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"Sakura. You blew the gasket on the carburetor again. You need to stop doing those hairpin turns." Ino said as she slammed the hood down on Sakura's baby.

"Well, if the cops would stop chasing me, I wouldn't have to push her so hard. Just get me the parts. You know you won't be able to fix her. You hate fixing my 69." Sakura laughed as she grabbed the tools she would need. "Sasuke! Where the hell is the breaker bar, I lent you?"

"Left cabinet under the jack. I put it there last night after I finished on my Camaro." Sasuke said as he walked into the garage.

"Next time put it back where it belongs. I am not above knocking you sideways for not putting something away." Sakura said as she grabbed the long silver tool and lightly swung it at him.

"Need anything else boss?" Sasuke mocked her.

"Yeah. Get me Sake. 3 bottles." Sakura told him with a smirk.

"I shouldn't have asked. I will be back with it." Sasuke said as he left.

"You should be nicer to him. He's the youngest of us." Ino said as she sat on the floor and drank her beer.

"He won't learn if I'm not hard on him. He's the youngest of us, newest. He needs to learn fast. I have a job coming up that I will need everyone on the tips of their toes. Naruto has been having some issues with a gang. They have been antagonizing Hinata and I have the rest of everyone on their way in. Naruto and Hinata are set to arrive tonight. They have to finish packing up the house. Shikamaru and Choji are there watching their backs while they finish. Family meeting at breakfast tomorrow." Sakura said as she set about putting the car on the lift so that she could replace the tires as well as the blown gasket.

"Please for the love of God. Pancakes?" Ino perked up at the mention of Hinata and breakfast.

Sakura stopped what she was doing and smiled at her second.

"Hinata did agree to make pancakes. She did say however you have to go and get everything. She left me a list for you on the counter.

"Oh, hells yes! I'm gonna take the Eclipse okay? I've been dying to drive her since you fixed her up." Ino squealed as she grabbed the list and looked to Sakura.

"Fine. Take her. Tell me how she rides since I had to put in the new transmission. I haven't had a chance to drive her myself." Sakura said as she threw a set of keys and watched the blond take off.

"Man. She will do anything for Hinata's cooking. The best thing I ever did for both of them was to give them my blessing." Sakura smiled as she got to work and put up her long hair into a clip she kept for working on her cars, a long night ahead of her.


Several hours later her family was around the table. Eating and drinking as they laughed. Sasuke helping everyone get sufficiently drunk as he was learning how to mix drinks. Everyone had to learn the signature drink of each person before they were able to create their own.

"Okay. All fun and kidding aside. We have a very big problem. Naruto. Please explain what is going on." Sakura said as she sat back with her glass of white wine.

"The head of the Aryan brotherhood, Allen has set his eyes on Hinata…... He hasn't left her alone since he saw her 3 weeks ago. I've been trying to take care of things myself but…" Naruto said as he held Hinata's hand "he showed up at our house 2 days ago while we were out racing at the wars and went through her things. I have it on tape."

"Do you have the footage here?" Sakura asked as she ate a fork full of fluffy pancakes.

"I do. Here." Naruto said as he handed Sakura his phone with the video on pause. "He brought several people with him in case we came home early. I think he's ready to take her. Sakura. Please help us. We're family, right?"

"Yes, you are. We protect our own. Where is their home base? We will make a plan and execute it flawlessly as always. Shika, once we get the address, you and I will go and do recon." Sakura said as she took the last sip of her glass and stood up.

"Shouldn't have messed with our family. Sakura is gonna taken them all out." Sasuke said as he stood and began clearing the table with Naruto.

Naruto texted her the address while Sakura changed. She pulled on a pair of black jeans and a red tank top. Ino handed her favorite leather jacket to Sakura. It was ankle length and a deep shade of maroon. Ino had made it for Sakura as a gift when she took over the troop from her mother. The troop was matriarchal. Passed from mother to daughter. If the mother had multiple daughters, it went to the one who was the most adept with their weapon and the most diplomatic as well. Sakura was an only child, but her mother had been 1 of 5. She had narrowly beat out her sisters and gained control. Sakura had been raised strictly but with a lot of love. She knew the value of the family that made her. She also learned that the family that chooses you is the most important. After Sakura gained control from her mother, everyone her mother kept around left. It was a tradition that she was left with 200 million yen to recruit her people. To make her own family.

Thinking back, it had been an interesting journey. Sakura had found Ino first. 16 and starving on the street. She was hiding in an alleyway nursing some wounds she had gotten from a drunk man trying to rape her the night before. Sakura had been on her way to look over a base of operations possibility. Looking down at the girl Sakura felt pity. She was a beautiful girl. 2 years younger than herself and a life full of misery. She had taken the girl in and it was mere seconds before she realized that Ino had a brilliant mind on her. The guy who had been showing her the house had been trying to scam her out of everything. Ino had noticed all the bad frameworks as well as the dry rot that had been painted over. It was then that Sakura knew she had her second.

Naruto had walked into her life on his own. She was with Ino at a café after some shopping. Naruto was behind the bar cleaning dishes when 3 men came in to rob the place. While many of the patrons and staff hit the floor as quickly as they could, Naruto stood his ground. He pulled out a bat and proceeded to beat the shit out of the three men. Only getting shot once the entire time. Ino bandaged up his shoulder for him while Sakura offered him a job.

Hinata had been Naruto's find. She had worked in a book store that Naruto had often walked by. He'd been crazy for her since he had first seen her several years previous. One day, he was walking past late at night after the store had closed. He watched as she left, and saw that two men were following her. After a while, the men had attacked. Heaving Hinata against a wall and ripping her clothes with a knife. Naruto had stepped in and saved her. They had been together ever since.

Shikamaru had found her. He was the son of one of her mom's men and they had grown up together for a time. He found Sakura in her favorite parts store and offered her his services. All he wanted was to have unlimited access to getting new tech. Once they got up and running that was. He would fund his tech until they had a good stream of money in place. Sakura took him up on his offer immediately. It made her life a lot easier and he was really smart. Easy to talk to and easy to be around when angry. He calmed people when heated arguments arose between members.

Sasuke was the newest family member. He was also the youngest. While everyone else was between 25 and 30. He was 16. He had been thrown out of his parents' house in front of her. His parents had thrown him out because of his particular tastes in mates. His parents didn't approve and had thrown him out with nothing but the clothes on his back. Sakura picked him up from the concrete and brought him home. He had spent the first two weeks in his room. Hinata had brought him food every day and Naruto had tried to talk to him. It took over a month for him to even say two words to the blond. Sasuke was still healing from his betrayals. Sakura had given him a beat-up 84 Camaro to work on. Teaching him how to lift the engine to get to the oil pan and install a new transmission. Little by little with work from her and her team, the boy opened up.

Her team was one she trusted with her life. They were riding or die with her. She would go to any length to protect them. Even if it meant killing the son of a bitch that was trying to take Hinata. Sakura grabbed her katana and her metal bat and put on her knee combat boots. Taking 5 minutes to lace them up, she was ready. Shikamaru had changed as well. He wore a simple black tee and cargo pants. He preferred comfort and he was not a fighter. He got onto the back of her tomahawk and they rode off.

An hour later they arrived at the warehouse that Allen was using as his base. They climbed to the rafters and used the cover of night to hide there and take notes. They spent several hours there watching the goons move cocaine and cars. Women counted the money and cooked food. The men did all the real work, keeping the woman caged into a small section of the warehouse. Guards made rounds every 15 minutes and then there was the floor supervisor. His silver hair stood out very well against the black of the floor. He was a very serious man. Barking orders at men left and right.

"Sota! Get that crap moved. Allen will be here in an hour and he has enough things going on with that blue-haired bitch. He's going to make his move tomorrow. We need to have everything ready for him to bring her in. Allen will be using this warehouse to hold her until she becomes his willingly. Get that shit moved. Kora is bringing in the furniture for her tonight and you two will be up all night putting it together." The silver-haired man shouted.

"I don't see why he needs her. She's just another girl. He could have any other girl on the base at any time." Sota said as he grabbed a big box and started moving it.

"I have decided that she will be the new matriarch of the clan. My wife, my woman, my property. You would do very well to not question my authority one more time. I will not hesitate to have you killed for your insolence. "A man with black shoulder-length hair said as he stepped up behind the silver hired one, "Kakashi. How do things go? Is everything almost ready for tomorrow?"

"Almost. We need furniture and the cage in place. It's almost done but still has several hours to go. Everything will be ready by tomorrow night," the man known as Kakashi said nonchalantly.

"She's gone with that man to another house. They are staying at this woman's place. She's got pink hair, the one who owns the home. Likes to tinker with cars from what my men tell me. There are 5 of them in total. Four of them are trying to keep what is mine away from me. Get your team into the briefing room. You're going to bring her home." Allen said as he walked away.

Sakura watched as several men followed Kakashi's call and followed him into their briefing room. Looking back at Shikamaru she watched him drop a small bug that attached to one of the last guys to go into the room and he motioned for them to leave. Staying any longer would have been too risky. They quickly made their way out from the rafters and headed home. When they got there everyone was asleep in the living room, piled upon one another. Sakura smiled and took some time to make sure everyone had a pillow and a blanket. Shikamaru sat down with his nightly coffee and listened to the recording of the meeting the men were having. Shikamaru never slept. He was an incurable insomniac.

"I'll have everything transcribed for you and the team by 9 am. Printed by 9:30. Can you have Hinata make that breakfast? The one with the fried potatoes. I've been craving it." Shikamaru said as he began his work.

"I had her teach me. Let her sleep. I'll make it for you now so you don't have to wait. She's got enough going on." Sakura said as she began to cut up potatoes and cook.

"Sometimes I wonder why you keep us all here. You let us run all over you."

"No, I don't. I take care of my family. That's what you all are. My family." Sakura responded dully.

"I know. But I think that you give us all too much credit. You're a better fighter than any of us, you should spend some time training us up so we can fight beside you. You think it protects us; it cripples us. We all need to be able to fight." Shikamaru said as he typed.

"Even you? You want to learn to fight?" Sakura said as she cooked, the hot oil jumping from the pan.

"I'm not so sure you nerd needs to learn. I took quite a few self-defense classes when I began this endeavor with you. I am set. Why do you think it's me that always dose recon with you? I'm trying to take care of my family." Shikamaru said as Sakura sat a steaming plate of hash browns in front of him.

"I will consider that. For now, I will sleep. I have a very long day ahead and so do you." Sakura yawned at him.

"Thanks for the food. Get some rest. It might take me till 11 or so now that I've seen what I am working with. Sleep in a little, will you?" Shikamaru said as he munched.

"Fine. Not a minute more though." Sakura said as she wandered off to rest.


At 10 past 10, Sakura walked out of her room and looked around at her team. Sasuke was busy tinkering with his baby, Shikamaru was drinking what she assumed was his 5th cup of coffee from the way his hand was shaking, Ino was long gone into her bedroom to get ready for the day, and Naruto and Hinata were still snuggling on the couch watching a movie, Hinata having fallen asleep against his shoulder.

"Sakura! Shikamaru just finished with the workup. Seems like its time to go over it?" Naruto said as he tucked a blanket around a sleeping Hinata.

"Yeah. Let's do this. Someone get me some food though. And get the coffee away from Shikamaru. I think he's had enough." Sakura said as she sat down.

"I'll make you an omelet. Sound good?" Ino said as she grabbed the ingredients.

"Works," Sakura said as she began to go through the printed stack before her. "From what it looks like, they plan to strike tonight. They will be sending 12 men…... They know she is here and where her room is. So, for tonight Naruto and her will be in the pit. Ino, move the Cadillac over the pit to hide them. Of course, we will be closing its door as well, but the less conspicuous it is the better. Shika, you're on security and surveillance. Once those guys start tripping our wires, I want you on them like white on rice. I wanna know the moment they are here. Ino, you will stay with Sasuke."

"What will we be doing?" Ino asked as she cut up bell peppers for the omelet.

"Misdirection. I want the men to think that Hinata is in my room. I will be in the bed pretending to be her. Once they are in the room, I will begin taking them out. This will hopefully work." Sakura said as she continued to read through the scrips.

"No. This time I fight with you. I am stronger than you think." Sasuke said as he stood up.

"No. You're just a kid! I can't let you get hurt." Sakura shouted at him.

"You don't need to do this all alone. You have a team, a family that can help. I can take out at least a few of them. Ino can get a few too. Let us help. You might be surprised at what we can do." Sasuke said as he walked to tower over her.

"I," Sakura said as she stood and poked him in the chest "run this crew. Not you! You will do as I say or you will have to leave. Sasuke. Your only 17. You are too young to be fighting war's you didn't start."

"Sakura. Even you can not handle 12 men on your own. They will kill you." Naruto said as he put his hand on her shoulder.

"I can't let you get hurt."

"We don't want to lose you. You're hurting us by not letting us help you." Shikamaru said his two cents.

"Fine. New plan. Sasuke and Naruto will fight beside me. Ino, you're in the pit with Hinata. Better go get to making it comfortable, I know how picky you are." Sakura said as she ate the food Ino gave her.

"God. I hate the damn pit. I hated it when you put it in, I hate it now. Why the pit?" Ino whined.

"it's the safest spot. It's easy to defend." Sakura said bluntly.

"Everyone get into place. They will be here tonight and we will protect our family." Sakura said as she finished her food.


Around 8 that night it began. It started with just a few men. 3 of them sneaking into the house via Hinata's window that they broke through. Sakura was laying in Hinata's bed pretending to be asleep. Lavender comforter pulled up over her head. Katana held ready in her hand. The men slowly walked over to the bed and the moment that Sakura felt a hand on her shoulder, she struck. Taking her blade to the man's hamstrings, she took him down. He would not be walking again for a very long time. The other two men attacked. Sakura dodged a punch from her left as well as a kick from her right Sakura took down the other 2 men quickly and began to move through the rest of the house. Shikamaru telling her where to go from his attic hideout.

"Sakura, two more in your bedroom. They are going through your closet." Shikamaru said through her earpiece.

"Really?" Sakura whispered as she slowly pushed open her door.

"Yup. Ones at your dresser now. Go get them." Shikamaru chuckled as he watched her attack.

Sakura quickly took down the two men and headed back into her living room. There, standing in the full light of the room was the silver-haired right-hand man of Allen. He was standing over Sasuke, who was passed out and covered in blood. Sakura froze in place as the man had yet to notice she was there. He was facing away from her and she watched as he knelt and checked Sasuke's pulse. Finding him still breathing he picked Sasuke up and put him on the couch and cuffed him. Another man came into view and knelt.


"Kakashi, we can't find her anywhere. 9 of the 12 men that we sent in have been taken down. What would you like to do?"

"Find the leader. That pink-haired one. She will know where the girl is." Kakashi said as he looked around.

"She is the one who took down 5 of them. She won't be easy. For some reason, she knows how to fight better than her people." The man said as he stood and stalked off.

"I know you're here girl. Come out a play." Kakashi said as he sat on Sasuke and looked in her direction.

"Why are you here?" Sakura asked as she stepped out into his view.

"You know why we are here. I am sure your little blond told you all about Allen and his obsession with Hinata. I am here to take her to him, now be a good girl and go get her for me." Kakashi said as he leaned back against the couch.

"She's not here. I sent her off to her family home. It was too dangerous for her. Knowing that you were coming for her. I protect my own. That is my family that you are sitting on. I suggest you get off him if you want to live." Sakura punctuated the end of her statement by raising her blade.

"Why don't you make me? He's quite comfortable." Kakashi smirked at her and held up his palms in mock surrender.

Sakura flew at him and knocked him off the couch with her fist. Not wanting to use her blade in case her aim was the slightest bit off. She watched as he flew back and landed on his feet. Smirk coming to his face under the mask, he pushed forward. Sakura watched as he moved, predicting his moment.

"You're quite the firecracker," he laughed as he popped up behind her.

"You're annoying. Leave my home and my family alone!" Sakura said as she elbowed him in the gut and sent another punch into him.

"Not gonna happen. I was sent here to get a girl for my boss. It's either gonna be you or her. Which would you pick?" Kakashi said as he grabbed her fist and twisted it.

Sakura's wrist twisted and Kakashi pulled her forward. Using her weight against her, she soon found herself pinned against the wall of her living room. His hot breath basting the back of her neck as he held her there. Sakura struggled as much as she was able to.

"Stop struggling dear. It won't serve you well. Sota! Bring me the syringe. Pinkie here will be coming with us. We have searched the whole place. Hinata is not here. Grab the boy too. We will use him to make her talk." Kakashi said as he pushed her harder into the wall.

Sota tottered into the room and handed him a syringe filled with a colorless liquid. Kakashi grabbed Sakura's hair and yanked her head to the side. Sakura fought to get free only to feel the needle penetrating her neck and the burn of whatever was in it. Sakura felt herself growing weaker and weaker until suddenly, everything was black.


Kakashi held the girl up as the drugs took ahold of her. Watching her try to keep awake was amusing as hell. He watched as sleep finally consumed her and he threw her over her shoulder. He had some more men come to grab the fallen and the boy he had beaten into submission. He would need a medic when they got back to the compound. As he walked up to his hellcat, he tossed her in the back and looked at her. He'd tied her hands behind her back, her pink hair spayed out over her and his car seats. It was so long that it touched the floor of his car, he liked it. She had emerald eyes that held a fire in them he had yet to ever see on anyone. Pale skin was soft to the touch, a few mars here and there but otherwise flawless. Once he had the information on Hinata he needed, he was going to keep her a while. He got into his driver seat and drove off. His boss was not going to be happy about this.