The Legend of the 576

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Suprise ending! *I* wasn't even expecting it! By the way... in case you're wondering... this is AU, so aaaa~aaanything at all can happen. And I do mean anything.

And since the last few chapters have been really heavy on the angst, I decided to lighten the mood and add some humor in this chapter.


Duo's eyes opened slowly and reluctantly, until he was fully concious and staring blankly ahead of him. He soon snapped out of his dazed state and looked around him, before realizing he was half-laying on Heero. 'Heero!' Duo quickly sat up and shook Heero's shoulders, seeing the paleness and clamy appearance of his koi's face. Tears sprung into the American's eyes as he crawled behind Heero and pulled the slightly taller Japanese boy into his lap, holding on to him as tight as his reawakening muscles would allow. Heero's head rested limply on Duo's shoulder as the braided boy clutched on to him tighter. "Heero? Heero! Heero man please don't give up on me now! Please Heero!"

The scene continued like that for a while - Duo holding on tight to Heero and begging him to awaken, and Heero remaining either dead or unconcious in Duo's arms; Duo was too panicked to asess the situation, but something inside told him Heero wasn't dead.

Another fifteen minutes went by, but by now Duo was just staring emptily at the mass of black clothing huddled on the ground some twenty-twenty-five feet from where he was. Tears were dripping from his eyes one by one, falling on to Heero's shirt sleeve and shoulder. "Heero... please don't leave me now... we fought so hard to win, and we did win, Heero you can't bail out now, buddy..."

Duo had fallen silent after another half hour as he still hadn't relinquished his grip on Heero. He didn't even notice as one of Heero's fingers twitched ever so slightly.

Heero opened his eyes to feel someone holding him tight. Instantly, he recognized the soft and gentle touch as that of Duo. But he couldn't really figure out what had happened... He'd tried to fight Shinigami, and then been thrown back... What happened after that? 'Oh yeah,' he remembered. 'But wait. Didn't... Duo and I die? Are we in heaven? What's... going on?' Heero glanced to the side and saw Duo's tearstained eyes peering in an empty gaze at some far off object in the sky. "Duo...?"

Almost automatically, Duo's eyes widened and he turned his head around to come eye-to-eye with none other than Heero. A gigantic grin spread across his face. "Heero!" Duo hugged Heero close to him. "You're alright! You're alright!" Once again Duo felt the familiar blurriness as tears filled his eyes, but now instead of tears of pain, it was tears of happiness.

As he came more to his senses, Heero began to feel pain throughout his body. He groaned softly under his breath, allowing himself to relax into Duo's arms. "Where... where's Shinigami?" asked the cobalt-eyed boy.

"He's gone, Heero. He's gone."

The two lapsed into silence for a few minutes before Duo's voice rang out from the stillness of the night. "Hey, Heero?"


"We're a couple now, right?" Duo's voice wavered slightly as he posed his question.

Heero turned back to face Duo and looked him sternly in the eye. "Of course."

"Good." Duo replied, grinning before he softly pressed his lips to Heero's, not only breaking the curse but experiencing true love for the first time in a long, long while.

* / * / *One Year Later* / * / *

Duo curled into Heero's lap and snuggled against his lover, seeking the warmth only Heero could provide on an end-of-winter afternoon. They were sitting on the very park bench they had been the night neither of them would ever forget, but never wanted to remember. It had taken Duo a while to get over the death of Quatre, but eventually through Heero's unyeilding and unconditional love and support, he was able to accept it and move on, in a sense. He never did forget his blonde best friend, because there were ways to tell if an Angel was nearby. And Duo was constantly keeping an eye out for anything even remotely resembling Quatre.

Except now as they sat, it wasn't nighttime, and there was nothing even remotely sad going on. In fact, it was just the opposite. It was the happiest event of both their lives.

Duo Maxwell, and Heero Yuy, were getting married, with Lucrezia Noin to be the replacement pastor, because the actual pastor came down with the flu the night before and had to cancel. So, in desperate last resorts, Heero phoned Noin, who he believed to have been the most sensible out of all the people he had met since Duo started returning to school like a normal fifteen year old. Also, he thought Noin would be the most comfortable being the 'pastor' to marry two guys.

"Come on, love. We're gonna be late for our own wedding." Heero smiled into Duo's ear.

Duo smiled. "That would be kinda funny. 'And now, we introduce the stars of the show, Heero and Duo--wait! Those two aren't even here!'" he exclaimed in a poor imitation of Noin's voice. "Yeah, that would be funny."

Heero nodded as he stood, encircling his arm around Duo's waist. "You know... I still can't believe how we met."

"It is kinda strange." Duo agreed.

"I wouldn't call it strange... more like... unique."

A laugh. " mean unique in the sense that a ghost and a human being fell in love and fought against Death via the help of an Angel in a battle filled with one helluva lotta blood and gore which ended up almost killing the both of us."

"To put it shortly, yes."

The two halted in their conversation when a voice called out to them. Turning, they saw a friendly looking woman with dark purple hair falling gently over one side of her face. Heero nodded at her. "Noin."

"You two are going to miss your own wedding if you don't hurry it up, come on now!" Noin chuckled, grabbing onto Duo's sleeve and dragging him off to the center stage, where a somewhat small group of people were standing, dressed in fancy clothing with delicate fringes for the girls (Relena, Hilde, Catherine, Sally, and Dorothy), and spotless tuxedos for the boys, though some of the boys would be more accurately described as men (Trowa, Treize, and Milliardo, in respective order).

The rest of the wedding continued on as most normal weddings do, although in the middle of Noin's last few sentences an ant crawled up Relena's leg and she shrieked loudly*, which caused Duo to double over in hysterics. Heero grinned somewhat embarrasedly, but in truth he never expected the wedding to be formal. In fact, he didn't want it to be formal; he was almost hoping something would go amiss and he and Duo would have funny memories to look back on. Noin smiled and shook her head as she cleared her throat.

"...and Duo--"

"Yes, I take him as my husband and all that good stuff!" Duo exclaimed, cutting a somewhat ruffled Noin off as he slammed into Heero's arms and kissed him. The crowd of nine people burst into laughter at the pure hilarity of the situation. Hilde grabbed a camera from her purse and bounded out into the aisle infront of the two newly-weds, calling their names. Heero and Duo turned around, curious, then muttered a sound of slight annoyance as a light flashed in their eyes; Hilde smiled at them.

"Well, they always said candid shots are the best!"

Duo picked up a cookie from a nearby table and chucked it at Hilde, before grinning and kissing Heero again.

* * *

Duo sat in Heero's lap long after the actual wedding had ended, it was now approaching nightfall. The two stared up at the sky, a million and one thoughts running through their minds.

"Hey, Heero?"


Turning back around to face Heero, Duo sat sideways in his lap. "Do you ever think about Quatre anymore?"

Heero was silent for a little while. "Sometimes..."

"I do," Duo said, sitting properly in Heero's lap once more. "I miss that guy. It's no suprise he became an Angel. No suprise at all. I wonder if we'll ever see him again."

"Yeah..." Heero trailed off.

`You will, you guys. I know you will, because now I'll be there to protect you two while you're dreaming.` A voice, almost unmistakeably Quatre's voice, filled their minds momentarily.

Duo blinked. "Did you hear that?"

Heero nodded and smiled as a single white feather floated down from above, landing gently beside them on the grass. He picked it up as softly as he possibly could, and showed it to Duo.

"Yeah. He'll be there."


Up above, in a quiet corner of heaven, Quatre sat on a white bench and smiled down at the two. Even if he couldn't appear to them anymore with a physical body, who was to say he couldn't appear to them, in their dreams.


...Wow. Just wow. I didn't plan for THIS ending at all. It just sorta happened... But wow. This amazed even me, and I'm the one who wrote it. *yawns* well, now that I've written and edited about... four chapters in one night, I'm tired. ^_^ Ya think a little angel-Quatre will appear in my dream? Hehe, that'd be cute... oh well. I hope you liked this! Thanks to all of you who continued reading this despite my very bad writer's block!

*- This is NOT intended for Relena-bashing. If you look at the next few sentences, it states clear as day that Heero never wanted his wedding to be formal, which is why I inserted the ant thing. And I chose a GWing girl at random. I might not be a fan at all of 1xR, but I don't hate Relena. In EW she's pretty cool. So, I repeat, THIS SCENE WAS NOT INTENDED FOR RELENA- BASHING AND I'M SORRY IF YOU TOOK IT THE WRONG WAY. ...

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