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Ultimate moves, or Trump Cards, were a concept she was familiar with from her world of shinobi—a sacred technique to be guarded at all costs. However, in this new world where quirks reigned supreme, Sakura saw an opportunity to explore some hypothesis she had been mulling over in her mission to get back to her dimension. Here, where it was practically mandatory to lay bare your greatest skills and powers, to the public eye, Sakura knew that she was at least free to explore her theories. And after being here for as long as she has, this world seemed less likely to throw the typical repercussions a shinobi would have for revealing their abilities.

As she gave this demonstration, capturing her classmate's attention, Izuku and Ochaco were watching her with careful eyes. Curious as the rest of their classmates but also familiar with those markings, as Sakura had shown them when she stepped up to save Nighteye.

"They're the same as before right?"

Izuku nodded, "I remember something similar happening in Kamino as well, maybe Sakura's going to finally show us her real power?"

Ochaco swallowed heavily, "You mean like what she did in Kamino?"

Izuku didn't know about that. What they had seen back then was something phenomenal. It was like watching someone touch the stars. That was how impossible he believed the odds were overpowering All For One. Yet, she accomplished that right in front of their eyes. And the thought of being able to see it again stirred his curiosity of quirks, and desire for analysis.

"Alright, Denki, can you come here?" Sakura's voice cut through the chatter, drawing the attention of her classmates. Denki looked surprised she called on him but was eager to indulge in this demonstration.

With a pleasant smile, he asked, "What do I need to do?"

Sakura stepped around Denki, placing her hands on his back, "Hold still for a second,"

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to share my power with you,"

Then watched as the markings spread across his body, as they had for Sakura. The sensation was strange because Denki could actually feel the marks crossing over his skin.

"What are you—?" Denki's protest was cut short as Sakura instructed him to release his electricity. Uncertainty clouded his features.

"What?! But then it's going to go everywhere and hit everyone!"

"It's going to be fine," Sakura squeezed his shoulder "Go ahead,"

The rest of class A weren't too sure about this initiation of Denki's quirk either, they didn't want to get electrocuted.

"Go ahead," Ectoplasm instructed. Everyone took more than a few steps back to get away from any potential rogue voltage.

With a deep breath, Denki released his electricity, bracing himself for the inevitable surge of power that would run wild. He didn't go completely out, or he would be rendered completely inept in thought processing.

When Denki opened his eyes, he was astounded. Not only was his electricity not spirally out of his control, but it was beginning to hold together until it started to form, a snake-like body, and a head, and before he knew it, Denki was staring at a dragon made of his electricity.

"More stable than I thought," Sakura said offhandedly.

She watched as Denki's electricity surged to life, his quirk bending to her will under the influence of her chakra. So that confirmed one of her theories, on being able to influence quirks with her chakra. It was a little harder to try and maneuver it, but Denki was taking care of that, swinging his arms around to reign in the dragon, like it was on a leash. She had to make sure that was sturdy though.

"Whoah!" Sero breathed, his eyes wide with wonder as he observed the spectacle unfolding before him.

"This is amazing, they were able to form a shape with Kaminari's electricity!" exclaimed Izuku. His analytical mind raced, processing the implications of this.

"Awesome!" Eijiro exclaimed.

Kaminari, still reeling from the experience. "I can't usually control the flow of my electricity, forget about making shapes,"

Amidst the commotion, Katsuki's voice cut through the chatter like a thunderclap. "Idiot, you're not the one in control of your quirk right now,"

Sakura nodded in agreement with Katsuki's assessment "My energy was flowing through the output of your quirk," she clarified, though she could see that Denki's understanding was limited.

Sakura's focus shifted as she directed the dragon towards a cluster of rocks with precision. With a flicker of concentration, she guided the electrified entity to its target, ensuring that its impact would be contained and controlled.

As the dragon crashed into the rocks with a resounding thud, Sakura breathed a sigh of relief, her hold on Denki's quirk gradually dissipating, along with the markings.

"That's amazing," said Tsuyu

"She was also able to keep Pikachu from frying his brain," noted Katsuki.

The class bombarded her with some questions about her power but then Ectoplasm interrupted. "Haruno are you finished?"

"Izuku, can you come here?" she called out, her voice carrying across the gymnasium. The green-haired boy startled at the mention of his name, his eyes widening in surprise as all eyes turned towards him. Despite his initial surprise that she would call him, he scurried over to Sakura, his curiosity piqued by her request.

"What is it?" Izuku inquired.

Sakura met his gaze with a reassuring smile. "I want to try something with your quirk, is that okay with you?"

Izuku was eager to find out more about Sakura's powers, but he was concerned that she wanted to use his quirk. One for All was still something handed down to him like a gift rather than an inheritance and it was a power Izuku couldn't fully control. And based on what he saw from Sakura's quirk, it would be like he was handing the reigns to her now.

"Um….Sakura are you sure?"

"Don't worry, I won't let you break anything. Though we're gonna have to go outside for this,"

Deciding to take a chance, Izuku nodded.




The class gathered outside the gymnasium, the skies were nearly clear with few clouds and a cool breeze to calm the senses but not enough to sate the anticipation building. Sakura scanned the field, searching for the perfect spot to conduct her experiment. After a moment's consideration, she settled on a clear area, free from any obstructions or potential hazards.

"Alright, Izuku, come here," Sakura called out. Izuku approached her.

Sakura whispered her instructions to him, he listened intently, a flicker of surprise dancing in his eyes at her unexpected request. Despite his initial hesitation, he nodded in agreement, trusting Sakura's judgment.

"I wonder what they're gonna do?" said Mina.

"No clue," added Sero.

Katsuki watched them with unmoving eyes, wondering what Sakura was planning to do to Izuku's quirk. The quirk that belonged to All Might.

After the provisional licensing exams, Katsuki confronted Izuku with the pieces he had put together regarding his quirk and realized that it was given to Izuku by All Might. It had been a hard pill to swallow, to realize that the hero Katsuki admired, had offered such a gift to quirkless Deku. While Izuku was working his way towards mastering this quirk, growing stronger, Katsuki felt like a piece of driftwood in the sea. Unable to grasp onto anything, and just let the currents and waves push him as they liked.

All Might had to retire because he fought that villain and confronted the League. Katsuki knew he had wasn't captured, or taken by them, it wouldn't have happened. Although All Might assured him that his retirement as a hero was inevitable, Katsuki carried to thought that it had to end with him being a factor to it.

And he just couldn't place any of that blame onto Sakura, even though she was captured as well. The one person besides Izuku that made his blood erupt. Every time he saw her, his body pulled stiff with agitation, and he became aware of her. Her presence was quiet, but when he noticed her, Katsuki was just forced to stay aware of her.

And she just kept doing things that made him continue to observe her. Dominating in the entrance test, fighting that Nomu at the USJ, beating everyone at the Sports Festival, and going through hero training classes like they were strolls in a flower field.

Then facing the League of Villains without an ounce of fear, no mask, no crack in her foundation. Smiling at him, even when there was a hole ripped in her chest.

That image still lingered in Katsuki's mind. Having her here bothered him. Having her gone bothered him. She was a weight on his mind that he couldn't lift. But she was the obstacle he had to overcome to be the best. Izuku might have All Might's quirk, but that didn't mean he would be the one to hold All Might's title.

Sakura placed her hand on Izuku's back, the energy of her chakra pulsing beneath her touch. The intricate marks spread across his body. Izuku shivered slightly, feeling the unfamiliar sensation wash over him.

"Alright Izuku, go ahead,"

As Sakura instructed him to proceed, Izuku took a deep breath, steeling himself for what was to come. With a resolute cry of "Smash!" he unleashed his quirk with full force, his arm propelling forward in a powerful punch. The impact sent shockwaves rippling through the air, parting the clouds above as a heavy gust of wind surged forth comparable to a natural disaster itself, engulfing the area.

For a moment, Izuku braced himself for the inevitable backlash of pain, broken bones, and ripped muscles that typically accompanied such a display of power. However, to his surprise, there was none. He looked down at his arm, expecting to see the telltale signs of strain on his body that couldn't handle the full power of One for All, but found it to be completely intact, unmarred by the immense force he had just exerted.

Sakura seemed satisfied with the result, "Looks like reinforcement worked,"

With a gentle motion, Sakura withdrew her hand from Izuku's back, the intricate marks fading away as the energy dissipated.

"Well, that's that,"

Izuku was stunned, still staring at his undamaged arm, before turning to Sakura who was already walking away and he remembered something.

Toshinori had commented to him, that Sakura's power quirk, seemed different from his own. Although they were able to produce a similar output in terms of destructive matter, Toshinori said that he didn't believe the factors were the same, as his quirk. Nor that of someone with a typical strength-enhancing quirk.

When Izuku asked what that meant. Toshinori reminded him that quirks were physical abilities, that required its host to be able to manifest its potential. Like how Izuku had to train his body and grow his strength and physical stature to endure the backlash from his quirk. But Sakura's body appeared less inclined to hold enough physical dominance to handle that kind of strength, and that's what Toshinori found so interesting about her.

Now Izuku wondered himself about the foundation of her ability, and what it entailed.

Ectoplasm observed the scene, his eyes darting between Sakura and the rest of the class. "It seems that you have a good grasp on your power, Haruno,"

If only that was as true as she made it appear. Sakura still hadn't gotten a grasp on this new power of hers, but chakra control was her strong point.

"It's very impressive that you've already mastered your ultimate move," Momo complimented. Watching Sakura was always a wonder. Even while she had been a special admission student, Momo couldn't do anything against her at the Sports Festival, and it had inflicted doubt on her. Especially during their practical exams, when she faced off against Aizawa. Yet, watching her had given Momo new perspectives and ideas on fighting, especially when Sakura was willing to share advice.

Tenya, chimed in eagerly, his hands chopping through the air as he spoke. "Indeed! As expected of our class rep,"

However, Katsuki couldn't resist interjecting, he scoffed before speaking. "You're showing your ultimate move is better for a supporting character,"

Sakura simply smiled in response, closing her eyes to hide any irritation within them. "You're not wrong, but then again, I suppose it's different for you, Katsuki,"


"Since you can't even beat this supporting character,"

This remark seemed to ignite a spark in Katsuki, prompting him to lunge towards Sakura in a fit of frustration. But Sakura, remained composed even until the smell of smoke filled the air. In one agile movement, Katsuki was tasting dirt as Sakura held him. One foot on his back, arms curled under his, hands well out of firing range of her.

"See what I mean,"

"Wow, Bakugou's down," Denki gasped.

Eijiro sighed, "Seriously man,"

The class watched in awe as Sakura effortlessly subdued Katsuki, their gasps and murmurs filling the air. Ectoplasm swiftly intervened, his voice cutting through the commotion. "Haruno, Bakugou, enough. All of you, back to the gymnasium,"

Releasing her hold on Katsuki, Sakura offered him a sly grin. "You've gotten faster,"

But not fast enough.

Katsuki, still reeling, glared at Sakura, his pride wounded yet begrudgingly impressed.

"Dammit," he muttered under his breath, begrudgingly acknowledging Sakura's skill.

Undeterred by Katsuki's frustration, Sakura told him. "If you want to try your luck with me, Katsuki, I'll be more than happy to give you some pointers,"

He scoffed again but didn't retort further.





The school day had officially ended, but for those who were away for the internships, there were additional classes to catch up on the missed work and of course, the student who decided to forgo classes for a longer extension of time had even more work. Sakura, who had initially attempted to sidestep these extra sessions, found herself reluctantly included. Nezu's persistence, along with the drones that would track her around the school when she attempted to go off for training in the mountain areas or such. The ceaseless school announcements and monitoring mechanisms eventually wore her down. Especially after Eri became worried she might have gone missing for real.

As lessons stretched late into the night, Sakura walked back with the other internship students. Izuku approached her hesitantly.

"Um, Sakura."


Izuku, with a mix of nervousness and eagerness, explained, "You know how we've been working on our ultimate moves?"

Sakura nodded.

"So, I was wondering if, maybe, if you're not too busy— It's okay if you say no—" Izuku was falling over his words that Sakura saved the poor guy and picked him up.

"You want help training or something?"

Izuku nodded bashfully. "It can be on your time, and I don't need it every day. I know that you're also busy with Eri and catching up and your makeup classes for the provisional hero license."



"Sure," Sakura repeated with a casual shrug. "I can help you out if you want."

"I do!" Izuku's face lit up with gratitude and excitement. "Um, thank you!"

Izuku couldn't shake the feeling he had when Sakura shared her power with him. It felt familiar and foreign, akin to something like One for All. He couldn't quite put it into words. Izuku hoped to glean some pointers on his power. While he had All Might guiding him, Sakura's unique perspective on battles intrigued him. He wanted to tap into her intellect and gain insights that might differ from his mentor's.

Because, in Izuku's opinion, the best student at UA wasn't from the Big Three; she was right in his class.




Noriko's pen paused mid-air as Sakura recounted her first week back at UA. Observing the girl's demeanor, Noriko made a note of Sakura's apparent ease in settling back into school life it seemed more like she was thriving. Sakura just shrugged, nonchalant in response to Noriko's observation hinting at a deeper indifference.

Then, Noriko broached a new question, "What is the reason that you want to become a hero?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'd just like to understand the reasoning for you joining UA's hero program," Noriko clarified.

Sakura's response was immediate, though lacking in depth. "I don't know what you mean. Doesn't every kid want to be a hero?"

"Haruno, I've had many patients, and everyone that I've asked this question to was able to give me an immediate response like they had been answering the same question for a lifetime. You on the other hand…"

"And that tells you what about me?"

Noriko pressed further, "Why do you think people want to become heroes?"

"Because they want to help others?" Sakura offered tentatively.

"It doesn't look to me like you believe that,"

Sakura rubbed her neck, and Noriko could see a hint of frustration growing within the girl. Although she kept her composure.

"Fine. I do feel like being a hero is something that's taken for granted. Not just by the people who hold the title but also by civilians. They don't appreciate the nature of the job and everyone seems to focus more on the glamour, and keeping with that image. I don't like it,"

"Why is that something to be agitated about? Heroes need to perform within certain parameters to earn their living. It's a job, as well as a title based on their actions and services towards society,"

What could she say to this? Sakura bit her bottom lip. "It's not about that. Nearly everyone in this world wants to be a hero. But they associate it strongly with their quirks. That they can only use their powers if they're heroes. And that seems to be the main influence for them to pursue this course,"

"Well that's natural," said Noriko, "When you have the ability to do something, you'd be more persuaded to do it,"

These thoughts have been lingering in her mind based on her observations of this world and the way people act. Heroes who stepped into the light, to grow their popularity based on the people's opinion of them, to Sakura it showed that they lacked resolve and wanted nothing more than validation from others. If they didn't receive that, would they still call themselves heroes? Still be willing to do the job?

"Is that the reason you've put yourself into all those situations? Regardless of the rules?" Noriko's line of questioning delved deeper into Sakura's psyche.

Sakura's frown deepened. "Well, it's not as if I wanted to cause trouble. I was there when those events took place, and I had the chance to do something, so I did it."

"But you don't care about the repercussions on you?"

Sakura's response was swift. "If you're talking about breaking the rules again, then no."

Noriko tapped her chin with her pen, contemplating Sakura's answers. "Alright, well, that's all for today."

Sakura seized the opportunity to leave, eager to escape the probing questions. "Great, goodbye," she muttered, swiftly making her exit.

As the door closed behind Sakura, Noriko returned to her notes, reviewing her observations. Reading the final line, she noted Sakura Haruno's apathetic appearance, still, along with the observation of suppressed emotions. It was a complex picture, one that raised more questions than answers.


"I'm going to attack you now," she announced matter-of-factly.

"What?" Izuku exclaimed, his surprise evident.

"We're going to spar now, Izuku and your job is to make sure I don't hit you. So dodge like you're life depends on it," Sakura instructed with a smile that made him even more nervous.

"Wait, if it's a spar, does that mean I can attack you as well?" Izuku sought clarification.

"Sure, if you can get that far first,"

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