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Avalon Bond

Part II – Fate Grand Order

Chapter 37 – North America Part II

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When Arturia and Jeanne next entered the tent where the staff from Chaldea was located, both blondes were surprised to see Shirou and the new woman servant working hard in healing the injured soldiers.

The King of Knights paid special attention to the woman named Nightingale barking orders left and right to her fiancée and said fiancée sweat dropping at being treated like a first-year medical student in a packed hospital. It was a mix between using healing mage craft in Shirou's and Nightingale preferring the old-fashioned way of removing the injured limbs to preserve the patient's life. Of course, Shirou had to calm her sometimes, offering his services and only removing limbs in the worst-case scenario.

"Ah Shirou, do you need any help?" The redhead, despite it all, chuckled and relieved Arturia for the time being, before Nightingale smashed him in the head for his focus lying elsewhere from the patients.

"You said you would help me with the patients, now get moving." Shirou only scratched his head and Arturia smiled at the scene.

It was humorous in a way…she and Rin had a mission to keep him from having a hero complex and here is this new servant, admonishing him for the exact opposite. Still, the scene of the wounded being attended to like this once more made her relieve the dark days of never-ending wars in Britannia. Back then, they didn't have a medic on standby to take care of the wounded like in this era. The methods, back then, were rather painful to even describe and plenty wasn't able to survive the wounds sustained.

Meanwhile, Jeanne approached Mash and Ritsuka to check if he was all right after what happened.

She and Arturia had talked in length about not acting fast enough and Ritsuka ended up receiving the attack. Still, Shirou managed to heal master up to good strength, which was a relief for both Mash and Jeanne. However, that didn't lessen Jeanne's feeling of guilt for failing to protect him. Mash was the one closest to him when it happened, but the holy maiden felt the guilt still. One thing was clear from here on out. Considering long-range attacks from bullets and such, and the fact that Shirou and Arturia are going to be busy in the front lines…she and Mash need to keep Ritsuka at arms' length the entire time.

Two hours later and with every injured accounted for, Nightingale threw away the last amount of bloodied bandage in a box where the other used materials were.

Shirou was busy trying to keep Ritsuka from puking his guts off after the amount of blood and stench of gore in the tent. Both Arturia and Jeanne were far too engrossed with the scene from their respective pasts, to be bothered by it.

"Okay, as per our agreement, I shall tell you all that I know so far." Nightingale crossed her arms and told them what she knew. "My summoning to this place has been for one reason and one reason only…to heal as many patients as I can."

The squad from Chaldea waited for her to continue saying, but when she stopped talking and the room entered in complete silence, Mash sweat dropped and Jeanne made the ultimate question.

"Is that all you know? What about the nature of this Singularity and the Holy Grail?"

Nightingale merely snorted in derision at that, while Arturia was having trouble holding herself from attacking her for playing into her fiancee's eagerness to heal others.

"As I said before, all I ever care about is the healing of my patients. I have no interest, whatsoever, in that bunch of nonsense." Mash, though, decided to play a different card.

"Ah Ms. Nightingale, for you it may be nonsense, but unless we fix this Singularity, the injured will only keep on coming and even increasing." Nightingale narrowed her eyebrows, showing that Mash had gotten through to her. "In a normal war, the number of casualties slows down somewhere along the line. However, this is no normal war. This enemy we're facing will fight until the last man is dead. No matter how much you struggle to help as many as possible, unless we fix this singularity, pretty soon, there won't be any patient left to save." History of this event at least showed her that much…so Mash wasn't technically wrong in that statement, despite no one effectively knowing much about what was actually going on.

Still, to someone as focused on healing as Nightingale appeared to be, she was convinced.

"Huh, fine, but I don't know much else, aside from the ones I helped heal and what they talk about…they belong to the United Western States and the enemy is the Celts."

Mash was surprised at the name the United Western States instead of the now-known as the United States of America.

Arturia and Shirou looked at each other when Nightingale mentioned the Celts. She did find a familiar pattern in their style of lance fighting, but she wasn't sure where to place it. Celts were the precursors of Ireland. When she was still King Arthur, aside from uniting the future of Great Britain, she had to keep tabs on other groups that could threaten her Kingdom, aside from the Romans, Saxons, and the Barbarians. The Celts army was legendary and she wondered how her army would fair up against them. Imagining an army filled with warriors such as Cu Chullian or Diarmuid would be quite the trial for her Knights of the Round Table.

"…" Mash was about to ask about the United Western States when a soldier bolted inside the tent, holding a gun.

"Enemy raid! Enemy raid!" Everyone was up and ready for battle when the American soldier continued. "The mechanized brigade won't get here in time! Get the cannons ready!"

"Mash, let's go!" The shielder servant turned to her senpai to see him get up before he lost his footing and fell into Mash's arms.

She placed him on the ground to rest, before turning to Arturia, Shirou, and Jeanne. Nightingale had already left the tent, following the soldier into battle, but not before showing them her side pistol.

"Senpai is still not 100%. I shall stay here and guard him." The rest of the servants nodded and then left the tent.

"Right, we shall call you as soon as it's over, Mash. Jeanne, please keep a safe distance between the battle and the tent just in case."

Jeanne nodded at Arturia's command while grabbing her flag and following Arturia and Shirou outside.

===Outside the Healing Tent===

Once the servants left the tent, it was the usual mayhem of any war.

The soldiers with the muskets against the Celt's spears. Despite not knowing much about was going on, it was clear which side they were on in this singularity, at least for the time being that is. Arturia was experienced enough to know that in a war, sometimes, there aren't just two sides to choose between. As such, after a quick conversation with her beloved through their shared link, it was decided that for now they would maintain the front lines, but without exercising force. The Celts were splendid warriors, indeed, but they lacked the strength to face against servants.

Shirou and Arturia had managed to take only the excessive numbers that the United Western States army couldn't and left the rest to them and Jeanne, who would use her protective skill to stop the spears from hurting the soldiers. The battle resumed for a good while with more casualties from the Celts side, for obvious reasons. Though, Shirou wondered about their complete lack of feeling towards this battle.

None ever appeared to feel or display any sort of emotion upon witnessing the loss of a comrade.

It was like they were human on the outside, but more like machines on the inside. Nightingale had stopped using her pistol to take care of the few casualties in their side, while Jeanne kept up her defensive prowess in protecting her as well as the rest of the troops. Meanwhile, Shirou and Arturia were handling things on the front line and displaying their tenacity in sword fighting against spears, both rather used to it by now. The Celtic troops just kept on coming, however, with less of their usual strength as the couple stood next to one another, with Arturia wielding Excalibur and Shirou with two katanas, as well as the usual sword projectile to attack long range.

"Shirou, you noticed didn't you?" He looked at her sideways and nodded.

"I did…there is strength in their attacks, but no conviction whatsoever. Despite them appearing like humans, I can't discern them from machines."

Arturia hummed in acknowledgment.

"Yes, I agree. Someone is clearly behind them, pulling the strings, and should make an appearance soon."

"A servant…perhaps someone who hails from the same origin as them." The King of Knights nodded as she was truly dreading her current state of mind as to whom could appear at any moment. To validate both the warrior's fear, Romani's voice echoed in their ears, having detected two enemy servants approaching. Arturia and Shirou looked to Jeanne who nodded and fell back right in front of the tent where Mash and Ritsuka were inside. Nightingale had helped take the few causalities back inside to be treated, while Shirou and Arturia waited for their arrival.

It didn't take long for the two entities to appear and Shirou was surprised to see Arturia release a deep breath in surprise.

The first one had long and straight blond hair, wearing gray armor, and holding a gray spear in his hands. However, Arturia's focus was on the brunette one by the first's side wearing black armor with dark pants and black arm protectors.

The two spears, one blood red, and another gold, truly took her down memory lane to a battle she had in the Fourth Grail War.

"Arturia, do you know him?" Shirou was surprised when she squeezed the hold of Excalibur in preparedness. That was a statement from the King of Knights of this foe's skill.

"Diarmuid Ua Duibhne…I thought that we would be facing Cu Chullian here, Shirou, but him…that was a surprise. He was the lancer servant of the Fourth Grail War I fought with your father. A splendid and honored knight, indeed." Shirou narrowed his eyes at the foe, remembering Arturia's respect for their opponent across the deserted field. The servants didn't appear bothered by the bodies of the Celts army sprawled on the ground. Still, he could feel their servant core and knew not to take them lightly. Looking straight at their spears, his tracing skill managed to pinpoint the spears' ability.

The red one is called Gae Dearg, a spear with the ability to rid magical energy, and the golden one is called Dae which can cause unhealable injuries.

Looking at the spear handled by the blond one, it's called Mac an Luin, a spear that controls the water element.

Cu Chullain's spear had a curse embedded in it that would kill the opponent once it pierces the heart.

Truly fearsome indeed, were the Irish Celts of History.

"Your mastery, we've found them." Diarmuid turned to the blond servant. "They are indeed servants. I can see why our troops aren't pushing onward. This is probably as far as the unsung warriors can go, I'm afraid. Now it's our turn to step up. " Diarmuid, though, looked at the blonde knight in front of them and wondered why she seemed familiar to him. Such splendid beauty only added by her fearsome green eyes. It was no wonder that Diarmuid was somewhat drawn to her, despite not knowing about who she is.

"Just what I would expect from you, my subordinate. Your eyes are akin to a hawk's!" Diarmuid only smirked and then turned to his leader, apparently.

"You are too kind, my liege. Compared to your wisdom, Fionn Mac Cumhail, I am nothing." The blond man only laughed out loud at that.

"Now now, enough with such modesty, you do have an eye for true beauty, Diarmuid. The fact that you chose Grainne proves it." At that one, Diarmuid was somewhat embarrassed, before Fionn amended. "Sorry, I was just joking with you. That was a bit mean of me, I agree. Now, let's fight these servants and show them the power of the Knights of Fianna! And let's bring an eternal empire to this fertile land!" Shirou and Arturia got ready as Fionn wielded his spear threateningly. Diarmuid, for his part, had his eyes focused on Arturia and the King of Knights smirked at that, remembering his smug and arrogant eyes from back then.

Still, back then, she had enjoyed fighting both alongside and against the Irish warrior, so she was feeling the anticipation as well.

"Shirou, could you handle the other one? Leave Diarmuid to me." The redhead samurai warrior nodded as Arturia completed. "I have faced those spears of his before and thus know what to expect from them."

"I do too, but I shall leave him to you, then." The King of Knights expected as much from her beloved before they assumed their battle stances.

===Arturia x Diarmuid===

As soon as Diarmuid checked the warrior with the redhead vanished and appear before his liege, he moved in to intercept, before a hidden-from-air weapon promised to decapitate him, had his red spear not stopped it in time.

"Your fight is with me, oh valorous knight of Fianna, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne." The lancer servant, for his turn, was caught briefly by surprise at such deference, before smirking.

"Oh! So you know of me…such fearsome beauty truly honors me indeed. Forgive me, but you see, I come from a time when we warriors presented our names to each other, before an honored fight to the death. For whatever reason, you appear to know my name and know me, but you are still due to extend the courtesy of knowing the identity of this fine dame warrior in front of me." Diarmuid could see those confident green eyes, the dark golden hair, and the sword hidden by air. The imagery of his past was blurry, still. A part of himself, not as a soldier…not as a knight of Fianna, but as a servant…a servant who was summoned in a distant land and different time from this one.

Arturia, for her part, allowed herself down memory lane to a time where perhaps the only enjoyable memories of the Fourth Grail War she had was the duel with him…a duel that never ended. History and Zelretch had given her a blessing to at least correct this wrong.

"Huh, I take it that I appear slightly different before you, Lancer…but if you look at me, with your noble heart…one that truly belonged to a worthy adversary, my identity shall become clear to you."

Diarmuid looked at her for a while, for a moment, lost in whatever mission or chore his king entrusted him with. Such fierce beauty only topped by perhaps the highest standards of honor and bravery…could only…

"S..aber…" Arturia smiled at being recognized and this time the truth became known. "Is this you, Arturia Pendragon, noble King of Britain! Oh, so the gods had smirked upon me to meet you once more." Arturia felt great pride in hearing that.

"It's a true honor for me to have met you once more, Diarmuid! Back then, our duel was interrupted by those too selfish and caught in their own ways to truly understand what pride and honor meant to us."

Diarmuid squeezed both his spears, feeling the complete passion from the soon-to-be best duel of his lifetime.

"Indeed, now I remember…masters got in the way of our noble path to one another. I do wonder, though, about your partner, right now, facing my king in battle."

Arturia and Diarmuid observed Shirou taking on Fionn's water dance.

"Oh, Shirou you mean…he was my master at the Fifth Grail War, that happened after ours…and he's my fiancée."

Diarmuid looked at her in surprise for a moment at the revelation. However, Arturia didn't seem too concerned about revealing that to an enemy…which only solidified the respect he had for her.

"I see…will wonders never cease. If possible, your beauty is even more revealing than before, Saber…though I'm afraid your beloved shall have his work cut out to him if he even thinks that my King can be defeated so easily."

Arturia wasn't bothered at all by the flattering…for as she knew him from the Fourth Grail War.

"Humm, we have met our fair share of Ireland spear wielders to understand just how tough it is to battle." Diarmuid looked surprised at that notion, wondering if she truly knew who was behind, calling the shots. "I fear, though, Lancer, that once more we are on opposite sides in this mess…yet again…I just hope, however, that we can continue where we left off in Fuyuki, this time, unimpeded, I hope." To prove her point and because it was irrelevant to use gradation air against the red spear, her full Excalibur started glowing yellow, before Arturia slashed the air a few times in a familiar dance of swords.

Diarmuid could only smirk as he did twirls of his own with his spears.

"Huh, well said, then…I am the first spear of the Knights of Fianna…Diarmuid Ua Duibhne! Let us begin!" Arturia remembered this as well and followed suit.

"Well met…I, Arturia Pendragon, King of Britain, shall be your opponent," Diarmuid smirked before both met in the middle with flying sparks.

===Shirou x Fionn===

Shirou had to watch for the elusive display of the water element that seemed to dwarf his fire-based attacks.

Fionn kept on looking at him with smug superiority, while he held his spear.

"I have to admit, stranger warrior, that your skills with the sword are not half bad…though, your technique leaves much to be desired, I would say." Shirou knew when he was being goaded…in more ways than none, Fionn had similar battle tendencies to Archer's mannerisms. By saying hurtful words, one would expect the opponent to be angry and attack recklessly. However, that didn't happen and Fionn acknowledged his opponent. Still, said acknowledgment didn't come with words, but in readiness, before Fionn exercised his authority over the water element and sent a great number of glob projectiles at Shirou, who used his agility to evade.

Shirou, then, advanced with his twin katana, forcing Fionn to block with his spear.

"Your style, on the other hand, is different from one specific Irish warrior I had observed in the past."

Fionn took up an interest in Shirou's comment, while both danced in sparks.

"Oh…is that right?" Shirou nodded at the question.

"Indeed, while his style focused more on strength and agility, yours is much more fluid and calm, like the calm waters of the Fuji River." Fionn didn't know what that meant and Shirou wasn't counting on him knowing, as he used the knowledge he acquired from Muramasa. "One could simply become mesmerized, indeed, about the ease in which you maneuver your spear, it's truly a spectacle to be seen." Fionn was truly surprised in a positive way at his opponent's description of him. Even though they were on opposite sides, one can't help but admire them while in the presence of righteousness and honor. "However…" Fionn was surprised when Shirou had shown a smile at him. "I tend to be pressed for time, right now, so having an honored dual with you will have to be postponed."

As soon as he finished speaking, Fionn looked surprised to see plenty of other swords hovering around them as if they were being wielded by individual warriors.

"Huh, such lack of honor, stranger…to believe that I would be caught up in your truthful words, only for you to call upon more weapons at your side."

Fionn's disdain for Shirou was evident.

"It doesn't matter how many weapons a fighter uses in a battle, it matters whether or not he knows how to use them. Now, let us proceed." Fionn was then placed on the defensive, as he had to defend against Shirou's swords in his hands, as well as the ones that hovered above him. Still, for each wound that he sustained, Shirou observed that the wound would close in no time. It didn't appear to be a healing mage craft, nor the use of runecraft as Cu Chullain was known for using it. Something about this man's legend, perhaps, or it came from the spear.

Shirou, then, noticed when Fionn took a long distance from him, as the water below Fionn started to get agitated.

"You fight well, I have to admit…but as you said, we are pressed for time as well." Fionn then started spinning the spear on top of his head with both hands, as the water generated a protective typhoon around him.

The gathered water then gathered at the spear's tip and Shirou could see the amount of prana being emitted from this attack.

He was about to use Rho Aias to defend himself when Jeanne appeared next to him using her own spear.

"Allow me Shirou…Luminosité Eternelle." Fionn looked surprised by the sudden appearance, but his water beam noble phantasm was already launched, when Jeanne lifted up the protective energy power to stop his attack from completing. The samurai servant looked at the battle between attack and defense, taking this opening to his advantage. Fionn was surprised when the redhead servant appeared to his right with two swords ready to skewer him. The water, though, managed to protect him, or else he would have been pierced for good. Instead, Shirou landed a considerable wound on his right arm, which of course, was healed soon afterward.

Fionn, then, observed the new arrival in the form the holy maiden, Jeanne d'Arc.

"Oh forgive me, I was truly and utterly distracted by such splendid beauty. You know, women have always been my weakness."

Jeanne snarled at that, while Fionn just kept on admiring her. "Especially powerful, good-looking women…now…"

"Your majesty, we must retreat!" Fionn looked completely angered by Diarmuid's sudden arrival. He was about to complain about it, when he noticed the arrival of another force composed of servants as well as fighters.

"Oh, so this is the famous Resistance I have heard so much about. A pity to stop this fight short…but indeed we must retreat for now, Diarmuid." Shirou then saw Arturia line up next to him and Jeanne, while Diarmuid approached his leader. Fionn took a look at his subordinate's many injuries, then at Arturia and couldn't help but laugh out loud. "Oh my good subordinate Diarmuid, always having trouble facing beautiful women, huh…here let me heal you." Shirou then managed to understand what happened as Fionn commanded the water to help heal his partner's injuries sustained from Arturia's sword.

"Arturia, we shall get to resume our dual some other time, I'm afraid." The King of Knights could only nod, while Fionn's eyes were focused on Jeanne's.

"We shall face each other, again and if you lose, then I shall claim you as my wife. Now, then, farewell!"

Diarmuid and Fionn, then, vanished from the field, while this so-called resistance appeared and helped Nightingale and Chaldea with healing the American troops.

===Back at the Nursery Tent===

After their first servant encountered, Shirou, Arturia, and Jeanne returned to see Mash and Ritsuka observing a pissed-off Nightingale instructing another doctor how to better treat the injured soldiers. A sweat drop appeared on the back of Mash and Ritsuka's heads once Nightingale offered to put a bullet in this new doctor's head if he didn't comply with her requirements about patient treatment equality. Meanwhile, Shirou and Arturia were discussing their respective battles so far. While neither side had truly shown their best, it was evident that Fionn and Diarmuid were merely the diversions, so to speak.

This was strange, in Arturia's book, considering that for Diarmuid, a strong warrior, to be treated like this, then the enemy must be at least twice as strong and skilled.

Still, this singularity was still barely showing its true colors, so anything could happen right now.

For instance, the servant that composed the so-called Resistance, who scared the two lancers away, had yet to show himself afterward. There were three sides in this mess.

"Alright, let's go…" Nightingale left the tent after yelling one more time at the Doctor inside.

The team from Chaldea turned to follow her, wondering if they would go afterward.

"Hold on there, Florence, where do you think you're going? Leaving your post in the middle of a war is an offense punishable by death, don't you? Get back to your post, immediately." The girl-like voice alerted everyone before everyone was surprised, with the exception of Nightingale, to see a teenage girl with violet hair and eyes, wearing primarily black clothes with white lace collars and sleeves, in front of those very same robots from before, attacking Ritsuka. Naturally, the servants from Chaldea formed a line of defense in front of Ritsuka, just in case something happens. These robots attacked them before, so there was no guarantee that they wouldn't do so again.

Nightingale, though, looked at the new arrival with cold indifference in her eyes.

"The directive of my employment has not changed…my focus remains on healing the injured." The new arrival narrowed her eyes at that before she continued. "Let's just say that a more efficient way of healing everyone had presented itself."

"Oh…" The new arrival, whom everyone knew was also a servant, smiled at what Nightingale indicated. "I see…well, that's reasonable, however, I can't just let a Berserker servant like you wander off like that…what shall happen if you end up disrupting our troops?" The tension was indeed palpable with Nightingale and this new servant exchanging threats to one another and yet again, Chaldea remained completely alien to what was truly going on in this singularity. It only escalated once the new arrival servant turned to the others.

"And who are you with, Nightingale? Care to explain…they don't seem like American soldiers and certainly not members of our King's entourage."

"That king which you speak of…wouldn't be the same as the one mentioned by the Lancer servants, now would it?" Shirou asked the little girl servant and saw her frown at him.

"You have to answer my question first, stranger, and how dare you to assume that?" The redhead samurai servant only crossed his arms with a smirk. Still, it was enough for Romani and the engineers to understand the different factions that are present in this singularity. Not to mention the peculiar regimes, which was surprising, since for all intents and purposes, the only talk about monarchy in this era and location would normally hail from the United Kingdom, a couple of years before the year they were at, right now.

"We were just hoping for clarification, forgive me." Shirou then turned to Mash, who kept up the introductions.

"Pardon for asking, but are you a servant as well, miss…?" The new arrival turned to Mash.

"As well…oh you mean…" She smiled, as she continued. "So many servants, indeed, great! When I heard the Celts have been driven away, I had assumed that Nightingale had gone ballistic on them once again." Nightingale, though, didn't seem to object, so the girl-like servant continued. "So, it was you all who made the Celts run, huh? Well, this is good news for the King!" Mash looked in question and the girl servant decided to explain further. "What…you don't know much about America's situation, I take it? The country has split into two and the sides are at war with each other. The other side is made of good-for-nothing savages who just want to destroy.

And there's our side, the United Western States, led by our King. A Civil War between the East and the West, not the North and the South."

"A different situation, no doubt, and may I ask your name?" The new servant was rather reluctant with Shirou, but seeing Mash, a similar-sized girl, her guard was disarmed.

"Oh, where are my manners…I am Helena Petrovna Blavatsky or Madam Blavatsky if you fancy." The name didn't ring bells, except for Romani for some strange reason. From the good Doctor's report, Madam Blavatsky was an occultist from the 19th century that happened to work for the Mage's Association at one point, before she left the Clock Tower and then became their target, before her inevitable demise later on. Still, why she was appearing before them as a girl was beyond them.

"And who is your king, then, if I may ask?" Helena then turned to Ritsuka.

"Oh, so you're the master I assume? What a pity, we have already decided who to serve. That's our King. If he conquers the globe, which he indents to, no doubt, I have no problem with it. I believe we'd become like Lemuria, breaking away from other dimensions and continuing to wander. Kind of like the Throne of Heroes if you ask me…wouldn't that be a happy ending in its own way?" Those listening, kept silent for a while, wondering if this girl/woman/madam was truly meaning that or if she was delusional.

"Of course, it wouldn't…" Helena frowned when Mash took a step forward. "We need to fix this singularity in order to save the world…as such, we intend to remove the cause, immediately."

"Oh I see…" The girl turned stone-cold at Mash's proclamation and everyone could see the shift in demeanor. "Then that means we are on opposite sides, then."

Shirou and Arturia were already in position, as Mash tried pleading their case.

"It doesn't have to be this way, though."

"Unfortunately, it does…now Mechanized Infantry, come forward!" Before the robots could so much as lift their cannon arms, though, Shirou and Arturia had sliced them up to shreds in no time, surprising the Caster servant Helena.

"Sorry, but these negotiation attempts had run their course," Arturia said so, as she adjusted her once more invisible sword.

Helena looked surprised at the sudden destruction of the Mechanized Infantry, as she looked at the ones responsible for their destruction. However, that surprise was too short-lived for Arturia's taste as she saw the girl's mannerisms.

"Wow, you two truly surprised me there…so you have brought the big guns as well." Mash and Ritsuka looked at the girl servant in concern, wondering what would come next. Shirou and Arturia's actions surprised Mash. She has been training with them ever since they first came into the Fuyuki Singularity. However, she had yet to see them move this fast and this precise. However, Helena's ease with which she spoke also brought volumes to the possibility that something big under her sleeve is coming.

"Oh well…" Helena shrugged her shoulders. "You can't blame me for not trying to be civil…Karna, would you please deal with them for me?"

For a while, nothing happened until Romani's voice echoed in Ritsuka's comm.

"Everyone, servant incoming! It's right above you! Wow, these readings I'm getting from his Spirit Origin are off the charts!"

After Romani's warning, everyone looked above to see a presence hovering in the sky, blocking the sun.

The description of this servant was quite odd…long and white unkempt hair with a gaze as sharp as a steel blade. He wore all black underneath a red cape and golden armor protecting both his arms and legs. The overall outfit was completed with a set of Golden Armor that appeared to be floating over him, close to his shoulder region. Shirou took a closer look at his golden spear as well as the golden armor surrounding him. Each one had a powerful enough weapon and a quick word with Arturia through their link later, they had enough knowledge to be wary of this Karna's strength.

"Oh…" His voice radiated with boredom. "Is it my turn, then? Understood." Helena only smirked as she looked upward.

"Yeah, for now, they appear to be enemies, so…"

"Huh, I shall comply with your frivolous request for now…" Karna had his arms crossed as he then looked at the members of Chaldea. His eyes landed straight on Arturia and Shirou for longer than a few seconds. "I apologize for the rough welcome, but so far I'm inclined to attend to whatever selfish request it's required of me. Brahmastra!" As soon as the new servant started enveloping himself in a huge ball of flame, Mash, Jeanne and Shirou gathered a skill of their own in preparation for what was to come. Arturia, seeing that she didn't possess any skill of defense, whatsoever, moved to stand in front of Ritsuka and Nightingale, while Shirou, Mash and Jeanne formed Chaldea's line of defense.

Lord Chaldea!

Luminosité Eternelle!

Rho Aias!

The resulting blast from the huge fire beam that erupted from Karna's eye with the three lined-up defenses was enough to make a huge explosion that sent everyone flying.

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