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Belly of the Wolf

Chapter 1: Prelude (Dark Room)

Dark Room by Michele Morrone

Jacobs POV

It was dark inside the belly of the wolf. The tribe's shapeshifter knowledge was limited. As our pack grew we hoped to be able to document our own information. Yet we have had feelings of unrest among us. Like something was brewing and we had to be on guard. We knew we couldn't be the only shape shifters out there. My dad had brain stormed a few ideas with the pack about how to find others like us. Turns out he didn't need a plan. They found us.

"Alfred and Alaric Hill with a few others have arrived to discuss an alliance." Billy Black stated to the group in his backyard.

"Their shaman had a vision of the tribe transforming into wolves on a beach. They put the pieces together figured it was us. They want an alliance with the tribes of the north coast that have tapped into their ancestral ways. Or so they say." Old Quil spoke from next to Sue Clearwater, both keeping warm by the fire. Sue looked towards my dad.

"What do you think Billy?"

"I knew Alaric's father Andrew, he played in the all native basketball tournament when he was young. Use to travel to different villages to play. He was a good man tried to keep his people's history alive. I am all for meeting them. What about you Sam? You're the Alpha."

Sam was pensive but soon broke out with an answer. One that not all of us agreed with. Mainly myself.

"We should hear what they have to say"

And now we were here in my house a few days later waiting for the leaders of the Canadian pack. Dad and I had prepared some morning refreshments as a show of good faith. A few member of the council were here as well Sue Clearwater and Old Quil. Sam being the Alpha and I being an alpha myself warranted a spot at the table. There was a knock on the door.

Entering was an older man grey hair, tall over six feet. The younger man behind him was taller brunette, strong jawline had a smugness about him that would rival Pauls. I couldn't help but blush a little this guy was handsome; he looked like he belonged in a GQ magazine. I noticed behind them through the window two guys guarding the SUV they arrived in. In case of trouble no doubt.

"Alfred, Alaric come in. Can we get you something to drink?"

"Tea and water if you have some Billy." Alfred spoke his eye crinkling happily.

Once the pleasantries were over with Sue started.

"How can we help you gentlemen?"

Alfred brought his herbal tea up to his lips taking a sip before he spoke.

"Heard through the spirit line you have a cold one problem."

"Spirit line?" Sam said unconvinced. Alaric spoke up nonchalantly.

"It's what our shaman calls her visions."

"Watches too many movies if you ask me but her visions always come true in the end. Change is coming to the world for years we've kept our way of life hidden from outsiders, even other tribes. Your cold one problem is proof enough. If we are to survive in this new world we shapeshifters have to band together."

"What makes you think we are shifters?" I spoke up.

"We've been watching you for a while, just to be sure. Sorry, but I'm not going to have an apple tell me I'm delusional." Alfred responded confusing most of us. Especially old Quil.

"An apple?"

Alaric smiled a wolfish grin "Red on the outside but white on the inside." A few elders scoffed at the term, though Sam brought his hands to his face trying to cover his smile.

"So far the boys confirmed your son and a few other boys are shifters. I'm guessing Sam here is there Alpha. I can just smell it on you." Sam started to growl. Alfred lifted his hands up in surrender.

"Not a bad thing son, just tone the sternness down a little." I rubbed Sam's hand to help distract him, but something Alfred said bothered me "you said a cold one problem."

"We heard about your fight with the Volturi. Well almost fight." Alaric spoke mockingly.

"How do you know all this?"

"Spirit-line" he chuckled but continued in a more serious tone "We have connections other alliances that keep us informed. You're in the dark on a lot of supernatural occurrences. We can help you with that."

"I know this is a big shock to you, finding out you're not alone. But what we are offering is what our people always offered each other. Friendship."

Billy finally spoke "and what would this friendship look like?"

"Other than the obvious coming to each other's aid in case of an attack. We are offering as a part of the protection a financial opportunity. The recessions hit America hard, Canadas no exception but I'm lucky enough that my investments have stayed strong. We got a chance to rebuild our people. Let's take it."

"You think we need your money?"

"We don't think. We know. Buildings decaying, your school hasn't had new books or resources to hire a teacher up to the academic code. At least one that doesn't laugh at your spiritual beliefs. The tribe could use our investment to educate your young give them a future that doesn't end at the bottom of a bottle."

The elders went silent at Alaric's words, my father looked contemplative. The bottom of a bottle has been a problem on the reservation, Sam's father Joshua with his playboy ways, the Littleseas with their father in and out of rehab. But money comes with a price I knew this and Sam did too. Old Quil furrowed his brow.

"You speak with certainty. You have any other allies we should know about? Illegal ones?"

"What? Why does everyone always say that?" Alfred looked perplexed.

Alaric laughed patting his grandfather on the back "Maybe it's because you always say it so ominously. Like Frank Lucas."

"Who's that? Is that old Jims boy?"

"Grandpa we just watched that movie last night at the hotel. American gangster?"

"Oh I must have fell asleep."

"You finished the movie and said that's why you love Denzel."

Alfred scoffed at his grandson waving his hand at him. It was all quite humorous bringing a sense of calm and light heartedness to the room.

"I'm sorry you wanted to know about out alliances. They are all legal we assure you other packs and tribes around Canada. Foreign friends as well in Italy we keep an eye on the Volturi's movements. All legal no mafia or drugs, guns none of that. As we said we need to stick together against those who would harm us or innocence's. We are here to offer you this alliance our allies are aware of our motives. They actually encouraged it. If you agree a few would like to send envoys to meet with you personally. Hold a ceremony like our ancestors did."

Alfred looked towards my dad when he said that. Chiefs hold the final say in treaties and my father wouldn't be swayed so easily.

"If you could give us a few minutes to discuss gentlemen." The Hills nodded standing up and walking outside the house. I turned to the group in the room.

"You think it's legit?"

"Sounds promising the tribe does need its infrastructure fixed." Sue spoke. Old Quil spoke up.

"They want to invest in our future not just the Quileute but all affected by colonialism."

"The Volturi could come back at any time. The Cullen's have no plans on leaving anytime soon not after Bella's Transformation."

It was a hard topic Bella had been diagnosed with terminal cancer after graduation. Her and Edward got hitched then didn't return for a few months. When they did they explained how she was pregnant with a half vampire half human baby I lost it. I lost control of my thoughts and let it slip to the pack. Sam wasn't going to have an immortal child danger the tribe. Being Alpha his word was law and he decided it had to die, even if it meant Bella died too. I couldn't do that I couldn't kill an innocent person. Bella didn't know she could get pregnant it wasn't her fault. I told him this and left. Seth and Leah followed me soon after to the Cullen's.

It wasn't long before I found myself injecting Bella with Edwards's venom to save her life. Since no Cullen technically turned/bit Bella they were safe from breaking the treaty. Alice and I were able to convince the pack that Reneesme was not a blood thirsty killer. With peace between us they just had to convince the Volturi. Which they did. For now.

I was brought out of my thoughts by Sam calling my name.

"Sorry what were you saying?"

"I was asking you opinion on this. Should we form an alliance?"

Sam was gently squeezing my hand. Ever since Bella's rejection after the fight against Victoria, Sam and I had grown closer.

When I ran away to the Canadian wilderness I wanted to die but Sam followed me. He told me I was his imprint. If I died he died. It all made sense the random thoughts he would think about when we ran together, the longing looks, harshness when I would bring up Bella. I didn't imprint on him then, it wasn't unheard of for a shifter to imprint on another shifter but for one of them not to reciprocate was rare. I actually ended up avoiding him for a few months embarrassed that I couldn't love him in the way he loved me.

It wasn't till Renesmee was born that I felt it. During the fight between the Cullen's I told him I could never love someone who could kill an innocent. I told him if he really loved me he would stop and listen to what we had to say. He stopped for me, respected me, and listened to me. It was all I wanted. It apparently was all it took. Sam was my own personal sun, everything we did revolved around each other.

We may have been imprints but our wolves still hadn't claimed each other. We are taking things slow kissing, heavy petting, and some oral. I being the newly nineteen year old I was craving to go farther but Sam wanted to do things the old fashion way. The "traditional way". I was alright with third base for now. Sam made me feel loved, he valued my opinion treating me how a mate would be treated.

"I think we should do it. They have over a hundred years of knowledge they could share with us. The Cullen's have allies we should too. It would also be a great financial opportunity to invest in our tribe's future. Especially for those who wish to go to school but don't have the means to do so."

I looked over to Sue Clearwater who was probably thinking the same thing I was. Leah and Seth had made it no secret their desire to go to university Leah wanted to become a doctor. Seth a teacher. Sam knew too, for as long as he's known Leah she wanted to be in the medical field. Harry's death left them with some money but not nearly enough to finish medical school and the banks weren't just handing out student loans at the moment.

"That's settled then could you please let them in." My dad spoke towards Sam who opened the door for to the Hills. Welcoming them back in, Sam spoke once they were all sitting at the table.

"We have decided to accept your proposal."

The hills were happy, Alfred ecstatic even.

"Wonderful we will phone our elders and friends to tell them the great news."

"We have some conditions we need laid out first." I interrupted.

"Do tell." Alaric said coyly.

"First we want you to share all you have learned about Shifters through the years. Second we want to see your investments as you put it, the books see if you're really as wealthy as you claim. Third we want everything written down in a contract in case we get into any trouble with the government." It was unusual for anyone but the Alpha do be giving demands during a meeting but I was the packs true Alpha. Though the Hills didn't know that piece of information, to them I was just the Alphas intended. Essentially his second in command. Alfred didn't seem to mind my list but Alaric I regard as perceptive. I got the feeling he was more than a pretty face. He was taking mental notes.

"Anything else?" I shook my head. Alfred gaze at my dad impressed.

"Your son drives a hard bargain. You should be very proud."

"I am."

"So we agree to your terms Jacob." Alaric stood up shaking all our hands. Alaric held my hand a little longer then I would have liked but I didn't back down. Squeezing a little harder than I would normal, I could see him flinch. Good. He needed to know I wouldn't roll over and show my belly to him. I'm the Alphas imprint. I won't be disrespected. Old Quil piped up.

"Since that's settled we would like to host a potluck in your honour before you go."

"Oh we will be gone tomorrow afternoon. Taking the ferry to Vancouver, got a hockey game to go to." Alfred said smiling nudging his grandson in the side. Dad spoke up cheerfully.

"How about here tonight at seven? Sue here's got the best fish recipe and I make a mean Mac n Cheese!"

Alaric smirked to his grandfather.

"Well grandpa we can't say no to that. 7pm it is!"

"Come on Rick lets head back to the hotel got some calls to make." Standing up we all said our goodbyes. Alaric winked at me as he walked towards the door. I had to hold Sam's hand his wolf was not taking the disrespect well, and I was still unclaimed. It was on paper okay for Alaric to be this bold, but my wolf only wanted Sam. His attentions were unwanted. They left the house in there SUV with the promise of returning tonight for the potluck.

"Well I got some Mac N cheese to make. Sue you think we can get some of Mrs Littlesea's baking?" As the council discussed the potluck, I pulled Sam to the other side of the room. He started in on the plan for tonight.

"I'll call Embry and Quil get them to monitor the hotel. If they make any movement we will know."

"I don't trust them."

"Alfred is the alpha he seems trust worthy. Alaric…"

"Is a douche." Arms found their way around my waist pulling me into a warm chest. Sam growled into my neck scenting me.

"I couldn't agree more. I don't like the way he was looking at you."

"Well he wouldn't do that if you claimed me." I said coyly his soft lips meeting my own. My dad ruined the moment though.

"Hey you two. None of that now! One more year then you can give me grandchildren. Let me enjoy my youth."

I flushed as the council laughed in our kitchen. Trying to hide my blush in Sam's neck I groaned. My dad could be so embarrassing. Lately he had been on about how he had one more year until he was grandpa material, the ripe age of fifty two. Then he would be on our asses about getting hitched and popping out kids he said. He already told Rebecca she should be first since she's the only one actually married. Needless to say he got an ear full about what year it was and she would not be giving grandkids on demand. It was funny to listen too she had always had dads temper, which he loved to remind her.

Sam pulled away from me smiling.

"Chiefs orders. I'll go make the call then we can grab the chairs for tonight."

I nodded watching him go outside to call the pack.

This whole situation didn't feel right to me. Alaric with his boisterous attitude, Alfred's supposed allies that we knew nothing about, even Sam's own willingness to move farther away from our friendship with the Cullen's. I couldn't help myself. I picked up my phone and made my own call.

"Hey Bella I need your help. I need you to help me find out all you can about Alfred and Alaric Hill.'