I'm sorry about the bad english. Not a native english speaker :). Hope you'll enjoy nevertheless.

After rizing tentions and a brutal war that ensued, the URM was about to do its last attack on planet earth. This attack would change both planets forever.

The entire URM fleet was now closing in on earth, ready to attack while earth forces were preparing to defend their home. In one of the URM ships was a young girl, called Alita. She was being briefed for the fight to come.

This war has cost us a lot. Said Gelda. The last hope for the URM to survive is if we kill Nova and destroy the city of Zalem. The plan is like this:

Gelda started to explain the plan. 10 URM cruisers would provide air support for the ground forces while the remaining fleet would stay in orbit, distracting the space forces of earth. She would lead a squad containing: George, John, Alita and several others Up the supply tubes to lay bombes on Zalem and take both the city and Nova out.

Alita was surprised when she heard her name. After all, she was a new soldier and this mission would require a lot of skill and experience. Though Alita was very well trained, experience was something she missed (this was her first mission). Nevertheless she said yes when Gelda asked her if she was up to the job.

After the brieving she went up to Gelda and said:

Gelda, i'm not sure if i'm experienced enough to do this.

Gelda replied: I trained you personally Alita, you were specifically trained for combat like this, i'm sure you are up to the job. If you want i'll keep a closer eye on you.

Alita: That's not necessary, i'll be fine.

The battle was about to begin. Alita and her squad were in the shuttle crafts, waiting for permission to launch from the captain of the ship. Alita was named second in command by Gelda so they could stay closer together and Gelda could keep an eye on her. After a few minutes of nervously waiting, the squad heard the first shots and the loud noises began. Though Alita was warned about the noise. She never expected it to be this loud. The captains voice was heard over the HT

Launch! Now!

The engines of the shuttles were activated, the doors were closed and they took of, to the planet. In the cockpit there was a window where Alita could see the earth and the heavy fighting of both factions. There were explosions everywhere.

The shuttle landed around 200 metres away from the target supply tube. The squad got out, immediately they were surrounded by enemy forces.

Take cover! Gelda said. Alita did what she was told. She shot at the closest hostile. Right next to her one of her squad members was shot. She went over to her but it was too late, she was gone.

The enemy forces had them pinned down, they were with just too many. When it started to look really bad they heard shooting from a different source. Behind the enemy line another squad came up. It was the squad of captain Moon! Now with the two squads it were the enemy forces who were in the minority. One after the other was taken down until the remaining hostiles retreated back into the city.

The two squads proceeded towards the target. Captain Moons squad upfront. They saw that the tube was unprotected, the hostiles at the landing side must have anticipated them and charged right in. The two groups started to climb the supply tube. While climbing Alita could see all the destruction around her, all the explosions, all the losses. She didn't focus on that, she had to focus on the mission at hand.

Halfway up the tube the group could see something in the distance. It was a Defense Ring! Moons squad, who were still upfront, were too late to react to the incoming monster and were all killed when it reached them. Alita and her squad were shooting at the thing. It just wouldn't break. It did break eventually. Though now it was way to close and the pieces of the ring caused the tube to break in half. Alita was sliding towards the edge, she almost fell of but she was able to grab a piece of metal and was dangling, almost falling down to the ground. Beneath her she could see the other half of the tube fall onto the skyscrapers. She couldn't hang on anymore. The piece of metal she was holding onto slipped out of her hands but someone grabbed her, it was Gelda

Finish the mission! Gelda said. Destroy Zalem.

Gelda got her onto the remainder of the tube. They were the only ones left. They both made their way to the city.

They made it to the city. Come on! Said Gelda. They went towards the engine room where they would plant the bomb and destroy the city.

What they didn't expect was the ammount of forces on their way. They were eventually pinned down again but now no captain Moon was there to help them out.

They were brought to the mayors office. And there was Nova. Just as ugly as Gelda had described him.

So, you were trying to plant a bomb? Said Nova

Can't you see Nova? Began Gelda. You have lost, all of the URM military is here and your space forces are all down! You can't win anymore.

Interesting. Said Nova. Very interesting.

He turned his back on the two soldiers. When he faced them again he had a gun in his hands, he shot Gelda in the head, she was dead.

NO! Screamed Alita. She ran over to Gelda and saw her lifeless body. She started to cry. Gelda had been like a mother for her. And now she was gone.

See here Alita. Nova said. No one can defeat me.

Alita stared at him. Nova held the gun at her head. Alita heard a shot. And then nothing. She only saw darkness.

Centuries from then Alita would be found and revived again. With her memory eventually being restored. She would eventually finish the mission.
Just like Gelda had said.

Finish the mission! Destroy Zalem.