This is a story that's been floating around in my brain for a long time now. It's not a pretty story, it's going to be quite dark. It will deal with mature themes including rape so consider yourselves warned. If this is going to be a sensitive subject for you please skip this story.


Jake has always been a pain in my ass pompous piece of shit. He phases after me and yet he is second in command. Bullshit. Then he starts bringing that girl around- Bella. Vampire lover from what I'd heard which made her disgusting. In fact, Jake had thought about literally nothing but Bella for months now, enough so that I could start to see the appeal in her.

She was beautiful, in a boring kind of way. Had no personality from what I could see but that made her easy pickings- I could see why Jake was into her. He had never had any girls whereas I could have any girl that I wanted; in fact I often had a different girl most nights. So why was this girl interested in Jacob?

I was more interesting, more attractive than he'd ever dream to be. At the same time that I thought these thoughts I couldn't figure out why I couldn't let this go. I should leave the vampire loving bitch with the piece of shit who stole my place next to Sam, hell they deserved each other. But Bella made Jacob happy, and I didn't want Jacob to be happy.

And the more I thought about Bella the more I couldn't stop thinking about her, the more I realized I wanted her for myself. I realized that Bella should be mine. Jake didn't deserve her; Jake didn't know how to deal with her. She had moped around for months and months after the bloodsucker left her behind once he realized she was just human trash.

Jake had actually put up with her shitty attitude and let her mope and sulk for months; I had known what she needed- a firm hand to tell her to get her shit together. And then when the bloodsuckers had come back after almost a year he just gave her up! He let her go crawling back to her beloved vampires and worse than that he still let her come around here even though she was a traitor to the human race, she had tainted herself. I couldn't even begin to think of the things she let that vampire do to her. Maybe more than one vampire- seemed the slutty type.

I started thinking about her being mine and I couldn't stop thinking about it, I couldn't stop thinking about making her see the errors of her ways. She needed to be punished for what she was doing with the vampires and also needed to be shown what happens when you make a man think you're his for months, never put out and then leave him- even if that man was Jake.

I became obsessed to the point where I was phasing less to avoid people picking up on my thoughts. I knew if I acted on my desire to take her, my life as I knew it would be over. I would have to stop phasing all together to avoid being found by my packā€¦ It took me a few weeks to decide that this is what I wanted, I wanted her. I deserved her. From here I had to plan how to take her, my best chance was to stop her in transit from La Push to Forks.

I had a couple of things working for me, one was that Bella always drove herself from her home in Forks out to see Jake in La Push with her old shitty truck. I'd be able to intercept her pretty easily with my Jeep and knock her off of the road. The second thing I had going for me was that Bella had let slip to Jake that one of the bloodsuckers had the ability to see the future- this would have been my undoing except that Bella also let slip that the future seer could not see our pack or anyone in close contact with our pack.

As long as this held true, the bloodsuckers would have a much harder time finding Bella- if they even decided to look for her. They had already left her once before after all, they may decide she's not worth the effort to find. One thing I knew I had to do was go far away, at least a few hours away in the middle of nowhere and so I started looking for places to go.

After a couple of hours I found a small cabin for rent in the bush in Oregon, about 4 hours south of La Push. I contacted the owners of the cabin- an old couple who lived nowhere near the cabin itself which worked well for me- no unwanted visitors and worked out a deal where I would mail them the rent in cash once a month to avoid a paper trail.

I also got a burner phone and gave the old couple the number along with a fake name- Tim Watts. I was trying to cover my ass as much as possible; I planned to steal somebody's plates once I had gotten far enough away that I could stop for a minute. Next thing I had to figure out was how to make chloroform, I couldn't have Bella awake and fighting back before we got to where we were going. I had to make multiple trips to the hardware store to buy the essentials, ingredients for chloroform, chains, padlocks, wooden boards and nails.

From Jake's thoughts I had learned that Bella would be coming to La Push on Saturday morning while the bloodsuckers went out and hunted then would be returning early evening in time to make her dad dinner, thankfully the bloodsuckers wouldn't be returning until Sunday morning, that gave me ample time to get out of dodge.

My main issue would be Charlie, Bella's dad. He also happened to be Fork's PD's chief of police and would quickly realize that Bella was missing, especially after he called Jake to find out if Bella was still with him. I might have a couple of hour's buffer to get out of town before Charlie starts looking for her.

I found myself getting cold feet on Friday morning, but once I realized that there was nothing here for me that outweighed my desire to take Bella I was able to push the anxiety down. The one part of my plan that had to be left up to chance was when I take out Bella's truck on the road there was nothing stopping passersby from seeing the crash or the aftermath.

I would have to be fast, knock the truck off the road, run out, drug her, throw her into my Jeep then drive her truck as deep into the forest as I could then get in my car and take off with her. Once the nerves had passed the excitement started to kick in. This was really happening! After months of preparation the day was almost here. One thing that I regretted was that I wouldn't be able to see Jake's face when he found out Bella was gone forever, he squandered every opportunity he had to make her his and now he'd lost his chance.

I packed my car up with everything I was going to need for our journey south including a grocery trip for some non-perishables so I wouldn't have to wander into town for a while, I'd get to enjoy my trophy for a while before I had to leave her. And I couldn't leave her for long otherwise the filthy bloodsuckers would see her and come and find her.

With my car packed, gas tank full and nothing to do until tomorrow I just sat and waited and planned all of the things I get to do with my new toy so soon.

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