Hello, viewers! I have now started an idea for a new Invader Zim fanfic involving something special for our little Gaz Membrane. Why? Because it involves our favorite Irk alien Zim doing something that will help change Gaz for the better. Anyway, this story is going to be Rated T and for minor reasons to that setting. I don't own Invader Zim, but I did enjoy the movie and it was amazing for words. Anywho, enjoy and remember to comment later on!

Chapter 1: Why?

Skool was just another day for students to do nothing but think of how their future will be in disarray and misery when it makes Ms. Bitters determined to fail everyone and make their lives a living hell. It was more strange that she was now a highschool teacher and torturing her students. Still, just another day with what Skool is. Still, it was actually quieter than usual and not one student started to disrupt the session the teacher was lecturing about.

Somehow, one student was just scribbling on her paper to find ways to mess with her older brother since he used her GameSlave handheld as a tracker to search for paranormal activities. Yet, she was actually planning on doing nothing but watching TV until her stuff gets fixed. That student was named Gaz Membrane and she was considered a force to not be reckoned with. From her youth to teenhood, Gaz was violent, distant, and cruel to others while being antisocial to the world. It was basically how she was and nothing could ever change that.

But as she was near completion of her work, Gaz couldn't help but stare somewhat of an empty desk on her left. Unsure of herself, she was wondering why she would just look at that spot. Gaz knew and it used to belong to a certain green skin-colored teen who has so much ego that it can fill what's left of Dib's big head. She kept thinking about the times that he claims that the planet Earth will be his to conquer. Deep down, she could care less about humanity and its stupid people since she prefers to be alone. That's how she always wanted it that way. Especially since her own dad, Professor Membrane , barely spends any time with his own kids.

Just thinking about it made her think of why a man like him would come ONCE a year to see his own kids while being stuck in the lab EVERYDAY is close enough to make Gaz snap. However, Gaz's anger was put in check as she was literally close to being expelled. The first two were incidents with her brother, but the last one could've been her last time sitting in class. Reason? Gaz couldn't help but...thank Zim for doing so.

Inside, Gaz felt a little surprised to think that Zim, the alien Zim, had done one simple act of gratitude into preventing her from being expelled and having him take the fall. He was giving two weeks of suspension and was given that time to write a 10-page essay about why his past actions were wrong. A bit excessive, but Zim shrugged it off like it was nothing. Someone who helped her out couldn't be all that bad, right? But still, Gaz wanted to know why.

Her thoughts were gone as the bell rang for them to go home and see if anyone can survive the weekend. Jumping out the window, leaping through other students; Gaz must be displeased to why Earth hasn't been invaded yet. And during years of Skool, Gaz has been developing well with her classes and her appearance. Her purple hair was straightened down a little longer without her viper style and grew some inches taller. Her outfit was a baggy hoodie which was black and has a zombie piggy logo on the front, purple shorts, a choker, black/purple fingerless arm sleeves, gray shorts, and black sneakers. Even if she was beautiful, guys knew that they shouldn't cross with Gaz.

Before she would leave, Ms. Bitters stopped her. "Miss Membrane. A word."

"Um...sure." Gaz complied with a confused look as she approached her desk.

"As you may know, I literally don't care about what's going on with my students. But right now, I just want my students to just finish school and get on with their miserable lives. Especially Zim." Gaz raised her eyebrow as Ms. Bitters continued. "I know that weird kid always gets the work done without even trying, but I need you to see what that little creep is doing."

"How come? He seems like he doesn't need to be bothered while he's suspended. And why me?" Gaz asked while folding her arms.

"Because, Ms. Membrane, Zim was suspended while you were this close to getting expelled. I don't know what the real story is, but I suggest you start figuring out this weekend.I don't care; just do it," demanded the teacher as she scurried away into the shadows.

Gaz sighed and knew this was some crazy way to see if Zim was doing something productive while he was out for a while. Still, Gaz was wondering the same thing as to why he defended her. She left the classroom and went straight for the halls to make it to the exit.

While she was walking, the goth girl stared at what appeared to be a locker that was surrounded with yellow 'Caution' tape. Gaz could remember the dent made on it that was the imprint of someone's head. She should know; Gaz made that with someone's head. And that someone was Johnny Moss.

Flashback: 2 Weeks Ago

"Come on, Gaz! Just one time!"

"And for the last time...NO!"

It was the same routine as always for the Membrane siblings as Dib, Gaz's most obsessive paranormal detective, kept egging his little sister into putting a tracker on Zim's PAK. She was wondering how long he was going to follow Zim and trying to expose him as the alien he is. Due to the population of the human race, Gaz couldn't believe how stupid and clueless they are to fall for Zim's cheesy and useless disguise. Sometimes she wonders if she was the ONLY one with a brain.

"Gaz, this is really important for me to finally look at the possibilities of what Zim is planning! It's been weeks now and I know-" DIb was then interrupted with his sister's death stare.

"Dib. Has it ever occurred to you that the alien freak hasn't been doing anything for the past couple of weeks? Not once did he even try to boast about taking over the world and shouting ridiculous crap about some other stuff I don't care about?" Gaz stated while playing her GameSlave 4.

Her brother countered, "But that's what he wanted us to think! So he can plan ahead and get the drop on us and take over!"

Gaz groaned in anger. "My God, you are so pathetic."

"No, I'm doing what's good for mankind." Dib said.

"You idiot. Zim probably realized that his goal was pointless and gave up. If you ask me, it's about time he gave up and just be a sad and pitiful freak." Gaz's words were icy with disdain venom that Dib shuddered. "Now, shut up and let me finish this level."

Dib just sighed in defeat and spoke no more as they walked toward their next class. To be honest, he was also curious as to why Zim wasn't his usual ranting self and not once insulted about his head. Dib, and sometimes Gaz, were noticing that he sits by himself and ACTUALLY enjoying cafeteria food! During skool, ZIm was getting work done and learning more without constant interruptions. Students were actually wondering the sudden change and a few were starting to get to know Zim more.

But the strangest thing is that upon leaving to head home, the alien's arm was changing to a different color. Nearly...human. Dib shrugged it off and thought it would be another way to enslave the Earth. It was only a matter of time.

As the Membranes were walking, they didn't notice the skool's football team players playing around the hallways and tossing the ball around. Torque Smackey, Walter Moore, and Johnny Moss: the top three players and the ones who lead the team to victory with an undefeated streak. Although the best, they tend to be arrogant and cocky with an attitude to boot.

"Yo, Torque! Go long!" Johnny shouted as he was about to make another spiral roll.

"You got it, bro!" He shouted while moving out of the students' way.

Johnny was getting a good aim at how he was going to make the pass to Torque. Walter was coming in hot to get the ball to his friend without a mistake. Once he got the target, Johnny made the shot and tossed the ball. Unfortunately, the aim was slightly off as Torque missed it. But the worst part was that it was gunning straight at Gaz.

"LOOK OUT!" As if something made her turn, Gaz did so and wished she hadn't focused too much of the game. The ball struck her on the arm and caused her to lose her grip on her handheld. It was like time slowly went in effect as her handheld crashed on the hall and smashing it in half.

Silence took over as the students witnessed what appeared to be the end of another student to face the wrath of Gaz Membrane as Johnny knew he screwed up for what he had done. Torque and Walter were thinking differently as they knew what the goth girl is capable of. Hell, Gaz took down half the team and cost their careers. "RUN!"

At that moment, Torque and Walter were already jetting out the building as Johnny was next. Unfortunately, he was snagged by the bottom part of his shirt as he fell down on the ground. Johnny felt a strong aura of death and fear as he slowly took a look behind him to meet Death herself.

Gaz was walking slowly toward the teen as her look was livid and full of rage that even her own brother couldn't protect Johnny from her wrath. Gaz's newest GameSlave handheld was the most expensive thing to save up for. Gaz had saved up more than a year's worth of allowance to purchase the game as it was released. She even took out most of the customers and savagely beat up Iggins so he won't make the same mistake again.

But with just one day, it changed when Johnny was praying for his life.

"P-Please! I-I'm...I'm sorry! I-I-It just slipped; I swear!" Johnny begged as he was trying to crawl out of her path. He never got the chance as he was by the lockers.

Gaz didn't want to hear any more excuses as she grabbed him by the shirt and made him stare into her eyes. "I have saved so much on that game that it was with me for one month. And you, of all the stupid people at this skool, destroyed my handheld."


"No." Gaz's voice was so cold and sinister that Johnny nearly crapped his pants. "No mercy this time. Big mistake to piss me off."

Johnny was squirming around and begging for help. But to no avail, no one, including Dib, would be ever to stop her. Johnny was always the fool to piss her off from the dodgeball incident to the cafeteria meat massacre. But this? This was the final straw and Gaz grabbed him by the back of the head. Johnny was begging and crying for her to stop, but it was too late as Gaz sent his head straight through the locker.

The impact was just painful, but Gaz pulled his head back and shoved it back again with full force! She didn't finish as she grabbed him one last time and delivered a final blow with his head stuck in there. Once she was finished, Gaz looked at the damage she had done and noticed that Johnny was no longer moving. The rage inside her subsided for now and witnessed a bit of blood on the locker.

Gaz turned to see everyone looking at her in horror and fear and knew she seriously messed up the guy. She knew she can be violent, but seeing how Johnny was right now, this made a change of things as her attitude changed from scary to concern. The football player was unable to move a muscle as Gaz tried to pull him out. However, that was the least of her problems.


Everyone turned to see the principal of the skool arriving at the scene to see what was going on. This wasn't the first time she had to deal with Gaz's troublesome attitude towards other students and attacking them for ridiculous reasons. From disturbing her concentration to snapping at others to silence them, the principal was wondering why this goth girl has a problem for nothing at all.

Right now, Principal Adams saw what appears to be Johnny Moss head first inside the locker and was unable to move. Knowing the destruction, she knew who it was easily as Gaz was looking with a twinge of fear. After giving her many warnings, Principal Adams had enough.

"Are you seriously thinking that you have nothing more but an attitude problem?! Because I am getting a headache after constantly getting reports of your actions! What is this about this time, huh?! It better not be about your handheld again!" Principal Adams shouted.

Gaz was about to speak, but knew her words meant nothing after what she did. Her excuses were the same and she couldn't tell the principal what happened. Gaz ignored her GameSlave and decided to say nothing.

"Young lady, this anger streak has been going on too long and you have been doing nothing to change that! And now," Principal Adams pointed to Johnny trying to be freed by his classmates, "Mr. Moss will probably have a concussion and severe injuries that could paralyze him! Is this what you want?!"

Hearing this, Gaz suddenly felt something she never had before in her life: sadness. It also came with guilt knowing that she crossed the line. Even her own brother couldn't save her at this point as she knew he was a human punching bag to her. Gaz was rubbing her arm and looking away while thinking she screwed up big time.

"Gaz, I am very disappointed in you. A smart girl, like you, shouldn't let violence be your answer. But this has gone too far and I need to end it. Once then, I'll inform your father about this and hope he'll do something about this." Principal Adams stated as Gaz knew she was done for. After so many passes of getting away with trouble, the goth girl knew this would be on her permanent record.

Gaz couldn't escape this and knew she would be expelled after what she did to Johnny. She looked to the ground and closed her eyes to hear those words.

"Gazlene Membrane...you are hereby-"


Everyone was shocked to hear someone making an outburst as they turned to see who made a scene. Gaz looked to see, surprisingly, the sworn enemy her brother feared the most: Zim! During the time he was on Earth, he was becoming much taller and a little...quiet. The only thing that was strange about him was that his hair was emo and a bit long with a spiky look. His clothes were a surprise as Zim had on a black long-sleeved undershirt with a black vest, blue jeans, and black shoes.

"ZIm? What on Earth are you-" Principal Adams was then interrupted.

"Don't go blaming on Gaz for doing something that was never her fault to begin with! Hell, I don't think it's wise to get rid of her so easily since she has the highest IQ in this place." Zim stated.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't expel her right now." Principal Adams replied with her arms folded.

Zim shrugged and answered, "Easy: I dared and paid Johnny Moss to piss off Gaz so I can try to see what he'll do to her. And yet, I got a good show."

Everyone, including Gaz, were shocked that Zim would have the absolute insane mind to do something mad to piss off the most dangerous goth girl around. One, however…

"YOU BASTARD!" Dib shouted in rage as he looked at Zim, who didn't even care. "I knew you were up to something! Why my sister, huh?! Maybe to have her join your conquest or-"

"Dib, stop. If you were a good brother, why didn't you try to defend your own sister as she was close to being expelled?" Zim said calmly.

At that moment, Dib was speechless to hear that. Why didn't he try to defend Gaz? His own flesh and blood? He was standing in the crowd and watching Gaz nearly kill someone and getting in trouble. And he didn't do anything to stop it.

Gaz was stunned to believe this from Zim, but just blurting out something like taking the blame? Surely this had to be a prank! Or some weird way for Zim to do something crazy. Before she could say anything, Principal Adams spoke to Zim.

"Zim! You better not be lying about this, because if you are just to save this girl-"

"Principal, you must be absolutely dumb as hell to think so much of this than going back to your office and watching gay porno in your office." Zim said with a smile.

Eyes were open and the principal was shocked from Zim's outburst. "WHAT?!"

"It must've explained why you have been lonely and so frustrated to not feel a man that you let your rage out on students. Kinda feel bad for ANY man that will go out with you." Zim chuckled lightly.

Principal Adams was full-on livid and gave Zim an angry look. "MY OFFICE! FIVE MINUTES! GRAB YOUR STUFF! NOW!" The woman left as this left Gaz and the students to reflect on what just happened! Zim just downright owned the principal and just took the blame for Gaz's incident. He even did it in a calm demeanor.

Zim decided to end the tension and approach what appeared to be his locker that Johnny was in. Thinking it would be impossible to get him out, but everyone was shocked again to see Zim pulling Johnny out and putting him down by the wall to relax. His face was bloodied and suffered a black eye with a busted jawline. Knowing this, ZIm pulled out something from his busted locker and got some weird gel.

He applied it to the wounds and let it sit there until help arrived. Zim got a few people to help Johnny up to the nurse's office and he was getting some stuff out. Gaz couldn't just stand there and demanded answers.

"Zim!" Gaz shouted. "What were you thinking?!"

He answered, "By what?"

"You basically just snitched your way to trouble and somehow prevented Principal Adams from punishing me! Is all of that true?! Did you pay Moss to bother me for no reason?!" Gaz asked while getting angrier.

Zim sighed and replied, "Do you really want me to answer that?"

"Yes, Zim! You better tell me or I will-"

"I lied." Gaz stopped after hearing that from him.

"You...what?" She asked.

"I lied." Zim answered while getting his stuff out of the locker.

"What you said was...a lie?" Zim nodded as she continued. "But...why?"

"Beside our principal being on weird stuff, I just lied about making a deal with Johnny. Like I would ever deal with that moron. I just wanted to find a way to leave skool for a bit so I can relax my mind and not worry about teachers and such. And since opportunity came knocking, I decided to make a move and go for it." Zim looked at Gaz. "And...you being in trouble was my way of making sure you won't get kicked out here because of his foolishness. So I took the fall for you."

Throughout her whole life, Gaz never expected anyone to do something like this for her and Zim, out of all people, would just take her punishment and let her continue her education. She was unable to say more until she saw Zim leaving. "Wait!"

Zim stopped to turn around and answered, "Yes?"

Gaz took a deep breath and decided to ask, "Why, Zim? Why would you save me from my actions?"

Zim shrugged. "Out of all the students here, you seem to gain more from here than anyone else. You stay to yourself and try to make it during the day to just be alone and ignore stupidity. Although you are constantly angry, you can't blame yourself for that. You need the education and make it out of here. Plus...I thought it would be nice to help a friend out."

"Wow." Gaz stated softly as she rubbed her arm. "You...think of me...as a friend?"

Zim nodded with a smile. "If you want me to." He then spotted Gaz's GameSlave handheld that was broken and picked it up for her. "Um...you still wanna have this? It can probably get fixed easily."

Gaz looked at her handheld and thought how her life was within that game. Thinking back, it was nothing but her own distraction and she wasted her time just playing a simple game and it cost her to graduate.

Gaz shook her head and pushed the broken game to Zim. "Keep it."

Zim raised an eyebrow and asked, "Are you sure? You never pass on this."

"I just...need to be away from technology for a bit." Gaz spoke softly while looking away.

Zim was curious to what made her turn down her favorite handheld like that and asked why. But now, he was needed at the principal's office to see what his punishment would be. Gaz was the only student left in the halls as DIb and the students left her alone to clear her head. She never knew how this day would go and she was feeling different when Zim said she was his friend. And helping someone out. Gaz looked at the direction to where Zim was going and curious to know why he considered her a friend. A real one.

"Did you mean that, Zim…?" Gaz spoke to herself and went straight for the exit to head home.

Flashback Ends

That day still haunts her with that moment and felt a bit bad that Zim got suspended because of her and Johnny Moss was in the hospital for surgery. Zim was getting a new locker when he returned, but the incident plagued her mind. Why would he save her? Why not get her expelled? Gaz wanted to know more and thought it would be the moment to get answers from him.

"Well...it wouldn't hurt to try and see how he's doing." Gaz stated as she headed out of the Skool and headed towards the only place to see the former invader.


Disclamor: I do not own Invader Zim