The Lust of Gryffindors

Chapter 54: Endings and Beginnings

OWL week was a breeze. Compared to the stress of having Voldemort after his head, Harry found it to be almost relaxing. While other students huddled in the library and desperately sought out books that had already been checked out, he mostly took it easy in the common room or the Pride. Hermione often joined him, irritated that her library sanctuary was overrun with people who rarely set foot there.

He was confident he'd scored an O on his transfiguration OWL. It was easy compared to the quick battle transfigurations that Tonks had insisted they study. The Charms test was even easier. In Defense, the examiners had been slackjawed at both the power of his spells and the glowing patronus that filled the room.

Those were the three tests that truly mattered to him, but he was certain he'd scored well on others too. Only Potions and History had been difficult—the former because of the scope of knowledge required, and the latter because it was absurdly boring.

He'd spent more time during the week tutoring other people than he had studying. A surprising number—both within the Pride and without—asked for his help in mastering difficult charms. To his surprise, he found it enjoyable. Especially when it involved Lavender and Parvati. Both girls had needed extensive revision for Defense, and they usually rewarded him with a sloppy dual blow job afterwards.

He made a point of spending time with (and sleeping with) the graduating seventh years whenever they were free. It hadn't sunk in yet that so many core members of the Pride would be leaving. Angelina. Alicia. Jo. Molly. Julian. Fred. George. Lee. Owen. Dane too, even though he had technically left the Pride already.

Some of them had become almost family, and he couldn't imagine Hogwarts without them. He already knew he would be staying in touch with most of them. Perhaps even organizing a way for them to meet easily. They had each played a role in changing his life, even if they didn't realize it. Perhaps he could throw a party over the summer, and invite the entire Pride. Including alumni and other friends. They could take over a whole floor at Grimmauld, and Sirius certainly wouldn't mind.

Harry couldn't shake a surreal feeling every time he pondered next year. With Voldemort gone, he wasn't even certain what his goals should be. He was free to reinvent himself. To nurture ambitions beyond staying alive.

Whatever happened, he was thankful he wouldn't be doing it alone. He had a godfather backing him every step of the way. Hermione was still by his side. They had the Pride to run together, and no doubt she would come up with new and inventive ways to enliven the place. He vowed they wouldn't let it slip into obscurity.


Hermione stood in the alcove and watched the room below her.

She had just taken her final OWL. She was almost certain she'd scored perfect O's on all of them, but might be wrong about History. Binns was an awful Professor, and a couple of the questions had required her to speculate. It was no matter. She was secure in her own abilities now, and knew that she could outperform any pureblood in the school.

The alcove had become one of her favorite places. It was quieter up here. She could remain hidden in the shadows and simply watch people have illicit fun with each other. It always reminded her of the first time she had seen the Pride, nearly two years ago now.

She'd changed since then. She was calmer. More confident. More powerful. Even her hair was more tamed.

She raised one of her locks and examined it. It only got truly bushy when she was stressed, and lately that hadn't been an issue at all. Maybe she should cut it off. A pixie cut might look good on her. She had the right kind of face, and a new hairstyle for a new Hermione Granger was an appealing idea. She was no longer just the resident swot, after all. She would soon be in charge of the Lion's Pride, and the proudest whore among them.

The thought sent a shiver down her spine.

She associated the alcove with Harry too. She had given him her virginity here, and they had schemed over the tournament tasks, and how to defeat Voldemort, in this very spot.

There were only a handful of people in the room below. The seventh-years had one more NEWT to take in the morning. There would be plenty of time for celebration tomorrow night. And the night after. Probably the biggest orgy in the history of the Pride, if Angelina and the twins had anything to say about it.

Harry was on his way to meet her. She preferred to have a private celebration with him first. They'd see each other over the summer, but tonight she wanted just him.

Hermione was no longer worried that she would feel less essential to him after the defeat of Voldemort. That he would cease to need her. It hadn't happened, and she sighed in relief every time she thought of it. She intended to make sure their partnership changed solely for the better.

If only it was clear how to do that. They would have to define their relationship in the future. She only knew that her ambitions would feel meaningless if she couldn't share them with him. That had been the case since he rescued her from a troll. For the first time in her life, she was grateful to Quirinus Quirrell for serving Voldemort.

Harry strolled in through the boy's entrance. He looked like he'd just finished flying around the pitch. She smiled at his relaxed demeanor. With his faded scar and windswept hair, he looked like a completely different person than the harried, defiant boy of last year.

"Hey," he said. "Sorry I'm late. Demelza challenged me to a race and I had to show her who's boss."

"She's getting feisty."

"Yes, she is. I'd wager she and Ginny will be running this place after we're gone."

"We won't have to worry about that for two whole years."

He smiled. "Thank God for that."

He looked down at the scene below them. Only Molly and Julian were doing anything sexual, and it consisted of absent-minded fondling while they studied.

"Shall we go down there or stay up here?"

"Up here. I'm feeling nostalgic."

Harry picked her up, eliciting a surprised squeak. "Okay, then, let's relive some happy memories."

He set her down on the bed and climbed atop her. They kissed softly and managed to undress each other without breaking it. Neither was in a hurry. He made his way down her body, pausing to deliver kisses to each nipple until they stood upright. His fingers teased the soft flesh of her belly before his face finally arrived between her legs. She spread them wide for him as he inhaled her scent and nuzzled her clit with his nose.

His hands went to her breasts. He kneaded them as his tongue traced achingly slow circles around her clit, never touching it directly. She smiled and closed her eyes, giving herself over to the sensations.

Harry teased her for whole minutes, until her breasts were heaving and her lips were soaked. Every so often he flicked his tongue across her throbbing clit, coating it with her arousal, before returning his attention elsewhere. Her lips were more engorged than she had ever felt them, and she had to resist the urge to beg him to finish her.

Finally, he pressed his tongue against her clit. She moaned as he licked up and down that one spot that never failed to make her lose her mind. She writhed her hips, one hand gripping his hair as he suckled on her more and more intently.

"Oh, God, Harry."

He engulfed her pussy in a wet kiss and that desperate feeling built relentlessly. She panted, and when he pressed into her clit, she moaned and lost control.

Hermione heaved a great sigh as she came down. It felt as if he had just exorcized five years' worth of anxiety from her body. The pleasure lingered in her belly. It felt empty, and she wanted that emptiness filled by his cock.

He sensed her need and climbed back on top of her, pulling her into a lusty kiss. Tasting herself only fueled her desire. His hard cock pressed against her belly and she couldn't wait any longer to feel it. She broke away to whisper in his ear.

"Put that big thing in me, Harry Potter."

"As my lady commands."

He teased her with his tip, coating himself with her arousal, and slid in slowly. She groaned as her walls spread around him. She loved the way he fit her body. He was big, but not too big. The perfect size to stretch her and make her feel every inch of him as he slid along her wet warmth.

Harry stilled after he filled her and looked into her eyes with a grin. "I'm going to ravish you so slowly, you can't stand it. Just like I planned to do the first time we were in this bed. Before you went mad and molested me."


His word was good. Every time he filled her, he paused, letting her bask in the feeling of completeness. He withdrew with deliberate slowness before sliding back in and relieving her emptiness. She gripped him tightly, the lazy torture driving her mad. She could tell he would wait on her to finish first, and he wouldn't allow that to happen quickly.

Hermione wrapped her body around his. He brushed her clit with every penetration, just enough to tease her. She had no idea how long it lasted, but it felt as if they had been in this bed the entire day. He slid through her flesh until it was aching with need.

Her release built in the distance, and she latched on to the feeling, pulling it forward. She wanted him to fill her with his cum just as she reached the moment of ecstasy. Her breath came fast and mercifully he picked up his pace. He knew how to control her body now. She couldn't stop her moan as her belly quivered against him.

"Cum, Harry. I want to feel it."

He thrust into her harder. Her release arrived just as he unleashed a flood inside her. Her contractions gripped him in time with each pulse. That familiar feeling of warm bliss overpowered her, and Hermione sighed.

"We need to talk over the summer," she said softly.

Harry withdrew and gazed into her eyes. "Yes, we do."

Both smiled, somehow aware that they were each feeling the same thing.


Harry and Hermione walked into the Pride together, already nude. It was the last time they would be descending these stairs for months. They were early, but wanted to savor every moment of the final celebration with Angelina, Alicia, and the twins.

They discovered a small crowd of people gathered around a wall that held a few erotic paintings. Everyone was laughing and pointing, and it took a moment for them to discover the reason.

A new painting was hanging on the wall. It was moving and in color, and featured nine nude figures. Harry blinked as he realized that he was looking at the moving images of the seventh years. They were standing in front of a couch and striking erotic poses, winking at their audience. The boys sported erections, and the girls were teasing them and spreading their legs obscenely. It appeared to be on a thirty-second loop. No one was having sex, but they were all showing off their bodies shamelessly.

"Holy shit."

Dean stood at the back of the group, looking at the painting with a proud smile.

"Did you do this, mate?" Harry asked him.

"Yep. My best work yet, I think. Finally figured out how to get those damn colors to move."

"It's incredible."

Did they intend it to become a permanent addition to the Pride? Was that even possible? Hermione seemed to be thinking along the same lines.

"Can you leave that here after you leave?" she asked Angelina.

Angie shrugged as she admired her moving doppelganger. "We think it's a loophole in the contracts. Everybody agreed that we don't care if future members see us. Maybe we'll start a new tradition."

Harry laughed. "What happens if your children end up in the Pride?"

"They'll know their mum was a badass, I suppose."

He shook his head, unable to believe her audacity. No one was likely to blackmail them if their picture remained here forever, but he wasn't certain how he would feel about seeing a picture of Sirius or his dad on the wall.

He glanced at Hermione. She was examining the picture with a glazed look in her eye. She was probably imagining a picture of herself surrounded by a dozen boys, her legs spread wide.

Martigan threw his arm around Dean. "You're going to have quite a future, Thomas. Come see me when you're done with your apprenticeship, and you'll certainly have my patronage. Although that painting is coming down if I ever run for Minister of Magic."

"Nonsense, my lord," Fred put in. "It would only guarantee your election."

Harry smiled at all the laughter. This crop of seventh-years was special. He had no doubt they would be keeping in close contact. The twins would probably keep the party going indefinitely, magical contracts or not. They were opening up premises on Diagon Alley, living above them in a huge flat. Lee would be helping them manufacture their future products.

He could imagine hordes of people partying with them every night. Angelina would return to them from pro quidditch practice ready to be ravished. Alicia would escape from a dull job at the Ministry to unwind. Martigan would join them whenever he wasn't doing whatever rich aristocrats did. The others—well, he wasn't certain what their plans were—but he would be shocked if they didn't include some occasional debauchery with their friends.


Jo Hampson moaned beneath him, her legs pinned behind her ears as he plunged his cock into her ass with firm strokes. Her thick mane of hair was disheveled and sweaty, her face red with exertion. She rubbed herself desperately as he drove into her again and again.

"That's it, Harry. Cum in my ass," she begged. "Cum in my ass."

Her obscenity only encouraged him to be rougher. Jo was as insatiable as Angelina. He could see her getting a job in a brothel just for the fun of it. He leaned forward and pinned her hard against the floor, driving his full length into her. She made a guttural moan and her whole body shivered beneath him in a powerful orgasm.

Her asshole squeezed and released him so tightly that he couldn't bear it. It sent him over the edge, and he panted and spurted copious bursts of cum deep inside her. He lay atop her when they were finished, trying to summon the energy to move.

Harry pushed himself up with his arms, and Jo fell limply against the floor, looking comatose. She had already spent an hour in the pillory that had been transfigured for her at the end of last year. So had Cho. But she would likely be up and bent over for a new partner within minutes.

The alcohol and lust potion were flowing in rivers. The party had been raging for hours and showed no signs of slowing down. Everywhere he looked, there were piles of bodies in the obscenest of positions. The twins, for some reason, were wearing masks. The upper half of their faces was obscured by a pointy, phallic nose, giving them the appearance of demonic revelers. He had seen Molly sucking the tip of it while she rode Fred.

Guests had been slipping in all night. Cho, Susan, Leanne. Some Hufflepuff boy. Even the Gryffindors members who rarely showed. Everyone was present to indulge their most wanton desires one last time. He was happy that Tracey and Daphne weren't here. They weren't ready for something like this.

He'd lost count of how many people he'd slept with. He could recall Angelina, Alicia, Lavender, Fay, Ginny, Demelza, Hermione, and now Jo. Some he had fucked until they were beside themselves; others he had helped get off with his tongue. His balls were aching, but the lust potion fueled his desire and he too would soon be ready for another lover.

The seventh years were being treated like royalty. Angelina and Jo in particular wanted to be ravished by everyone in the room. Even Ginny was seeking out every cock she could in vague imitation of Hermione.

A hand grabbed his arm and pulled him away from Jo.

"Tongue," Parvati said, and that was all she needed to say.

She pushed him on his back and then lowered her pussy to his face. Her lips were soaked with cum. Even her dark, thick bush was wet. He teased her swollen clit and she immediately dropped her weight on him, riding his face so fiercely he could barely breathe.

A warm mouth engulfed his cock and he didn't even try to see who it was. It could be Colin for all he cared. Tonight he would please his friends, no matter what they wanted.


Hermione panted as George thrust into her. She was so wet that she could barely feel his cock. But the fire in her belly remained, and she couldn't wait until he spilled himself inside her and overwhelmed her with more bliss.

She was on her back with her ass on the edge of the bed. Her legs rested on his shoulders as he leaned down and slid himself home. Above her were Lee and Colin. They were on their knees beside her face, and she could look directly up and see Colin worshiping his cock in pure lust. One of her hands cradled Lee's balls. They pulsed against her palm every time he thrust into Colin's eager lips. Her other hand was wrapped around Colin's little shaft, squeezing and tugging on it as he whimpered.

Beside them on the bed lay Alicia Spinnet. A seventh-year couple whom she had only seen in the club once before was wrapped around her, the girl kissing and massaging her breasts while the boy fucked her.

One-on-one encounters tonight quickly became threesomes, foursomes, or more. It was a true orgy. There was a hand on her breast and she had no idea who it belonged to. She didn't care.

Hermione had taken lust potion, just like everyone else, but only a half-dose. This wasn't her night. She didn't want to be tempted to demand a train. She could forego that pleasure to ensure the seventh-years got their fill during their last night in the castle.

Even so, she found herself in high demand. She had made quite a reputation for herself. The boys sought her out, knowing her desires and her willingness to satisfy theirs. She'd slept with every one of the graduating boys tonight, and half the girls. This was her second time with George, and she intended to seek out Fred again too.

"Oh, I'm going to miss your tight, little pussy, Hermione," George said, panting as he buried himself inside her again.

She laughed. "My tight little pussy isn't leaving the country, Weasley menace."

"Thank Merlin for that," he said, his thrusts going more forceful. "You need to stop by our shop this summer. To make sure our products are safe."

"You do need some supervision," she agreed, willing George's cock to explode within her without delay.

Lee groaned above her and she looked up to see him thrusting deep into Colin's mouth. His mouth was wide open and saliva dripped from his chin. She teased Lee's balls with her fingertips and they pulled tight against him. He gasped and they pulsed as his cock shot over and over into Colin's waiting mouth. The younger boy suctioned and swallowed eagerly.

Colin was getting close too. His little cock swelled in her hand and she tugged on it firmly. He released Lee from his mouth and looked down at her.

"On my face, Colin," she insisted.

He thrust his hips forward. She pointed him down and he painted her face with his cum, striking her chin and nose and mouth. He immediately leaned down and kissed her, slurping up the sticky mess. His hand went between her legs, and he rubbed her clit back and forth just as George grunted and released the longed-for cum inside her in thick spurts.

Hermione moaned into Colin's mouth. That familiar wave of ecstasy rolled over her, and Colin's rubbing brought on her own orgasm. She gripped George's cock tightly and panted along with him until he was done. She almost sighed in disappointment when he pulled out. There were no more hard cocks in her vicinity.

The boys removed themselves, giving her the freedom to sit up. Colin sat down next to her and watched the threesome taking place beside them. She looked across the room and was amazed at the lust on display.

Katie was thrusting into Demelza with a strap-on while she went down on Martigan. He was sitting on the floor as Lavender kneeled above him and pressed her pussy into his face. Beside them, Fay was bouncing on Neville's cock, her head thrown back in elation, heedless of anyone who might see her.

She couldn't help but be pleased with the sight. Her roommate represented not just a new friend, but a mission accomplished. She couldn't wait to replenish the Pride's ranks with new Nevilles and new Fays next year.

Filled with renewed energy, she left the bed and strode toward the refreshments table. A shot of firewhiskey and a glass of water would hit the spot, to be followed in short order by whatever boy was available. The ache in her belly was already returning, demanding to be satisfied.


Harry lay on his back, his hands behind his head, as Ginny ground her hips against him. She was slick with lubrication. He could feel it sliding down his cock every time she moved. There were stripes of cum across her cheek, and her breasts shined with dried release.

She rocked against him, her eyes closed and a little smile on her lips. It was his second time with her tonight. He'd never seen her lose herself so completely with lust. She'd moved from group to group all night. She was quite beautiful when her face was lost in transport. It made her freckles stand out. With her wild hair, she looked like she had just finished a quidditch game.

"I'm such a slut," Ginny said, though she sounded almost pleased with herself.


"Because I've fucked every boy in here tonight except my brothers, and I still want more."

"Why not go for them too?"

"Shut up, dickhead."

He laughed and reached up to caress her breasts. "I'm just teasing. I'm so glad you joined the Pride."

"Me too," she said, rocking harder. "And just so you know, I plan to fuck your brains out this summer."

"I won't complain."

"I'll talk mum into letting me help the twins. You should plan to visit their shop."

"I will."

"And be ready for me to floo to Grimmauld the instant I can find an excuse."

"You're insatiable."

She moaned and ground her clit against him. "All your fault. Are you close?"

"Nowhere near. I don't think I can anymore. Only the lust potion is keeping me hard."

"I'm ready again. Rub my clit for me?"

He obeyed, and it took only a few caresses for her to moan and writhe her hips. Ginny squeezed him deliciously and gushed around his cock, as she always did. When she was finished, she raised herself and collapsed next to him with a satisfied sigh.

She closed her eyes and leaned into him. He pulled her close and kissed her forehead. Harry had only just closed his eyes too when an appalled voice sounded from the edge of the bed.

Angelina was staring at them, her hands on her hips and her body shining with cum. It dripped from between her legs and coated her inner thighs. "What are you idiots doing? Sleeping?! On my last night?"

Harry laughed at her faux outrage. "Just a quick break, my Queen. We humbly beg your forgiveness."

"I'm not your Queen anymore. Your girl's in charge now. But you're laying here with a nearly hard cock and not satisfying me with it. That's unforgivable."

Angelina clambered on top of him with a lascivious grin, scooting Ginny out of the way. She gripped him firmly and stroked him to full arousal again.

"You've got one last snitch to catch as my seeker, Potter, and I'm not going to make it easy on you. I want to see a Wronski feint or two."

He groaned as she rubbed his crown along the mess between her legs and then slid him deep inside her. Angelina leaned forward and pressed her palms into his shoulders, leveraging all her weight against him. He squeezed her ass as she began thrusting, knowing that this would turn into a wrestling match before all was said and done.


The train ride home was a combination of happiness and exhaustion. Every single prefect disregarded their duties. As a result, the Hogwarts Express teemed with laughter and its corridors were filled with chattering students and the occasional prank spell. Everyone was happy to be going home.

The seventh years were walking up and down the aisles, exchanging hugs and stories even with classmates from other Houses. Harry and Hermione joined them. They had friends everywhere now too.

They passed a compartment occupied by Daphne, Tracey, Pansy, and Millicent Bulstrode, and couldn't resist the temptation. They entered brazenly and sat down, ignoring the raised eyebrows from passersby and the mortification on the Slytherins' faces. Harry felt like a Gryffindor bull in a Slytherin china shop.

"Potter. Granger. What are you doing here?" Daphne asked with cold civility.

"We just wanted to say hello, Miss Greengrass," he replied affably. "You and Hermione already study Arithmancy together. Is there some reason why we can't be friendly too?"

He smiled at her slowly reddening face. And at Tracey's failed attempt to contain her amusement.

"Hello, Parkinson. Looking forward to the summer?" Hermione asked.

Pansy stared a hole in her and slowly blushed too. "Yes, thank you," she replied through clenched teeth.

Millicent looked at her roommates, and then back at their invaders, surprised that they hadn't been greeted with more hostility. Harry winked at her as it slowly dawned on her that they might actually know Harry Potter and Hermione Granger better than she did.

"And how are you, Miss Bulstrode?" Harry asked her politely. "You'll be the prefect again next year, I hope."

"Yes, I believe so," she responded with confusion.

"Outstanding. I look forward to patrolling with you again. You know, I was thinking about throwing a party this summer at my godfather's estate. He's Lord Black now, as you know. I don't see any reason why we can't all make some connections outside our houses. I could send you an invitation, if you're interested."

She glanced at the others. "I'd, er, have to discuss it with my parents."

"Give them my best. Maybe you could even convince your stuffy roommates to accompany you. They all need to lighten up, don't you agree?"


"I was thinking we could organize an interhouse study group next year too," Hermione added. "With select people, of course. Would you be interested?"

Millicent looked between the two of them, and slowly nodded. "I wouldn't mind access to Longbottom's expertise in Herbology."

"And I'd be happy to teach any new Slytherin friends how to cast a patronus," Harry said. "It's a very useful skill."

He flicked his wand, and a glowing Prongs suddenly dominated the carriage. The stag's presence filled the little space with good will, and left the Slytherins gaping at it in wonder.

"Well, we should be moving on," Hermione said into the silence. "I hope everyone enjoys their summer. I know we will."

The pair graced them all with smiles, then left the compartment before doubling over in laughter. A quick look revealed the Slytherin girls to be staring at each other with guarded expressions. Harry had decided to invite them all to Grimmauld on the spot. Hopefully they would consider attending, especially if the invitation came from Sirius himself. The summer might be very interesting indeed.

Hermione went to seek out Angelina. They had already exchanged a stack of Pride contracts, but she still had a few questions about the finer points of creating them. Harry made his way further down the train, and stopped in the middle of the corridor to give Susan Bones a hug, producing a surprised look from Hannah Abbott.

Deciding he'd performed enough mischief for the day, he returned to his original compartment. Ron, Neville, Lavender, and Parvati were long gone, replaced by Ginny, Demelza, and Luna Lovegood. The mood was relaxed, even if Demelza was shooting mystified looks at Luna. She was reading a magazine upside-down and wearing a pair of the strangest sunglasses he had ever seen.

Harry dropped into a seat. "Hello, everyone."

"Hey." "Where have you been?" "Hello, Harry Potter."

"Everyone making summer plans?"

"Oh, yes," Luna replied. "I can't wait to be a full-time correspondent again. Daddy wants to expose Fudge's goblin pie conspiracy. We wouldn't print the recipe, of course. That would be irresponsible."

He laughed. "I'd love to read about it."

Ginny smirked. "I'm going to visit Luna's house this summer too. Did you know she has a little grove of dirigible plums? They're quite tasty, from what I hear."

"You're welcome to come sample them if you like," Luna added serenely, and he couldn't tell whether her little smile was innocent or devious.

"That sounds wonderful."

Ginny jostled her shoulder. "Did you know Harry's house has nargles in it? He could probably use our help cleaning them up."

Her eyes widened. "Oh, my. That does sound like a job for an expert."

Harry smiled fondly at all three girls. Luna may not yet be a member of the Pride, but Ginny was making her opinion on the matter clear. Demelza didn't know what they had done together, but she wasn't stupid, and the innuendo already had her rolling her eyes.


Sirius was on the platform waiting for him, a huge smile on his face.

"There he is! Come give your godfather a big, sloppy kiss!"

Harry laughed at the odd looks his comment received from passing people. They embraced, but there was no kissing involved.

"Got your trunk?"

"Shrunken in my pocket."

"Well, then, let's not dally. We'll go have dinner at the most expensive restaurant in London and plan out our summer. It'll be a busy one."

"No Dark Lords involved, I hope."

"Not a single one. Though there might be a few dark creatures, if you count veela."

"Will Cosette be visiting Grimmauld?"

"She just might. And we've got a standing invitation to visit the Delacours in the south of France. They have nude beaches there, right?"

"Don't ever change, Sirius."

"I don't plan to. Speaking of hot blondes, though, Narcissa wants a meeting with you soon. She wouldn't tell me what it was about."

"Oh, God, I probably don't want to know either."

"I don't care if she tries to become a new Dark Lady, as long as she and her brat aren't living in my house anymore."

"They're already gone, aren't they?"

"Yes, thank Merlin. I had Kreacher fumigate Draco's room. What do you say we celebrate their departure with a trip to Madame Clarissa's? I recall a certain promise you made before we offed Voldemort."

"What is it with you and that place?"

"What a stupid question. I thought you enjoyed hot sex with beautiful women."

"The Madame owns a poodle, doesn't she?"

Sirius smirked. "You'll never know if you don't visit. Gryffindors dare, don't they?"

Harry smiled as they departed the platform. "That they do."




Author's Note: Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the crazy ride. There probably won't be a sequel or a '19 years later' epilogue. I want you to imagine whatever permanent pairing you prefer. This story wasn't about serious relationships—just some good, smutty fun in the Harry Potter universe.

I do intend to post some omakes/missing scenes/alternate scenes from the story, including some stuff that happens in the future. There were so many possible things to explore that I couldn't do it all, especially since there were just two POVs.

I'll need a break though. 380k words in a year was a bitch.

I've already started a much shorter Hermione-centric story, as well as another pairing I'll keep to myself for now.

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