It was a week in to Lidia's summer holiday when Kale finally got the nerve to show up. He looked better than ever, all muscly and Lidia had to remind herself that she was mad at him to keep from running her hands all over him. He talked and talked about how amazing college was and how many friends he had and how they would have so much fun when she got there. He didn't notice that she wasn't talking until his own stories were done and then he looked at her and waited for her to say something.

"How was graduation?" He asked.

"It was good" She answered stiffly.

"You know I really wish I could have been there" He said "I was finishing up some tests and..."

"Your mother told me that you were home and out with some friends" Lidia told him dully "Don't lie"

"Fine" He said "Look, I'm sorry but I've had a bitch of a time at school and thought going out for a drink would be fun, you should understand that"

"If I made a promise I would have kept it" She snapped "You know what. I, um, I got accepted and am going to the University in America"

"But you said..." He started.

"I didn't say anything about going to college with you" She reminded him "I said I would think about it, plus I figured I would cramp your style there"

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked.

"Look Kale" She looked at him "I'll make it easy for you. I want to break up, there I said it now you can have fun"

"Is there someone else?" He asked angrily.

"I should be asking you that" She hissed.

"What does that mean?" He growled "I have been faithful and loyal to you, I've been a good boyfriend to you ever since you were twelve"

"Because all the girls knew me in Hogwarts" She told him "They knew what I could do and would do, you're free in college to do whatever you want or whoever you want"

"Fine!" He took a threatening step closer to her "I did cheat on you, is that what you wanted to hear?" He sneered "Again and again and again. The night of your precious seventh year dance you know what I was doing?" He gave her no time to answer and for the first time in all their time knowing each other she was seeing his father coming out in him, all of his fathers bad traits and none of the good "I was fucking a beautiful French girl" He leaned closer "While your picture was on my desk crying"

"Oh, really" Lidia had been sure that was exactly what he'd been doing however, hearing him say it so cruelly hurt even more "Well, you know what I was doing on the night of my dance?"

"Crying because you were alone?" He ventured.

"Fucking Severus" She answered honestly "I was worried how I would tell you and that was why I was going to break up with you. You'd be free to do what you wanted and wouldn't be saddled with a girlfriend like me, but thank you for making this easier"

"You slut!" He snapped and when she tried to walk away he grabbed her arm pulling her back to face him "Don't turn your back on me...or is that your new thing nowadays?" He sneered "Is that you favorite position now, on your stomach or your knees?"

"Let me go, now!" Lidia snapped, she could feel her anger consuming her but she knew that if she used the fire now it would likely incinerate him. Closing her eyes she sent out her image, three of them to whoever her conscience thought of first "You're hurting me!"

"I don't care" He answered "Maybe you like that too, huh?" He leered down at her "Maybe I should have been rougher"

"Let me go!" She snapped, looking towards the house.

"Hey, Weasley!" She heard then there was a pale fist smashing in to his face and he was knocked back as she fell to the ground. She raised her eyes and found Serena Potter with Severus standing behind her however it was Scorpius Malfoy that was standing there with his bloodied fist raised. Of all the people in the world her image could have gone to and it was Malfoy?!

"You don't hurt women!" Scorpius growled down at him then added in a kick for good measure. Severus knelt down next to Lidia and looked for any injuries that could be hidden upon first sight.

"Go ahead and have her, Severus" Kale laughed wiping blood from his face "She's a whore that should be passed around anyway"

Severus lunged himself on to Kale and both men were rolling on the ground throwing punches while Serena knelt by Lidia and helped her stand. She brushed her hair back and fretted over everything unimaginable speaking quickly and nervously. Then they heard steps come up and the fighting stopped, that was when both girls realized that Scorpius had also joined the fighting. Severus and Scorpius stepped back with nasty smiles as Kale struggled to stand looking around everyone saw what little color he had in his face drained.

"My daughter" Loki spoke slowly "Is not a whore" Kale took off and Loki walked calmly behind him, they could see different images of Loki herding the boy away and Lidia thought about defending him but decided against it, he called her a whore well now he could pay for it.

~~(( ))~~

By August she was had everything packed from her bedroom. Even though she still had a week to go Gabby was eagerly moving her stuff in and thanking Lidia for giving her the best bedroom ever! They were moving Lidia's bed over to the opposite side of the room though which confused her because she was told that she would be moved in to her old bedroom, the one that Gabby abandoned. But now they were changing their minds again, not that it really mattered to her all that much she wouldn't be here other than a few times a year.

"What's going on?" She asked her mother when she entered the room with some more of Gabby's things.

"Uncle Thor and aunt Sif need our help" Hermione explained "Their daughter Frigga, you remember her she's the same age as Levi, she got a Hogwarts letter last week"

"Why do they need our help?" Lidia asked.

"Well, they want her to stay here while she's at school" Hermione said "Obviously, she'll go home during the summer holiday but Christmas and now so she can understand what's going on with her"

"Oh" Lidia said "Well, good luck"

"You don't have a problem with this, do you?" Loki asked.

"Of course not" She answered "Hey, I'll help out alright. I can leave tomorrow, it will give me more time to get settled in"

"How would that help?" Loki asked "I'll just miss you all that much more"

"It will give you the time you need to get things settled" She answered "And I'll miss you too daddy"

It was set and she would be leaving in the morning the next day though Loki tried like hell to keep her from leaving at all suddenly telling her that he needed her to stay. It was late and she was still musing over the fact that Scorpius Malfoy, the boy she did nothing but fight with for seven years had defended her, she shook her head and when she looked out the window in her bedroom one last time and she saw someone standing in the lawn looking up at her. She thought for a brief moment that it was Kale, but since he suffered first and second degree burns on most of his body he refused to come near the place. It was Severus waiting for her, she smiled and made her way quietly out of the house and out to see him. She hugged him tightly when she got out there and he surprised her by kissing fully on the mouth.

"I had to do that" He said "I heard you're leaving tomorrow"

"You heard right" She said.

"I leave next week" He told her "And Serena is off to Rome then as well. She wanted me to give this to you and told me to tell you not to open that until you are in America"

"Okay" She laughed "Severus I am going to miss you" She kissed him again "But I'll see you in December and in the summer"

"Don't change too much out there" He said.

"I won't" She promised "Hey, I've got to get back in"

"I understand" He smiled "I just wanted to say bye"

"Bye" She repeated "I'll write to you every week and see you in December"

"Lidia!" He said when she was walking away.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"I fell in love with you when I was eight and you beat me up" He told her "I was going to ask you out when we were thirteen but you were already dating Kale and I didn't think I had any right to like you" He looked at his hands "You are my best friend, the only person I trust and whatever you do in America I want you to remember that I will love you no matter what" With a sob Lidia flung herself in to his arms and cried in to his shoulder which he held her tightly.

"I love you too" She whispered "I love you too"

~~(( ))~~

The ministry was abuzz with college students saying goodbye to their parents. Lidia stood by the Floo network that would bring her to the coast and then to the ministry approved brooms that would bring her across the ocean to America. Her stuff had already been sent ahead and was awaiting her arrival at the station on the American East Coast. She looked back at her family and gave them a wide and brave smile, Thor saw right through her as did Loki maybe Hermione did too but she was too worried to say anything about it.

"Levi" Lidia said "I have carved you a decent path. Stick to it and make sure that you are known for your bravery and your brains because I know that you have both. I will see you in December to make sure that your first year is going well"

"Okay" He said, wiping his hand over his eyes "I think I may actually miss you"

"Same here, kid" Lidia answered "Same here"

"Gabby" She addressed her little sister "Take care of our bedroom, I don't want to have to set you on fire"

"I will" She promised.

"And I don't have to tell you to study hard" Lidia laughed when her little sister agreed.

"Frigga" She said "Good luck at Hogwarts and make sure you listen and study and don't be afraid to ask for help"

"I will" She promised pushing her thick blond hair over her shoulder.

"Mum, dad, I'll be fine" She said "I promise. I will write every week and come home every holiday, okay?"

"You better" Loki said "It's a few hour ride for you but like a three minute ride for me or Thor and we're not afraid to embarrass you"

She had just finished saying goodbye to Thor and Sif when they told her it was time to go. Then she was spinning through grate after grate until she was at the coast, where she hopped on a broom and was zooming over the beautiful morning ocean. It took about five hours to get there which was making good time and when she got to the college she was so exhausted that she could barely stand which was good because she was made to sit and wait to be able to put in her paperwork. She sat near a man with hair that was such a light brown color it was nearly blond and a tall thin body. She paid him no attention because she was too preoccupied with the letter that Severus had given her for his sister.

Dear Lidia,

I must start this letter off with saying that I am sorry for not sticking up for you when we were younger, I was scared of not having friends and allowed it to steer me. You were my best friend and I should have taken your side not anyone else's, it was your speech at the Will reading that made me think this because for years I've wanted to apologize but I've been a coward. I feel that maybe I was put in the wrong house, I should have been in a house all by myself because I was stupid. If you hate me I don't blame you but if there is any love at all I would like it if you wrote to me because I miss my friend. I miss our parties, I miss playing dress up and talking about boys and pretending to be princesses. Please forgive me.

Your friend, I hope.

Serena Potter.

"Are you okay?" She heard a soft, deep voice ask her "You're crying"

"Yes" She answered looking up at him "I'm fine" It was the man she sat near, he was even better looking when he looked her straight in the eye. His eyes were blue and he was fit and tan and the smile he offered was heart-meltingly beautiful...and familiar. He looked "Remus?"

"Do I know you?" He asked confused.

"It's me" She answered "Lidia"

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