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"All of you had better of handed in your applications for the internships." Shouta reminded his class after the final bell went for the day.

"Yes sir." His students answered as he left. Although most of the class was staying behind to discuss their internships one more time. While Sakura packed up her books, she overheard Fumikage telling Hanta he was going to Hawks' agency.

"Good luck with that." She gave a whisper.

The interest and investment of their future were being projected through these internships. Her classmates had no preparation for disappointment in their expectations. Of course, it was heroes they were talking about. The diamonds of society. She thought after their villain encounter, her classmates would at least be a bit more aware of what they were stepping into for their future careers.

She had certainly underestimated her role when she started as a kunoichi, and that had almost cost her life on multiple occasions.

'Dress everything up in glamour that shines so bright you're blinded by what's underneath it all.'

This job description of heroes had a lot of parallels with a shinobi's, aside from the ridiculously high state of ethics and morals about human life and collateral damage.

Still, her classmates were behaving like this was going to be an effortless field trip down a filtered projection of what their lives would be after they graduate. Shouta said that they wouldn't be involved in battles, but Sakura thought that was a glass promise since they were going out into the real world.

'Maybe they don't even let the interns leave the agency.' She shook her head. 'I shouldn't be so worried.'

Yes, what triggered this train of thought was nothing more than unwarranted concern for her classmates. This world' system was foreign only to her, so she would analyze and hypothesis.

Even though she wouldn't be getting involved in these internships the way she was expected to.

Ochaco stood in front of her desk, her smile bright and strong. "Sakura where are you going for your internships?"

A few of their classmates went still to decrease the cluttering noise and listen for the answer of the winner of the Sports Festival.

"I asked Recovery Girl to take me as her intern."

Mina then stepped in, "Recovery Girl? Why?"

"Yeah, I thought for sure you'd go to some top-ten brawler," said Eijiro. "You got over a thousand offers. And did you say asked?"

"That's right, I went and asked if she would take me on as her intern."

Izuku also chided in, "With your quirk Sakura, I thought you'd go for a combat hero too. I didn't think to factor in your healing ability."

Sakura smirked, "Someone clearly forgot their broken bones at the USJ."

Izuku became flustered, believing he had somehow wronged the pink-haired kunoichi. She looked at Izuku's crooked fingers and hands, the bones protruding around the skin like the twigs of an oak tree. If she had been there to help, then she would've been able to set his hand correctly so it wouldn't heal in that manner.

"Couldn't Recovery Girl heal it properly?" Sakura asked, grasping Izuku's hand with little consideration for the boy's heart that wasn't accustomed to gentle touches from strangers.

"I-It's because I used my quirk too much!" Izuku squeezed his eyes, letting out a breath when Sakura released his hand and with that the topic.

"Combat isn't an easy skill to master and it's considered important for heroes but healing is also a part of my power and I wanted to focus on that." To start with she wasn't primarily a melee-type, but they probably wouldn't believe her. "Medical knowledge can have a higher priority than combat ability."

Katsuki scoffed, throwing his bag over his shoulder. "Bullshit."

The room became muted, and no one seemed to gather the confidence to break through as quickly as Sakura had as the callous curse was directed at her.

"What's that Katsuki?" Despite her temper, sharp tongue, and brazen habits that made her impression less than elegant or eloquent. Sakura knew her moments, and she knew that the best form of attack against the blonde would not be anger.

That would come soon enough but on her terms.

"You just don't give a damn about the internships and want to half-ass your way through it just like the Sports Festival. You act like all of this is a fucking cakewalk and that you're too good for it." Katsuki's voice became low, but with an aggressive hiss.

"You shouldn't fucking be here."

He was more observant than Sakura gave him credit for, but she had noticed him watching her since the Sports Festival. Hateful little glares out of nowhere when he thought she couldn't sense it. Her disinterest was becoming more apparent because Sakura was losing herself more to her desperation of finding her escape from this world.

Eijiro tried to intervene. "Hey man, that's not-

Sakura scoffed, "You're entitled to your opinion, but instead of hissing at me, you should consider working on getting your fighting skills at least as sharp as your tongue."

Izuku choked on his alarm, Sakura had taken the title of strongest in class-1A but in his eyes, Katsuki was still a tower that would not go down. He was incredible and that made him difficult in other aspects. Even going as far as to confront Sakura about things that others have considered about her, but wouldn't bring up. As convention dictated, they weren't close enough for that.

"You!" Small explosions burst with his anger, fingers curled inwards, threatening to reach forward, but Katsuki already knew that she could hold his palm against hers without repercussion. Even so, he still stood with what he said. She was not with the rest of this class.

He didn't take notice of those that didn't stand out to him, but Katsuki had become hyper-focused on Sakura for some reason and the truth was he didn't fully understand why. She was just another extra at the beginning of the term, but she was the one who had taken first place in the entrance exam, despite her subpar res0ults for the written test. Then the USJ incident where she took charge against the villains and unlike him, succeeded in her first try against them. Then of course the Sports Festival, and now these internships, where she had gone out of her way to ignore all the offers of some of the top heroes in the country to play nurse.

As if she didn't need to learn from them.

Katsuki was greatly offended by her presence. When he lost to Izuku during the combat training, Katsuki had cried with frustration but he decided that this was just an obstacle he would overcome. Izuku used to be beneath him, and now he was trying to climb up from that, but Katsuki was confident he still had influence and power over him. Because even during their fight, Izuku had to put in all his effort and fight with fear.

His loss against Sakura on the other hand was eating at him like a parasite. She brought him down effortlessly, and he was certain that she didn't see him as so much as a garden fence to hop over, never mind a high wall to surpass.

"Well then, I'm off." Sakura glanced at the time on her phone, before passing through the aisle and exiting the classroom.

He would let her walk away for now, but Katsuki swore that he would not let this go.







A pink brow ticked like the broken hand of a clock while staring at the ream of test papers and a stack of medical books in front of her. Sakura sat quietly at a desk set in the corner of the nurse's office, facing the wall like a child in time-out.

'Not exactly how I thought this would go.'

The first day of internships had begun, but unlike her classmates who had taken off to the hero agencies scattered around the country, Sakura remained at the school where she would be spending her week with Recovery Girl.

"Something the matter dear?" The old woman asked, settling into her chair at the computer.

"I just heard that you usually went to different hospitals all around to heal people. So I thought we might be doing that this week."

Chiyo smiled. "Well, that's for another time. Everyone focuses on something different during internships but it's usually to teach aspiring heroes what to expect. That concept remains. Now in your case, I want to teach you more about medical practice. Some heroes do have basic first aid skills, but it's not a priority for them. Once this is done, I may consider taking you out."

This was supposed to be productive in achieving her goal, but at the same time, Sakura expected snags here and there to pull her back. One positive note was the expression she received when she told Hawks where she would be spending her internships, as it didn't coincide well with the commission's agenda for her.

Sakura didn't have to be a jounin to know that the Hero Public Safety Commission was working some sort of angle ever since they offered to take her under for hero training and she was certain that her hostility was not misplaced.

'I need to remember what I'm doing this for.' It was a good thing this world medical technology fascinated her enough to focus.

"Alright then could you do something for me?"

"What is it?" asked Chiyo.

"If I'm able to finish all of this work today, will you take me out for the rest of the week?"

The nurse's brows curved with curiosity and concern. "The books are material you need to learn to take those tests and it will take more than a day. I'm using this as a way to get you more familiar medical knowledge."

"Fine, then tomorrow I'll be finished with everything. I just want to be taken out in the field."

Chiyo sighed, she wanted to turn down the girl's offer but she had that same blaze in her eyes as the time she tried to get Chiyo to let her participate in Izuku's surgery. However, her morals as a nurse wouldn't allow her to do such a thing, especially when it could put not only her job at risk but also the lives of students.

This time was different though, and if it was only for the sake of observation and some candy-stripe work then it could be allowed. If Sakura met her conditions.

"Alright, if you can complete all your tests by tomorrow and I'm satisfied with the results, then I'll bring you out."

During the beginning of her training as a medic, Tsunade had Sakura study nearly an entire library and have her perform numerous medical operations, from minor to severe. Although it was only three years of medical training, she was taught with precision as sharp as a needlepoint. Sakura learned the workings of the human body inside and out, how to concoct and counter numerous poisons and diseases alike, and determine an individual's health status at a glance. That was what Sakura had learned from the best medical ninja of her world.

And unlike with her chakra ability, these were skills she had no problem displaying.

The first day, Sakura stayed at the desk browsing meticulously through the medical books and papers Chiyo had given as well as doing her research. She understood more than half and she picked up on the rest very quickly. And then on the second day, she was taking all of the tests one after the other.

The study material and the tests were not as she expected. Terms were familiar, questions were close replicas of what she had done for Tsunade when she was training, and she didn't miss much.

Although she did learn that because of quirk's, medical professionals needed to extend their knowledge to other species and animals in case some humans inherited traits. But even that didn't stump her. Medicine extended to plants and animals, so Sakura was also well learned in biology, physics, and chemistry and even in her training as a ninja who had to travel by foot through different terrain that hosted many dangerous flora and fauna.

'It's like I'm thirteen again.' She thought humorlessly, giving the last stroke of her pen and stacking the last test paper on top before the ink even dried. Standing up from the chair to stretch out her body and overlook the sunset out in the distance.

"Well, you finished everything quite fast. I'll grade these and let you know my decision tomorrow."

"Thank you very much." When Sakura left, the heroin went to her desk to gather her tests. The first page was on anatomy, and although it was just a glance, Chiyo couldn't help from sitting down and overlooking it more carefully.

Although Sakura managed to finish everything in two days, the time had gone out of regular school hours to teachers' hours again. She was staring out at the setting sun while strolling through the vacant hallway. And it was in that atmosphere that her ears caught wind of recognizable voices behind the door of the occupied teacher's lounge.

The kunoichi would have simply moved on if she hadn't realized that while she could place both voices, one of them should not be lingering in the school.

"Sorry for the sudden intrusion All Might."

"It's all right. Tsukauchi. Well, what did you find out?"

Pressing her ear carefully against the door, and aligning herself so that her shadow would not reflect under. Sakura slowed her breathing to a point where she could barely feel it and listened, like the shinobi she was. With enduring patience.

"Among the villains that attacked the USJ, there was that Nomu you drove back. We did some test on his DNA."

While Toshinori reminisced briefly about the event, Sakura did a glance around to ensure that she was still alone in the hall before drawing her full attention back to the conversation between the hero and the detective. What she picked up was, that Tsukauchi was visiting to deliver information that was supposed to be confidential even from the number one hero. And although Sakura had chosen to forget about dealing with the one individual she knew who could conjure up a portal, she hadn't completely dismissed the subject.

"After investigating Nomu at a special institution, we realized that he can't talk. There is no reaction. He is unable to think for himself. And regarding his identity, we found that he was once a common thug with a criminal record for extortion and assault."

"And you're saying that's a lead to the mastermind?" Toshinori asked with uncertainty. But when Tsuchauchi told him to listen carefully, he was unaware of the pink-haired teen behind the door following his instruction.

"According to the report, there's DNA from at least four different people intermingled inside his body. It appears he has been tampered with using drugs and other methods. To oversimplify, his body has been modified to handle multiple quirks. The huge drop in his brain's processing power probably comes from the burden that causes, but we're more concerned about his DNA and how he has multiple quirks."

This caught on to Sakura. This concept of mutation and engineering and experimenting on humans wasn't foreign to her. Orochimaru had done the same thing with people, including Sasuke. And while deplorable, some of the subjects had been strengthened.

So now the question was, who had that kind of capability, given the nature of quirks that was supposedly inherited? And could Sakura use this information to achieve her goal of reaching home?

And so she kept listening.

"Unless the DNA he's assimilated is some kind of advanced genetic familial permeation, he couldn't have acquired multiple quirks that way. Someone like you who holds One for All should understand that. No this is probably the work of, a quirk that can grant other quirks."

"Has that man….started to move again?"

That end statement had put such a weight in the room, Sakura could feel it from the outside. She had yet to determine the value of what she was learning, but she felt that it may have potential. But it was clear that if it was enough to shake up the number hero of Japan. Then it may be worth looking into.

'A quirk that can grant others' quirks.' Sakura laid in bed, browsing the web that was like a trove of information. The issue here was, determining what was fact and what was fiction.

A villain that could teleport and a possible mastermind who could grant quirks to others. Sakura just couldn't resist drawing the line. However, no information confirmed the existence of this person. Rumors were certainly live on servers, but they were like broken pieces of glass that couldn't be put together to show the complete reflection.

If there was no way to confirm this person's existence then finding their whereabouts would be next to impossible. Sakura knew that she wouldn't be able to confront anyone outright because she was already in the eye of suspicion. And her observation lead her to determine the reaction the heroes and teachers would have. If they were as aware as All Might.

Despite the hours that ticked on, Sakura didn't notice that she was laying awake past three in the morning with her thoughts.

"A quirk that can transfer someone's power to others and bio-engineered humans…" Sakura tapped her lips. "The one who can do that is probably a villain and even if I could negotiate to have a teleport quirk transferred, I still don't know how that works or what happens to the holder, and if I did get it is there even someone with a teleport quirk that can cross dimensions into another world….ARGH DAMMIT!"

Slamming her fist against the wall without chakra to enhance it, Sakura winced as the skin of her knuckles bled into the cracks that had still formed against the wall. While not her regular herculean strength, it was still working to admire, but coupled with frustration and rage had taken her reasoning against the action.

While throbbing, she looked over the back of her hand, broken skin and crying red before using her chakra to soothe the pain and heal the wound. She then slumped into her pillow, grasping it until her knuckles were white.

Long clear nails, white skin like snow, wrapping around her neck in a vice hold. Senses deprived with a background of soundless black, her voice gone but she could still feel the way the inside of her throat came together. How her chest burned like something was trapped inside trying to escape, demanding for her to let it out.

Sakura's body felt like it became wood, refusing to move as she instructed with much desperation. And then something in the darkness began to merge. Eyes like clear crystals, with venom that poisoned her, slowly killing her.

'Naruto, save me!'

Her skin felt like a vice, rubber that melted and hardened, pulling at her flesh while her insides boiled with hot liquid. Despite her strength, her limbs were strings of wool. Her ribs ached with every breath she tried to take, becoming more shallow, but the pain did not subside. Like a rain puddle in summer. Her tongue lolled out as she tried to gulp air with a mouth parched as if full of sand. She started off trembling, her fingers trying to scratch at the fabric of her comforter that had become a weight pressing down.

She could see a fuzz of darkness and streams of moonlight from her window and tried to bring herself back. Yet the harder she fought, the worse her condition became. Her body shook, like jolts of electricity were being sent through her.

Her body convulsed, and Sakura couldn't even tell it was happening as her mind started to close the doors to her senses, disallowing her awareness.

Her alarm rang for an hour until it turned off automatically. Sakura found it face down on the floor at a reachable distance from the bed, fortunately, or she would have allowed it to keep ringing. Her joins were like rusty cogs grinding together.

A headache so strong that the small stream of light that indicated an incoming sunrise, which hadn't arrived yet; had triggered pain. While she wanted to bury herself under the covers and rest her battered body, the heat was overwhelming and had her throwing off the covers, sluggishly entering the shower, turning on the cold water, and curling up in a fetal position while it rained on her.

The water hit her back and rand down like a blanket of ice, numbing everything. And she welcomed it. Her hand brushed along the withered skin at her chest. It was the color of burned charcoal, ready to break at the slightest touch. Then she would be allowed to reach for her heart, and find out if it had become as fragile as it felt.

This scar, was a wound Sakura purposefully chose to ignore, as her attention was already given to one priority. Returning to her world. A quest that required her to find someone or something with the skill akin to a god. Had it been Sasuke or Naruto in her place, they would have already returned home. But she wasn't like them, and it was becoming apparent just how unfortunate the facts were.

"I'll be fine. I'll be fine. I'll be fine….cha…" Had she not sweated out so much water from her body, she would probably be able to sob with salty tears instead of the cold shower water to imitate it.

Being the excellent nurse that she was, Chiyo was able to see the slightest discoloration on the girl's face when she came in. When she inquired about it, Sakura brushed it as not sleeping early that night because she was anxious for Chiyo's response to her results for the tests she took.

"Firstly, with your record, I probably shouldn't give in to your demands." Sakura cringed. Chiyo took out the papers from her back, all thoroughly graded. "However, your results earn your request. We will be going out to our first stop today shortly. Go and put on your hero outfit."

Sakura grinned, "Thank you."

"You did well." Chiyo continued, staring at the pages. She thought that using the term well was rather undermining, but Chiyo didn't want to overpraise her either. A difficult girl like her didn't need to be certified as extraordinary. Based on her written test scores, Chiyo realized that she was intelligent, but based on her test results from the entrance exam she lacked knowledge that was provided by the basic education system. At least to a certain degree.

Yet her medical knowledge, understanding of anatomy, biology, and physics was so extensive. Even the answers she gave in her tests were meticulous in response. These were the kind of results you would expect from a top-ranking medical resident at least. While some of her answers were more primitive in techniques, they were accurate.

"Did you learn all of this on your own?"

Sakura had second and third thoughts before she answered. "I had a teacher."

"A parent?"

She shook her head. "She was my mentor and she was very diligent in training me."

It was a proud statement, and the first time Chiyo saw the girl give a lax response. She seemed genuinely happy to speak about this person.

Sakura clapped her hands. "Can we go now?"

The first step may have been complete but using this opportunity to gather information was the delicate part of her mission. What Chiyo planned was to take Sakura around the hospital and have her observe, just observe the procedures.

They were on a bullet train to their destination. As someone who wasn't familiar with public transport that didn't include a caravan and a horse, Sakura was giddy watching the speed paint everything in an abstract of blurriness.

"I can also heal patients," Sakura said.

"I don't doubt that, however, you are not allowed to use your quirk unsupervised." Chiyo paused. "I will be handling the healing. And you better not think of trying anything, or I will take us back to U.A where you will spend the rest of your internship. Is that understood?"

"Yes ma'am," Sakura slumped. "It's only in Japan where people aren't allowed to use their quirks in public. It seems very restrictive."

"It's the law. When quirks first appeared, they gave rise to dark temptations that many acted upon. And that was a grave setback for the world. It was chaos. That's the reason regulations were placed to protect people. Even heroes are taught to regulate their quirks to avoid excessive damage."

"I noticed, everyone really prioritizes."

Chiyo frowned, pointing her needle staff at Sakura. "Now look here, these rules are for the protection of society. Not everyone can realize just how delicate this system is. But it's the reason that heroes exist and how society became whole after quirks emerged."

'It's also repressive.' That was what Sakura had felt after coming to this world. She didn't have any other way of expressing the tightening feeling around her. The unnatural was only accepted because those with exceptional abilities were told to adhere to regular standards of life. And because the majority of the population possessed quirks they attempted to break from that cycle by trying to become heroes so that they could present their abilities. It was narcissistic in a way; especially now with how heroes were glorified but it was the only method to break from the standard procedure and be recognized for what made them unique.

Sakura was certain that in this world there were people who had to become villains because they couldn't become heroes. There was always a cause and effect for something and for someone turning out the way they are.

A doctor was already waiting at the reception when they came through the doors. A woman that would be noticed for her eyes that were pitch black, with no sign of an iris. Her white coat was pristine, aside from a small ink blot on her breast pocket.

"It's a pleasure to see you again Recovery Girl." She greeted the older women with polite admiration. "And you must be Sakura Haruno. I watched you at the Sports Festival. I'm Ren Satoshi."

"Nice to meet you."

"Let's get started shall we."

Ren showed them through the reception and gave a clipboard heavy with patients that would require healing sessions as Chiyo had instructed before the visit. As they stepped through the hospital, Chiyo went over the instructions once more for Sakura. She was only an observer, and wouldn't be allowed to treat any of the patients, if she failed to follow the instruction, then they would leave.

"Experience is important not only in the field of heroics but also in the medical profession. You can't simply ignore these rules because of your preference."

Sakura accepted the terms, but she was observing her surroundings and figuring out the structure of the hospital.

Accessing hospital records was not always easy, but she already knew the likely places they would be kept and where she could find more recent documents. Anything on a computer, she wouldn't be able to access but there were usually patient files and breaking into a locked room wasn't impossible with her set of skills. She was able to find that room in her current location so all she had to do now was get into the files without anyone seeing her.

A clone would be able to handle that much, especially if there was a window that connected to the room.

"You have a healing quirk as well don't you Haruno?" Dr. Satoshi quipped.

"I do, but as you've heard I'm not allowed to use it."

Ren chuckled, "Don't worry, I remember when I was an intern. I was following my professor all the time, and he would barely let me set up an IV. Even though my quirk allowed me to x-ray a person when activated and treat them. Not the best quirk for a hero, but for a doctor….."

It was that everyone in this world wanted to strive to be a hero. Of course, the first requirement would be a quirk that could be utilized for the job description. Not everyone in her world wanted to become a ninja even though they could all learn to use chakra. Because they understood the underlining dangers of the title and how brief one could hold it.

"How do feel about pursuing the medical field?" The doctor asked.

Sakura smiled. "I'm on the fence."

As Chiyo instructed, Sakura stood by and did nothing but observe as the heroine went around hospital bed to hospital bed, healing patient after patient. There were broken bones, fresh stitches, burns, and surgery patients that were discharged that day due to Recovery Girl's efforts. The hours passed slowly, and other than observing, all that Sakura could really do fell under the work of a candy-stripper, and even then she wasn't allowed out of Chiyo's sights.

But that wasn't enough to stop her. Sakura excused herself when Chiyo was particularly occupied healing a patient and went to the bathroom.

She went to the restroom, stepped into an empty stall, and waited until the last person left before creating a clone.

"You know where the room is. Don't let anyone see you."

The clone nodded, "I'll break in through the window."

Instead of leaving through the bathroom entrance and exit, Sakura's clone went out of the building through the high windows, after ensuring no one would see her. And Sakura came out.

It wasn't as productive as Sakura hoped for her first day, she looked at every patient's file to see their listed quirk but nothing that kept her attention. And her clone wasn't able to find anything of value, mainly because sifting through years' worth of hospital records was going to take more than a few hours.

But there was no one with a teleportation quirk.

She did learn more about Chiyo's healing quirk though. The way it stimulated a person's natural healing ability, by using their energy. It was different from Sakura who used her chakra to heal. She realized that meant Chiyo wouldn't be able to heal a person who was in critical condition or severely injured because they wouldn't have the stamina to endure the treatment.

According to Chiyo, she wasn't doing much different than the rest of her classmates. Their internships would likely be filled with patrols, community service activities, and more grunt work that excluded handling villains or saving civilians.

"When you all get your provisional licenses, then you'll be allowed to act as heroes in emergencies. This is usually reserved for your second or third year."

Sakura leaned against the train window, looking out at the last glimmer of sunlight, watching the blurring images of buildings. "I see."

Chiyo cleared her throat. "There has been discussion about you from the teacher's Haruno. You've been concerned, but from your ability, you would make a promising hero. Though it's clear you are disinterested in that. So what is it that you want to do?"

The question put Sakura on pause. Of course, she wanted to go home, she wanted to see her friends, she wanted her team back, she wanted to be in Konoha.

"There's nothing to be concerned about."

"After what you've been through, I believe there is," stated Chiyo. Since no traces were leading to Sakura's family, it was believed that she recently lost them, and that's why she didn't want to go into foster care. The Hero Public Safety Commission, however, did not appear concerned about Sakura's past and they were encouraging the school to leave her be as well and not try to pry as if it wasn't of importance. But they had different standards of what was important.

Chiyo wanted to know the extension Sakura may have suffered so that she could heal, but Sakura wouldn't allow anyone to get that close to her.

"Haruno listen-

The lights flickered on the train as it screeched against the rails, coming to an abrupt halt. Passengers murmurs grew louder, and everyone looked to find the reason for the delay. The intercom switched on and the conductor calmly gave instruction.

"Ladies and gentlemen, there has been an accident on the tracks and unfortunately we will be delayed. Please stay seated for your safety and await further instructions. Thank you."

Despite clear instruction, passengers were moving around trying to see if they could find the accident that happened on the train tracks. But when they pressed out the window, someone screamed and people gathered to see what had garnered the reaction.

"There's a huge fire over there!"

"That's Hosu."

"What's happening? Is it a villain?"

From her window, Sakura could see clouds of embers and ash rising into the air around the closing of buildings in the distance. Then she saw a helicopter circling and disappearing towards the flames. They were a bit far from the sight, but it was as clear as the palm of her hand, that was the extent of the damage present.

Sakura pressed her palms against the windows. "That's-

"Move away from the window" Chiyo was checking her phone for updates. "There appears to be an attack."

"In an area like that, it's bound to be crowded. People will need help."

"And we're currently on a delayed train. We cannot just jump off, besides there are heroes in that area."

Thousands of agencies were all over Japan, that was the truth. And of course, Sakura didn't expect to jump at every situation, she had no intention of that. Just as she was ready to reside herself to her seat and wait, the vibrations of her phone's alert were sent up her back.


According to Momo the class representative had to have all of her classmate's contact numbers, and because of that everyone was brought into a Class 1-A group chat. That had currently sent a new message from Izuku. There was no text or information aside from his location.

While she was still new to technology, Sakura learned about GPS and zooming into the coordinates Izuku sent, it showed that he was very close to this area and the disaster zone right now. Although there was nothing to indicate a problem, no message, her stomach tightened with instincts for danger.

And she couldn't ignore the call.

Chiyo watched Sakura rush out of her seat, down the aisles of the train, and to the end where the emergency doors were. Forcing them open, ignoring Chiyo. Leaping over the bridge towards the city.




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