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Thalia's POV

My dear cousin Neek's and my brother's eyes popped out of his sockets after hearing my plan. Jason, being the ever so disciplined one said, "You sure you want to bring this plan into action? It could anger the gods! Think again and be grateful Leo isn't here, otherwise your plan would have angered the gods even before you bringing it into action." "Seriously Jason? You need to cool down! What can the gods do to us when the fates themselves won't allow any maiming or killing? And you should be the grateful one, as you are the first member in our pranking club without even being the victim of our pranks once!" I smirked when Nico shuddered at the thought of his first time being the victim of our pranks.

Jason, looked like he wanted to argue but he stopped, a small smile played on my lips after seeing him being a little brother again. "So!" I said, "Let's get working! And also tell Leo, Piper, Frank and Hazel to come in the guest room!" "Hey, how do we know where the guestroom is and how do you know where the guest room is?" Asked Jason. "I did come here a lot and well, being the lieutenant of Artemis has its perks. And oh yeah, listen Death Breath, bring Rachel and Grover too! It's gonna be one of the best pranks ever executed on Olympus!" I said. But then we heard a loud cough behind us, I turned around to see Apollo and Hermes behind us. "If it really is gonna be 'one of the best pranks executed in Olympus' then it won't be complete until me, Apollo and Hephaestus aren't a part of the prank!" Hermes said. His voice so painfully familiar to Luke that i had to try real hard not to let my emotions get the best of me. It turned out that hiding my emotions was no use as Jason and Nico were giving me the look.

Jason's POV

I was very worried for Thalia, because I knew the expression on her face. It was hurt. If she hears me saying this, she will probably brush it off, something inside me told me that she won't tell the truth of the hurt a long time and that I should give her some space to deal with this. Then my gaze went to Nico Di Angelo's face. Seeing the expression in his eyes, he also saw the the expression on Thalia's face, but unlike me, he knew the backstory of the hurt. My train of thoughts didn't go on very long as Piper and Leo came over to me, their faces screaming delight. "Hey guys, seems like you finally got to know about the prank!" said Lord Hermes with full enthusiasm. "Hey, where are Rachel and Grover?" I inquired. "Grover is suffering to the whole empathy link you know, Rachel is there helping him. Piper and I offered to stay, but Grover brushed it off saying it wasn't much as their empathy link is growing weak through the actions of Tartarus." Leo said. "Well, Goat Boy won't be very happy, no matter how much pain he feels; Percy is his best bro." Said my one and only awesome sister.

( SpongeBob narrator voice, "Next Morning" )WARNING: Usage of extremely lame pranks.

Third Person POV

Next morning was a disaster. Aphrodite was getting mad that no one had liked or commented on her fabulous pic on instagram. She didn't know that just last night, the sneaky God of thrives with the help of Jason and Leo had changed her settings from public viewing to personal viewing.

Athena also didn't know that the fake spiders that made her scream like a really high-pitched scream, were made by the hard work of Nico and Thalia and they were placed near the lamp by Piper and Rachel. ( Not to mention, Poseidon's smirk was the beginning of another dam war between Athena and Poseidon. )

Leo's POV

Zeus who was pretty bored because of the author's lame pranks, simply said, " Let's go back and see whatever's left of the boy's life." Grover, who felt really nervous for some reason was hastily shaking his head as if saying 'no', was ignored by Zeus. I felt a pang of hurt, if the Gods treated satyrs like that, then how would they treat other half-bloods? A disturbing thought came to my mind, "Did dad also ignored my mum, while she was on her way t- to heaven?" I glanced at my dad, a sad smile was on his face, I think I knew what it meant. He loved her but sometimes for people to remain safe, you have to let go. Didn't we all see how Zeus was ready to blast Perce after knowing he was Poseidon's son? At this thought, a plan clicked into my mind, a plan that can defeat Geae.

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