Non-canon, Takes place in late season 4, but Sara and Ava's relationship is relatively new

Sara and Ava had been keeping their relationship a secret from both of their respective places of work, Ava out of professionalism and Sara out of a need for some privacy from her crew. That was why Sara was surprised when Ava portaled directly into the captain's office on the Waverider. She was currently alone on the ship as QB of this mission, Gideon had been acting up a bit and Sara thought it would be better if she stayed back and worked on the ship while the rest of the crew had each other to count on in the field.

The tall blonde walked in, smiling at Sara. "Hey babe."

"Hey Aves, what are you doing here?" The captain replied.

"Can't a girl just visit her girlfriend at work?" Ava asked.

"Not this girl and not this work!" Sara smirked. "What is going on with you?"

"Nothing babe, just missed you."

Sara hummed lightly as her girlfriend slide her arms around Sara's waist and began pressing light kisses to her neck.

"Okay, really what is going on."

Ava whined lightly before pulling her lips of Sara's neck.

"I was sent home by Gary for staying too long at the office and I thought you said it was just you on the ship for now?"

"Yeah babes I did say that" responded Sara "But I really need to focus on fixing Gideon, she won't receive calls and we've had to route everything through my cell."

"Gideon will be here all day, Sar" Ava whispered into her girlfriend's neck. "Plus aren't you supposed to be the fun one?"

Sara sighed as the Director's hand that had slowly been migrating upwards found its mark and had begun fondling her breast. Sara muttered in agreement and Ava spun the woman around in her arms, so their lips would finally meet. They were kissing heatedly, tongues wandering into the other's mouth, bottom lips being tugged and teased between teeth. There were no doubts about what was going to happen next. Ava pushed Sara onto a nearby armchair, before moving back to suckle on the Captain's neck. Ava began slowly running her hands up and down Sara's sides, drawing patterns on her abs and brushing the edge of her bra line. Sara pushed Ava back so she could rip off her shirt and unclasp her bra, exposing her chest to the taller woman. Ava took a nipple into her mouth suckling lightly and using her fingers to play with the Captain's other nipple. Sara was moaning and grasping onto Ava.

At that moment her phone rang.

"Ava I should…uh…take…this" Sara gasped as the taller woman removed her mouth from Sara's breast.

Ava chuckled against her skin "Go ahead babe."

Sara swiped it and held it up to her ear. "Yes?"

Zari was on the other line, and she sounded sheepish.

"Um captain?"

"Zari? Is everything okay?" Sara asked and all of a sudden Zari was going off on several of the things the other legends had done. But oh, Ava had moved down and unbuttoned the top button of Sara's jeans and zipped them down, and Zari was still going on about a plan and suddenly Ray was in her ear too, complaining about something else. And her pants and underwear were pooling on the floor. Ava was running her hands over Sara's thighs. And she could hear Charlie and Nate as well, throwing in their thoughts on the matter. But Sara was finding it harder and harder to focus on the information in her ear and easier and easier to react to Ava's light kisses and nips and wandering hands getting closer and closer to…

All of a sudden Ava's mouth met the place that Sara needed her most. She dropped her phone and grabbed onto the director's hair. The taller woman gripped Sara's thighs as her tongue flicked against her.

"YES… AVA… RIGHT THERE. Oh god…" Sara's voice ended in pants. The taller woman smirked against her thighs. Fingers and mouth pressing into her roughly, just where Sara was most sensitive, bringing her up fast.

Sara came with a shout, whimpers and groans of "Ava"s "fuck"s and "oh god"s muttered through deep breaths

The Legends stood on the other end of the phone in shock, every single one of them bright red.

"We should hang up right?" Ray asked.

"Yep. Definitely. Right now." Zari said fumbling to turn off her phone. She dropped it in her haste, and Sara's shouts and whimpers could still be heard through the line.

Charlie grasped the phone and right before the line disconnected, they heard a particularly loud shout followed by moans.

"Did she just…?" Nate asked not wanting to finish, his face the color of a tomato.

The legends looked a little nauseous about hearing their captain in the throes of passion as they nodded.

Back at the Waverider that night around the dinner table Sara asked about the mission.

"How did it turn out?" She queried.

"Pretty good cap." Ray responded. None of the legends catching her eyes.

"What is going on with you guys? Oh no, what did you fuck up?"

"We didn't fuck anything." Zari muttered. Rory snorted into his beer, before nodding in agreement.

"What?" Sara asked, looking confused.

"Nothing cap," Charlie said with a smirk "So you and Ava, hm?"

The captain of the Waverider felt a flush covering her face "No… um what? How did you? No definitely not…"

Charlie snorted "You might want to learn how to hang up a phone cap." Charlie replied as the rest of the legends bolted from the kitchen.

Sara choked on her meal, facing turning a brighter red as she remembered that she most certainly did not hang up before coming apart on Ava's tongue.