Post GOF. A.U. During summer Dumbledore approaches Harry to discuss matters. Harry must start advanced training to fight Voldemort and build his army of friends and allies with help of his godfather and OC.


Harry Potter way lying in his bed at number four Privet Drive thinking about the events of past fortnight- Cedric dying, Voldemort's resurrection, his duel with Voldemort, Barty Crouch Junior. It was almost a week since he had returned from Hogwarts.

"BOY!" bellowed his uncle. "Come down here this instant"

Groaning Harry went to the kitchen. "Yes Uncle".

"Go and clean the car."

"Ok uncle Vernon". Vernon raised an eyebrow at the lack of argument but said nothing. Harry quietly went outside and started to clean the car. After sometime Dudley came towards him and softly said "Harry." If Harry hadn't seen his lips move he would have thought someone else had called him.

Raising an eyebrow he said "Yes Dudley."

"I-I wanted a bit of help, Harry."

"What help Dudley?" enquired harry suspiciously. "We have a summer project of Gardening. It's an optional subject at Smelting's which I opted for. We have to plant three plants and care for them. The problem is that I never paid attention to it. Can you help me?"

"Ok. Where do you want to do it?"

"I have bought three pots for it and soil and manure. They are in my bedroom."

Harry followed him soundlessly in his room and helped him pot the plants and told him to water it and then went back to his room to lie down. Seeing Cedric die had changed him. He felt that it was his fault. Suddenly there was a flash of flames and Dumbledore's phoenix appeared.

"Lo' Fawkes" the phoenix was carrying a letter in its beak. Harry took it and started reading.

Dear Harry,

I wanted to know how you are doing. I hope you are well. Seeing a death of a friend is always painful. I know it. I would tell you again. That night you showed bravery beyond anything I could have expected of you. But now we are at war, a war which many thought had ended when the killing curse rebounded. You need to prepare and so do your friends. There are several things you need to know and prepare for.

Be ready on Sunday. No need for your trunk or anything. Just your wand and your invisibility cloak. I will meet you at 10 AM at Arbella Figg's house. You will return to your house by 10 PM.

Yours Sincerely

Albus Dumbledore.

Sunday… means tomorrow! Harry thought to himself. I better inform the Dursleys that I won't be there tomorrow from 10AM to 10PM.

Thinking this he went downstairs. He saw that his aunt was preparing dinner. "Aunt Petunia, tomorrow I have to go somewhere. I won't be here for lunch and dinner." His aunt merely nodded.

The next day he left privet drive and headed to Mrs. Figg's house. He rang the doorbell and Arbella Figg opened the door. "Yes Harry. Come in." Harry entered and sat on the sofa. At exactly 10 AM there was a pop and Dumbledore appeared. "Good morning Harry, Arbella." He greeted them.

"Would you like some tea Albus before you leave?" asked Arbella. "Alas! I would have loved it but we are in a bit hurry. Next time Arbella. Harry Hold this. It is a portkey." Dumbledore said giving him the end of a rope. As soon as he touched it he felt a jerk behind his navel and moments later found himself in the headmaster's office at Hogwarts. It was as he remembered. But besides him and the headmaster there was another boy standing near the desk. He seemed almost as old as Harry and had black hair and Brown eyes. He radiated a power of authority and confidence.

"Good morning grand-godfather. Hello Harry." He greeted kindly. "I am Robert, Robert Anderson. Your Headmaster is the god father of my father. It's a pleasure to meet you" Robert said Shaking Harry's Hand.

"Yes Harry. Apart from all this he is a very powerful wizard and has several rare abilities. He will guide you in certain areas for the starting. Then soon I myself will take over. As I had written to you in the letter, we are at war. So we have started preparing for it. I myself have revived the group which I had founded during the first war known as the order of phoenix. We have started keeping track of what Voldemort and his followers are doing. Currently He is keeping a low head and not doing anything. I assume he is also gathering forces."

Harry was impressed that professor Dumbledore had answered all of his questions without asking.

"Do you have any questions Harry?"

Harry thought for a moment and said "Yes sir. Two. One why was Voldemort after me when I was a toddler and what is the further plan."

"Robert will answer your second question in detail as Robert and I have discussed beforehand. For your first question, it was due to a prophecy. It summarises that you are the one who will defeat him with help of the ones you love. The exact wording is:"

The one with the power to defeat the dark lord approaches

Born as the seventh month dies

Born to those who have thrice defied him

The dark lord will mark him his equal

Innumerable times shall the dark lord try to kill him

Yet every time he shall survive.

With the aid of those he love

And the one he despises

He will bring the world to peace

The one with the power to defeat the dark lord approaches

Born as the seventh month dies"

Harry carefully heard the prophecy and thought over it. He would bring the downfall of Voldemort with his friends, family and someone he despises.

"Harry, Voldemort only knows a part of the prophecy. Precisely till the 'thrice defied him' part. Now sorry harry but I have to leave. If you have any questions you can ask Robert or me when I return to take you. Now unfortunately I have to run a few errands." Harry had forgotten that Robert was still there until Dumbledore mentioned him. "One more thing Harry, you can trust Robert like you trust Miss Granger and Mr. Weasly. Good day to you." Saying so he left by the floo.

Robert smiled at him and said "You must be thinking why I am so special to train you despite I am as the same age as you." Harry nodded. "It is because I have extremely powerful magic and have rare abilities like I can almost do anything I think. In that way I have even invented a few spells, also I am a trained strategist, master legilimens and occlumens, a multiple animagus, trained in healing and duelling by Dumbledore and aurors themselves. Currently, as my grand godfather says, I can give the auror entrance and get the job easily." He smiled.

Harry was flabbergasted. How can someone become so many things, some he had not even heard about. "So you will train me?" harry asked.

"No. I will help you fight Voldemort. Now lets get to work." Saying so he waved his hand and conjured a blackboard and a chalk.

Harry gasped, " You – you did wandless magic."

"I can do it quite easily because of 5 years of practice. I will also teach you. It is very useful in fights. I learnt all this at my home. I will tell you during lunch about myself. But first I have to do what I am told. I promise to answer all your questions once I finish with the plan of action. Also here is a surprise for you. He said, "Padfoot"

From the headmaster's desk a large black rushed towards him, changed into his godfather and hugged him.

"Sirius!" he exclaimed breaking from the hug. "Hey Pronglet" Sirius said ruffling his hair.

"Harry, Sirius please take your seats and listen to the plan"