Hollow is he who walks the path of revenge for the satisfaction will never be enough to fill the void left behind...

- April 1st, 2011 -

"Tony! Wake up, It's time for school mijo!" The shout was accompanied by the banging on his door which eventually dragged Antonio Santiago out of his strange dream. Recently he had been getting weird dreams and now he was dreaming about some giant worm thing In space?

He really needed to stop smoking the good shit before going to sleep.


"I'm up Ma, I'll be down soon!" Tony called back as he slowly got out of bed. Only to immediately stub his toe on the wheel of his computer seat. "Ah! Puta madre!"

"Que me dijiste!?"

"I wasn't talking to you Ma, I hit my toe on my chair!" Tony shouted as he limped over to his bathroom. "Fucking shit." He groaned as he leaned against his counter and rubbed his pinky toe.

After a moment he sighed and made for the shower only slip on some haphazardly discarded boxers that nearly caused him to faceplant the toilet but he was fortunately able to catch himself and only banged his knee on the tile on the way down.

Rolling on his side, ignoring the pain in both his pinky and now knee he could only look up at the bright light which was slowly starting to burn. "I hate Mondays..."


After another awkward breakfast with his parents where his mom startling harassing him about being out so late yet again while his father just quietly sat there reading the paper.

He didn't really say much of anything anymore, not since his dishonorable discharge where he was blamed for the death of his Seal team last year. Anyone with eyes could see that dad re-lived that time every once in a while and how quickly he's falling from the earnest and fun father he once knew to the depressed alcoholic he was now.

Meanwhile mom just tried her best to keep the family together as the bills started to pile up and we all drifted apart. Tony really did love his parents but his mom was starting to suffocate him causing him to pull away more and more and remembering how his father used to be just made it harder to watch his father die a little more inside every passing day.

Pulling his bike from the garage he paused seeing the tarp covered motorcycle that belonged to his dad. His father loved his bike and always kept it well maintained, even teaching him how to ride it after expressing his interest and said that it would be his graduation present.

Ever since his discharge though his father never bothered with it so Tony made sure to keep it clean and well-maintained in his stead. He looked down feeling a pang of pain before pushing it away, the last thing he needed was to also start getting depressed.

Opening the side-door to the garage he pushed out his bicycle and locked the door behind him before slinging his backpack on and taking off for school. "Ugh..."


"Fucking... SHIT!" Tony yelled as he kicked at the frame of his bike while now sported a flat front tire. Not only that but his shirt now had grass-stains all over it from went he went ass over end after the wheel popped.

Sighing deeply he reached into his right jean pocket to reach for his phone only to meet an empty pocket. "What?" He always kept his phone in that pocket. Quickly patting himself down he found nothing, opening his backpack revealed nothing, it was only a faint glimmer that caught his eye as the shattered screen of his new - not even a month old - iPhone 4 that his parents splurged on for his birthday lay broken on the sidewalk. "SON OF A BITCH!"

He didn't pay any of the assholes looking at him funny any mind as he ran over to the broken phone, trying to boot it up only to get nothing but a black screen. "God dammit... mom's gonna kill me."

His family barely had any money as it was and yet his mom still got him the phone he had wanted since it came out last year, setting aside a little bit of her minimum wage paycheck every week just to save up for the needlessly expensive phone.

He grit his teeth in frustration, fists clenching subconsciously as the broken glass dug into his hand. Tony only registered the pain in his hand a moment later when he saw the blood. Stuffing the phone into his pocket he pulled the bandana out of his back pocket and wrapped up his hand and picked up the frame of his bike as he now had to walk the rest of the way to Winslow High.

Can this fucking day get any worse?


"Tony, I'm breaking up with you." His girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, Julia said to him during lunch break.

Tony looked shocked for a moment before a sly grin came across his lips "Ah, you got me, April fool's day right?"

She sighed and shook her head. "No Tony, I can't date you anymore, you're hanging out with Merchants more and more and I don't want to be associated with any of that druggie shit! It's bad enough you smoke pot but I'm actually planning of making something of myself, not ending up from crackwhore on the street." Julia told him heatedly.

Tony's eyes narrowed "Julia you know damn well why I have to still hand out with those guys. I'm Mexican, that means that Empire and ABB automatically hate me on principle and without Merchant back-up I can't even walk into certain parts of town!"

Julia glared at him "It's not just that Tony, do you know how many times you've stood me up because you went to go get high with your 'homies'? I don't like what you're turning into Tony... I'm sorry, but I can't be with you anymore."


"Well, well, well," A pompous voice started saying from behind him making him instantly turn around and reach for his back pocket where he kept a pair of brass knuckles. "Look what we have here boys, some beaner is hassling this poor white woman. How about we teach this fucking wetback his place?"

"Julia get out of here." He whispered as he stared down the three 'Youth' members. "The fuck do you baby-nazis want!?" Tony asked aggressively as he visibly armed himself with his knuckles. The sharp pain in his right hand reminded him that it was still all cut up so he would need to be careful not to aggravate the wound any more than he already had.


"Go!" He whispered harshly, his glare intensifying as the three assholes ogled his girl. "Hey fuckbois my eyes are up here, now I'm going to give you guys one chance to fuck off because if not then I have a whole lot of frustration to work off."

Seeing the girl run off one of the nazis tried to catch her only to catch a flying knee to the side courtesy of Tony followed by and punch to the kidney which brought the skinhead to his knees crying out in pain.

"You fucker!" The third Youth rushed him, knife in hand only for Tony to easily side-step the sloppy stab and rewarded it with a jab to the sternum and a gut shot with his off-hand which dropped that nazi.

Seeing his two friends on the floor the last nazi, the leader backed up and then ran away. "You'll pay for this you filthy beaner!" He shouted as he ran.

Antonio scowled at his retreating back. He recognized that one, Joey Meadows. A lot of bark, no bite. Only thing worse than a nazi was a cowardly one.

Quickly leaving the site of the fight he stashed his brass knuckles behind a garbage can and headed off towards his next class as the bell would be ringing soon according to his watch.


Tony glowered at he sat in the principle's office after those fucking nazis squealed on him. He would have to make sure to give them some stitches for that. He'd been called in about an hour after lunch and he'd been sat here since while he waited for his mom to come pick up him for his two-week suspension.

Normally shit like this would lead to automatic expulsion but at least those racists fucks made sure to keep the weapons out of their squeal otherwise they would implicate themselves as well when I would make my counter-argument that they pulled a knife on me first and I was defending myself. Wasn't true of course but it was my word, a thusfar officially unaffiliated civvy against that of three Kaiser Youth.

When the bell rang again he was caught by surprise, looking at his watch which read 4 PM. They called his mom almost two hours ago, where was she? He impatiently waited for another five minutes before saying fuck it and just leaving on his own.

As he reached the bike racks he only found the rim with the popped tire and nothing else. "Of fucking course." He groused and figured this was just the cherry on the shit-sunday he was being force fed today.

It was nearly an hour later when he arrived at his neighborhood but what immediately caught his sight was the sheer number of police and PRT vehicles down the road... worryingly close to his house.

The closer he got the more dread filled his heart and he saw that the cops were in fact blockading his house. Already he could see the police tape covering the shattered remains of his front door.

His breath began to rush as his heart rate accelerated. Knowing full well that the cops wouldn't let him on site he swung around the back and jumped his neighbor's fence so he could land in the backyard and sneak around the house so he could look in from the windows.

What he saw constricted his throat from letting out gasp or scream as the living room was practically painted an off red which he could tell just from the smell was blood. He could see a few bullet holes where his father likely tried to fight back against their attackers but looking around at the severed body parts he already knew the truth.

And then he saw it.

There on the far wall, written in the blood of his parents were five words that broke him. 'Don't Fuck with the E88'

It was his fault. It was his fault they were dead, because he decided to beat the shit out of some fucking baby nazis?

The pain he felt was all consuming as he sunk to his knees while clenching his eyes and teeth.

It was his fault.

His fault.

All his fault.

It was him.



His eyes opened slowly, focusing on the words again. E88. Empire 88. Neo-Nazis. A bunch of stuck up whites that thought they were better than everyone else, so much that they would murder his parents over some stupid schoolyard fight?

Fuck that.

No. It wasn't his fault.

It was theirs.

They were the enemy.

They would pay for this.

Slowly he rose to his feet, his face blank as he climbed back over his neighbor's fence and walked off. He knew where he needed to go. Checking his pocket he saw this his keys were still on him and hadn't fell somewhere, one key in particular holding his attention.


It was already dark by the time Tony arrived at the docks stood in front of an old storage unit. Looking around he made sure he was alone before unlocking the unit and sliding in before locking it again from the inside.

Flipping the switch an old light sputtered to life and lit up the unit. Inside was not a bunch of useless crap and old memorabilia like most people kept but a well maintained, well not as much lately, but still a mostly maintained workshop.

The walls were lined with tools except for the one in front of him which was a corkboard wall with pegs stuck in it to form outlines for the weapons hanging on it. A pair of hunting rifles hung at the top that he and his father used to use when they went on hunting trips. Below that was his father's old Barrett M82 .50 BMG sniper rifle from his time in the Navy Seals which he probably shouldn't have but military grade weapons 'disappeared' all the time, the twenty-two scratches carved into the stock standing out among the black paint.

Under that was a desert camo M4A1 with an urban camo Benelli M4 semi-auto shotgun right beside it. Below those were a pair of SIG Sauer P226 semi-auto handguns, the Glock his father had bought for him before his last deployment and finally his dad's old HK45C from that same deployment.

All around the worktable were all kinds of cleaning and maintenance tools. His father made sure he knew how to take apart, clean and put together each and every gun before he ever had the chance to fire them.

Glancing up at 'The Barrett' he was almost tempted to take it down and start working on it immediately but held off. His first mission wouldn't require a sniper but something a bit more... personal.

Opening a cabinet beneath the bench he pulled out a large box and opening it he could see his dad's collection of knives he collected during his deployments. He pulled out one very specific knife, the Ontario 6141 MK3, the first knife dad got upon his joining the SEALs.

It was almost poetic in a sense that it would see one last mission.

Pulling out the blade from its resting spot he went over to a box on the left side of the unit and opened a box that held a collection of sheaths, finding the one he wanted he placed the knife inside and attached a strap to it so he could hide it around his stomach until the time came.

Setting that aside next to his backpack which he had already dumped all of the useless crap out of he set on his next task. Looking back at the wall of firearms his face grew determined as he reached for the HK45C first and made to start bringing all of his dad's... no all of his gear back up to peak performance.


Antonio tossed and turned in the sleeping bag he pulled out of the camping gear in storage as another strange dream played in his mind. People he had never met were talking about his family however...

Taylor, I'm just saying that I want you to be careful on your way home now... the gangs are starting to get more bold if they're just murdering people in their homes.

It was an E88 attack, I don't think I'm they're usual MO dad.

It's not just them, the Merchants have been making moves on the docks again and now that this happened they're up in arms since it seems like the victims were latino and their son was a friend to some Merchants.

Maybe it was a gang fight thing then? It's not like I'm part of the Empire either...

I know, I just... I just want you to be careful out there. The city is getting worse and worse every day.

Alright dad.


Groggily waking up he frowned at the ache in his back from sleeping on the stone floor. The strange dreams already seeming like a distant memory as he stood up and walked up to the worktable and checked his watch.


Lunch time. He frowned having missed his best chance to catch Joey, the little fucking rat. It mattered little in the end Tony thought as he reached of the sheathed knife and strapped it around his toned belly with the blade resting at his lower back with the handle facing to the right for a quick draw.

Next he put on some of his spare clothes he kept in the bugout bag he kept alongside the camping supplies. The long sleeve he wore hid the metal rods he strapped to his forearms to block any slashes, knowing full well that Joey and his crew carried knives.

Thinking about that made him go back to his bugout bag where he took out his boot knife, his inner weeb had picked out a tanto style dagger thinking it looked cool but now it might just be his last line of defense should shit go south.

Glancing at the wall he briefly considered picking up his Glock before shaking his head. This was a stealth mission, he couldn't afford to go loud in Winslow. Slinging his backpack on which was filled not with school supplies but some clothes, a plastic bag, some rope and a few strips of cloth.

He unlocked the padlock on the inside and stepped out before placing the lock on the outside this time. He had less than two hours before school ended and those fucking rat nazis were out of his grasp.

Getting to Winslow only took about an hour at a light jog, sneaking in wasn't very difficult either but now he simply had to wait out the next thirty minutes until the bell for the last period. He wanted to meet up with Julia one last time before he went to ground but she had already broken up with him and he had already drew too much attention to her as it was.

No, the best thing for her now was to simply forget about her. He felt as if that thought should have hurt him more but honestly after yesterday, he was just numb.

Tony really just didn't give a fuck anymore. His life was in shambles and he was a target for the E88 so why bother? He would give them his retaliation and then he would probably get killed by their capes.

Fuck it.

Who cares anymore?

The least he could do was kills as many nazis as possible before they killed him first right? That just seemed fair. Besides it's not like anyone would honestly care about some dead nazis.

As his thoughts swirled in a sea of apathy and hatred he only just caught the sound of the bell, the face he had been staring at in the mirror became a blank mask.

"It's time."

Pulling up the hood of his jacket he walked out of the bathroom and hung around the wall knowing that Joey would be exiting his class soon and walking down to the annex buildings for his final class.

Not that he will ever reach it. Tony thought as he caught sight of the Youth and followed him down the big stairs that led to the fields and annex buildings.

As soon as he reached the bottom of the stairs Tony yanked hard on the hood of Joey's jacket, choking him and using that to lead the Youth behind the annex buildings. For once the whole 'mind your own fucking business' thing was useful for him as anyone who witnessed this instantly turned away and went about their day, hoping not to get caught up in the gang violence.

Joey struggled as much as he could but ultimately he was a scrawny little shit and given how Tony worked out every day even after his father stopped joining him, he basically manhandled the baby nazi until he threw him to the ground and kicked him across the jaw when the boy tried to stand back up.

Joey moaned in pain as he held his jaw, tears slowly leaking from his eyes which drew the first emotion Tony had felt all day. Anger. Hatred. With his mind full of rage he swung a mighty fist down on the boy's cheek causing him to cry out in pain, giving Tony a moment of clarity where he unslung his bag and out his items.

The first was the gag which took a few tries to put on as Joey struggled a bit too much only for Tony to get angry enough to simply break one of his hands by stomping on it. He gagged scream was still too loud for his tastes so quickly trying the nazi up he dragged him further in, back where the loud generator was that powered the annex buildings.

Pulling his hood down Tony gazed down at the squirming nazi who looked up at him in fear. "Do you remember me Joey?"

"Mnnm mnnnn" Was his reply as he struggled some more.

"Well, it doesn't matter I suppose, because I remember you and more importantly I remember what you said. 'You'll pay for this' I believe were your words? Well..." Tony spoke, squatting down so Joey could hear him better all the while pulling the knife from his back. "You were right. I did pay for my actions, and now you'll pay for yours. See there's this saying, right? 'Snitches get stitches', yeah well unfortunately that would imply you survive this encounter and receive medical attention... spoiler, you won't."

Bringing the knife up to Joey's cheek, he lightly dragged the tip across the boy's eyebrow. "An eye for an eye and a bloodbath for a bloodbath." Tony said quietly before sinking the knife into Joey's eye.


Tony looked down emotionlessly at the three bodies staining the floor, his clothing being swapped out for the spares in his backpack as he took a few pictures of the mess with Joey's phone having gotten the code for it during the 'enhanced interrogation' session they shared.

After that it didn't take much to lure the other two assholes down here before jumping and killing them as well, not having the time to torture these two he simply stabbed them to death as quickly as possible.

Switching out the code he left the scene and made for his house. The cops seem to have taped off the front door and left it, investigation probably either wrapped up and forgotten about or ongoing.

Either way, it didn't matter, justice wouldn't be met at the hands of the police. Nor at his hands, he didn't wish to dole out justice after all, just as much payback as possible before they finally caught up with him.

Using his old route of sneaking around the back he snuck into the house, first loading up his backpack with a few cans of food before going upstairs and checking his mom's jewelry box he wasn't surprised to find it ransacked.

Fucking cops.

Luckily they didn't find dad's hidden safe which held all of their important documents. He only took the small pile of cash, no more than $200 in twenties and the actually valuable jewelry kept inside. His mother's diamond engagement ring, his father's gold family ring and his mom's diamond earrings.

Slipping the ring on he placed the diamonds into a small pouch and placed them in his backpack. Luckily his own room was still locked and it seemed the cops didn't bother trying to get in so his laptop was still there which he put in the bag along with his charger and phone charger which matched Joey's phone.

Speaking of which he rifled through his desk and pulled out a paperclip which he used to pull out the sim card and break it, mentally adding a prepaid SIM to his list of stuff to buy. He stuffed his pillow in his backpack and looked around for anything else before switching to his steel-toe boots and dismissing the rest.

It was all useless to him now, an xbox wouldn't help him kill nazis, nor would a lava lamp. It was all just useless shit now that he didn't need so with a grunt of annoyance he left the room and closed it behind him before heading down to the garage.

Turning on the light he went over to the lockbox that held his driving gloves, the registration and keys to the motorcycle. Putting the registration in the pouch with the valuables he then put on the gloves, picked up the helmet on a bench and lifted the garage door.

Putting on the helmet he took a moment to look over the tarp before yanking it off to reveal a black Kawasaki Ninja 650R. He gazed at it sadly for just a moment before the emotion went away and he simply mounted the bike.

As the bike roared down the street he forgot about his problems for a while as he just focused on the street.


AN - I've really started to get into WORM lately and I decided to write a story based off of one of the CYOA templates.


Gestation Period +15 Char Point +15 Shard Point

Vigilante - Insert - Male - 17

No identity +2 CP = 17 CP

Budget Costume -0 CP = 17 CP (Stealth suit.)

- Skills -

Marksmanship -5 CP = 12 CP

Martial Arts -4 CP = 8 CP

Parkour -2 CP = 6 CP

Hacking -1 CP = 5 CP

Investigation -2 CP = 3 CP

- Shard, Perks, Flaws -

Outsider Entity -3 CP = 0 CP, -3 SP = 12 SP (A Lost Shard of Abaddon.)

Rough Start x2, +4 CP = 4 CP

Second Trigger x2 -8 CP = -4 CP, -6 SP = 6 SP

Worst Day Ever x3 +6 CP = 2 CP, +3 SP = 9 SP

Memory Death +4 CP = 6 CP (No recollection of past life)

Numbed Emotions +2 SP = 11 SP

Psychic Nosebleed +3 SP = 14 SP

Slaughterhouse 9 +4 CP = 10 CP, +2 SP = 16 SP

Endbringer Target +3 CP = 13 CP, +4 SP = 20 SP

Case 53 +1 SP = 21 SP

Interludes Gift (Dreams of how my actions affect others)

- Powers -

Brute 1, Peak Performance -1 SP = 20

Shaker 1, Pocket Room -1 SP = 19 SP

Blaster 9, Sting (2nd Trigger) -10 SP = 9 SP

Stranger 9, Masquerade (2nd Trigger) -10 SP = -1 SP

- Path -

Solo Vigilante Path

Anti-Villain +3 CP = 16 CP, +1 SP = 0 SP

Sniper Rifle -3 CP = 13 CP

Stealth Suit -2 CP = 11 CP

Tool Belt -1 CP = 10 CP

Blade -1 CP = 9 CP

PRT info -5 CP = 4 CP

Supply Line -4 CP = 0 CP