There were many signs that I was getting old. The glasses were one, but also the fact that a solid two-thirds of my children were adults or they took after their mother and I and just pretended to be adults. If that was the case then I guess we did something right with raising them. Which honestly meant more to me than my previous rank as the number two hero ever did.

Touya would eventually get there, I was sure of it. Hell, he might take the number one spot depending on whatever the hell All Might did with his cured-as-all-hell quirk. It also depended on how well Perseverance could keep up with the likes of Hawks, it might just be that I'm old as fuck now but when I saw Keigo take to the field for the first time I hung my metaphorical cape up.

That wasn't to say I wasn't still involved with things, it just felt like I was doing more good at U.A. than I was on the field.

"How's this?" Rei asked me, her entire weight was located on my back, which would normally be a sign of a good time, but part of getting old was having random pains and knots that didn't want to go out.

"A bit lower—"

She pressed her palms against my back and then pushed hard.

I felt that pop with my entire body.

It felt fantastic.

"Oooh, yeah," I let out the longest most content sigh in the history of the universe.

"Well, once again, you're satisfied and I'm left with nothing."

I scoffed and rolled over, wrapping my arm around her waist and pulling her to the ground. "Really? You're going to play the 'husband never satisfies me' card?"

She stuck her tongue out and gave me a look that belonged in our bedroom, possibly the bath, or on that one beach, we actually went to for our twentieth anniversary. "Of course, you always get motivated when I play that card."

"You're you." I leaned down and kissed her softly. "I'm always motivated to make you happy."

"Does that mean you'll give me a warm-fingered massage?" She flopped onto her back and kicked one leg up, hitting me in the butt. "I'm waiting."

"Why did I marry you?"

"Because you love me~!"

Hard to argue with that. Even though we were in our forties at this point Rei hadn't changed at all, she was a timeless beauty with a smile that brought me back to the very first time we kissed. It also helped that she already had snow-white hair, which was more than fine, I absolutely loved her hair. The rest of her was good too.

I began to rub her shoulders ever so slightly, heating up my fingers just enough for them to be felt, and watched as she began to relax. Teaching, while at this point we were both used to it was still stressful especially since we were both full-time.

"Mmm," Rei let out a content moan, she turned her head slightly and looked up at me. "We should get a new bed."

"Are you just saying that because you want to relive one of our first dates and then break in a new bed again?"

"I'm saying that because our bed is getting old, I mean, we only got it replaced when the house got destroyed that one time."

"Aren't they supposed to last longer?"

"Me wife. Me say we get new bed."

"Me husband. Me agree."

I continued the light massage for a few moments, enjoying the peaceful Sunday afternoon. It was a bit cold out, but that wasn't anything Rei nor myself couldn't handle. "We can go today if you want."

"Hmm," Rei moaned again. "Maybe, but, I kind of like the idea of not going anywhere."

"It's like you're trying to get me to fall in love with you, over and over again."

"Good," She turned and smiled up at me, her hands going around my neck. "Because then we'd be even."

We were about to kiss when we heard someone enter the living room.

"Woah!" Touya shouted, and nearly stumbled back out of the room. His face was almost as red as his hair used to be. "You two need to lock the door when you're doing stuff like that."

"We lock the front door," Rei shot Touya a dirty glare. "Besides, we've been doing this for years, shouldn't you be used to it."

This broke our son.

I let out a grunt as I stood, and helped Rei to her feet. "What's up Touya?"

"Oh, umm, well, I—"

Rei raised an eyebrow and looked up at me. "Is he okay?"

"Has he ever been?"

"Guh!" Touya grabbed at his hair, and I heard someone else laugh just beyond the door, our son peeked down the hall and said something back. "You're not helping!"

"Touya," I said in my best dad voice. "What is it, you know you can literally tell me everything."

"Yeah, I know, but still, it doesn't make this any easier. I mean, I'm like your only son and."

Rei gasped. "He killed someone, quick, Enji get the shovel, I'll establish an alibi, what's Rumi's number again? Oh, wait smartphone."

"Why are you too like this?" Touya all but shouted.

I shrugged. "Love, but really, what's got you so worked up."

"Alright, well, here it goes." Touya reached behind the wall and pulled out a short blond man that I recognized. "Mom, Dad, this is Keigo."


I see.

"Umm, huh?" Rei tilted her head in confusion. "But, we've met Hawks before, he was a student of ours. And he's been over for dinner before."

Keigo just laughed, "I hope you don't mind if I fly by for some food again, you guys are great cooks. And expensive too, I mean a lobster a week?"

Rei liked to torment my mental tenant.

"Oh, that's fine, but, uhh," Rei tilted her head to the side and looked at Touya and Keigo, and then towards me. "Huh?"

Touya opened his mouth but could only blush.

"Allow me to explain." I walked over towards the two of them and extended my hand towards them both. Hawks took it first. "Take good care of my son. Also. Get your own place."

"Haha, don't worry, he'll be moving in soon enough. But I'm serious about that dinner." Keigo gave me a wide smile. He was still my number one fanboy.

I looked towards Touya and extended my hand. I cleared my throat and in my loudest inside voice ever I let out a "Hi, gay I'm dad!"

Keigo lost his shit and was on the ground rolling in laughter.

Touya looked ready to put someone six feet under.

"What?!" Rei rushed over to his side. "But. Rumi? You? Hawks? Keigo? Touya? Grandbabies!" Rei ran her hand through her hair and then pointed towards Touya's pants. "Skinny Jeans!" She blinked and then looked up at him. "I love you."

"I love you too mom." Touya let out an awkward laugh. "But yeah, Kegio's my boyfriend."

"But still, how didn't I know?" Rei looked between the two young men, and then looked up towards me. "Did you know?"

I shrugged. "I had a feeling."

I mean he did turn down a total of twelve girls over his time at U.A. not to mention he never dated any girls and Keigo did stay over a lot.

Rei let her shoulder drop. "I mean, when did I become a bad parent?"

"You're not, Touya's just really good at keeping secrets." I gave my son a wink.

"Oh!" A cheerful voice that was just filled to the brim with shit came out from around the corner and Fuyumi's head popped around the corner. "Did Touya come out of the closet yet?"

Touya let out a sigh. "Yes, they know now."

"Cool!" Fuyumi looked up to him with a big smile on her face. "I'm happy for you." She then looked at both of us and with a completely serious face. "By the way, I'm bisexual and I've been dating Moe for months. Now I gotta go to a book signing! Later!"

And with that our second most troublesome daughter and published novelist ran out the door before any of us could say anything.

I looked at Rei. "Did you know?"

"Nope." She looked up at me. "Are we bad at this?"


I heard her stumble through the house before she showed up right where Fuyumi had been. She looked completely unaware that she was still in her pajamas and gave me a slightly sour look. "What?"

"Sexual orientation." I pointed at her. "Go!"

"Uhh" she blinked at my finger and then shrugged. "I like whoever gives me Soba."

I looked to Rei and then looked back at my first most troublesome daughter. "Maybe we are bad parents."

Touya slammed us both with a hug. "No, you guys are the best."

"Uhhh," I heard Shoko start. "Did I miss something?"

"Your brother's gay, I'm his boyfriend, and Fuyumi's bisexual and has been dating some chick called Moe." Keigo summarized things nicely, despite running the moment ever so slightly. "And we should have a barbeque."

"Oh, that sounds good."

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