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Curse of the Were-Rabbit Chapter 6

Ottar didn't know what to do. Freya had been nothing but despair since Apollo's party. She wallowed in a misery that Ottar had never seen before and he felt lost. Lost because there was nothing he could do to help his Lady.

All he could do was watch and it was breaking his heart.

She sat everyday for the next two weeks and watched Bell train with Aiz and Tiona on the city walls. Her tears flowed constantly. Ottar couldn't understand. As she watched him train she would cheer him on, but then she would weep even harder.

Freya felt torn in two as she watched Bell train. When he was with Aiz, his dark flame settled and was barley visible in his soul, the same was true for Aiz, her own dark flame was greatly diminished whenever she was with Bell. Both of their soul's shined whenever they were together. It brought joy to Freya's heart as she saw his happiness and there was nothing she wanted more than to see Bell be happy.

But sit and watch was all she could do.

She wanted to rush to him, to take him in her arms and ease his pain, but she knew she couldn't. She was the source of the pain that tormented his soul. She desperately wanted to explain it all to him. That it had been a mistake. She hadn't even known who Bell's parents were. Despite being high level, they were not Zeus Familia executives and neither had a soul that caught her eye. Until she heard from Bell what happened, she hadn't even know that her Familia had encountered the Cranel family in the past.

She cursed her previous self as her despair dragged her down into a pit of self loathing.

She swore to herself that she would do every thing she could to ease his pain. She had enjoyed pushing him before the truth had come out, watching him grow as he overcame every challenge she had thrown at him. She knew that he would never love her back, no matter what she did. But that didn't mean she could not watch from afar. It didn't mean she couldn't watch over him, encourage him silently, protect him without him knowing. She wanted to make it all up to him, despite knowing that it wasn't possible, she would do her best. She would continue to push him, continue to watch him and continue to love him.

And every moment she did, she would keep hating herself.

Bell's training on the walls with Aiz and Tiona had gone particularly well over the last two weeks. He fought hard, gaining more strength everyday. Tiona was surprised at just how possessive of Bell Aiz was. No matter how many times she asked, Aiz wouldn't let Tiona give him a lap pillow or stroke his ears. Bell's stats rose fast as he pushed himself, fighting against the two level six opponents. By the end of the two weeks he had maxed out his level two stats and just needed the right push to get to level three. Aiz and Tiona were both surprised at how strong he was getting, especially when he was in his Rabbit form. The girls found they had to get serious when Bell was in his rabbit body. He fought more like a mid level five and was getting more and more comfortable with fighting in that style everyday as he begun to understand more and more how to move and fight with his backwards legs and teeth and claws. Tiona didn't say it but it often felt to her that she was fighting a monster instead of a man.

Both the city and the god's were in uproar as they watched the events of the wargame unfold through the magic mirrors that had opened in every bar and cafe across the city.

No one had expected Hestia Familia to go on the attack straight away. The doubt had appeared on Apollo's face as soon as he saw Ryu swing the first magic sword. He realised his hubris at that moment. His sheer arrogance had made him overconfident. As the walls of the castle crumbled under the fire and lightning of the Crozzo magic weapons, he began to panic. He might have well over one hundred adventures in his Familia, but Ryu had just blown half of them away. His precious children lay injured and broken all over the battle field as Ryu fought the few remaining survivors.

"TRAITOR!" He screamed at the magic mirror as Lili, disguised as Luan pulled the lever to open the gate.

"Well done Lili!" Bell said with some pride to his prum friend as he and Welf stepped through the gate and entered the castle, joining the battle for the first time.

"Ill go and cause some more chaos!" Lili said with a smirk, before turning and running back into the castle.

"Ready for this?" Bell asked turning to his smith friend.

"Let's do this!" Welf cried with a grin as he pulled his great sword from his back.

Bell looked up into the sky, he could feel the eyes of the gods and city on him and despite there being nothing to look at, he knew the exact position he was being observed from via the magic mirror.

Once he was sure all eyes were on him, he drew his two knives, striking a battle pose and changed. The city and the gods watched as black smoke whirled around him and he revealed himself to the public for the first time.

"THE RUMOURS ARE TRUE!" Ibri shouted into his microphone. "Bell Cranel is the last of the Were-Rabbits! I would never have thought I would see a sight like this in my lifetime! Ganesha, what do you think?"

Ganesha stood dumbstruck for a moment before quietly saying "I am Ganesha!" his voice filled with awe.

Across the city, people watched, mouths agape as they saw Bell change. The rumours about him and about the Were-Rabbit in general had circulated for months now, but nothing lived up to seeing it for real. Bell terrified many of them, others looked on in curiosity wondering just exactly what the giant rabbit man would do.

Mord sat back in his chair, his face had gone white. Bell had been the Were-rabbit all this time? Why hadn't he used his skills when he abducted his goddess in the dungeon? As Mord looked and saw Bell's massive sabre fangs he began to realise just how lucky he had been that day. Lucky that Bell had been merciful and not inflicted a terrible vengeance on him. Like many in the city, Mord was well aware of the history of the Were-Rabbit race, especially their pronounced anger and blood lust. He counted his blessing in that moment, knowing full well it was only Bell's kind demeanour that saved his life that day. If he had made Bell truly angry, he wouldn't be sitting there right at this moment. He had already started to respect the young man after the fight but now, that respect was backed up with a healthy dose of fear.

Bell slipped his mask over his nose. Blood would be spilt today, that he knew for sure. He was going to do his best to avoid it, he didn't want to kill anyone, this was just a wargame after all. But injury would be inflicted and blood would spill. He didn't want to rampage, but felt he needed the strength of his rabbit form in order to win. They were just five of them fighting against one hundred adventurers, he needed all the help he could get to have a hope of winning. The plan had worked so far though, Ryu had already taken out almost half of the troops and Mikoto was holding another ten, stuck to the ground with her gravity magic. Welf and Bell were still out numbered though, they had a tough fight coming and they knew it.

He gave Welf a nod and they both charged into the castle.

"Ill take the mages." Welf shouted as they exited the tower and stepped onto the bridge that crossed over to only entrance of the main keep.

Bell took a quick look around, smiling at the destruction Ryu had wrought to the walls and the purple glow showing that Mikoto was keeping their backs clear.

"Ill take out the archers." Bell confirmed as he started running across the bridge.

"Burn out! Illegal work! Will-o-Wisp!" Welf chanted and then grinned as the line of mages standing on the opposite end of the bridge exploded one by one as their magic failed them with an Ignis Fatuus.

People screamed and many panicked, they didn't know how, but Hestia Familia had just taken out all of their mages in one fell swoop. Daphne cursed as Bell slipped by her, ignoring her, intent on getting to the throne room as quickly and with as little blood shed as possible.

"Where do you think your going sister?" Welf said with a grin as Daphne was about to turn and chase Bell.

"Let's do this like adventurers." He said with a grin as he drew his sword and faced her.

"Don't let him get away!" Daphne shouted to the few remaining archers who stood before Bell and the entrance.

One of the calmer and more disciplined members of Apollo Familia raised his bow, took a moment to aim and loosed an arrow.

Time seemed to slow down for many as the magic window focused on the arc of the arrow heading towards Bell. Many held their breath without knowing it, surly the battle would not end this simply with an arrow in the back would it?

The arrow glided through the air, but was slightly off target, with a whistle, it penetrated Bell's left ear.

"ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" Bell screamed at the top of his voice. The pain was unbearable. On reflex, he reached up and tore the arrow from his ear causing him to scream again.


The pain was too much, his instinct's overrode his humanity and the rabbit rage descended.

He stood there for a moment, breathing hard as his view of the world changed. He tensed his legs, crouching down and then sprang, leaping at the nearest archer tearing into the man with his claws and teeth.

"No!" Aiz yelled at the magic mirror. "Oh no… no no no… this can't be happening!"

She instantly began to panic. She knew exactly what was coming next. Bell was going to kill every member of Apollo Familia unless someone stopped him, but no one there was strong enough. It was going to be an utter blood bath, a total massacrer.

"Aiz…" Tiona asked with some concern in her voice. She didn't know what to say though, Aiz looked horrified.

"I have to stop him, I'm the only one that can do it." The blonde princess said as she stood and ran to the window flinging it open.

"TEMPEST!" She shouted and leapt.

"No!" Cassandra screamed. She was sitting at the base of the throne that Hyakinthos sat upon.

"My dream! It changed!"

She gasped in horror as her vision played back to her again but this time it was so much worse.

"A wounded rabbit leaps over a blood-moon and devours the sun. Blood rains from the sky and washes away a castle. Death nothing but death!" She screamed hysterically.

She jumped up and grabbed Hyakinthos by both arms. "You have to leave! He's coming and he will kill us all!"

"Get off me!" Hyakinthos shoved the prophet away, disgusted at her poor attempt to convince him to run.

"All of you." He said to the team of adventurers he had gathered. "Stand firm, when Cranel gets here deal with him, but don't kill him. I want to finish him myself." Hyakinthos didn't care for Apollos love for Bell. He had no intention of allowing Bell to be taken as part of his Familia. He hated the rabbit especially for the pain he had suffered when Bell bit his arm. He wanted his revenge.

"No!" Cassandra screamed. "You have to run! He's coming… He's coming and he will kill us all!"

"SHIT!" Welf cried and leapt back from Daphne.

"OH FUCK NO." He shouted again as he saw the red mist descend in Bell's eyes and he knew exactly what was coming next.

"Daphne… It's over! You have to run, get your people out of here, he will kill everyone."

"What?" Daphne gave Welf a confused look until she heard a horrific scream behind her.

She turned and saw Bell as he ripped the throat out of one of her Familia members and gorged on the freely flowing blood.

"But…" She said stunned for a moment.

"Run you idiot!" Welf screamed in her face and tried to shove her along the bridge away from the rampaging rabbit who had already leapt onto his second victim and was shredding them apart with his claws.

"BELL!" He shouted, trying to get the young man's attention, hoping he could at least find a spark of humanity left in him.

"WELF!" Bell roared back at him and leapt again swiping a kick at an archer, slicing their stomach clean open.

Welf tried not to retch as he saw the man's entrails and organs spill on the floor.

Welf ran up to him. He hadn't seen Bell in a rampage yet, only that brief moment in the pub before Bete put him down. But he couldn't let his friend down, despite the potential risk to himself he had to do his best to mitigate Bell's anger.

"BELL! This way!" He called, trying to guide Bell into the tower and away from the majority of Apollo Familia. He estimated only ten or twenty remained in the tower, with the rest current spread around the castle, mostly injured, down and out of the fight but still alive. He knew full well though, Bell would instinctively go for the nearest target. If he didn't guide him inside and give Daphne a chance to get everyone evacuated, Bell would systematically slaughter each and every member, regardless if they were down and injured or not. There was no room for mercy during a rabbit rage.

"RIGHT!" Bell roared at him.

"Oh Bell…" Hestia wanted to look away from the horror depicted in front of her, but she couldn't tear her eyes from the magic mirror. She wanted to be sick, she knew, deep down what Bell could be like. He had been so scared of himself when she first met him. Now she understood why. Bell hadn't exaggerated when he spoke of the bandits he killed, but she didn't know the brutality of it.

The reality of it hit her at that moment. This was why Were-Rabbits were hunted to extinction. A Were-Rabbit when fallen to blood lust was far scarier than any monster in the dungeon.

She watched as he ripped and tore his victims to pieces. She watched as he became drenched in blood. She finally turned away in horror as she saw the delight in Bell's eyes as he caught one of his victims and like a vampire gorged himself on their blood.

"HESTIA!" Apollo called out his voice shaking with fear and anger. "We surrender! Please! Ill do anything, you have to stop him! He's killing my children, my precious children!"

"Apollo… I…" Hestia didn't know what to say. There was nothing she could do. She had no divine power she could use to stop her child on his rampage.

"This is your own fault Apollo." Hermes began to say but was interrupted by Freya who was laughing hysterically.

"Ah ha ha!" She laughed with glee at the slaughter that was unfolding on the screen in front of her. "He's so beautiful! So powerful! What a delightful child you have Hestia!"

Many forgot that Freya wasn't just a goddess of beauty and fertility, she was a goddess of war. To her there was nothing more delightful than the battlefield, nothing more beautiful than the blood and violence she was now watching. Bell's rampage made her spine tingle with pleasure, seeing him in action, in his true form and fighting with such burning passion for blood overwhelmed her. Even as she cackled with glee, she cursed herself internally once again. There he was, her Odr, her chosen one, her soulmate in all his glory and to her, he was more beautiful than ever. She watched as his soul burned, not with the black flame that she caused but with the passion for battle and blood. The black flame was still present, but was only a flicker right now. Bell didn't hate the people he was killing at that moment, he was simply acting on his races instinct so the black flame only burned dimly at the base of his soul.

All over the city, people turned away from the magic mirrors, unable to keep witnessing the utter horror that was being displayed. Bell was utterly terrifying, he showed no mercy to his victims, each one was shredded to bits by his claws and teeth, blood was flying everywhere coating the wall's and floor of the castle as he moved from victim to victim.

Mord looked on in horror and counted his blessings once again. He thought he had understood how lucky he was when he saw Bell first change. Now he really understood. During their fight Bell had been going easy on him. If he made Bell truly angry, he would have suffered the same fate. He turned his face away from the screen and prayed for Apollo Familia's survival.

"Oh my Loki…" Finn said under his breath as he watched.

"I don't think I can watch this." Riveria turned her head away from the screen.

"Uhhhh…" Lefiya shuddered as she watched the rabbit man disembowel another Apollo Familia adventurer. "I'm gonna be sick!" She covered her mouth and ran from the room.

"YEAH! GO ARGONAUT-KUN! KILL EM ALL!" Tiona shouted as she leapt up. Tiona was loving every minute of this, her Amazon instincts kicking in hard.

Bete stood leant against the wall, his hands in his pockets, but he stared at the screen with a serious expression on his face.

"Whatever you do. Don't fuck with Bell Cranel." He said quietly as he watched.

"More… More….MORE!" Bell instincts screamed at him as he drank the blood of his first victim. It was the archer who had shot his ear. The moment he had pulled the arrow out, the pain took over and the red mist descended. As he ripped the man's throat out, the hot blood had splashed into his mouth and the bloodlust had awoken in him.

"More! More blood!" Apart from biting Hyakinthos, Bell hadn't tasted blood since the bandits he killed on his journey to Orario. He'd been so careful too, tried so hard to avoid his bloodlust during the few full moons that had passed since his arrival to the city.

But it was too late now, the desire overwhelmed his humanity and nothing would hold him back now. To his rabbit mind, Apollo Familia had been hunting him and he couldn't allow any of them to survive. Nothing tasted as good as blood did to him at that moment. It wasn't a craving that could be satiated by the dungeon. Monster blood was disgusting, he hated it. But the blood of adventurers tasted like the finest wine to him. He craved it, wanted to bath himself in it. The hotness off it, the smell of iron in the air, all of it drove him further and further into his rabbit rage.

He heard Welf shout his name and looked up with his bloodshot eyes to see his friend and now Familia member looking at him in horror.

"WELF!" He roared, acknowledging his partner on the battlefield.

"BELL...This way!" He looked, Welf was pointing inside the castle. He vaguely remembered that his goal was the throne room, that Hyakinthos was there.

His eyes shined as he realised that Welf was trying to help him, guide him to the man that had caused this situation in the first place. He wasn't here just to slaughter, much as he was enjoying himself, he was here to win a war game too. His humanity might be gone, but his rationality wasn't.

He followed Welf as he ran into the castle.

To say Aiz was running would not describe what the girl was actually doing. She was using her tempest to her utmost, taking great leaps with every step trying to get to the castle as quickly as she could.

The castle wasn't far outside Orario, only twenty minutes on foot at a walking pace.

Aiz would be there in five… She desperately hoped she would make it on time. She had to calm him, she had to stop him. She was painfully aware of the damage Bell was doing to himself at this moment. People would never look at him the same again. She had to stop him before it got any worse, she had to limit the number of people he killed.

He wouldn't be blamed for the deaths, she knew that. It was a war game, death happened when two Familia's fought like this, it was an accepted part of two gods having a dispute.

But that wasn't the damage he was doing. How would the people of the city see him now? Now that they knew just how terrifying he could be?

She had to stop him before he went to far.

Cassandra ran, she ran as fast as she could, she had to get out of there. She had to get away, death was coming, blood and terror were approaching. Panic overwhelmed her as she fled, she tripped over her feet as she ran, utterly terrified of the vision she saw the moment Bell had been struck by the arrow. She knew they were going to lose before that moment from her earlier vision, but the change to it had been too much. She didn't want to die.

As she turned the corner, trying to reach the bridge to escape, she looked up and stared straight into Bell's bloodshot eyes.

"Noooo!" She screamed and dropped to her knees, frozen in fear.

"Cassandra! Run!" Welf shouted at her, but the girl just sat there on her knees, unable to move staring at the blood covered monster of a man who was standing in front of her.

"Shit! Bell!" Welf cried out.

But Bell stopped for a moment, tilting his head and sniffing the air. He knew this girls scent, he had met her before.

A brief flash black played through his mind, the moment she had introduced herself at the guild. She had been so shy he remembered and so apologetic.

It was enough for him to remember her scent and that meant she was someone he knew.

"CASSANDRA!" He roared and leapt over the girl, leaving her behind.

"Damn you got lucky." Welf shouted as he ran by the girl who was now lying on the floor and trembling.

"Which ways the throne room?" Welf asked her, but the girl just hugged herself and sobbed.

"Shit." Welf cursed and chased after the killer rabbit.


The grand Bell began to toll as Bell charged his Argonaut skill as he ran to the throne room.

"Wrong floor Bell, we need to go up." Welf shouted at him.

"RIGHT!" Bell roared back and pointed his hand up towards the ceiling.

"Gah!" Welf cried as he jumped back into the corridor and out of the room. He knew full well how powerful Argonaut could be and didn't feel like getting crushed by a failing ceiling at that moment.

"FIREBOLT!" Bell roared.

"AH!" Hyakinthos cried out as he pulled himself from the rubble that was all that was left of the main keep of the castle.

He wasn't quite sure what had happened. He had been sitting in the throne room, listening to the sounds of battle get closer and closer. A Bell had rung, which hadn't made any sense, then the floor had erupted and all he could feel was a sensation of falling.

He struggled to stand, not being able to see due to the dust and smoke that was swirling in the air at that moment.

"Ack!" He exclaimed as he stood and felt the pain from the bruises inflicted by his fall. He looked around, but couldn't see anything but randomly piled stone. Everyone else was gone.

He clutched at his elbow that hurt painfully from the fall.

As the dust began to clear, he saw a silhouette that was walking slowly towards him.

It took him a moment before he recognised the shape of the ears in the shadow. Bell was coming for him.

As the dust cleared, he began to see Bell for the first time that day and the vision he saw terrified him.

Bell was covered in blood from head to toe, a deep growl emanated from his throat as he approached the Apollo Familia's captain.

"No, Hyakinthos run! Please!" Apollo shouted at the screen. "Please run! I don't want you to die my beloved." Apollo was in an appalling state. He had screamed every time he felt one of his children die. It certainly hadn't helped that Freya had laughed with joy every time that he did. Despite being a god, he had lost all his dignity as he cried and wailed watching the slaughter of his Familia.

In desperation, Hyakinthos started chanting, his voice wavering and shaking as he did.

"M-My n-n-name is l-love, p-p-precious child of l-light."

"FIREBOLT!" Bell didn't give him a chance, the moment he heard the chant begin, he retaliated.

As the firebolt rushed towards the Apollo captain, it cleared the air of smoke and dust and finally the destruction of the tower was revealed to Hyakinthos and the rest of Orario.

Mord was shaking in fear now. Bell had destroyed the entire castle with one attack. Those who hadn't turned away due to Bell's sickening display of slaughter understood just how powerful the young man was now. If they were terrified of him before, there were no words to describe just how scared the city was of the rabbit man now.

Hyakinthos drew his sword and stood ready to defend himself on shaky feet. He wanted to run, he so wanted to run, but he couldn't. He was the Familia captain, running would be admitting defeat. He would never be able to look Apollo in the eye if he ran. Scared as he was of the blood soaked rabbit that was walking slowly towards him, he still had his pride. He would go down fighting if he could.

With a scream he ran at Bell raising his sword, hoping to get a blow in.

But he didn't get a chance, Bell had increased his stats with his training with Aiz and Tiona and like they had estimated, he was around mid level five when in rabbit form. Hyakinthos didn't stand a chance. Bell grabbed his sword out of the air, wrenching it away and throwing it to the ground.

He grabbed Hyakinthos by his shirt and with one hand lifted him up off of the ground.

His blood shot red eyes stared into Hyakinthos's blue ones.

"STOP!" Hyakinthos tried to shout, but Bell wasn't going to stop.

He lifted his other hand, extending a claw and dug it into the side of Hyakinthos's neck, drawing a line down the jugular vein, splitting it open.

A fountain of blood shot into the air and rained down over the pair. Bell closed his eyes and tilted his head back, enjoying the sensation of blood raining down on his face. He opened his mouth and let as much blood as he could fall onto his tongue.

It didn't take long, Hyakinthos lost pint after pint of blood with each pump of his heart, soon the pressure dropped and the man's heart failed.

Dropping his victim, he started looking around for the next threat, sniffing the air. He could tell that there were at least fifty people around him still alive. He smiled to himself, fifty more chances to taste blood again, his mouth watered in anticipation.

He turned towards the nearest scent and was about to leap when he heard a shout from above him.


Aiz appeared out of no where, dropping out of the sky, covered in her wind.

"AIZ!" He roared back with joy. Even in his bloodlust, being around Aiz made him happy.

She landed just in front of him and grabbed his arm.

"Bell! Enough! It's time to stop!" She cried at him, her face was desperate, he'd never seen her panicked like this before.

"CAN'T" He roared as he turned back to his previous target and tried to step in their direction.

"BELL!" She grabbed him in a hug and held him, stopping him from moving.

"Bell. Stop. Listen to me." She cried desperately into his ear.

"CAN'T!" He roared again. "SMELL THEM! STILL ALIVE!"

His eyes darted wildly around as he began to spot more and more injured Apollo adventurers lying across the battlefield.

"Bell… Look at me!"

She grabbed his face and turned it, forcing him to look into her eyes.


"RRRAAARRRGHHHHHH!" Bell roared in frustration. He wanted to calm down, a tiny part of him knew she was right, he had to stop. But the bloodlust burned within him and try as he might, he just couldn't calm down.

He tried to struggle out of her grip, but Aiz was still stronger than him, she held him firm.

Aiz closed her eyes for a second before she made her decision. She knew what she was about do carried a certain risk. Bell was so enraged right now, she didn't know how he would react, she could only hope it would calm him down.

She reached her hand up and stroked his cheek.

Bell's head snapped around and he stared at her for a few seconds. She saw his eyes change, but didn't know what it meant exactly. It was still difficult sometimes to understand the expression on Bell's face when he was in his rabbit form.

But she had his full attention now, he wasn't looking around for more victims, he wasn't sniffing around for more blood, he was staring deep into her eyes.

"Aiz." He said quietly, much to her relief. He wasn't shouting, his growl had stopped, he had stopped struggling to escape her arms.

She relaxed the grip and watched him for a moment, he seemed deep in thought.

"AH!" She called out in surprise. Bell had grabbed her under her knees and picked her up princess style.

He glanced around for a few seconds before crouching, coiling his legs up and then leapt straight on top of one of the few remaining walls of the castle.

Leaping again, Bell Cranel and Aiz Wallenstein vanished from the magic mirrors as he carried her off into the distance.

Ibri and Ganesha stood stunned as they watched the final moments of the wargame. They had both gone silent the moment Bell had descended into his rabbit rage, the vision was too horrific to commentate on. All they could do was stand and watch.

"I…" Ibri said after a moment as Bell and Aiz vanished. "I guess that means that Hestia Familia are the winners." He said with a sombre voice.

There was silence over the city for a few moments. No one knew what to say. It didn't last though, suddenly there was uproar.

"Please! All of you calm down." Eina called out to the hoards of people who had stormed the guild with various demands about what to do about Bell Cranel.

"He has to be executed!" Someone shouted "There's no way he can be allowed to live in this city!"

"He's a monster!" Shouted another. "We all have children you know! What happens if he loses it at the next full moon? Exile or execution, I don't care which but he has to go!"

Eina couldn't handle it. This was too much. Having just witnessed just how brutal her Bell could be, she understood every concern that was being shouted at her. But she also knew Bell, knew how sweet and kind he could be. Knew that even in his rabbit form, as long as he wasn't exposed to blood he was perfectly calm and never a threat. After the initial shock of seeing him for the first time, she had never been scared of him.

But it was too much for her, she ran from the counter. She couldn't listen to the crowd any more, she had to get out of there.

"Is everyone here?" Ouranos asked as the last few minor gods filed into his throne room.

"Yeah there all here." Loki called out. "Let's get on with this."

Ouranos cleared his throat.

"Now you have all arrived we can begin. The question is … what do we do about Bell Cranel?"

Hestia looked at her feet. Orario was clamouring for her child's execution. She very much doubted anything she said about how nice and kind and gentle Bell was would have any affect. She would fight for him, she loved him after all. But she knew how fickle the gods could be, she knew how scared the city was of her child. She had few hopes and had mentally resigned herself to be cast out of the city along with Bell as the best case scenario.

Bell began to stir as he awoke from his rampage. No one was stroking his hair, which he thought was odd. He was also rather uncomfortable. For some reason, everything was prickly where he was lying. It reminded him of his journey to Orario, when he slept in a haystack in a barn one night. The straw was soft to lie in, but oh so prickly on his skin. Oddly, one half of him felt rather warm.

He opened his eyes to see a wooden ceiling. He frowned for a moment, he didn't recognise it.

Blinking a few times as his mind became fully awake, he looked down at himself.

To find he was stark naked! Not only that, Aiz was sleeping with her head on his chest, she was naked as well and curled up around him.

He panicked for a moment, but decided not to move. He didn't know how he got here. He didn't know why he was naked and he really didn't know why Aiz was sleeping on him, naked as well.

He sighed at his confusion.

"I don't remember a thing!" He said out loud to himself.

"That's a shame." He heard Aiz answer, he hadn't realised that she was awake.

"Aiz? What happened? Why are we naked?"

"Well, you rampaged after getting shot in the ear with an arrow."

"Oh." He said. He didn't remember a thing, he thought for a moment.

"Yes I remember the arrow, but that's the last thing I can recall. What happened?"

"You…" Aiz knew she had to tell him the truth.

"You killed a lot of people Bell."

"!" His breath caught in his throat.

"How many?" He asked, dreadfully scared of what Aiz's answer might be.

"I'm not sure. As soon as I saw you get hit, I ran to come and calm you down."

"What happened?"

"Well, you blew up the castle with your Argonaut, then you… killed Hyakinthos."

"…" Bell didn't know what to say.

"I got there a moment afterwards and tried to calm you down, but nothing was working, you just kept struggling to get out of my arms, you wanted to keep killing them."

"Oh gods… I'm sorry Aiz."

"I did get you calm though… eventually."

"What did you do?"

"I stoked your cheek." She giggled for a second. "You picked me up like a princess and leapt over the castle wall and carried me here."

"Oh." He thought for a moment.

"Did we…?" He trailed off, there could only be one reason they were both naked right now.

"Yes." She replied quietly with a smile.

"I didn't… I didn't force you did I?" He was suddenly dreadfully afraid that he had done something horrible to Aiz.

"No… Well, kinda."

"What?" He asked in horror.

She smiled at him though.

"When we got here, you were very gentle, just nuzzling me over and over. You didn't force me to do anything."

She stopped for a second.

"Until I kissed you… Then you… kinda didn't hold back."

"I…" He didn't know what to say.

"Don't worry Bell. I kissed you because I wanted to... after that.. well, it just kinda happened."

"I don't remember a thing." He said with a sigh.

"Then let me show you what you missed." She replied with a smile and brought her lips up to his.

Many hours later, Bell and Aiz finally arrived back in Orario.

Ganesha, Shakti and around twenty high level Ganesha Familia members were waiting for the pair at the main gate in the city walls.

"Bell Cranel." Shakti said walking up to him. "There is a matter to discuss at the guild. Please come with us."

"Am I being arrested?" Bell asked in shock.

"No." Shakti replied. "But if you don't come with us, Ill have to arrest you. Please come voluntarily."