she saw eyes like those.

She looked up at to the sky where there was a full moon. She swallowed, her hands shaking and her phone dropped to the ground. She looked down again and met the guy's glowing eyes and squeaked, "Werewolf?"

He stared at her in disbelief. "What did you just say?"

"You're a werewolf," She laughed, almost hysterical from fear. "My best friend is one so I know what the eyes mean and it is a full moon so you're probably about to go wolf and probably kill me. Please don't kill me."


Another car stopped beside hers. It was Bonnie's blue Toyota Prius. The other girl hurriedly got out of the car, running to them. She didn't even look at Jessica as she addressed the guy in the hoodie.

"I said be at the basement before sundown!" Bonnie exclaimed. "It is way past that, Scott!"

"Sorry," Hoodie guy grumbled. "She hit me with her car."

Bonnie turned to Jessica who was about ready to start screaming at the top of her lungs. There was a werewolf on campus and apparently he was friends with her roommate. Of course he was. Why was she so surprised?

Welcome to Book 2 of Seph writing her own Twilight trilogy because she can't help herself. New story, new setting, new characters but it's still the same Jessica we all know and love. I had to borrow characters from other fandoms because there just aren't enough humans in the Twilight universe for me to work with and there's a criminal amount of POC characters. And I want to expand the universe a bit so we're getting some witches.

1. Bonnie Bennett is from the The Vampire Diaries TV series. She is not the exact same character as the one in the show. I changed her origins a bit but her personality is still the same. Bonnie was a badass with a big heart who always saved the day. That's not changing here. Will there be more TVD characters? At the moment, no plans for that but never say never.

2. Riley is the same Riley from Eclipse. He's not a vampire in the story and has nothing to do with Victoria and the nomads. He's just a normal human college guy. I followed the book where he's from Santa Fe instead of Seattle like in the movie.

3. Hoodie guy is Scott McCall from the Teen Wolf TV series.

4. What about Jessica's friends? They're doing their own thing but we might be making cameos here and there.

5. Will Bella be in this story? Who knows. For now, it's still tagged a No Bella story.