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NarutoXMass Harem

Naruto X Massive crossover

Last Man Standing

Chapter 3

School life turn out to be like daily life

"And so, I wish you all a nice year at Kuoh Academy"

Everyone cladded their hands rapidly for the headmistress' speech.

Every students then stood up at once, with the senior years gathered together into group, laughing and chatting with each other before heading to their classroom while the first years students were running around to find their classroom with schedule in hands.

However, the largest group of girls were around Naruto as the girls all wanted to meet him in person, since Kuoh located at a country at Earth World called Japan, this was the first time they got to meet the only male of the world, a god among women.

During the chaos, Naruto could feel some hands try to grab his cock poking out from his trouser, but it wasn't like he mind or anything.

"Phew, finally" Naruto laughed while scratching the back of his head, standing in front of his sister and Mai after managing to get out if the energetic group high school girls.

"I think you're enjoying the attention way too much onii-chan" Mio pointed out

"You can use Kawarimi to get out, and yet..." Mai flapped her fan at him.

"Hehe," he grinned slyly before saying "let's go girls, we'll need to..."


A huge smile appeared on his face when he heard that familiar soft voice. Turning around and he was face to face with the woman he hoped to meet/fuck for month, the slutty supermodels Mirajane Strauss.

Said woman was wearing a black business attire with her top too tight for her large tits as the buttons looked like it were about to bust under the pressure of her impressive milk jugs. The short black skirt she was wearing stopped just above her knees, with a long slit at the left all the way to her hip, black stocking and fuck me high heels.

"Hello Mira-chan" Naruto grinned ear to ear at seeing her here.

"Good morning Mira-sensei" Mai and Mio bowed simulatingly, as she already being introduced at the new household arts teacher this morning.

"Hey girls, Naruto-kun" she smiled at them before focusing her eyes on Naruto "Naruto-kun, headmistress requires you preseng want me to bring you to her office"

"Alright" Naruto nodded and turned to his sister and Mai "you two go first alright"

"Hai, Naruto-kun/onii-chan" they smiled before walking to find their class.

"Please follow me, Naruto-kun" she said to him and walked a head while Naruto walking behind her and kept a good distance for himself to have a full view of her round ass, which was swaying side to side erotically.

Following Mira to the headmistress' office, couldn't help but admit the infrastructures of Kuoh Academy. Mio was right when she called the academy's one of the best high school around the world.

Of course it must, Naruto had done some reasearchs about the academy and found out it was built by one of the most powerful Devil Household around the world, the Gremory Household. Even with his more luxurious than a luxuriois life, it's still nothing compare to a devil household like the Gremory.

The next heiress of Gremory Clan and the daughter of headmistress, Rias Gremory also attending the academy as well, who he hadn't had the pleasure of meeting yet but he did see her picture on the internet.

"Venelana-san, Naruto-kun's here" Mira said as she opened the door of Venelana Gremory's office, letting Naruto walked inside then followed him and closed the door behind them.

"Venelana-sensei" he smiled at the beautiful brown haired woman, one of the most honourable lady of the Worlds.

"Ah yes Naruto-kun, thank you Mirajane-san" Venelana looked up from her stack of paper and immediately being aroused by the present of a man, like any women who had never met a male in their life "I want to personally welcome you to Kuoh Academy and thank you for choosing my school" she then stood up and gave him a respectful bow.

"No, it's my pleasure Venelana-sensei" Naruto smiled at her before sitting down the chair Mira brought out for him "thanks Mira-chan"

"So, what do you think about Kuoh?"

"So far?" She nodded "it's the best, everything around here is nothing but high-grade" he smiled before glancing at Mira "and you've some very beautiful teachers around" Mira giggled and winked at him.

"We have some changed in the staff's members this years" Venelana nodded "Mirajane-san here along with her partner Erza Scarlet and her team are here, with Erza-san teaching the P.E class while the rest of her team will be enrolled in Kuoh as well"

"Some other teachers are gathered and chosen very carefully all around the world to make this the best three school years ever just for you Naruto-kun"

"Please, no need to do that for me" Naruto said while scratching the back of his head. No matter how many years living in a life of being treated with the best, he still not be able to get use to it "but thanks a lot"

"There's a few things I need to tell you before returning you to your class" Venelana then returned to her seat and gave Mira a nod.

The busty supermodel then walked to in front of him before kneeing down betwen his legs, removing his belt as well as pulling down his zipper, freeing his cock from its binding before sliding the soft meat down her throat.

"Damn" Naruto groaned as Mira sucked his cock skillfully

"Now Naruto-kun, the first thing I want to tell you" Venelana spoke up, earning his attention "is every class have one bedroom next to it in case you want to impregnant or fuck a student as I don't want you to distract the teachings" he nodded before groaning out when Mira deep throating him "feel free to use them anytime you want"

"Sound good"

"The next, you can only have sex with the staffs durkng break time" Naruto nodded again "and there's also Fuck-Fes every Saturday, when students are fobidden to wear clothes and you can fuck them anytime any place you want"

"I can wait for Saturday" Naruto nodded while running his hand through Mira's white hair as she popped her head up and down his cock.

"The last thing is that your cum is the special food for the lunch time on Friday and Saturday"

"I will have my clone take care of that" no doubt he's going to make a fortune with seeling his sperm on those days.

"That's all Naruto-kun" Venelana finished by smiling at him.

So far? Soo good!

"Mira, bring him back to his class" The headmistress said "and by the cock of the first man, you've class in ten minutes" she added when she saw Mira still not let go of his cock and still sucked hungrily.

"Oh dear" Mira pulled back in a wet POP "can't be late at my first day"

"Hey, what about me?" He cried out while pointing at his cock "not the prick teasing again Mira-chan"

"Sorry Naruto-kun, but come to see me at break time for a quickie" Mira said before turning to Venelana "see you later headmistress"

With that, Mira pulled Naruto out of the room after his desperate attempt to put on his pants.

Line Break

It's truly a miracle that Naruto was able to endure through the first period as he wanted to save it for the sex bomb Strauss.

Second period ended with the situation only worsen for both Naruto and his not so little soldier. His prick was so hard to the point he thought it was about to rip his pants open any seconds.

Third period, anyone who sat near Naruto, mainly Mio and Mai could hear a faint growl from Naruto as well as see a massvie tent at his crock and nearly five inches of cock poking out of his trouser, with the bulbous head so big that it look like it about to bust.

As soon as the bell rang, Naruto shot out of his seat so fast that he knocked over the table without knowing, rushing out of his room to find Mira.

And his target was standing in front of a classroom at third floor for third year students, wearing only an apron and revealing lingerie.

"Oh hey Na...eep" she yelped when the blond suddenly picked her up and threw Mira on his shoulder, walking into the classroom and opened the bedroom's door then walk inside.

Mira was thrown on the Queen size bed before hearing a small click sound of the door being locked.

"No one leave this room until I'm satisfied" Naruto said while looking at Mira with a sly smirk, his eyes stayed on her like a predator on its prey.

Much to Mira's amazement Naruto removed his clothes faster than a fast forward movie, as Naruto stood in front of her in his full glory, cock so hard that it about to rip itself apart.

Hia balls-sack look like it was about to bust with cum, a promise of drowning Mira with his nearly endless thick and hot sperm.

"What are you waiting for?" Mira stood up on her knees and leered at Naruto with her best seductive eyes, removing the apron around her waist as well as the thin cloth she called her bra.

As soon as her breasts were freed and bounced, Mira was tackle to the bed again with Naruto on top of her, his face burried into the valley of her tits as Naruto hungrily kiss the soft, heavenly mounds.

"What a greedy boy" she comment before crying out in pleasure as Naruto bit on her nipple, her back bended up as her body arched with the incredible feeling.

Then Naruto kissed his down Mira's belly before pulling her thong off her bodu roughly, smashing his lips against Mira's cunt lips and tongue fucked her.

"Fuck!" Mira cried out while Naruto was licking wildly on her clitort, drawing a constantly series of moanings from the household arts teacher.


But her mouth wasn't able to release any more moans as Naruto turned his body around and skillfully postioned his cock at Mira's moaning mouth before thrusting said member deep into her throat.

"Orgh...orgh!" The sounds of cock moving inside her oesophagus was truly music to his ear as Naruto moaned out into Mira's pussy.

Standing up with her head between his knees, putting both hands on her large tits Naruto began to fuck his cock into her skull, slamming her face down with each hard and strong thrust, his balls slapping rapidly against her face.

Moaning out in lust as he looked at the celling, his eyes suddenly caught a flash of light at the corner of the top of his room.

"I should have no better" he smirked before burrying himself deep into Mira's face.

It was a camera, no doubt the headmistress, or even the entire school was watching him having sex with Mira.

Pulling out of her throat, only to slammed back down her face, Naruto groaned out in absolute lust before turning both of them around, this time with Mira on top of him.

Grabbing the sides of her head Naruto kept her head right there before thrusting his hip up, fucking his prick into her face again before crying out.

"I'm cumming!" Pulling out, Naruto only let the bulbous head of his cock stayed inside her mouth as he exploded, filling her mouth to the busting point with just a half of his first blast before his cum was spilled from her mouth.

Mira tried to gulp down the cum, but it was too much for her to handle as the more she gulped down, the more sperm spilled out of her mouth and covered his cock in thick white goo, coating his entire length and sack, as well as a part of his thigh

"Do you have any idea how much I want do that?" He asked and pulled out, letting Mira coughed violently with thick cum inside her throat "guess you didn't practise to eat something so thick"

"Haha...hah.." She breathed heavily "Have you always cum this much?"

"Well there's a time when Anko-chan tie me up to teach me how to endure rough SM play" Naruto grinned as Mira crawled to him and began to lick the cum on his cock "I was so hard and horny that I fuck her bowleg afterward and she gave me a twin nine months later. They said I cum so much that I could impregnant a whole town with it."

"I hope you can come as much inside me" Mira purred as she caressed her cheek on his cock lovingly, spilling the cum from her face to her mouth.

"And did you know that my sister Mio and my mother's favorite bath is my sperm?" He grinned before standing up "Get ready whore"

Massive sixteen inches cock was positioned right at Mira's pussy lips as Naruto grabbed both of her wrist and brought them together behind her back, pulling her up and plunged into her snatch at the same time.

"Shit/Fuck!" The both cried out as Naruto punched pass her womb entrance and kissed the end of her womb.

Staying like that for a moment before Naruto starting to rock his hip.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH" Mira screamed out in pleasure and pain. The size of Naruto dick combined with his rough pounding was too much for a pussy was just fucked by a fake dick before, she could feel Naruto's dick stretch out her pussy like it was trying to rip her into two.

Naruto however, he did not care trying to be gentle at all to get her back at all the prick teasing and frustration Mira put on him.

"AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH" Mira screamed out once again as drool ran down from her gaping mouth.

'By the cock...what is this, it's like he's crushing my womb' looking down her eyes widened when she saw a lump on her abdomen, Naruto's cock was actually big enough to be able to be seen piercing her womb.

Then much to her shock, stars burst into her vision and warmth filled her womb, and just kept flowing out, her stomach started to expand, and after a few seconds Mirajane looked to be pregnant and had copious amounts of semen spurting out of her pussy.

'Dear...god, did he just cum inside me?' Mira thought inside of the little part of her mind that had not been consumed with lust

With no pause at all Naruto flipped her onto her stomach and slammed back into her pussy, hard enough to actually made a loud slapping sound, shaking the entire bed. Mira's face then turned from extremely endurance to serious ahegao expression, with her eyes rollled into the back of her head, tongue thrust out with the most stupid smile ever.

"Ahh, harder, fuck me hardeeer, pleease" she slurred, ignoring, or simply not noticing the puddle of her own drool her face was being pushed into, as she was cumming again and again.

"Fuck me Naruto-kun, impregnant this woman" Naruto's thrusts just got wilder and more erratic "Faster...crush me! Break Me!" She cried out as her back bended up from pleasure.

Thw white haired mage of Fairy tail finnaly let her mind being crumble to dust underenath the power of this god, as she went out full force to have the best experience of this mind-blowing sex.

"AAAAHHH, FUCK ME MASTER! FUCK ME PLEEEASE" Naruto heard her cry and pounded his hip down her ass harder and faster than before, using the speed he uses only on his mother and the more slutty women, but it's look like Mira just got to the same league at them.

For the next hours, skipping two periods Naruto began to cream-pie Mira in every way he could think of, cumming into her like a broke hose, releasing wave after wave of sperm.

Shooting his cum down Mira's throat multi time, making the poor lustfilled woman gagged. But before she could take a breath, the next moment Mira was on her back, with her legs bent over her shoulders as Naruto pounded her pussy before she was creampied in the pussy, again and again

The more he thrust his cock into her, the faster he reached his climax before he finnally came to what he loved to call 'The Constant Point' as he released his seeds contanstly into Mira while keeping on fucking her.

Finally after hours of rough fucking Naruro had finally calmed down as he stood over a fucked stupid Mira, filled to the point of looking very pregnant with copious amounts of semen flowing out of her ass and pussy forming a thick white puddle.

"So good, I can keep it like this all day" Naruto grinned as he pulled his cellphone out of his pocket and taken a picture of Mira in her most shamefull state "I think I'm going to upload this on my page" with billions followers, Mira's reputation would go sky high.

"Rest here for now neh?" he picked up his things and didn't even care to put on his pants, Naruto casually walked out of the bedroom of class 3-A, in front of the eyes of the students with a smug grin on his face.

Returning to his classroom, Naruto quickly walked to his seat with his cock swinging in front of him after having the approval of the teacher.

"What?" He asked, looking at Mio who was giving the look.

"You do know that your sex making with Mira-sensei is on the Kuoh's website right?" She opened her phone and showed him the screen of Naruto slammed his cock into Mira's anus, whose front was pressed tightly against the wall as she was drooling a mess.

"So?" He asked before stroking his cock, bringing it back to its hard state "there's a bedroom over there, you want to join me?" He teased with a sly smirk while pointing his cock at Mio

"Thanks, but I need to study you know..." Mio slapped his cock away using her ruler, making the blond laughed.

"Ah~" he sighed with a huge smile on his face, putting both hands on the back of his head "so much for the first day" and here come many days like this from now on.

As he already skip two periods after break time, lunch time came faster he could think.

"Um...so delicious" Naruto smiled as he slurped on the noodles of his ramen, being made by his beloved sister.

"I'm glad you like it Onii-sama" Mio smiled brightly as she was eating her own bento made by the chefs of her house, it was delicious but to Naruto, ramen was more delcious than anything else in the world.

Mio's best friend and Naruto's sparing partner was also hear with them, but her lunch was a big sausage that was going to give her thick and hot cream as well.

They're both sitting on the bench at the side of the schoolyard with a rock table in front of them.

"So onii-chan" Mio then turned to Naruto while he was running his hand up and down the side of Mai's tone leg as she laid on the bench "what do you think of Kuoh so far?"

"Well... It's indeed the best place other than our residence so far" Naruto said as he looked up and saw Mira walking out of class 3-A, fully clothes but her perfect hair was a mess, walking limply as though each step was something really hard to do at the moment.

"Where are you looki..." Mio then turned her eyes to the third floor and smiled "oh, isn't that Erza-sensei" true enough, Mira was standing in front of busty scarlet head gym teacher as they talked for a moment before Mira was helped with walking by her friend "you miss her class"

"I hope I didn't miss anything important" Naruto was too lost in Mira's cunt and the other holes of her "Mi...Ah!" Naruto gritted his teeth as he thrust his hip up, cumming inside of Mai's mouth just like she wanted.

As Naruto finished his lunch the only male in the world began to wander around the school to explore Kuoh Academy, as the old looking school building at the far side of the school caught his eyes the most.

Stopping here and there to give some group of girls a simple blowjob, or even taken some virginity of some of the girls as their request, it took Naruto a total fourty minutes to get to the old looking building which just twenty meters away from where he ate lunch.

Using a towel he brought with him inside of his bag, Naruto used it to wipe away the virgin blood on his cock before walking into the building.

It didn't take long for him to realize he wasn't the only one inside of this building, as Naruto could feel two other signatures inside.

And all of these signatures weren't chakra, so it left obly one possibility left.

Rias Gremory, the pure-blood daughter of Gremory Clan was here with her group, no doubt devils too.

Putting on a carefree smile, Naruto walked toward the room where they're at and knocked three time before waiting patiently for someone to answer.

The door was opened and he was greeted with a pair of breasts which were as big as his mother.

Looking up, Naruto was met with a pair of violet eyes, locating on one of the most beautiful face he had ever seen in his life.

"Oh...oh my" The black haired, beautiful young woman gasped as she stared at Naruto. It look like she hadn't expected him to be the one who standing at the other side of the door.

"Akeno, who's it?" The voice belonged to a young woman could be heard inside of the room, as she called out loudly for the black haired girl, whose name Akeno.

"It's...it's..." Her eyes traveled from his face to his pants, like she was trying to make sure he was the real thing "It's Naruto Uzumaki-kun"


Line Break

"Please have some teas"

"Thank you Akeno-chan" Naruto smiled to the black haired girl as she put a cup of hot tea down the table.

The person, or better known as the she-devil Naruto was sitting in front at was noneother than Rias Gremory, as she was staring at him with eyes of disbelief.

Not being a pervert (even if he's one himself), but Naruto already wanted to have his way with the two ojou-sama, but was able to keep his cool.

"Wow, it's really good" Naruto said in amazement as he took a sip of the tea

"Ara ara, ufufufu, being praise by a man, how fortunate of me" Akeno giggled as she held the tray close to her body.

"So, Naruto-kun..." Rias opened her mouth to start a conversation, but Naruto beated her to it

"You may wonder why I came here Rias-chan" He smiled "there's nothing you've to worry about, I'm just curious about this old looking building that's all"

"Oh, is that so" Rias nodded.

"And I thought you came here just for the fun of banging the two of us" Akeno giggled making both Naruto and Rias sweat dropped.

She might not look like it, as Akeno held the somewhat traditional beauty of Japanese girls as the people of said country like to call it a Nadeshiko, but for some reason, Naruto felt like the warm and gentle Akeno weren't the real Akeno at all.

She might be a huge S like Anko.

"So Naruto-kun, what's is it feel like being the only boy in the world for the next two or three thousand years?" Rias asked as she leaned her hands on the table, making her tits, which's just very slightly smaller than Akeno caught Naruto's eyes.

"Well, it's fun, but very troublesome at the same time" Naruto said "I can't live a day without some sex, as my libido would most likely push me over the edge if I try to not so."

"Oh" Rias, Akeno and even Koneko said at the same time.

"But what I hate the most is that I can't leave Konoha. You see I love to be a traveller, can you think about the fun of exploring land from land, meeting various kind of people?" It was always his dream since the day he fully capable of thinking, to be like his father "Of course, impregnant women from various places around the worlds to keep it from fully dying out is one of many reasons I like to travel, as I don't like the way most of them came to me and ask for a child" he then stopped and looked at the girls, who was staring at him with their eyes wide. Clearly they didn't believe a man like him, through the pages of history books had been considered to be the one who ate the bread of idleness could think far like that.

Even his father, Minato only went on trip when the women of far away countries asked for him.

"It...it's very nice of you to say so Naruto-kun" Rias smiled as Akeno nodded her head. The crimson heiress then took his hand into her and squeezed gently "I belive that one day, you can archive your dream"

"Me too" Akeno smiled warmly.

"Thanks guy" he grinned.

Naruto spent the last minutes of lunch break to stay inside Rias' clubroom, the Occult Research Club which was just an another name at school for her Devil group. Naruto then found out about Akeno and role in Rias' peerage and was explained a lot of about the Evil Piece system, Devil's society as well as the Rating Game.

After lunch time was finished, Naruto said goodbye to the two beautiful second year students before returning to his classroom, which, as boring as always in his opinion.

As soon as the last bell rang, Naruto stood up from his seat and put on his bag, saying goodbye to Mira and the two great Ojou-chan of Kuoh Academy before going home with Mio and Mai, which the later being invited to his house for dinner and play with Mio later on.

Sitting on the limo with his sister and his personal maids, Naruto couldn't help but pull down Yugao's thong and fuck her doggie style inside of the limo, just for releasing some built up stress during the afternoon study at school.

"How about this Yugao?" Naruto smirked as he flipped the purple haired maid to her back, handing her ankles to Kurenai and Mio to hold before keeping on thrusting his cock into her.

"Onii-chan, do you have any plan for tonight?" Mio asked while still holding Yugao's right leg for him.

"If you're talking about screwing your, Mira-chan and Mai-chan's pussy senseless tonight then yes, I'll be busy" Naruto said casually "other than that, nah, I don't think so" Naruto then groaned out as he blew his load into Yugao, making her stomach expanded.

"Mou, is that all you think about?" Mio pouted as she glared at her brother, who then pulled his cock out of his purple maid's pussy and let Kurenai sucking on it, drinking down the rest of Naruto's loads.

"Then I won't tell you Kaa-san had invited Mirajane-sensei, Tsunade-sama to our house tonight with a promise to the worlds about a fivesome between you, me, Mai and them" Mio said while grinning smuggly.

"What?!" Naruto instantly turned his hip to his sister, eyes as wide as dinner plates "How?"

Five busty, beautiful women in the same bed with him tonight.

"Oh my dear onii-chan" Mio smirked slyly before showing him the screen of her cellphone, showing the first comment just bellow the fucking screen he had with Mira this morning "it's look like your dear kaa-chan think that it might be the best kind of idea to let the people around the world watch your sex life live, just like this previous screen you have with Mirajane-sensei"

Naruto looked at the screen and saw it indeed just like Mio said, his mother was the first person to comment about the video, ranting endlessly about how much she proud of him when she was watching this video and also how turned on she's when she saw the way Naruto cream pieing Mira.

And so she had come up with an idea, of a huge screen between the only man in the world, the heroine of previous video, his busty little sister as well as her equally attractive best friend and of course, the one who came up with that brilliant idea Kushina herself.

Not to mention his clone will have sex with the maids of Uzumaki Residence, making it one of the biggest orgy ever.

His mother clearly knew what he wanted.

"It seem the ones mentioned are also agree to this" Mio took her cellphone back and read out loud "Mirajane-sensei commented 'oh goodey, I can't wait for being banged senseless again' while Tsunade-sama said 'I'm definitely make him impregnant me this time.'"

"Look like everyone is eager for tonight eh?"Naruto smirked as he beat his cock against Kurenai's face, who was staring at him with a cum filled face.

"By the way, I heard Kaa-san bought a lot of lotion oil, it's looki like it's going to be an oil party"

Just thinking about tonight make his cock harder than it could be

Line Break

"Are we there yet" Naruto asked as he walked blindlessly with his eyes covered by a black blindfold. Of course, he was as naked as ever with his cock standing in its hardest state, the cool air wrapped around his body and the feeling of grass underneath his feet was telling Naruto that they're in the garden.

"Nearly Naruto-kun" His mother Kushina was right beside him and was the one who was leading him with his hand on her bubble ass and her hand on his cock, stroking it on a steady pace.

"Ah, here we're" with that, Naruto felt her enormous boobs smashed into his face as Kushina reached her hand to the behind of his head to removed the blindfolf.

And as soon as his vision was released from the blackness, the sight in front of him made the veins on his cock twitched madly.

"Hello Naruto-kun/sama/onii-chan/master"

Fifty busty women, if Naruto counted correctly, wearing only a skimpy orange swimsuit made of string were sitting on an enormous plastic canvas that was covered in a thick layer of oil.

Their body...god they oil covered body were so fucking sexy and eotic that he barely be able to control himself.

He recognized them all at the maids of his house, however, some weren't.

There in the middle of the canvas in the same state with the maids, along with his mother would be his entertainment tonight. With their body covered in oil, their hair soaked with said liquid and their erotic body having an even more erotic glint under the light.

His cock twitched madly and released a rope of pre-cum when Mira winked at him, she was having her ass and pussy played by his sister and Mai, as the two were giggling sluttily while trying to shove their hands into the mage's holes.

"There is the filming crew" Kushina pointed her hand to the side. Naruto saw the Foxy Studion's filming crew was presented, also naked, which they waved their hand at him when they saw him looking.

"Remember to put on a quite of performent for us" Kushina said as she slowly walking backward, stepping on the wet canvas as the maids ran their hands on her body.

Naruto stood there stroking his cock, gettinv ready for the fun.

"And three...two...one!" The director shouted "And we're lived!"

"Tajuu Kage Bushin No Jutsu!"

One hundred and fifty Naruto popped into existence in a large poof of smoke that covered the entire area, all the women moaned out in delight at the sight of super hung teen, as naked as their boss standing with a sly smirk on their face.

"Slaughter them!" Naruto roared as his clones cheered out like an army ready for battle and rushed into the plastic canvas and captured the women.

Three clones and one maid, that's his idea when he summoned one hundred and fifty clones.

Soon the entire area was filled with moan, but not the moaned of the girls but the Naruto themselves, with a horse dick rammed into their mouth it's look like the ability for moaning out was canceled at the moment.

A huge orgy just for him

"Come here" Kushina whispered, mostly to herself as she looked at her son and opened her mouth wide, thrusting her tongue out in a shameless smile.

"Go for it boss!" A clone, who was ramming his cock into Kurenai's mouth gave him a thumb up.

"You don't have to tell me" He walked backward before coming running forward as fast as he can before getting to his knees, sliding on the slipery surfact of the oil cover canvas, straight to his mother with his cock in front of him

Kushina braced herself for the impact.

And she was right because Naruto's cock was rammed down her throat when he got to her, the force would have broke her neck if she wasn't a kunoichi.

"Fuck!" Naruto groaned as his mother began to suck on him.

Roaring out in lust, Naruto pulled Tsunade and Mira to him by their nipple and wrapped his arms around their oild body, kissing the two passionately which soon turned into a three way kiss.

Mai and Mio helped the women removed the last piece of string on their body before joining in the fun, with their mouth claimed over his large balls and sucked ont them eagerly.

"I want to face fuck my mother" he whispered into both Tsunade and Mira's ears as they then moved their hand to the back of Kushina's head before grabbing a fist full of her hair, each and forced her face into Naruto's cock, making the woman swallow sixteen inches of meat down her throat.

While Naruto was having fun with five women at once, cum was being sprayed everywhere around them as the clones groaned out in lust and released torrent and torrent of thick hot cum high in the air. The maids all had their belly expanded before their oil covered vody became oil-sperm covered body.

But the fun didn't end there.

Pulling out of his mother's throat Naruto then pushed Tsunade down to the canvas and took both of her enormous tits into his hands, putting his cock between them and the smashed them together.

With the help of the oil his dick easily moved between her tits as Naruto rocked his hip, titty-fucking Tsunade. His cock actually grew an inch or two when Mio pushed her tongue into his asshole, making the blond groaned out in pleasure, smearing the pre-cum on Tsunade's face.

"Mai-chan, come here" Naruto pulled his partner at Shiranui dojo at him, fingering her pussy for a few moment before putting her down Tsunade's face, ramming the part of his cock that was poking out of Tsunade's massive rack into Mai's pussy and moaned.

Lying down next to Tsunade, Kushina and Mira took Naruto's hands and brought them to their pussy, letting them finger fucked them while he was fucking Mai himself. His cock disappearing and reappearing from Mai's tight cunt, as the brunette girl was cumming her heart down the face of the busty Hokage of the Leaf.

All around the world, there's barely a woman who didn't watch the show on the TV or internet without having their fingers, or even a dildo or two inside their cunt as they're greatly turned on by the wild orgy that was happened at Konoha.

Line Break-The next morning.

Naruto Uzumaki, stood on the dry ground with his cock being licked and kiseed by the sex bomb Mirajane Strauss and his slut for a mother Kushina Uzumaki, who were both having their cunt and asshole being ravished by the clones with their belly looked like nine month heavily pregnant with triplet.

"Ready boys?" Naruto shouted to his clones, who was circling around the wet canvas stroking their twitching cock, where half conscious women were lying on each other with their belly in the same state of the women sucking on his cock.

"Aye Boss!" The roared as their cock twitched and throbbed madly.

"Mio, come here" he called out for his sister, who the got on her knees and crawled to him. Her belly looked like it couldn't be able to contain any more sperm, her pussy and anal was steadily helping her emptying herself, just like the women around her.

Mio then got to his cock and took the bulbous head into her mouth, sucking as hard as she could while keeping her eyes on Naruto. Mira and Kushina tongue danced around the length of his cock, as the clones underneath them the cried out in pleasure and the filled them again.

"Then do it!" He shouted to the clones and then one hundred and fifty cock unleased their biggest loads ever. The highest cum-shots were even able to each ten foot into the air before falling down the women's body underneath, joining in the rain of sperm that pouring down their body endlessly.

A massive creampie.

"Fuck!" Naruto groaned and put both his hands on Mira and Tsunade's head, erupting himself into Mio's mouth which the girl happily gulped it down.

Such a feeling was hard to resist

End of chapter 3