Letter to a Soldier, Part I

By: Hotaru

Notes: Basically, this is all of Resident Evil Ø, just with added dialogue, thoughts and stuff like that.

There will be story after ward, but there are a few chapters with game dialogue, and such. You can

skip it and wait for new chapters, but you might as well read it. Thankies!

--July 21st 6:00 P.M.--

After graduating college at the age of eighteen, Rebecca Chambers was recruited by a man named

Enrico Marini to join his Special Tactics And Rescue Squad's (or, S.T.A.R.S. for short) Raccoon City Division.

Rebecca hadn'tgiven him an answer, of course. What do you really say to a stranger who approaches you while you're

waiting for the train? He gave her a number to reach him at, and made her promise to think seriously

about joining him. Her parents would object, naturally. They were such worriers.

Truth be told, Rebecca didn't have any plans after graduation. She took all the medical courses she

could in school to avoid going to college for a decade of her life. "If you're going to be a doctor,

Rebecca, you need to go to college." She didn't know how many times her father chastized her about

her apprehension towards college. More than she would have liked, of course.

Currently, she was sitting in her room, slumped over her desk, fingering the card Enrico Marini had given

her. She had just had a fight with her parents, again, and chose to lock herself away for the remainder

of the evening. /What's the harm in calling? I promised him I'd think about it../ Biting her lip, Rebecca

picked up her phone and dialed in the phone number. It rang a few times before someone finally picked


"Ah..hi. Um..is ah, Mr. Marini there, please?" Rebecca asked nervously.

"Enrico? Sure, just a sec." The voice replied. Rebecca glanced back at her door, making sure it was

locked. She didn't need her parents coming in while she was on the phone, with a guy.

"Who is this?" A voice, presumably Enrico's, asked.

"This is Rebecca Chambers. You said you wanted to recruit me?"

"Ah, I'm glad to hear from you. So, have you made any decisions?"

"..Well...yes and no. I'd like to join you. It's better than working at a hospital, which is what I'd be

doing most likely, and I'd like a little action now that school's over and done with."

"So what's holding you back then?" Enrico asked.

"My parents. My dad wants me to take up the family practice and become a doctor. And my

mom..she'd take care of me until the day I died, if she could. She's so...worrysome. I haven't even

thought up what I would say to them." Rebecca replied.

"That _is_ a dilemma."

"I don't even know how to approach them about this."

"Well, what's their opinion about cops? That's basically what we are, you know."

"My mom's brother is a cop, and she has a lot of respect for him. I guess my dad does too." Rebecca


"Well then there shouldn't be a problem then. Just tell them you're going to take the cop test, and let

them know you're assigned to a special division due to your special abilities." Enrico said simply.

"I guess that could work. Alright. I'll talk to them tonight, and call you once I get an answer." Rebecca


"Talk to you soon."


Hanging up the phone, Rebecca sighed. She wanted to tell her parents about this, but it wasn't exactly

wise to bring up a controvertial topic just after a fight. Either way, dinner time would be the best time to

tell them.

"Rebecca! Dinner's ready!"

/What timing./ Rebecca thought, before pushing her chair out from under her desk, and standing up.

Taking a breath, she opened the door and headed downstairs. /Chicken and pasta. How ordinary./

Sitting down at her designated seat, Rebecca stared at the table waiting for her plate of food that her

mother insisted on serving.

"Have you heard anything from the places you applied at?" Her father asked, looking up from the

evening paper. Truth be told, she already was contacted about her applications. The hospital declined,

a pharmaceutical company was interested and willing to take her on, and the paramedic's respectivly


"Yeah." Rebecca answered, grabbing her fork.


"No one was interested in hiring me. But actually, I've found something else to apply for."

"Oh? And what's that, dear?" Her mother interrupted, sitting down at the table.

Pausing, she looked back and forth at the two. Her mother leaned forward eagerly, and her father sat

still, newspaper poised in his hands. "I'm going to take cop test." Rebecca said finally.

"To become a police officer?" Her father questioned, turning his ear toward her.

"Yeah. They said they'd be really eager to have a medic on board. All I have to do is pass the test."

"But, Rebecca..you never displayed an interest when hearing your Uncle Bill's old stories. Why the

sudden interest?" Her mother asked.

"Because, Deb, she's not interested in taking up the family practice and she wants to find a way around

it. Using your brother as a decoy.." Her father answered.

Rebecca placed her elbow on the table, and rested her chin on her hand. "Peter, maybe you just need

to just accept the fact that Rebecca's going down a different path than you are." Deb Chambers


"Then why did she bother telling them she was medically trained?" Peter asked.

"Why do you talk about it me as if I'm not even here?" Rebecca interrupted. Her parents looked at her

with a sad expression. "Can I just take the test and see if I'm even qualified? This is something I want to

do. Why can't that be enough for you?"

And that ended it. Dinner was quiet, until her parents began a discussion about work. Rebecca excused

herself quietly, and went up to her room. Picking up the phone, she dialed in Enrico Marini's number.

"It's Rebecca Chambers again. I need to speak with Mr. Marini." She said, wondering who kept

picking up the phone.

"Sure, one sec. Enrico! Phone for you!"

"Rebecca?" Enrico half-guessed.

"You got it. Well, I talked to my parents."


"Well, there was a lot of...talking, but basically, I told them I'd take the test, and we'd take it from

there. So when can I take it?" Rebecca asked eagerly.

"Whenever it's good for you." Enrico answered.

"Well...seeing how I don't have a job, I'm free all the time. My dad sometimes makes he help him at his

office, but that rarely happens." Rebecca said.

"Good then. I'll schedule you in. Come by the station around ten tomorrow morning, I'll meet you out

front, and I'll take you to the testing center."

"Great. I'll be there. Thank you, Mr. Marini."

"Please, call me Enrico. See you tomorrow Bec."

"Alright. Bye."


--July 22nd 1998 9:30 A.M.--

The next day, Rebecca woke up a half hour later than she intended to. Screaming in frustration, she

slammed her fist down on her alarm clock radio and jumped out of bed. She charged into the

bathroom, brushed her teeth and jumped in the shower. /This is going to be the worst first impression

ever./ She cringed, while hastilly cleaning herself. There was no time to blow dry her hair, so she pulled

on a hat to keep it in place as long as possible. Pulling on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and sweater, she

grabbed her shoes and ran downstairs.

"Rebecca! What's gotten into you?" Her mother exclaimed, jumping as her daughter skidded into the


"I'm running late for..something important. Grab me a yogurt from the fridge, please!" Rebecca replied,

pulling her shoes on, not bothering to untie, and re-tie the laces.

"Oh...okay. How long will you be gone? Your father mentioned needing your help at the office today.."

"Not today, mom. Thanks, gotta run. Bye!" She grabbed the yogurt and spoon from her mother, tossed

it into her bag, and ran out the door. The train station was a little ways away, and the train only came

twice an hour.

/Shit...it's already ten to ten! I hope they won't hold this against me/ Rebecca thought, pumping her legs

faster as she neared the train station. Stopping to catch her breath, Rebecca leaned against a fence. "I

guess..this is good training.." She huffed. Turning around, she paused to listen for the train. "...There it

is." Breaking into a fast run, she flew up the hill, and charged down the stairs, nearly crashing into a

garbage can. Panting like a dog in summer, Rebecca climbed onto the train, and collapsed into a seat.

A few people stared at her, but went back to what they were doing a moment later. Glancing at her

watch, she sighed. Five to ten. She might make it. Pulling her water and yogurt from her pack, she ate

her breakfast. Exiting the train, she tossed her garbage into a nearby can and headed to the police

station. She jogged the rest of the way, and nearly crashed while going up the stairs to the station. A

pair of feet greeted her as she reached the top. Raising her head, Rebecca looked up and smiled.

"Sorry I'm late, Enrico. My alarm clock must be busted or something." She apologized.

"Don't worry about it, kid. Let's get inside." Enrico replied, patting her back. He felt her heart racing,

which you can't normally do from behind. "Are you okay?" He questioned.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. I just sort of ran all the way here." Rebecca answered, hoping her heart would slow

down before she had to make it pump again.

"At least you're dedicated. You want a moment to rest before we begin?"

Rebecca looked up at the elder man, and shook her head no. She couldn't show any signs of weakness

on her first day. "Good. Let's go."

The test was vigorous. Running, chasing, tackling, climbing over fences, through small crevices. Her

"criminals" weren't easy on her either. They punched like they meant it. Rebecca never did quit though.

She didn't want to be stuck in a stupid doctor's office, filing things for the rest of her life.

By the time the test was over, she was bruised, scraped, cut and dead tired. "Okay, good job Rebecca.

Honestly, I didn't think you'd make it this far. I'm proud of ya." Enrico said, handing her a bottle of cold

water. She unscrewed the cap, and chugged half of it down.

"Thanks, Enrico. I didn't want to disappoint you and I really want this job. Can you tell me now if I

made it or not?" Rebecca answered.

"If you made it? Hell! You put some of us guys to shame!" A man exclaimed, appearing from a room.

Rebecca's eyes widened. /People were watching me?/

"Hey, speak for yourself, Redfield." Another man grinned.

Enrico turned to the group of people forming behind him. "What are you all doing here?" He asked.

"Wesker told us you were recruiting someone. You didn't expect us to sit around and miss this did

you?" A female asked. Sighing, Enrico turned back to Rebecca.

"Rebecca, these are the individuals that compose the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha and Bravo teams. Chris

Redfield, Alpha's marksman. Forest Speyer, Bravo's vehicle's specialist. And the lovely Jill Valentine,

the brains of the group." Enrico said, introducing people in the order they spoke.

"Ah, nice to meet you all. I didn't know anyone else would be watching me." Rebecca said bashfully.

"Well you have nothing to worry about. Never seen a girl run like you. Joseph Frost, a pleasure." A

man in a bandana stepped forward, extending his hand. Rebecca shook it nervously. She'd never seen

so many people interested in her before.

"Okay, everyone. Becca here needs to get home and rest after making you all look like shit." Enrico


"Hey kid, need a ride?" A man, Chris, asked. Rebecca was about to decline, when she realized that her

legs were like puddy.

"Yeah, sure. Thanks." She said gratefully. Standing up from her chair, Rebecca grabbed her pack. "So,

did I make it?" She asked, turning to Enrico.

"Sure did. You did great today. I'll call you later on tonight, and we can discuss the specifics.

Congratulations." Her replied with a smile.

Grinning, Rebecca turned to Chris. "I made it!" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, I am standing withing listening distance. Congratulations." Chris replied with a smile. After saying

their goodbye's, Chris and Rebecca headed out of the police station towards the parking lot. Rebecca

didn't really know what to talk about, so she remained silent.

"So what got you interested in joining S.T.A.R.S.?" Chris asked, unlocking his car, and climbing into

the driver's seat.

"The idea of working for my dad wasn't exactly appealling. And neither was going to college and med

school to do something I didn't want to do." Rebecca replied, buckling herself in.

"Ah, I see. Everyone's always looking for a little excitement." Chris grinned knowingly, pulling out into

the street. "You're gonna have to give me directions here."

"Oh, right. Um...just take a right when you get to the train station. It's pretty much a straightaway from

there. Anyway, my dad was really pissed off when I told him about this. But I guess he realized that he

can't make all the decisions for me." Rebecca answered.

"Yeah. How old are you?"

"Eighteen. But he treats me like I'm still a kid! I just wish I could be on my own for awhile, away from

his protection, if you can understand that."

"Sure. You're a rebellious teen lookin' for excitement. I know the feeling."

"Well, I wouldn't say rebellious. I do as I'm told, and I'm not irresponsible. I just want to be

independant." Rebecca corrected him.

"You sound like my sister. Except she hardly listens to me." Chris replied with a chuckle.

"Turn left here."

"Ah, you're close by. That's good."

"Yeah. Not too far from the train station. Although it seems like miles when you're running as fast as

you can."

"Speaking of which, you did really good today."

"Really?..I'm glad...you can pull over here. My house is right up ahead."

Chris pulled the car into an empty spot and killed the engine. "Well, welcome aboard, I guess." He said


"Thanks. I hope I can fit in. Is everyone really older than me?" Rebecca asked. She knew Enrico was a

lot older, but everyone else seemed to be in their prime.

"Depends on who you're talking about. I'm 25, Jill's 23, Forest is...29 I think. Everyone is pretty much

in their twenties. So, not really."

"That's good. Well, thanks for the ride home. I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yeah, see you tomorrow."

Rebecca climbed out of the car and waved, before jogging towards her house. Chris waited to make

sure she got in, before driving away. Pushing the front door open, Rebecca stumbled into her house

tiredly. "Rebecca! Where have you been all this time? It's already dark out." Her mother remarked

from the kitchen.

"I was at the police station, remember?" Rebecca said irritatedly, opening the refrigerator door looking

for something to eat.

"Honey, I'm cooking dinner. Don't spoil your appetite." Her mother continued. Sighing angrilly,

Rebecca slammed the door closed. "Rebecca! What has gotten in to you?!"

"I'm hungry, mom! All I had to eat today was yogurt and water. And it's only five o'clock. Eating

something now isn't going to ruin my appetite."

Looking up, Deborah Chambers crossed her arms. "Your father is actually going to be home for dinner

today, and I'd like it if we could have a pleasant meal for once. There are fruit snacks in the cupboard,

if you're _that_ hungry, but we'll be eating in an hour or so, so wash up okay?" She said sternly.

Grumbling, Rebecca went into the cupboard and grabbed a pack of fruit snacks. They weren't even

good fruit snacks.

Kicking off her shoes, she drudged up to her room and collapsed onto her bed. /I ran my hardest

today. I fought off those people as if they were really going to kill me, and I barely survived. Do I really

have what it takes to be a member of S.T.A.R.S.?/ She ate the little fruit-flavored dinosaurs quickly,

before hobbling to the shower.