Bus Line 576

This fic was inspired when I found out about a bus line I never knew existed. It runs by my house, apparently o_O, but I never knew about it. It's not haunted or whatever, but I figured since I never knew about the 576 I'd make a fic outta it somehow. And this is my result.

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Line that plays a part in this fic: Things aren't always what they seem.


They say that fifty years ago, on a cold end-of-winter day, the 576 bus line was taking its usual course over a bridge when the driver went crazy and drove the bus over the edge, bringing himself and everyone inside to a painful death as the bus crashed into the valley below. Word has it that every March 21 you can hear the giggles of the childen and newspaper pages turning, all seeming right, and then you hear the screams and shouts as the people on board fall to their bloody deaths. News around town also says anyone riding the 576 on March 21 in the afternoon is doomed to die. People love to believe the driver was on drugs, or was having a seizure, because no one knows the true story. No one survived the crash.

But you see, some people also say some bodies were never found. Those people say the spirits of the driver and young boy won't rest until their bodies are found. Folklore is that the two spirits will bring anyone riding the 576 down to their deaths every March 21, thinking that maybe this time their bodies will be found. Many people also believe the boy was about fifteen years of age, because that's how old most other kids on the bus were.

Actually, they could have found the two bodies had anyone entered the mangled and crumpled up bus- the driver's decayed bones were currently still slumped over the steering wheel, or at least that's what some people think. Others say the bodies of the boy and driver are crushed below the ancient bus.

And some say, there are ghosts haunting the 576.

* * *

A lone figure stood statue-like at the faded green bus stop, chocolate brown hair a mess and cobalt eyes set in a fixed glare. The wind blew angrily around the Japanese youth, blowing still-green leaves before unmoving orbs of cold fire. Air hung around the person like a veil; humid yet dry and boiling at the same time. In the distance a single figure loomed, rising out of the grey pavement and glowing a pale green above large, rounded square windows. The yellow and orange painted stripes became visible to the student as the bus approached the Ida and Jersey bus stop. Slowly, the teen removed a tattered and worn brown leather wallet from deep within a pant pocket. The loud screech of the old tires sounded as the empty automobile pulled up to the stop. With the press of a button two white doors lined with black rubber opened, beckoning the silent youth to climb the three stairs which would lead to the seating area. The student obeyed the ancient request of the doors, flashing a purple bus pass to the driver. The attendant nodded and closed the doors. The bus started pulling away as its single occupant took a seat.

A couple stops came and went before something out of the ordinary happened. The sophmore student felt the bus lurch as it pulled up to another stop. The white doors parted once more and a skinny, braided teen stepped on board the bus. The driver didn't bother to interrogate the newcomer for a fee or pass. The younger of the two people at the door of the bus nodded at the ghostly driver and started down the rows of bolted-in seats, pausing when he saw the silent occupant of the bus sitting buried in a science textbook. Clad in a priest's outfit, the new student on the bus took a seat next to the brown haired, straight "A" teen. "Hey! I didn't know anyone still rode this bus after... Well, anyways, hi. What's up? How long've you been riding this bus?"asked the peppy American youth, crossing one leg over the other and placing thin hands behind somewhat busy chestnut hair, allowing the golden and red strands to appear amongst all the brown. The textbook lowered, revealing two ice-like cobalt eyes.

"What?" questioned the stoic teenager, placing the textbook inside a dark navy Jansport backpack. Pilling the zipper of the arch of the backpack, the student glared at the other boy sitting beside him.

"I said, how long have you been riding this bus?"

"Before that."

"What's up?"

"Before that."


"No, more before."

"I didn't know anyone still rode this bus?"


Understanding dawned in the smaller boy's amethyst eyes. "Oh. After. Well, um, it's nothing really important. Lemme introduce myself. I'm Duo. Duo Maxwell. I might run and hide but I never tell a lie. That's me in a nutshell!" Duo held his hand out for the other boy to shake. There was something not quite right about this enthusiastic boy... Something...unreal. Mysterious. Suspicious.

"Heero Yuy." replied the Japanese boy, reluctantly shaking Duo's hand. "Douzou yoroshiku."[1]

"What? What language is that?" Duo asked, confused.

"Japanese. My apologies."

"What's it mean?"

"Nothing. Nevermind."

The braided boy shrugged and nodded.


"So, do you take this bus every day?"

Heero nodded.

"Even on February 21?"

"Yes. Why?"

Duo suddenly looked suprised. "Oops! I meant March 21...Sorry. Guess a lotta time's gone by and I forgot the date when I di- um, when the rumors started spreading. So do you take this bus on March 21?"

"Yes. Why?"

"You don't know the story?"

"I'm new in town. What story?"

"Ah," Duo shook his head. "Some things are best left unsaid until later."

The bus pulled up to Heero's usual stop. A long while ago the driver had learnt where Heero got off every day. Sullen eyes peered at the boy from the mirror near the driver.

"This is my stop." Heero said, standing and gathering his belongings. He started his way towards the door.

"Mm'kay. See ya around buddy!" waved Duo, smiling.

Heero nodded and stepped off the bus.


"I see you haven't changed, boy."

"Change is for those who want it, bud. I've decided I'm going to stop letting what happened prevent me from being as close to normal as I can. Go tell the governer if you don't like it. You may want to stay the way you are for the rest of eternity... But I'm not gonna sit and rot."

"Never said you should, boy. Never said you should."

"Yeah. I'll get off here, thanks."

With a less than friendly smirk, the boy descended the three stairs and waited until the bus doors closed behind him. The white doors drew to eachother reluctantly. The bus drove away, growing paler and more translucent as it traveled off into the night.


"Yeah. Spend the rest of your life dying every year. Makes one helluva lotta sense to me."

He plopped down on the grass and picked at a flower.



[1]- "Please be kind to me" or something like that. My Japanese site I study from says you HAVE to say this.

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