Rubbing his temples in exasperation, Hiruzen watched as the ANBU guards milled around the basement of the hokage tower. They were bringing in plush-cushioned chairs and setting in just in front of his desk.

"Won't the two of you at the very least exchange friendly glances?" Hiruzen sighed.

Jiraiya smiled sheepishly.

Tsunade huffed in annoyance as she glared at the white-haired man.

They were both already sitting on two of the chairs when the opening of the door caught their attention. "Oh! Minato, come sit here." Jiraiya patted the chair next to him, receiving a small chuckle from the blonde.

Minato gave a small bow to Hiruzen before giving a wave to Tsunade. He walked in with Kushina and both settled down into their seats.

"To call me before I could even eat my morning ramen, you've got some nerve, Namikaze." The shadows on Kushina's face darkened, which caused Minato to sink deeper into the plush chair, holding his hands up placatingly.

"Settle down…" Hiruzen finally spoke, "The reason I have called you all here is because of a troublesome matter."

"Is the brat finally becoming the fourth?" Jiraiya started, eyeing Minato.


"Afraid not." A puff of smoke was exhaled from Hiruzen's mouth. "Two days ago, an injured shinobi was found on the roof of my tower. Severely injured and unconscious via injury to the head, was rushed to the emergency medical unit."

"While he was unconscious, I had Inoichi—,"

"The Yamanaka? Head of the Analysis Team, unsurprising that he'd be in the intelligence division." Tsunade hummed.

"Yes, I had Inoichi look into the ninja's memories, and the findings were, troubling to say the least; and with how Inoichi reacted to the memories, this is putting it lightly.

"In a few moments, the ninja will come into the room."

"So, who's our mystery ninja?" Jiraiya asked.

"He is a shinobi from Konoha, that doesn't exist." Hiruzen let that hang in the air for a beat before he gave an almost unnoticeable smile, "Yet."

"Lord Hokage! Are you saying, time-travel?" Minato looked at the old man with wonder in his twinkling eyes, much to Jiraiya's dismay.

"I forgot how much of a nerd this kid is."

"That is the only explanation I can offer to you at this moment, with what the shinobi has explained, he was transported here near the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War."

Tsunade blanched, "F-fourth? We're still in the third!"

Hiruzen hummed acknowledging, "I know it is a hard to grasp, which is why I have called the shinobi in question to come forward."

"You may come in, Naruto."

The doors of the basement opened and still bruised and battered blonde teen sauntered into the room. Sapphire eyes scanned the room, emotions dancing about the orbs as he looked at the room's inhabitants.

He was wearing white hospital robes, one sleeve was blowing in the small drafts that were emitted from the vents overhead, "Hey, kid."

Naruto looked at Tsunade, "Granny Tsunade!" He beamed.

Getting smacked from one of the strongest shinobi in the leaf was not funny, Naruto thought to himself as he rubbed the growing bump on his head, "Who're you calling old!"

"Show me your sleeve, roll it up." Naruto did as instructed, rolling his right sleeve up to reveal the grizzly injury. Half his right arm was gone, everything from the elbow down was gone. Kushina turned pale, gripping onto Minato tighter, how could someone as young as him get such an injury? He was still a kid!

"Properly bandaged, cleaned and stitched… Well, looks like the Konoha medical ninja aren't all completely hopeless." Tsunade helped roll the sleeve back down.

Naruto moved to sit left of Hiruzen, facing the wall with Inoichi sitting behind him. "With one of the secret Yamanaka clan techniques, I will be projecting Naruto's memories onto the most convenient location, the wall." Inoichi smiled at his joke.

"Are we going to watch his whole life story?" Tsunade raised a hand, "I don't have to point this out, but we're in a middle of a war?"

"I can only show memories that Naruto either holds dear to his heart or large achievements he considers important in his life."

"Anyone else has anymore questions?" Hiruzen asked.

"None." Minato and Jiraiya said.

"Then, let us start." Hiruzen nodded to Inoichi, who placed his hands-on Naruto's shoulders. A small white orb escaped from Naruto's forehead, landing on the wall, and flattening into a screen.

"Lord Hokage!" Jounin were seen shouting their heads off, an older looking Hiruzen looked on in annoyance, "What is it? Is Naruto making trouble again?"

"Looks like you're pretty well-known kid!" Jiraiya laughed.

Naruto facepalmed, he knew what this was! This was what he considered one of his greatest pranks.

"Yes! That punk desecrated the hokage monument! And this time with paint!" Hiruzen sighed, walking up to the roof of the hokage tower, to see Naruto hanging by some rickety ropes, painting poops, circular symbols, and general graffiti onto the stone faces.

"Jeez, what has that idiot done." Hiruzen could feel a migraine coming on.

"Oh man—," Jiraiya fell out his chair laughing wildly, the others held back their amusement. "You're a legend, you know that kid?" Naruto blushed as he continued looking at the screen.

"With how lord hokage responded, I take it this happens often?" Minato asked, also smiling at the boy.

Naruto nodded, returning the smile.

The sun was almost setting now, Naruto scrubbed the stone faces with a soapy wet cloth while Iruka watched over.

"Looks like you still got caught." Kushina mentioned, chuckling. Something about the boy made it difficult to not look at him. As though sensing what she was thinking, Minato leaned over and whispered, "Are we thinking the same thing?"

"He looks like me, the facial features are all there… You don't think?"

"That he's our—."

"That he's my son!" She whisper-shouted. Minato sighed, wisely keeping his mouth shut, though he was whooping in celebration inwardly.

"I won't let you go home until you clean all of it."

"Like I care, it's not like I have anyone to go home to."

'Where am I?' Kushina wanted to ask.

The look on Iruka's face sobered quickly, he sheepishly continued, "Naruto, if you clean this all up… I'll buy you ramen tonight."

Naruto beamed, "Okay! I'll work hard, I will!"

"Looks like you've got a rival for the love of ramen, Kushina." Tsunade said.

"Basically those that receive the hokage name are the strongest in the village, right?"

"And among them, is the fourth. A hero that saved the village from the fox demon."

"Then why?" Iruka asked.

"Cause one day, I'm going to get the hokage title, and surpass them all!" Naruto pointed his chopsticks to Iruka.

"A worthy ambition." Minato nodded.

"To be hokage essentially means throwing away your life," Tsunade mocked, earning a look from Hiruzen, "Whoever puts it at risk so easily is a fool."

Naruto chuckled as he wiped tears from his eyes, "Don't make me laugh too hard, Granny, my stitches are still new."

Tsunade scowled, not knowing what he meant.


The audience flinched at the sudden shout.

A silver-haired man spoke, "Iruka sensei, Naruto did technically create a clone, we could let him pass."

A spark of hope travelled across Naruto's face but was quickly shot down. "No way, Mizuki sensei. Everyone else divided into three, Naruto only created one and it was useless."

"I can't let him pass."

Outside of the academy, Naruto sat on the swing, watching the families of those who passed celebrate. The villagers watched in disgust; some were happy that Naruto had failed.

The audience frowned, Kushina especially. Why wasn't she there to hold him?

Naruto was shown sneaking into the hokage's mansion, using his transformation technique to make Hiruzen faint in a puddle of his blood.

Jiraiya was socked by Tsunade, "Y-you gotta teach me this technique kid!"

A shaking Iruka smiled down at Naruto, "I found you, hey."

"Oh! I found the nose bleeder!"

"Idiot! I found you!"

Iruka noticed how beaten up and exhausted Naruto was, "Hey, you're all beaten up, what were you doing?"

"Never mind that, I'm gonna try an incredible skill. You'll let me graduate after it right!"

"Naruto, where'd you get the scroll on your back?"

"Oh, this? Mizuki sensei told me about it, this place too."

"Ho…" Hiruzen exhaled more smoke, "It seems there are still traitors in the Leaf."

The scene changed, with a badly injured Iruka and Mizuki standing among the trees, "You are the demon fox."

"Stop it!" Iruka shouted.

"It means that you, are the nine-tails demon, that killed Iruka's parents and destroyed the village."

"The Jinchūriki…" Minato eyed Naruto, then glancing at Kushina. "The fox was sealed away again."

Didn't you find it odd that everyone hated you? Iruka is the same! He actually hates you!" Mizuki spun a large windmill shuriken aimed at Naruto.

'He's never known a parent's love. And is hated by all the villagers because of that incident.'

"Nobody will ever accept you!"

'He's seeking acknowledgment of his existence, in any possible way.'

"The scroll was used to seal you up!"

"So this guy is a kid at the moment, right?" Jiraiya asked, veins throbbing in his head, "Is it wrong to Rasengan a child?"

"Sensei!" Minato nudged Jiraiya, "Is it wrong for two people to Rasengan a child?"

"That's my boy!" Jiraiya ruffled Minato's hair before he was smacked upside the head by Kushina.

Naruto laughed at his parent's antics.

'He acts tough but is truly suffering.'

"Ugh…" Iruka was seen protecting Naruto, the large shuriken sticking out from his back.

After a tearful talk, Naruto was seen fleeing from the scene, Mizuki hot on his heels.

"Naruto!" Iruka shouted, "Quick! Pass me the scroll!"

Naruto stopped on a branch and headbutted Iruka's chest, sending the man tumbling to the ground in a heap, "How did you know I wasn't Iruka?"

Naruto leaned against a tree trunk, smoke puffing, "Because… I am Iruka."

"Smart." Tsunade nodded.

Naruto smiled proudly at his teacher.

Mizuki was flung away by a kick from Naruto, "Don't touch Iruka sensei, or I'll kill you!"

"Shut up! A punk like you, I'll kill in one shot!"

Forming a single hand seal, an army of clones appeared, "Didn't you say you were going to one shot me?"

A beaten up Mizuki was seen next, with Iruka asking Naruto to come closer. "I've something to give you."

Iruka wrapped his headband onto Naruto head, "Congratulations on graduating. Let's celebrate! I'll buy you a bowl of ramen."

Naruto jumped into a hug, "Hey, that hurts!"

"A happy ending, that was good."

"I expect everything to go downhill from here." Tsunade grumbled.

"Well, you're not wrong, Granny."

"What did I say about calling me that!"

Naruto hid while Hiruzen sighed, looking at the clock hanging, "A quarter past three, we still have much time. Shall we continue?"

The audience nodded, "Uh, can I say something?"

Hiruzen motioned for him to continue, "After this memory, there'll be a lot of people that I think should be here to see what happens, cause' I think they need to know."

"Very well, who are these people?"

Minato's students were summoned to the room, a bored-looking Kakashi, an excited Obito and a meek-looking Rin.

"I will call the rest when the memories concerning them are nearer."

"Thanks old man hokage!" Naruto gave a thumbs-up.

"Then, let us begin."

The scene opened up with Naruto peeking out the classroom. "Why is the sensei of our team seven so late?!"

"Hey! What're you doing, Naruto!"

Naruto wedged a chalk eraser between the doors, "That's what you get for being late."

The pinkette sighed before moving back to her seat, the raven-haired boy looked, "Pft, as if a Jounin is going to fall for this trick."

As the door opened, the eraser fell with a 'poof' hitting the head of the poor Jounin.

"Idiot." Hiruzen, Tsunade and Obito said.

"You fell for it!" Naruto exploded into peals of laughter.

"Hm," The white-haired ninja looked at them, "My first impression of you guys, I don't like you guys."

"Is… that you Kakashi?" Obito asked, which made Minato finally pinpoint all the similarities.

"Oh, me?" Kakashi asked blandly. "Well, my name is Kakashi Hatake. I have no desire to tell you my likes and dislikes. Dreams for the future... Hm. And I have a lot of hobbies."

"Are you being for real, Kakashi?" Minato looked at his student wearily. "This is supposed to be your new team."

"So, all we know is your name?" The pinkette groaned.

They started to introduce themselves, Naruto opening with his dreams and likes, moving on to the raven-haired boy. "My name is Uchiha Sasuke, there are many things I dislike. I don't have a dream per say, but I have an ambition. The resurrection of my clan and… to kill a certain man."

"Resurrection? What's he mean?" Obito looked at Naruto expectantly.

"Well, no use beating around the bush. The Uchiha clan was wiped out by a single clansmen."

The room tensed, "E-everyone?"

"Every single person except for Sasuke."

Sakura Haruno announced herself.

"Gods, a fan-girl." Tsunade cupped her head into her hands.

As the scenes went by, a familiar one started. "Oh, the bell test?"

"Well, it is team seven. It's tradition." Minato stated.

The scene played on, "You didn't manage to get one bell?"

Naruto blushed, "Hey! I was… young and inexperienced." That was all he could say to defend himself.

"Look at this. The names carved on here are known as heroes in the village, my best friend is here as well." Kakashi started.

"Hey! I've decided to get my name carved on there too! Then I'll be known as a hero!"

"You don't know what that means?" Minato sighed, rubbing his head. The others in the room also bit back a groan as they looked.

"I-I know it now! A lot of my friends and comrades are on that stone!" Naruto said, not knowing the weight of those words.

The audience quickly sobered up, Obito, Kakashi and Rin swallowing to control themselves.

"Looks like you humbled yourself a lot, eh Kakashi?" Obito nudged him.

"Shut up, dead-last." Kakashi said but was studying his future self intently.

"Wait, best friend? I didn't know Kakashi had a best friend. Who is it?" Minato asked Naruto.

"…It was." Naruto gulped, "Uchiha Obito."

"W-what? Me?" Obito pointed to himself.

"It happened on a mission, that's how Kakashi sensei got his Sharingan."

"We'll ask about this later, so that we can change it." Minato put a hand on Naruto's shoulder and squeezed reassuringly.

Sasuke handed the food to Naruto, but a large cloud of smoke burst out, revealing an angry looking Kakashi, "You guys!"

"Pass." Though he was wearing a mask, the three could tell he was smiling.

"Congrats kid." Jiraiya clapped him on the back.

The memory ended, which concluded with the mission in the Land of Waves.

"Remember, you aren't the demon fox." Minato clutched Naruto's hands, "You're just the jailor."
Naruto's midriff pulsed, "Kurama isn't happy with that."


"The nine tails' name, he isn't held back by a seal right now."


"We became friends during the Fourth Great Ninja War, I consider him to be a close friend. Though we had a history of bad blood, we're cool now. Right, Kurama?"

The fox shifted and snorted in annoyance before settling back to sleep.

"Shall we start?" Hiruzen nodded.

"Wait, I'd like two more people to join us, since they're still living in this time. Get Sasu— Itachi's parents here."

Soon after, Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha arrived. Bowing to the hokage before sitting with Tsunade.

"Then, let us begin. We shall continue with more memories tomorrow."


The scream made team Minato jump, even Kakashi was spooked.

"Damn it! Let go of me!"

Heh, so the nine-tails brat is still alive." The feminine looking man weaved seals fast, before his five fingers were alit with purple flame. "Five Part Seal!"

Naruto was slammed back by the force but was kept in place by the long tongue wrapped around him.

Sasuke stood, too shocked to move.

Fugaku and Mikoto drank in the image of their son, "He looks like me, Fugaku!" Mikoto tugged his sleeves, "Itachi got your eyes and Sasuke got mine." She squealed.

Sakura screamed, "It's true that unlike you, Naruto is clumsy and can get in the way but… At least he's not a coward!"

"Girl has guts, that's for sure. I like that." Tsunade complimented the pinkette.

Sasuke screwed his eyes shut, before flashing them open. The Sharingan angrily shining, 'I must survive in order to kill my brother, that's what I believed, but I was the one that was afraid.'

"We can hear his thoughts now?" Kushina asked.

"His brother? Why would my own son want to kill Itachi?" Fugaku asked seriously.

"It'll be explained soon." Naruto could only say, he wasn't looking forward to that memory.

The neck of the ninja lashed forward, sinking his fangs into Sasuke's neck.

"Sasuke!" Mikoto shouted out.

"Sasuke will seek me out, to seek power…" The neck retracted to show the skin of the face peeling away, like a mask.

The memory ended, "Aw! That's where it ends?" Obito whined.

Jiraiya and Tsunade shared a look, "Only one person we know that uses snakes like that." They looked at Hiruzen.

"Yes, it was Orochimaru wasn't it, Naruto?"

"It is, in the future he launches an invasion against the Leaf Village."

"We will see more tomorrow, please, go have a rest."

Fugaku and Mikoto made their way to the Uchiha residence, while Tsunade grumbled about losing more money at the Pachinkos.

Jiraiya made his way to the hot springs for 'research'. "Walk safely, okay?"

Team Minato bid their farewells to their teacher before departing.

"I guess I'll go find an inn to stay." Naruto started before he was grabbed by Kushina.

"No way! You're staying with us!" She beamed.

"Oh, uh," Naruto started, not wanting to be a bother.

"It's best to agree with her, it's safer both mentally and physically." Minato gulped.

"O-oh… Thank you."


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