Remnant is a world filled with many natural wonders, but usually the greatest of them are the distant byproduct of someone or something's plans and actions. This is just an unfortunate truth of living in a world that was once home to far too many magically prodigious beings predisposed to meddling with every force they touched.

The sky islands of Lake Matsu wouldn't exist without the cataclysm that ended the age of magic, and many an oddly shaped rock formation is the result of some battle of old. Most of us never notice, but our world is covered in faded scars of past events. I've only found a single place, of those that I hold among the greatest natural wonders on Remnant, that well-and-truly came into being of it's own accord.

The geographical location is something I only plan to reveal to a handful of people over my lifetime, those I can trust to keep it safe, but I call it Heartwood. Many have entered Heartwood with the arrogant assumption that they have some form of claim to do as they please with the life that flourishes there, but none with that mindset have returned unscathed. People know that the Wood is it's own sovereign, but most simply dismiss the idea, even as it lingers on the fringes of their thoughts.

The old phrase 'can't see the forest through the trees' both fits, and at the same time very much does not. it's mostly a matter of semantics.

I'm doing this in gradual snippets for now. I have an idea of what I want to write, but not how I want to write it