'Little Blue Orphan' (Part four, Tears)

I'm back again, working on arguably my best story. I've gotten quite far into this story, as I've only got 4 more parts, including this. One of them is an alternative ending.

Going in, I don't really have much of a plan for this chapter, but I hope it turns out good.

Anyways, enough talk, lets get on with it! Enjoy or suffer.


It took about an hour to fly back, as they already knew the route. On the way, Blu's mood grew dimmer and dimmer as time went on. His mind raced with his own inner monologues, often doing nothing but making him feel worse and exhausted. It was as if his own mind were conspiring against him, which would also mean his mind was conspiring against itself.

Blu was lost in deep thought; his flight was mere autopilot as most of his mental capacity was being directed towards his thoughts. The main focus of his thoughts was about what happened to his parents. In his mind he went through every possible scenario he could think of.

Were they captured? Well, where would they be? Its probably somewhere far, far away. A place that Blu would never see. Maybe they ended up in someone's private collection, or they were sold to a pet store and sold to a new owner. Blu obviously hoped their owners were like Linda: Kind, caring and a loving owner.

Unfortunately, Blu knew that not every owner was like this. Some would be neither good nor bad, which could be considered what most owners were like. Worst of all, are the owners who would lock them in small cages and rarely, if ever, let them out. They'd feed them food that probably tasted bad and wasn't too nutritious. They might be made to perform against their will. Who knows what horrors they might have gone through?

Blu moved onto a more positive take. Perhaps they had escaped the smugglers, either in the planes or trucks they use, or maybe they escaped from a pet shop or an owner. Maybe they're in god-knows-where, but at least they're free.

Perhaps they were never captured, and they went out searching for their son. Perhaps they have been searching far and wide for their son. This leads to three things: One, is that they are still searching for Blu. Two, is that they gave up and settled somewhere, either in Rio or some place else. Or worst of all, three, they had passed on while searching. Blu's eyes began to grow humid as he thought about it more.

Blu couldn't imagine the grief they'd be feeling or had felt in the case of any scenario involving their death. Could you imagine one day you leave your child at home, likely to quickly get food, and you come back to find they're gone? Then you'd search far and wide for them, and as the years go by you grow older and weaker, but you still keep on chasing that carrot. You continue until your time comes, never finding the one thing that is probably dead, the thing that you spent so little time with, but spent so much time trying to find.

Its funny, in a cruel and twisted way, that some people are so willing to waste their lives away for something they never spent much time with. Someone who found the love of their life, spent some time with, but they passed on way too soon. The survivor would then refuse to find another partner, because they loved that someone so much.

In this case, two parents who had their son for mere months, and they'd lose him. They'd spend the rest of their lives searching for him.

Blu shook his head, ridding himself of those philosophical thoughts. In came an equally bad thought, Blu thought about the grief his parents would feel. He imagined him and Jewel finding that their children were missing, and them spending years trying to find them, but it's all in vain.

Blu figured his parents were likely dead from old age or were quite old. They'd probably be around 30 years of age. Considering the life expectancy of a Spix's macaw would be 30 years or so, they wouldn't have much longer to live. Blu sighed, even if he found them, he'd only get to spend a few years with them before they went again. This time, for the final time. Unless of course, the afterlife existed.

Blu looked over at Jewel and tried to think positively. He knew he had a life now, he had friends, he had a family and a loving (and incredibly hot) mate/wife. His life was great, so he knew he couldn't just throw it all away. Blu thought of his kids, he wanted to stay strong for them. He knew the pain of parental loss, and he didn't want them to experience the same thing.

Blu cracked a smile, but that smile soon faded.

''Blu, you alright?'', Jewel asked him softly, which snapped him back to reality. Blu turned his gaze towards Jewel, and she wore a concerned expression. She was also flying closer to him than he remembered. Blu quickly thought of a response, but Jewel cut him off before he could even say something.

''Because your eyes are teary, and you've been really quiet.'', she added. Blu was going to lie and tell her he's okay, but that lie would be blatantly false. Even though it would be a bad lie regardless.

''Oh, ugh… No… not really.'', Blu responded, his voice trailing off to a low and sad one. Jewel slowly nodded, wearing a sympathetic expression. Since their time in the Amazon, Jewel had grown to be increasingly aware of Blu's needs and feelings. Even though she had been before, it was Blu's rant at her that made her aware of his feelings.

It was two days after their fight against the loggers. All seemed well, Blu had finally gotten the respect and acceptance that he felt he deserved. However, the lingering pain from the first few days was still present. Blu found it unfair that a wild bird would be instantly welcomed and accepted into the tribe, but a bird like him would be shunned and would have to prove themselves to be welcomed. All for something they can't control.

It took singlehandedly saving both tribes from destruction to be accepted. That was bullshit in the eyes of Blu. He should've been accepted instantly, as he was the mate of the tribe leader's daughter, so he probably wouldn't be some horrible bird. Even if he wasn't accepted instantly, he still shouldn't have been shunned and put in mortal danger just to 'prove himself'.

Blu sighed, preparing himself to let off his pent-up steam and anger. He stood on a branch and readied himself. Tiago had gone out to hang out with some new friends he made, Carla was preparing the 'Amazon Untamed' show with her 'uncles' Nico and Pedro. Bia was on a little adventure with a friend she recently met, they were out studying the local flora and fauna, something that both were fascinated by. Blu was happy that she found someone other than her father with the same interests as her. Bia didn't specify whether it was a boy or a girl, and Blu had yet to ask.

Blu flew over to their new hollow, which was quite large. Not as large as Eduardo's or especially Roberto's hollows. Blu wondered why on Earth a single macaw would want something so massive. Its like you having the entire Buckingham Palace to yourself. It makes little sense. Although it may have something to do with his possible, but very likely claustrophobia brought on by his time in captivity. Though Blu didn't know for sure, as he hardly knew him, and he didn't really discuss his past.

As his kids were out, Blu had privacy with Jewel. But he didn't plan on making love to her, even though he really wanted to, but instead he'd have a talk with her. Blu entered the hollow and encountered Jewel.

''Oh, hey Blu.'', she greeted him with a smile. Her smile grew into a more seductive one, ''Well, the kids are gone, that just leaves us…'', she said enticingly. They hadn't done it in a while, but Blu felt as though getting his feelings off his chest would be better than satisfying their lust.

''No thanks, I actually want to talk to you.'', Blu answered. Jewel's had a look of disappointment for a second, but her expression changed to a more serious and curious one.

''Oh, well, what is it?'', Jewel responded with a hint of nerve in her voice. She wondered if Blu was going to talk about his suspicions of infidelity involving her and Roberto.

''Look, I've been holding in a lot of emotions since we've come here. I just would like you to know that I was, and still am, angry with you.'', Blu's tone was a serious one, and it became further as he went on.

''Angry? Angry at me for what?'', Jewel replied in a shocked tone.

''I'm angry because you were blatantly ignorant to any of my feelings. You were so caught up in the Amazon that you never stopped to think about how I felt. You didn't seem to care about me, when you danced with Roberto. You turned a blind eye to all the times your father belittled me. You just focused on the Amazon and didn't seem to care about me.'', Jewel sat in silence as her mate ranted against her. Blu paused for a moment, growing more emotional, ''A-and when I was humiliated in front of the whole tribe, I sat on that rock all alone. I wanted to bawl my eyes out, but I didn't. You flew down, and here I was thinking that you would at last notice how I felt. I told you about my emotions, but you turned your back on me in my time of need.'', Blu was tearing up.

''Y-you accuse me of selfishness. Oh, how selfish of me, wanting to be in an environment where I was accepted and happy. Oh, tar and feather me! How… How could you be so ignorant to my feelings?! How could you even say that?!'', Blu was crying as he yelled at Jewel. He paused for a moment to catch his breath, ''At that moment I wanted to fly away and leave you. I really did. Maybe that's selfish, but I was at my wits end, Jewel…'', Blu sighed, wiping away some tears, but they were quickly replaced by more tears, ''But I guess I'm accepted now… I just really wanted to let you know that…'', Blu finished in a soft voice, as he began to softly sob.

Jewel was speechless, and even had watery eyes at his blowout. Never before had she seen him like this. Blu was usually a soft spoken and quiet bird, but this was unlike him. Not the emotional part, Jewel had already come to know that he was a rather emotional bird, but it was his anger that she had yet to truly see. She was thinking about what he was saying the entire time, and she came to realise how she had been selfish.

Jewel sighed, and walked over to Blu,

''Blu… I'm so sorry…'', Jewel apologised softly, as she held out her wings. She wrapped them around Blu, who accepted her hug. He too, wrapped his wings around her. Blu felt much better now, and his sobbing slowly died down as he calmed in his mate's embrace.

Eventually, Blu had calmed down, but they still were in each other's embrace. Blu looked into Jewel's eyes, and they gazed into each other's eyes for a few moments, before their beaks drew closer and closer until they met. They shared a passionate kiss that lasted almost a minute.

They parted beaks and nuzzled their beaks against the other.

''I love you Jewel.'', Blu sighed.

''I love you too, Blu.'', Jewel responded. The two would head over to their room and would end their rather long period of abstinence. With that came an end to their hard feelings, and Blu felt more at home now. Maybe all he needed was a good love session.

Blu smiled as he remembered the last part, but he quickly dropped the thought when he heard his mate,

''Blu, we're here.'', Blu focused on the surroundings and realised they were home at last. Blu let out a sigh of relief as he landed on the balcony of their nest boxes. Blu was exhausted from the flight, and he momentarily forgot that his kids were with Linda and Tulio. He was about to go into his nest box and lie down, but Jewel reminded him,

''Uh, Blu, the kids are with the humans.'', Blu mentally hit himself, and he knocked on his beak with his talon, trying to knock some sense into that bird brain of his. He joined his mate and flew over to the cottage, entering through the window that had been left open enough for them to come and go as they pleased.

They flew inside and were greeted by the sight of their kids fast asleep on the couch with Linda. They had been watching a movie and had fallen asleep. It was such a beautiful sight, and both Blu and Jewel let out an awwww… at the sight. Even though Jewel wasn't so sure about them spending too much time with the humans, she had to admit it was a lovely sight. Neither of them wanted to wake them up,

''Let's not wake them up. I'll leave them a note.'', Blu told Jewel, and she nodded as she continued to look at her babies snuggled up against Linda. In that moment she felt more trust between her and Linda, and she became a little less unsure about them spending time with humans. Blu definitely found the sight to be more adorable, as he was never against them spending time with humans.

Blu found a pen lying around, and a sheet of paper and wrote down a short message that read:

'We came back and saw our kids and Linda sleeping together. Neither of us could bear to disturb them, so we're at our house.

-Blu + Jewel'

Blu took the paper and moved it to a better location for them to see it. He turned to his mate, and she was still watching their kids snuggle against Linda. He smiled at that,

''Jewel, I wrote the note. Let's go back home, I'm tired.'', Blu said softly so as not to wake up their kids. Jewel nodded,

''Okay.'', and the two flapped their wings and took off. They flew back to their nest box, and Blu entered and laid down with a long sigh. Jewel soon joined him and snuggled against him. Jewel knew that Blu was likely hiding his sadness, and she knew that she had to make him feel better.

''Blu, are you alright?'', she asked as she sat up and looked at him with a soft expression. Blu looked at her, his head hung low and he was silent for a few moments.

''No…'', Blu responded lowly.

''Blu, I know how it feels to lose a parent. I lost my mum to the fires, and I felt horrible. But you have to stay strong, for you, for them, and for us. Wherever they may be, I'm sure they're proud of you. They'd want you to stay strong for your family, and I'm sure you'd want our kids to stay strong if they ever lost us, right?'', Jewel comforted Blu, and he was considering her words.

''Yeah, I would… But…'', Blu's tone soured into a more emotional one, and Jewel paused to let him vent his emotions. It was the best thing to do for someone who's sad, let them express their feelings to someone, and to let them know their voice is heard and understood.

''I… I… I never got to spend enough time with my parents… I don't remember that much, and I just want to see them again… I… I've only had one parental figure in my life, and that was Linda. But the thing is, is that I-I can't talk to her. I can't share my feelings in a way that she'd understand fully. I-I mean, I loved her, but its just harder to be understood when they're not a bird…'', Blu was starting to sob,

''I… I never had a proper childhood. The one I had was cut short by greedy monsters who ruined countless lives. My innocence was stripped away, and I would be sent away to a vastly different life… A life that would shape me into the bird I am today… Weak, pathetic… I'm just a stupid little orphan… I… just want my parents…'', Blu finished and buried his face into Jewel's soft chest feathers, soaking them with his warm and salty tears. Jewel hugged him,

''No Blu, don't say those things about yourself. I love the way you are.'', Jewel soothed him. Blu didn't respond, so she simply caressed his crest feathers and drew circles on his back. That was something her mother would do to her when she was sad. She'd use this with her own kids and mate, and it worked well.

While Blu wasn't the spiritual kind, in fact he never expressed his beliefs on the subject, leading Jewel to think that he either was agnostic, never thought about it, or didn't believe in it. Jewel felt as though she'd bring up the point again,

''I'm sure they're in a better place, and I'm sure they hate to see you like this. Please, for them, will you calm down… I… I don't like seeing you like this…'', Jewel's eyes began to water, as Blu looked up at her.

''Why can't they just appear in the clouds and give me advice?'', Blu whined, and let out a brief chuckle that swiftly got replaced with soft sobbing. Jewel had no idea what that was about but decided not to ask.

Blu began to calm down, and his eyes were really red. It was as if they'd been pepper sprayed. He was still sniffling and shaking. Seeing this, Jewel decided to do something that always seemed to make him feel better. She planted a kiss on Blu's beak, which surprised him, but he quickly lost himself in her kiss and returned it.

This kiss would turn into a passionate make out session that lasted quite a while.

Carla, Bia, and Tiago had woken up from their sleep. They had found the note and decided to head over. They quietly landed on the balcony, and Tiago peeked in, and his eyes widened. His parents were on top of each other, passionately kissing. Tiago backed off, and turned to his sisters,

''Uh, I think they're busy.'', Tiago said awkwardly, blushing in the process. Bia and Carla caught on, and quietly giggled.

''Must be wrestling.'', Bia chuckled, and Tiago rolled his eyes. They each decided to head off to their respective nest boxes.

Tiago had walked in on his parents before, when he was 2, but they convinced him they were wrestling. Tiago somehow believed that and went around telling all his friends that his parents wrestled. He also told his sisters and told them that he wanted to cheer them on. Bia and Carla still make fun of him to this day.

''Ugh, sisters… I hope I get a brother.'', Tiago whined to himself, as he sat down in his nest box.

Well, this was a mixed bag of emotions, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! Also, yay me for finishing this in one go, that's actually probably the best writing session I have done so far.

Also, that was a very long flashback, at 1,076 words long. It takes up a third of this chapter. Now, I want to point out that Blu and Jewel did not mate in their make out session. They simply kissed for a long, long time. I did add in bits of comedy, because I find it hard to write a story without little quips in it. Besides, it relieves tension and makes the story better, as otherwise it would just be a series of Blu bawling his eyes out.

Anyways, I have no idea when the next part will be out, but I hope it will be soon.

Until next time, goodbye.