A/N: Fair Warning: Remus Lupin is changed in this story. Some won't like it but...well...sorry.

Hermione sat in the baby suite with her son gurgling in her arms as she breast fed him while rocking in her light blue rocking chair near the window. The baby was now three months old and was absolutely perfect in her eyes, Lidia was still her number one being the first but there was no sweeter little boy than her little Levi. At only three months he already has black curls and Hermione was sure that he would have blue-green eyes. He would be a handsome young man when he got older and would likely break many hearts.

"Hermione" Luna said walking in to the room "How is little Levi?"

"Gurgling" Hermione answered, the fight that had ruined their friendship a year before was all but gone now and they spent a lot of time together "Just the way he should be"

"Annabelle is back" Luna told her "I am going home to Ronald, do you need anything else"

"No Luna" Hermione said "Thank you. Annabelle and I should be able to handle things for the rest of the night"

"Goodnight" Luna said and left the house.

When Annabelle came in the nursery Hermione handed Levi over after giving him a kiss and made her way to Lidia's bedroom. She was having a slumber party that night and Hermione was greeted (after knocking) by four little girls screaming with laughter. She watched them as they wore crowns and each tried to be a princess, a damsel in distress except for Lidia who was a queen and bossily ruling over all of them. She frowned at her daughter but couldn't help but laugh because she most definitely her fathers daughter, the thought made her heart hurt.

"Lidia" She said "I will be going out for about an hour or so, don't be too harsh to Annabelle"

"Is Remus coming home soon?" Lidia asked and all the girls around her giggled.

"Remus will not be visiting tonight" Hermione told them.

"But the girls wanted to see him" Lidia whispered.

"You girls are too young to have a crush on a man that is older than I am" Hermione told them and they all giggled and blushed "Be good"

She walked out of the house and to the pond that was on their property. Her arms wrapped around herself and watched the fish pop up, the last frogs of the season jumping in and swimming about. She closed her eyes and thought about Loki, his arms wrapping around her, his lips kissing her neck, biting her ear lobe and whispering the softest and most erotic words in her ears. She missed holding on to him, smelling him and listening to his heart- beat. Too long he'd been gone but she knew that he wouldn't be gone forever, it only felt that way to her because she was alone. She stiffened as she felt a presence behind her, she turned quickly and shot a stunner at the person only directing it away once she realized that it was Thor standing behind her.

"Hermione" He greeted "Is that how you greet everyone?" He smiled "Is that the British way of saying hello?" He raised his hammer "Should I throw this at you?"

"Thor" She ran over and hugged him "How is Sif and your daughter, Frigga?"

"Both are well" He answered "The vacation was just what we needed. Time to get to know each other and learn to be a proper family so we can be a good royal family for the kingdom"

"So" Hermione said "Does this mean I get my husband back?"

"Of course" He said "You don't think he's been too terrible to my people, do you?"

"You left them with a man that has tried to kill many people numerous times" Hermione pointed out "What do you think?"

"I think that I should have made the vacation two months instead of only one" Thor answered.

"You better send my husband home to me tonight or I will come up there and murder you in your sleep" Hermione said "Sexual frustration and all"

"I imagine" He grinned "I'm curious about Remus, how is he?"

"He is good" Hermione told him honestly "Still curious about why his biting Loki didn't kill, hurt or change him"

"I was a little surprised as well" Thor said "But I don't even try to begin to understand what my brother has done to himself in the past"

"Now I'm curious" Hermione said.

~~(( ))~~Memory~~(( ))~~

Hermione watched from the sliver of light that was provided from the kitchen as the huge werewolf lunged at Loki. It caught him before she could even suck in enough air to warn him. The beast ripped in to his shoulder and she screamed in horror, Loki turned and looked at her, opening his mouth to say something but all that came out was blood. She screamed again but hers was not the only one, she turned towards the other scream and found Lidia standing there shaking and screaming. Hermione ran to her and pulled the child against her front, hiding her face against her stomach.

Loki put his hands to his shoulder and pulled them away looking at the blood like he didn't understand what it was that was on his fingers, he turned and looked at Thor and then at the man standing naked before him. Remus had blood around his mouth and his hands were clawed, he looked around the scenery in confusion before covering himself. Loki felt himself start to heal from his bites, the blood that had been filling his lungs was now receding and his breathing was easier. The pain that had been wracking through his body minutes ago was leaving him now and even though he was suddenly extremely tired he knew that he would be fine. He looked back at Remus who looked terrified and was shaking from head to toe and looked overly confused.

"Thor" Loki said around labored breathing "I'm going to pass out" His vision was swimming and his head was spinning "Give...Remus...your...cape" with that last sentence he did indeed pass out.

Everything moved too quickly after that Hermione brought a screaming and crying Lidia up to her bedroom and held her against her. She was rocking back and forth, back and forth. Long after her daughter had fallen in to a fitful sleep she still rocked and rocked. The image of the wolf looming over her daughter was burned in to her brain, the feeling of helplessness was bubbling again in her chest and the fear of what could have happened was pressing down on her making it hard to breathe at times.

"Loki is in Asguard" Thor said from the doorway "Would you like accompany me back there?"

"No" Hermione answered "No, I have...things to do...house to clean and a nanny to meet to interview over the next few days, I'll be far too busy"

"That is your fiancée" Thor pointed out.

"Please" Hermione said "Please, I can't...I just...can't"

"For the strongest woman I have ever met" Thor said "You are acting like a coward"

~~(( ))~~

Hermione walked back in to the house hearing the girls screaming with laughter. She looked at the clock and saw that it was ten at night, it was time for those little monsters to be in bed and she told Annabelle as such. After about ten minutes she walked in to the bedroom and made her way to each girl, giving them a kiss on the forehead and saying goodnight. She closed the door and made her way back down the hallway towards the nursery, she opened the door and peeked in at the sleeping infant. Satisfied that all was well, she said good night to Annabelle and retired to her bedroom. She walked through the room and in to the bathroom never noticing the dark man that was lying on her bed watching her every move, she came out after her shower wearing only her towel.

"Is that what you wear to bed?" She heard "Hmm. I'd like it very much if you wore that every night in bed"

"Loki?!" She squealed and threw herself on to the bed right on top of him "I have missed you so much"

"I can tell" He said putting her hands on her hips "Why don't you just show me how much you missed me?"

~~(( ))~~

The next morning Hermione was in the kitchen feeding the four little morning monsters when Remus entered. Suddenly the foul mood that had settled on the girls was lifted and both adults were greeted with fresh squeals, giggles and blushes. Ever the charmer, Remus smiled at the girls kissed Lidia on the forehead and threw a wink to the other girls before he asked Hermione to join him in the living room.

"Hermione" He said "As you know I am still changing in to a werewolf"

"I know" She said.

"But I didn't after I bit Loki" He continued "I had changed back"

"He is not the cure" Hermione said.

"I know" He told her "But I think his blood can help my kind. It can make us keep our minds and keep from shifting can you imagine what it would be like for all those children that have to deal with the pain of changing?"

"But his blood..." Hermione started, she could see the allure of it working for werewolves everywhere, them being able to get jobs, no one ever truly knowing what they are but it was a risk and she didn't want to use Loki as some kind of test subject.

"It would work" Loki said from the bottom of the stairs.

"But it would be willingly given" Hermione said "Wouldn't that turn them immortal?"

"The Lycanthropy keeps them from turning immortal" He told her with a smile.

"How do you know all this?" Remus asked.

"Because only the makers blood can subdue the monster" Loki answered.

A/N: I hope this was a good first chapter. I am going to be tapping in to some mythology with this installment, if you remember in one of my other installments I made mention in an authors note that Loki was the creator of the werewolves. Well, here's some fun.