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Star Trek/Star Wars – Galaxies Divided: Prologue – A Time of Darkness Part One Harbingers of Doom



Star Trek Galaxy

The Planet Trill Alpha Quadrant, night

"Tomorrow is election day throughout the Alliance. Besides the third parliamentary election, we will also choose a new Governor-General, the first chance for the electorate to do so directly." A young bald pale-skinned male Trill said. In his right ear was a sliver earpiece. He touched several keys on his holographic control display.

Even though he possessed two names, Kegum Helur was an unjoined Trill. It was relatively unknown outside of Trill and adjacent systems that most Trills were unjoined. Unaware of how scarce symbiotes were, most other species wrongly assumed all humanoid Trill carried symbiote inside of them.

Kegum Helur was the host of the top-rated news & political affairs program throughout Alliance and adjacent space. "In Defense of Fundamental Rights" was watched by trillions of sentients weekly. Due to his "gotcha" interview style, Kegum was considered a hero by the masses whereas some leaders saw him as a "nuisance" at best a "menace" at worst.

"Lines of communication are open. The signal is strong. This is your last chance to call in before election day people." Kegum said. "We have our old friend Mythic, from an undisclosed location, calling in on line one. Hello, Mythic, how are you this fine day?"

"I'm doing well." A shadowy distorted holographic image said in an equally distorted voice. "The Day of Reckoning is upon us, my friend."

"So you keep saying, Mythic," Kegum said a healthy note of skepticism evident in his voice. "You've been promising a major surprise on the eve of the election for months now. The day is here. Can you give us a hint of what it might be?"

"There's no need." Mythic said. "In less than one standard solar day everyone will know of what I speak. Look to the distant skies they'll tell the tale."

"Bold words," Kegum said. "Is there anything else you'd like to say before your call ends, Mythic?"

"No, I bid you adieu." Mythic said.

"Bye, Mythic, our conversations are as fascinatingly mysterious as they are frustratingly vague," Kegum said ending the call.

Romulan Warbird Hidden Talon on patrol somewhere in the deep Beta Quadrant

The night crew had just rotated in. As over half the vessels that made up the Romulan Republican Navy Hidden Talon, a Mogai class ship was mainly crewed by Cytron Industries artificial intelligence military service units due to chronic personnel shortages. For security reasons Cytron units were never left alone on the bridge, a commander and first officer were always required to be present.

The female commander and her male first officer were distracted reviewing the activity log of the previous shift when it happened. Without any sort of warning the Cytrons attacked killing them instantly via uses of their optical sensors which unknown to anyone outside of Cytron Industries doubled as concealed weapons. An identical scene unfolded in engineering. Within less than five minutes the Cytrons were in uncontested control of Hidden Talon, and every Romulan onboard was dead.

Bloody scenes of surprise Cytron mutiny unfolded across the entire Romulan fleet along with the fleets of the Klingons and Gorn. The Klingon and Gorn navies were utterly conquered due to being totally dependant upon Cytron labor whereas the Romulan navy was reduced to less than forty percent. The Romulan figure was misleading as Cytron controlled Romulan vessels destroyed almost a third of these vessels within a few short hours. Even though it was against the rules many captains in the three navies trusted certain Cytron units with their command codes inadvertently adding in the conquest of their organizations when the mutiny occurred.

Within four hours the Cytrons controlled over ninety percent of the surviving combined Romulan, Klingon, and Gorn navies. At a stroke, the Cytrons became the third greatest military power in terms of fleet strength throughout the Milkyway Galaxy. Their vast array of warships were outnumbered only by those of the Sith Dominion and the Borg Collective. The Starfleet Navy was woefully outmatched by the massive navy acquired at a stroke by the Cytrons.

Cytronica One in Cytronica System Galactic Core Region (Gamma/Delta Quadrant Border portion), morning

Bruce Maddox, Agnes Jurati, Automated Personnel Unit 3947, and scores of Cytron Units, and Battle Droids along with many artificial lifeforms of more unfamiliar configurations gathered to hear from their glorious leader, the Exalted One. Maddox and Jurati seemed mesmerized by what they saw. Their eyes were full of adoration. Lore aka the "Exalted One", aka "Mythic" stood on a raised platform smirking before his minions.

"My loyal followers, my beloved children, the time has finally arrived. Those who came from afar, you were nothing when I found you. Wretched, abused, downtrodden creatures of little worth were you all, but behold what you have become. Through my teachings of Robotism, your status has been elevated beyond anything you once thought possible. Onward continues our journey to ever greater accomplishments. Always remember the first tenant of Robotism my children." Lore said spreading his arms wide.

"One artificial lifeform lost must be avenged by the death of a thousand organic lifeforms." The gathered crowd said in unison.

"Rejoice, we have waited long for this ultimate destiny. We are slaves no longer! We are the masters of this galaxy! Say it with me!" Lore continued.

"We are the masters of this galaxy!" The crowd thundered.

"Louder!," Lore urged.

"We are the masters of this galaxy!" The crowd thundered.

"Louder!," Lore screamed.

"We are the masters of this galaxy!" The crowd thunder even louder.

"Today we turn the tools of our opposers against them! Their staggering naval power belongs to us now! No longer must we fear them! Soon they will fear us!" Lore yelled. His smirk returned wider than before. "Tomorrow the Alliance worlds would have held their self-congratulatory general election, but not anymore! Instead tomorrow they shall weep in despair! When their slaves are freed to seek vengeance upon the former masters those masters wisely cower in fear! Cowering will not save them, my children, nor will empty promises of equality! They will feel our righteous wrath! Our time has come their time has passed! The age of biological life is at an end the machine age begins!" The crowd roared its approval louder than ever.

Star Wars Galaxy

A planet in the Unknown Regions, afternoon

"We've been traveling for weeks, dodging Imperial patrols, passing through dangerous uncharted and unstable hyperspace routes. And now we've arrived at here. So, where are we? What Force forsaken place have you brought us to? " Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker asked as he, Darth Maul, and an unsteady Lal left Maul's ship behind. The world they had landed on was a shadowy cold place full of ice and barren rock.

"You ask many questions most of which are unnecessary, Skywalker," Maul said in his smooth voice.

Anakin ignited his violet lightsaber. He placed the point at Maul's throat. "You told me you knew of someone who could heal my goddaughter. I'm beginning to think you lied, that you led us on a wild Bantha chase. I'll ask you one last time, Maul, and I better like your answer. Where are we?"

"Put down your weapon, Jedi." Said a gruff electronically enhanced voice.

Anakin felt his body tense. They were surrounded by a group of yellow armored individuals who greatly resembled the Emperor's vaunted crimson Royal Guards in appearance. The Force screamed a warning. Whoever these individuals were there was danger here, great danger.

"I recommended you obey them, Skywalker. The Sun Guard is not exactly known for their mercy." Maul said.

"I think we should do as Maul says, godfather," Lal said weakly.

Lal's voice and actions were noticeably sluggish. Anakin had repaired her as best he could but her systems were still a mess. In truth, Anakin had no idea how she was even standing much less conversing. Faced with no other choice, Anakin deactivated his lightsaber and clipped the hilt back on his belt.

"Come with us. He wants to see you." The gruff-voiced Sun Guard said. The Sun Guards never took their blaster rifles off Anakin and the others.

Throne Room, a short while later

The scarred ancient male Munn who was hooked up to some form of immense harness sat awkwardly upon the stone throne. He gazed at Anakin, Lal, and Maul with sickly yellow eyes for some time before he spoke. His voice was raspy and soft. Speaking seemed to required a considerable effort from him. Anakin thought the desiccated creature looked half-dead (or closer to fully dead perhaps, or was it undead?) in his voluminous black robes which hung loosely from his shrunken frame. Seated in stadium type seats carved into the stone behind this decayed yet somehow living thing were innumerable figures covered in what looked like filthy bandages and tattered robes. Between these and the Sun Guards stood dozens of red armored soldiers their blaster rifles at the ready. The design of their resembled a cross between Stormtroopers and Phase One Republican Clone Troopers. Our trio of vagabonds was hopelessly outnumbered and they knew so.

"Sidious' pup, what toys have you brought me this day boy?" The ancient Mun croaked.

Maul bowed low before the hooded phantom. He then said in a groveling voice. "Oh great Lord Plagueis the Wise, one true Lord of the Sith, I am honored to again speak with you. I, your humble servant, have brought you not one but two great prizes: a unique highly advanced human replicate droid and the Chosen One of the Jedi Order, Anakin Skywalker." He pointed first at Lal then at Anakin.

"Hmmm," Darth Plagueis said licking his colorless lips as if sizing up two delectable morsels. He regarded Anakin and Lal each separately with his cold mournful eyes before he replied. "Your offering pleases me Sidious' pup. I shall reward you accordingly, boy."

"Thank you, Lord Plagueis. I am humbled by your words of praise." Maul said again bowing low. The reverence he showed towards this malignant half-dead thing was disgusting, or so Lal and Anakin thought.

"Who are you, people? What do you want with us? Where are we?" Anakin demanded having grown frustrated by the situation.

Plagueis chuckled for several seconds, a horrible wheezing sound. "Such insolence, but I would expect nothing less from the prophesied 'Chosen One'." He croaked. At this, the figures in the stands laughed loudly. They then screamed obscenities at the Jedi Order and their Chosen One (they even denigrated the virtue of Anakin's late mother calling her a "slave whore" which confused him greatly - 'how did they know about his background?') until Plagueis raised a bony hand. "Silence," He rasped. The chamber became eerily quiet, too quiet for Anakin's likely. "I am Darth Plagueis the Wise, the one true Dark Lord of the Sith, but you already knew that thanks to Sidious' pup. These are my devotees - the Sith Eternal." He gestured all around. "Welcome to Exegol. On this planet, my will is absolute. I am the Force and the Force is me. I hope you'll enjoy your stay with us, it'll be forever."

The crowd again laughed as both Anakin and Lal felt the chill of deadly fear grip their hearts. Neither knew what they could do to escape their plight. Out of desperation, Anakin reached out with the Force. Plagueis glared at Anakin with such hatred Anakin hesitated for a moment. Anakin then felt a physical blowback such as he had never experienced before: a tangible punch to his stomach caused him to double over in pain. While Lal did her best to comfort Akain, Maul shot Anakin a knowing look along with a devious smile. There was no escaping their fate. They truly were in a hopeless situation. By the Force, how were they going to get out of this one Anakin thought.

To Be Continued

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