"Men hate the individual whom they call avaricious only because nothing can be gained from him."



Coriolanus slowly paraded down the center of the Capitol's main drag sandwiched between his recently wed, and very pregnant wife Livia and five avoxes on a perfectly overcast day in early May. There was a slightly crisp breeze in the air, but luckily Coriolanus and Livia's heads of hair had been secured in place with heaps of gel and hairspray. At the end of the street, Lucretius and his bird were waiting for them for what was sure to be the best day of Coriolanus' somewhat sorry life. Never in a million years could he have imagined that the same boy who spent hours sobbing over the death of a girl from District 12 would soon be the President of the entire country of Panem. Sure, he was in a loveless marriage and the reason he was lucky enough to become President at such a young age was because he killed his predecessor, but that didn't matter, because Coriolanus was about to finally have the one thing he'd always wanted and craved more than anything else; power.

While it had taken a few months after poor Ravenstill's passing for it to be officially decided that Coriolanus would be the next to lead, as Panem was both in mourning of the loss of their first President and indecisive as to how they would appoint their next one, since it was the first time a new one was needed, eventually a unanimous vote of the Mayors of all the Districts as well as some of the most elite Capitolites decided it was Coriolanus' time to shine. While the fact he was voted in unanimously may sound impressive at first, it really wasn't since Coriolanus was the only person on the ballot as he was the only person who had interest in being president. The whole oligarchal election process was something that needed to happen, as one day Coriolanus would die, albeit in a long, long time, and some sort of a precedent needed to be set. While Coriolanus had been doing the work of the President since he'd been elected, such as appointing somebody, well two somebodies, to take over his role as Head Gamemaker he was never officially inaugurated, until now.

He reached the end of the street and helped Livia up the stairs to the balcony where he would be sworn into office. It took a while, since she was going to be due with their child any day now, but eventually they reached the top and sat down in their seats, overlooking the wealthiest citizens of the beautiful country Coriolanus was so lucky to lead.

"Before we can officially begin our inauguration ceremony," Lucky's voice sprung to life from the ground once Coriolanus took his seat, "Please welcome Sapphira Starlett, Victor of the 25th Hunger Games with a rendition of our national anthem!"

The doors behind Lucky opened and out raced a girl wearing what looked to be uncomfortably high heels, a red velvet dress, and sequined earrings. Her brown hair was in some sort of an updo with gold twine. She was followed by about a dozen Capitolite girls with matching gold skirts and velvet tops with their hair in slicked-back ponytails. As they ran to the center of the street, the crowd began to scream. Sapphira appeared to be the most beloved Victor in years, something that made Coriolanus all the more proud to have played a part in her Games.

"Panem darlings, let's make some noise!" Sapphira projected into her handheld microphone prompting even more screams from the audience.

An electronic rhythm began to play, the other girls clapping their hands in sync to the beat, prompting the audience to do the same. The intensity of music heightened as the girls broke out into elaborate dance moves with Sapphira featured in the center.

Gem of Panem

Mighty city

Through the ages you shine anew

We humbly kneel

To your ideal

And pledge our love to you

Gem of Panem

Heart of Justice

Wisdom crowns your marble brow

Sapphira began singing, her voice a belty soprano. The other girls added harmony, elevating Panem's beautiful national anthem into an even better song than it already was.

You give us light

You reunite

To you we make our vow

Gem of Panem

Seat of power

Strength in peacetime, shield in strife

The beat once again intensified, and the choreography matched it. The audience was eating the performance up when Sapphira once again pulled out her microphone, "Come on Panem, let's sing this final verse together!"

Protect our land

With armoured hand

Our Capitol

Our life

"Thank you so much dolls," Sapphira took a bow to thunderous applause after the crowd joined her for the song's conclusion, "That was a ball!"

Coriolanus couldn't help but cry a single tear as he saw the crowd sing his country's anthem. He was truly the luckiest man in the world and he couldn't wait to bring such amazing things to the place, now that he was in charge.

"Wasn't that beautiful?" Lucky stood besides Coriolanus and Livia, slowly clapping, "I hope you're all excited for the main event."

Coriolanus stood up to cheering, wickedly grinning at the crowd.

"Greetings, fair Panem!" He boomed, "Thank you for joining me today as I become your President!"

He paused, waiting for the applause to subside, "As you all know, I was Head Gamemaker last year, and I have carefully chosen two people to take over my post. I know they will do great things for the Games, and that is why I am so excited to announce that my two good friends Lysistrata Vickers and Clemensia Dovecote will be your next Head Gamemakers."

He sat down and watched as Lysistrata and Clemensia appeared from the door behind him and waved at the roaring audience. Lysistrata was wearing a long white dress and Clemensia had a matching pantsuit. It was the most fashionable he'd ever seen the couple, and they had his cousin Tigris to thank for that.

"I'm glad you're all excited for our new Head Gamemakers," Lucky said, trying to calm down the audience, "And I hope you're equally excited to swear in our new President Coriolanus Snow!"

Coriolanus rose once again and placed his hand on the Treaty of Treason, Panem's governing document and waited to be sworn in by Lucky.

"Coriolanus Snow," Lucky began, "Do you solemnly swear that you will faithfully execute the Office of President of Panem, and will to the best of your ability, preserve, protect and defend the Treaty of Treason?"

Coriolanus began to sweat, in disbelief that this was actually happening, " I solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of Panem, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Treaty of Treason."

The audience sprung out of their seats and started cheering once more. Coriolanus looked at Livia, then at Clemensia and Lysistrata and finally at Lucky who delivered the words he had wanted to hear his whole life, "I now present, with the power invested in me by the People of Panem, our second President, Coriolanus Snow!"

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