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After witnessing and experiencing the terrifying limbo world that is Silent Hill. Heather decides to change back her name to Cheryl and moves on from all the horrors she faced. Even killing a god "destined to save the world". Sounds like a lie. But before finally having a normal life she visited her father's grave. She may not be religious but at least she has more respect for them than some damn psycho cult.

While walking there, The only one she saw was a young man probably the same age as her sitting on a bench. She then arrives on her Father's tombstone paying respects to him. "Well Dad, It's going to be fine. They won't be trying to hunt me down. Maybe for now." She touched the tombstone hoping that he'll rest easy in a better paradise. An actual paradise that's not some hellhole the order preaches.

After that, She proceeds to sit next to the young man on the bench. He had a blank face showing zero expression. Not bored but probably depressed

"Hey you don't mind if i sit here do you?" The blonde girl appears to him wanting to sit down. "Yeah sure i guess..." he replied. Then there was a moment of silence until he starts to talk again. "So, uhhh...are you visiting your dad or something?" He asked while guessing if it was her dad. "You got that right, What about you?" She asked. "Well i'm visiting my mom, She died from cancer." He answered with a sad expression. "I see...Well my Dad got stabbed by some creep" She answered back. "Whoa! He got what!?" His expressionless face starts to shift into a shocked face.

"Crap, I don't think i should shout like that at a graveyard. I don't wanna disturb the dead" Said the young man. "Sorry, I couldn't help but noticed that you feel too down maybe show some feelings a bit please?" While she said that she did feel it was a bad idea telling the way how her father died like that feels a bit disrespectful. "Well whatever you did wasn't funny, can't believe i had to say that loudly at the graveyard, But why start the conversation all the sudden" He replied.

"Well i do feel alone right now since i lost the only family i had, but then again he wasn't my real dad and i never knew much about my real parents" She said. "Well at least it seems like we've got something in common, Well the deceased parents thing not the adopted parent thing, anyway it was nice talking to you, Thanks for the pep talk!" He leaves with a somewhat happier face but before he does she asks.

"What's your name?" Then he answered "(Y/N)(L/N)" "Nice to meet you (Y/N), I'm Heath... Umm...Cheryl...Cheryl Mason, Say you think you wanna hang out again?" Cheryl then asks him another question. "Hang on are you just flirting with me?" Asked (Y/N). "I dunno? Maybe i am? Got a phone number?" She asks. "What about we settle this in a cafe and then i'll give you my number" Said (Y/N). "Sounds like a date! Let's go!" The two of them leave and head to a good cafe

"Mom, I don't know what you did to me, But me visiting your grave and meeting a girl like her is the best thing i've ever done." (Y/N) thought to himself

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