Hello everyone, this is the beginning of what's essentially a giant plotbunny I've been letting sit for a few years. I'm not sure exactly how far I'm going to run with this, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless.

"So you're wondering about that SDC outpost that blew up hmm? You've probably heard all those rumors being tossed around in the news. what am I saying, of course you have. 'Mine Explosion, Foul play suspected!' Bah, a load of nonsense that! Tell you what, buy me a drink and I'll tell you the truth of it. To the best I can anyway."

The day had begun like it usually did at this particular SDC mining outpost, which is to say that the top few admin officers awoke at oh-hell-no o'clock in the morning to prep for a day of soul-destroying paperwork interspersed with minor meetings. In the case of this particular outpost, all the staff lived on-site due to its relatively isolated location on Northern Sanus, hence why the Miners were mulling quietly about just as soon as it approached seven in the morning.

The outpost was fairly new, the ice Dust deposit it sat on only having been discovered in the middle of the previous year. The SDC was, at this point, beginning to consider funding a more thorough expedition of the mountains a little ways north. Those being a part of the mountain range between Vale city and the north Sanus coast where they fish up all those huge Salmon the upper-Atlas pansies love.

Now, D'you ever wonder why those mountains aren't properly explored yet? I mean of course there's plenty of Remnant that nobody's properly set foot in, but past the edge of the Vale Plateau the mountains are right bloody there! You'd think that by now we'd have most of them mapped, so then why?

Heh, because we're missing something...

What stops people isn't mostly the Grimm, the weather is mild as can be for most of the year, and the last local village, hostile or not, fell before the Great War.

Heh, seems the story ran off with itself a bit there. So. Things had been pretty quiet at the outpost, the mines were operating as usual, some recent hires had just come back from logging a patch of forest for building materials, and the Foreman was slowly beginning to question his own sanity.

a few hours past noon things went horribly and incomprehensibly awry. it wasn't that someone did something to spark it, it all just happened. No real warning other than a few of the security officers suddenly and loudly blathering on about something being Big. Then it starts. The SDC outposts that far out always have a decent store of the Dust they pull, Bullheads can't keep up a schedule like that unless the big ol' Papa Icecube is looking to go broke, and that's what did us in...

Outta nowhere the entire supply goes boom- well actually more've a crackle that's big enough t' sound like one... Huge ol' spiny-lookin' hunk of ice. Most've the crew was swallowed up by it, I got out, barely. T'be honest I don't really know what did it, th' best guess I have was from th' security officer I sat with on th' Bullhead out. said th'was Aura everywhere. Way, way t'much Aura fer a person.