Fogerty Memorandum

Part 1:

"Too Much Time On My Hands"

It was June 5, 2011 and very a sunny day in Los Angeles. A man, in his late eighties and sporting snow white hair, was walking with his son, who was 63 years old and still looked young for his age and still sporting coal black hair. The younger man went into a coffee shop, while the older man waited outside. Suddenly, a car drove by and gunshots rang out. The younger man dropped what he was doing and rushed outside, only to find his father on the pavement.

"Dad! Oh my God!" the younger man knelt down and held onto his father.

"Joe...ohhh!" the older man gasped.

"Dad, don't speak. You'll waste your oxygen." Joe held onto his dad and looked around, to find a lot of witnesses, "Did any of you see who did this?!"

"No, Mister, all we saw was a black car speeding by." a teenage boy told him.

"Did anyone get the license plate number?!" Joe asked in a very demanding way, before looking down at his hand and seeing a lot of blood, "Oh God!"

"Yes, uh, here it is." another teenager handed him a post-it note with the license plate number.

"Thank you, young man. Now, someone please call an ambulance and a doctor!" Joe begged.

Everyone just stood around like a bunch of statues and looked on.


A dark haired teenage girl pulled out her phone and dialed 9-1-1.

"Hang in there, dad! Hang in there." Joe's voice was breaking.

Moments later

Police Officers and an ambulance were at the scene. Joe was telling the officers what had happened as his father was being loaded into the ambulance. Afterward, he went to the department, in order to make a quick report, before, he could go to the hospital and be by his father's side. He finally arrived to the department, parked his car, and headed straight inside. Provenza and Flynn were walking around talking about possibly getting a report from Joe's father.

"I hope the shooter or shooters didn't hurt the old man to the point of being unable to talk." Provenza said.

"Yeah, because, he could be a witness and-" Andy froze in his tracks.

"Flynn, what are you-Oh!" Provenza also froze when he saw Joe coming in.

"Provenza? Flynn?" Joe stopped in his tracks.

"Chief Fogerty?" Flynn and Provenza recognized their former boss.

"Oh my goodness!" Joe had a smile forming.

"Boss, what-what are you doing here?" Provenza chuckled.

"Yeah, what in the world brings you here?" Andy was clearly excited and surprised to see his former boss.

"Well-" Joe was cut off.

"I-Chief Fogerty, sir!" Pope dropped all of his papers after he saw Joe and saluted him.

"Hiya, Pope." Joe greeted.

"Uh, what's going on here?" Brenda, who had overheard the commotion, came out of her office.

"Uh, Brenda, this is our former ch-chief, Joe Fogerty." Flynn stammered.

"Joe, this is your successor, Chief Johnson." Pope introduced the two.

"Chief Fogerty, it's a pleasure and honor to meet you." Brenda extended her hand for a handshake, while a smile formed on her face, signaling that she was starting to crush on the older man.

"How do you do." Joe shook Brenda's hand.

"Oh, you're good looking." Brenda said under her breath.

"What?" Joe got a puzzled look on his face.

"I mean I feel honored you." Brenda quickly covered up what she had said.

Joe nodded and started looking all around the place.

"You looking for something, Chief?" Flynn asked.

"Do you know where Detective Sharon Raydor is?" Joe asked.

"Captain Sharon Raydor now." Brenda corrected him, while an annoyed look started to slowly form on her face.

"Where is she?" Joe looked like a happy child.

"She's her office...that way." Brenda pointed to the door of Sharon's office and sported a sad look.

"Thank you." Joe immediately headed over to Sharon's office and knocked on her door.

"Come in." Sharon answered.

Joe walked in and stood in front of her desk, sporting a big smile on his face.

"Pope, what are you-" Sharon was still looking down at her desk.

"Sharon, it's me." Joe knocked on her desk.

"Joe?! Joe Fogerty?! Chief?!" Sharon looked up and had the look of a woman, who had just reunited with her lost love.

"How have you been?" Joe asked.

"I've been good. How have you been? How has retirement been treating you? Surely, you're here to take your old job back." Sharon stood up from her chair.

"Not retired anymore. I'm a security guard now and no, I'm not here to take my job as chief back. That is a chapter closed in my life." Joe scratched the back of his head.

"Security guard?" Sharon was impressed.

"Yup, I figured I had too much time on my hands, so, I decided to throw myself back into the force by being a security guard." Joe nodded.

"That's good and if I may ask, did you just say the name of one of the many songs by the band Styx?" Sharon had her hands placed on her hips.

"Now that you mention Styx, I think I did. I have forgotten that "Too Much Time On My Hands" was one of their songs. It's a really good one, besides "Come Sail Away", "Renegade",and "Mr. Roboto". Styx is one of my favorite bands besides Queen and CCR." Joe smiled as he started reminiscing about the days he would listen to their music.

"CCR?" Sharon was thrown off.

"Creedence Clearwater Revival. You know, I still get questions from people, who keep asking me if I am related to John Fogerty of CCR. I keep saying, "How can we be related when I am a muscular and intimidating looking fellow and he is the southern and not so intimidating looking fellow, who can sing really great and I can't carry a tune?"." Joe laughed.

"No way! People still ask you?" Sharon giggled.

"Excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt, but, Mr. Fogerty needs to be making a report on what happened to his father." Brenda walked in on their conversation.

"What happened to your father?" Sharon got a look of concern on her face.

"He was shot outside of a coffee shop. I was going in to get us each a cup of coffee and suddenly, I heard gunshots ring out and he was laying on the ground all bloody." Joe's happy demeanor turned to a frantic and sad one, as tears began to well up in his eyes.

"Oh, Joe, I'm so sorry. I hope he'll be able to identify the shooter." Sharon put her arm around him.

"Mr. Fogerty, would you mind going and writing that report and then you could be on your way to see your daddy?" Brenda put her hand on his shoulder.

Joe nodded and went to another room in order to fill out the report on what had happened to his father and what he knew.

"I take it that you and Mr. Fogerty knew each other, Sharon." Brenda turned to Sharon.

"Yes, we did and I was a detective when he was chief." Sharon had her arms folded, "He ran this place with an iron fist and even though he is retired, well, came out of retirement to be a security guard, he still has that authority-like hold here."

"I can tell, because, Lt. Provenza, Lt. Flynn, and Pope all froze when he walked through the door." Brenda nodded, "I like people who are that way, because, they get things done fast and are highly respected."

"Yes, they do...Brenda." Sharon walked out of her office.

"Sharon, uh, did you guys always freeze up when Fogerty walked in?" Brenda asked.

"Some of the time." Provenza chimed in.

"How-How come?" Brenda was curious.

"Well, let's put it to you this way, Chief Johnson, Chief Fogerty was and probably still isn't all fun and games. He took his job seriously as you do yours, only he ran this place with an iron fist. No questions asked." Flynn started.

"Lt. Flynn, you're making him sound like an authoritarian dictator!" Brenda crossed her arms.

"Yeah, you're making him sound like Stalin or Castro, when you know just as well as I do, that he wasn't that strict!" Pope gave him an odd look.

"Well, he's a no nonsense type of guy and that's what I really respected about him. He's the type who probably still tells it like it is. No punches pulled. In other words, he was a bit of what you'd nowadays call a hard ass and very hard nosed." Flynn continued to point out in a blunt way.

"Still, he always did get the job done and take things very seriously. Not that you don't, Brenda, but, no offense, you're no Joe Fogerty and quite frankly, nobody will ever be Joe or any of the Fogerty family. Just like D.D.A. Hobbs will never be Jennifer Fogerty." Sharon bluntly pointed out.

"His family has been in law enforcement, too?" Brenda was surprised.

"For as long as any of us could remember. His great great great grandfather was Mayor of Los Angeles. His great great grandfather was Commissioner of LAPD. His great grandfather was a Police Chief, then his grandfather took over the position. His great great great grandmother, great great grandmother, great grandmother, grandmother, and basically almost all of the other men and women in his family were either Doctors, Judges, D.A.s, D.D.A.s, Nurses, or First Responders upon serving in the military. His dad was Police Chief, before, going into the role of Mayor. Then, Joe became Police Chief. His brother Jim was a Firefighter and his sister Jennifer was a D.D.A., Hobbs' position. She later put the brief case down to put on scrubs to become a Nurse. So, it is safe to say that his family has been in public service for, well, a very very long time, Brenda. They each followed the other's footsteps, which isn't common in California. New York, yes." Pope explained in nutshell.

"Wow, that's amazing. I wonder if he'd-" Brenda was cut off.

"Is Joe Fogerty here?" Tao came in running, with his phone in his hand.

"Yes, Mike, Chief Fogerty is here. He's filling out a report." Sharon turned her attention to him.

"Why?" Flynn asked.

"The old man was his father, uh, Mayor Frank Fogerty, right?" Tao asked.

"Get on with it, Mike!" Sharon was clearly a bit impatient.

"It's not good." Tao had a solemn look on his face.

"What do you mean?" Brenda didn't like where this was heading.

"You don't mean-" Flynn and Sharon both said at the same time, only to look at each other, then back at Tao.

"Fogerty was pronounced D.O.A. after succumbing to his gunshot wounds and dying of cardiac arrest in the ambulance." Tao had a somber sound in his voice.

"Dammit!" Flynn said under his breath.

"That's awful! Who's going to tell Chief Fogerty?" Brenda asked, hoping that nobody would volunteer.

"I will, because, I've known the Fogerty family for a while and he needs someone to comfort him." Sharon immediately headed to the room where Joe was.

"Maybe I wanted to tell him." Brenda said to herself, very quietly, while sporting an annoyed look.

Pope, who apparently heard what she had said, also got a bit peeved for two reasons; One, this was no time to be competitive for Joe's affections and Two, he still harbored feelings for Brenda and really didn't like it when she crushed on other men. Fritz, who had just walked in and also heard Brenda, got an annoyed look too for the same reason Pope did.

"Uh, you guys, I just got a call that former D.D.A. turned Nurse Jennifer Fogerty has been reported missing by a neighbor." Sanchez walked in, still holding his phone.

"Apparently, somebody is after Chief Fogerty to probably settle an old score." Provenza raised his eyebrows.

Meanwhile, in the room Joe was in

Joe had just finished filling out the report, when Sharon came in and shut the door. She had a very stricken look on her face.

"What's the matter, Sharon?" Joe was thrown off by the look on her face.

"Joe, I think you should sit down." Sharon's voice sounded as if it was going to break.

How will Joe take the news? What's next?

To Be Continued...