He's gone...he's gone...he's gone...

Kept running through my head. My chest heaved with the agony of those two simple words. I was still running through the forest calling out his name even though I knew it was useless.

I knew this but didn't care, nothing mattered. I could not stop searching because then it would be true. Then he would really be gone.

I could hear people calling out my name but I still didn't care. Maybe I should have yelled back but the only thing that came out of my mouth was,"Edward!" And still I got no response.

I'm not sure how long I have been in the forest, I keep tripping but getting back up. Suddenly a White and red thing zooms past me. Then it dose again and again until it is just circling me.

It comes to a stop right in front of my face. As my eyes trailed from her shoes to her face My heart should be about to beat right out of my chest. My face should be one of horror. But I didn't feel scared just numb.

Victoria looked at me confused tilting her head to the side. She started circling me again but this time slower-she was getting a view of me from every angle.

"Why don't you run? Aren't you afraid?" Her voice startled me it was the kind of voice that went with cheerleaders and bubblegum. "I feel nothing...if your going to kill me, please just get it over with."

She looked at me stunned."But...I don't want to kill you. You see you are dealing with the same heart break I'm dealing with. Maybe we could become friends sense the same person is the reason for our pain. I could change you then we won't be lonely anymore." She said. I liked that idea. When Victoria was not being dreadful she actually seemed pretty nice.

I nodded my head yes furiously. "Would you like to be changed?" She asked sweetly. "Really?" I squeaked. "If that's what you want." "Yes! Please change me!" Ok but this is gonna hurt like crazy. I nodded tilting my head to the side to give her access to my throat.

She came forward at once bring her mouth to the side of my throat and biting into my soft skin. Almost instantly their was unimaginable pain. My knees buckled under me as the pain washed through my body.

The last this I heard was Victoria apologizing and saying it would be over soon, then the world turned black.