The clams chirped, and the clouds of the under sees opened up, as Squidward basked in its warmth. And no SpongeBob in sight…it was finally time to complete his 6 day long masterpiece.

It was a relief to see it almost done. It was like the only thing in his life that was going well for him. Squidward's life had been miserable up to this point, and he never ever got what he wanted. Never got the respect he deserved. But-ignoring all of that for now-just for this very brief moment in time…

he was happy.

Raising his hand with a paintbrush full of blue ink, he slowly relaxed as he carefully lowered it onto the fine canvas, one last time. Just a wrinkle on his own robe. A magnificent portrait of himself wearing a reaper's robe as he raised a small object into the heavens. A Statue. The Mr. Krabs Statue…

Squidward may have been puzzled as to the meaning of this painting, I mean, why Mr. Krabs of all people? I'm sure he looked great as a statue, but it seemed all too arbitrary. He come up with the masterpiece in his sleep, but not until now did he think of its implication. What did it mean if he constantly thought about a statue…the statue of Mr. Krabs? What would other fish even think if he considered it his greatest work yet… or possibly ever?

Just then, Squidward felt his house shake. The thunder and laugher of bumbling babies echoed on outside. If Satan were a baby, it would be Spongebob….It's becoming of Spongebob…

The ground shook. His painting was about to fall, and he didn't want it to fall… he needed it in his life. Diving down to catch the bold and brash art, he would give his life for it. But then, he looked up for a second to see Spongebob in front of him. Some things let to another, and the final result was Squidward being forced to break the painting using Spongebob's head by the cruel laws of physics. The Statue! The Mr. Krabs Statue in the painting was decimated, as was Squidward's heart.

"NooooOoooOooooo!" Squidward screamed. He looked on at the yellow menace in horror. But eventually, he just sighed and accepted his unfortunate fate-he was already dead on the inside anyway. It wasn't like the statue (the Mr. Krabs statue) was the only thing that truly mattered…

"…why are you here Spongebob?"

"Opps, geez… you ALWAYs were a clumsy guy, squiddy" Spongebob smiled. "Actually, I just wanted to see what all the creepy sounds that you were making were about"

"Creepy… sounds…"

"Yeah… It was pretty disturbing, squiddy. I looked through the window and I even saw that your eyes were bloodshut while painting with red ink. It wasn't exactly my tastes, but I thought I would check it out regardless".

"Look, Spongy boy, I don't have time for your practical jokes. You Just RUINED something special of mine… that I WON'T get back. GET OOOOUTT!" Squidward was practically spitting when he said this. It fact, I'm certainly convinced he was. Not like a llama, but like a squid. Case you forgot, he IS an anthropomorphic squid.

"Oh geez squiddy, I didn't know you felt this way. I mean, are you being surious?! You constantly joke, which is great and all, but I am getting the feeling that this time is different?!" Spongebob frowned but didn't feel quite rejected yet.

Squidward was practically fuming at this point. Not with cigarettes, but with his shown emotions.

"…and WHY…. Would I… be JoKiNg!? This is all your fault! With that loud LOLLIGAGGING And Home-wrecking you have done here. And this isn't a rare occurrence… no… you are always disturbing my peace and I frankly…. wish you NEVER existed!"

Spongebob bit his lip. He didn't knew why he was this angry, he never knew Squidward to be THIS way. Did his love no longer mean anything to Squidward? Was he always like this? He was mildly concerned.

"Look, I'm sorry, but can you please calm down…"

"CALM DOWN…. CaLm DoWn!?" Squidward was tomato irate, and picked up his paintbrush in an auditory rage. "Don't tell me what to do you…. You… y-you ABOMINATION!"

Spongebob backed away.

"You're scary me, I'm going to leave now…". But as he slowly made his way to the door, a hard and constrictive hand grabbed his wrist. It would have been hot, if only Squidward was more romantic in doing so.

"Squidward… you're hurting me…"

Squidward remembered all the times Spongebob hurt him. He ruined his life… His paintings of the statue… THE Mr. Krab Statue… and now Squidward was about to ruin his. Squidward took his paintbrush and drilled it through Spongebob's shoe, nailing his foot to the grainy wooded floor. This baby wasn't going anywhere now…

Squidward had him EXACTLY where he wanted, and as Spongebob screamed for help, he realized this strong inane feeling inside him-that this was meant to happen. He wished it to be, and the statue gave him exactly what he wanted… The Mr. Krabs Statue.