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Sakura drove the car to her house. Everyone was already there and was up and waiting for her. She dropped out of the seat of the car and was immediately engulfed in bodies.

"Guys, you are crushing me. I'm still injured. Don't make me bleed out." Sakura laughed as she felt her chest and leg get warm and wet with her blood.

"Sakura. You're okay! I thought for sure we had lost you when that man kicked us all out with Sasuke." Naruto said as he cleared the room for her. "I pulled everything out for your medkit. I know you'll want to look Sasuke over to make sure his bandaging is fine."

"Right you are. I am however going to bandage myself up first. I made sure he was well bandaged. I never got the chance to bandage up my leg and I am feeling just a little woozy from blood loss." Sakura smiled as she swayed lightly.

"Hinata, help Sakura out. Until she is fit for battle, I will keep command. Naruto, secure the new car in the garage. Shikamaru, get some rest. Choji, can you make soon food? I am starving." Ino ordered.

"Roger that boss." Everyone said in unison as they went about their own tasks.

Hinata sat Sakura down on the couch and began to clean out her leg wound. Sakura hissed as the alcohol hit the open wound and threw a pillow at the wall.

"You're going to need stitches." Hinata's quiet voice said to her.

"I know. Can you do them?" Sakura asked.

"I'm not as good at them as you or Ino, but I will try," Hinata said.

"It's a great time to practice. Have Ino do the first half of the cut. You will do the second half with supervision. Shikamaru, since you have decided to sit in here and wait, bring me the whiskey. This is gonna hurt like a son of a bitch." Sakura asked as she watched Hinata leave to get Ino.

"Do you want the good stuff that you use when fixing cars or the stuff you use to cook with?" Shikamaru asked as he went after the bottle.

"The stuff I use to cook with. Let's not waste the good stuff." Sakura chuckled.

Shikamaru handed her the Jim beam and sat back on the couch and watched her chuck the entire bottle in one go. She smiled at him and hissed again when Ino began to look over the leg wound.

"We need to let the whiskey kick in before we start the leg. Sakura, show me the other one. "Ino said as she approved the cleanout of the cut.

"Ino, that one is fine. There is no need to look it over." Sakura said as she began to feel the warmth of the whiskey do its job.

"Sakura. I am the current commander. We have you back, but you put a rule in that until you were able to fight again and able to lead your crew that I would have absolute power. Even over you. You remember what happened when Sasuke dropped a car on you right?" Ino hardened.

"Ino. Kakashi cleaned it well. He was an expert at bandaging it as well. He seems to have known what he was doing. Trust me. I taught you your medical abilities. I know when something is done right. Focus on my leg. If after my leg is done you still want to look at what's up here, I will let you." Sakura said as she gave the two women the go-ahead.

Ino started with the needle and began to knit the flesh of Sakura's outer thigh together again. After about 20 minutes she handed it off to Hinata who had been watching closely. 40 minutes later she was all stitched up. Ino looked at Sakura with a look that told her it was time for her chest to be looked at. Sakura gave the movement that had everyone scrambling out accept Ino. Even Hinata was told to leave.

"Let me get a look at what is going on up here," Ino said as she helped pull off the shirt.

"You're not going to like it. Remember Sarah?" Sakura asked as the bandages began being unwound and the layers of her blood-soaked bandages began to show through.

"Yeah. We helped her run from the very same men. Why?" Ino said as she removed the last piece of bandage, the cut half tree beginning to leak, "Sakura, you know what this means. To get Sarah free we have to remove her hand! Anyone sees this mark and they will turn you in if the clan comes looking for you!" Ino gasped.

"I know. I couldn't stop him. Had I known this is what he was carving in, I might have just knocked his pretty little head off." Sakura grunted as Ino wrapped her again.

"We can't get rid of this…. Sakura. What are we gonna do?" Ino asked her as she set the remainder of the bandages down.

"We are going to take them down. I am sick and tired of men thinking they control everything in this world. It's time a woman took Allen down a peg or two. Tomorrow I will resume command. After that, we call mom." Sakura said as she shrugged on her shirt again.

"Mom? Like warmonger Mebiki? Your mom?" Ino shuddered out.

"Yes. My mom. She loves Hinata as a daughter and I need her advice on going to war. She took the Akatsuki down. I am sure we can pick her brain. She may even come out of retirement to help." Sakura smiled and laid down on the couch, "I am gonna sleep here. I'm too tired to go anywhere else."

"I'll let the others know. What are we gonna do with the hellcat?" Ino asked as she cleaned up.

"I'm gonna take his car apart and rebuild it. There's a problem with the firing of one of the pistons. Tell Shika to get the paint booth ready. I'm gonna have Sai come by and paint her. Sasuke will be happy to hear that he's coming by."

"Got it, boss," Ino said as she turned off the lights and left the room.


"Sakura. You know that I am retired. That's why you have your own crew." Her mother's voice came over the speaker.

"I know. I am only really asking for advice. How did you beat them? I need to protect my precious people." Sakura wined back.

"Sakura. You have to figure out your problems on your own. Have Shikamaru build your strategy. That usually works pretty well for you."

"Yes, this time it's a little harder. It isn't a ragtag band of jackasses. This is a full-blown yakuza. It needs more than one mind to break it down. Not to mention more men to take it down."

"You're going to have to figure it out yourself. I can't help you. Clan rules." Her mother's voice rang out as she hung up.

Sakura stood from the table and threw the phone at the wall. The phone's screen shattered upon impact with the wall and laid there on the ground.

"No help from mom?" Naruto asked as he picked it up.

"Not a peep," Sakura said as she grabbed her good whiskey and went into the garage.

Sai was already there mixing paint for the spray gun.

"Sai. I haven't even fixed the transmission yet. You can't paint her until I do." Sakura said as she popped the hood.

"I am trying to figure out what color she will look best in. What do you think, this blue or this purple?" Sai asked as he held up freshly cured scrap pieces.

"I don't care. She's going to be your car. I am not keeping her." Sakura smiled.

"Sakura. I don't need another car. You have given me 3 in the past year."

"I like to fix them; I don't usually like to keep them after that."

"Keep it. It'll be a reminder of what you have survived." Sai said as he watched her pull apart the car.

"Fine. It will be a few hours before she's ready for you. As for the color, surprise me." Sakura said as he got to work.

-4 hours later-

"Sai. She's taped up and ready for you. Have at it." Sakura said as she walked past him covered in grease.

"Sweet!" Sai said as he jumped up from the couch and rushed past Sasuke who had been drinking a beer against the counter, who then followed Sai's body with his eyes.

Sakura grabbed Sasuke by the neck and threw him into the painting booth with Sai. Sasuke looked back at her with both fear and gratefulness in his eyes and asked Sai to teach him how to paint. Sakura smirked and wandered off to find a nice warm shower to relax in. Several hours later found Sakura headed back out to look at the paint job on the car. Sai was busy showing Sasuke how to clear coat it to make it shine. His arms snug around Sasuke as he helped to steady the paint gun from behind him. Sakura looked over at the couple and could see that Sai was doing more than just helping the boy paint the car.

"Break it up, guys. Either that or take it to the bedroom." Sakura laughed as the two broke apart quickly blushing.

"Sakura. What do you think?" Sasuke asked as he walked over to her.

"She's a beauty. Well done guys! I know just what to do with her. Give me a can of spray paint. I'm gonna sign her and send her back to the jackass." Sakura said as she took in the metallic blue and purple car.

The car had been taken from its black color to a mixture of metallic blue and purple. The very front end was a bubblegum pink that had silver flecks of metallic paint flicked on. Sai handed her the spray gun and loaded it with the same silver paint for her.

"I asked for a can of spray paint. This is your gun. I don't know how to use this." Sakura told him.

"It's time you learned," Sai said as he instructed her.

With Sai's help, Sakura signed her name and her clan's logo on the car's hood. Sai clear coated it for her once it was dry and she looked at her work. The car that was once a black nondescript sleek car, was now literally dripping with Sakura's name on it. She walked back in and called Ino to grab her Camaro.

"Where are we going forehead?" the blond asked as she grabbed her keys.

"I have to drop off a gift to that asshat. I'm returning his car." Sakura said as she scribbled a quick note and tossed it in the glove box of the car.

"Fine by me. This is a right old fuck you to him." Ino said as he slammed the door of her car and sped off behind Sakura.

An hour later found them both in front of the very same where house that Sakura has escaped from the night before. Sakura honked the horn obnoxiously until someone walked out. Low and behold it was Kakashi and Allen that stepped out. Kakashi standing behind Allen.

"I told you she would return Kakashi. She knows that she is a property of mine. She brought us quite the gift as well. What beautiful blond she has brought for me to play with." Allen said with giddy.

"This ain't for you. Kakashi. Here's your car back. I fixed the transmission issue for you. Gave her a brilliant new paint job as well. Do you like it?" Sakura sneered as she looked past Allen at Kakashi's face.

The man stood their eyes wide. His car that had left with her had had a masculine look to it and had been completely him. She had redone it into something so utterly irritating. Even signed her name on the hood so that he would remember who had done this.

"You're playing a dangerous game here girl. Get over here and give me the keys." Kakashi said with anger evident in his voice.

Sakura held up the keys. They now sat on a key ring with a cute little scarecrow attached to it. She then threw them at his head. Kakashi caught them with ease and watched as she turned to leave.

"I wouldn't try and leave if I were you," Allen said as he held a gun up.

"You won't shoot me. I know a thing or two about this mark in my chest. You can't kill me unless Kakashi releases his hold on me. By then I will be long gone. While you may be the leader, you still have to follow the customs of your people. Goodbye Allen, Kakashi." Sakura said as she got into the passenger seat of Ino's car and they drove off.

"Forget Hinata. Bring her back. She's feisty as hell. I'll give her over to you once I am done with her." Allen scowled.

"Yes, Allen. How do you want her brought in?" Kakashi asked gritting his teeth.

"Unharmed. When you bring her in, bring her to my bed chamber." He said as he went back inside, leaving Kakashi with his car.

He looked at his car and smirked. As irritating as it was that she had repainted it, it was cute as well. She had taken the time to shit on his parade. He got in his car and started it up. He noticed immediately that the piston issue had been fixed as well. Now he was angry. She had gone inside his car. He revved the engine a few times and moved it into the garage to get started on the plans for retrieving the pink-haired woman.

Sakura smiled and laughed with Ino as she headed home.

"Did you see their faces when you threw him the keys? It was priceless!" Ino laughed loudly as she pulled into the garage.

"Sakura! Your home." Naruto bounced in.

"Yes, we are. What do you need?" Sakura asked as she stepped out of the car.

"Sai wants to talk to you."

"Oh lord. What now?" Sakura exhaled.

"He won't tell us. He's waiting for you on the porch. He brought you sake." Naruto said giving her a nudge on the arms.

Sakura looked at him with wide eyes. Sake was what Hinata brought to Sakura when Naruto and her and decided they wanted to get married. When Shikamaru had brought Temari to her, the same thing had happened. Sakura knew that the sake would always come to her at a price. She grabbed two glasses and headed out to the porch. Sai was indeed waiting there for her, sake in his hand as he squirmed nervously. As soon as he saw her, he stood.


"Sit down Sai. Open the sake. We have a long conversation ahead of us, don't we?"

"We do. Thank you for seeing me." Sai smiled.

"Sakura. I…. I don't know how to broach this subject with you." Sai started nervously.

"You want Sasuke," Sakura replied bluntly.

"Yes. I do. I know there are rules I will need to follow. The first one is getting your blessing for us. The others…. I am not knowing of." Sai bowed his head.

"Ino. Please bring Sasuke out here. I need to ask him a few questions." Sakura said knowing well the blond was eavesdropping.

Ino poked her head out the door sheepishly, nodded, and disappeared. A few minutes later Sasuke came out. He saw Sai sitting in the chair and the bottle of Sake and blushed lightly.

"I have a few questions for you. Sit please." Sakura asked him.

He nodded and sat down. A very long and drunk conversation filled with laughter and happiness ensued. Sakura gave her blessing on him and Sasuke dating and she left about the remainder of her day. Sakura spent the rest of the day celebrating the new couple with her family. She spent the night drinking and toasting to the two men and watched as they left on a long weekend together. Sakura had gifted them a spa weekend away. She always did that when a new couple was christened.

"Sakura. There is a call on the phone for you. It's Sasuke." Naruto said as he kissed Hinata.

"Thank you, Naruto," Sakura said as she grabbed the phone and smiled.

"Tired of the puppy love already?" Sakura laughed.

"Sakura. They have Sai… He…. their hurting him." Sasuke's voice on the other end of the line came in pants.

"Sasuke. What's going on?" Sakura held her fist in the air a sign to stop the party, which abruptly stopped it and all went deathly quiet.

"Sa-Ku-ra. Sasuke is unfortunately tied up at the moment. He asked me to continue this conversation for him. Come to Tomenko bridge, bring your crew with you if you like. Also, anything that you would like to use over the next few months. You have 3 hours to get here before I start relieving this wonderful young man or his fingers." Kakashi's voice took over.

"I'll be there in an hour. Do not keep me waiting." Sakura snarled into the phone and threw it at the same wall she had thrown another recently.

"Sakura. What's wrong." Ino asked her quietly.

"He has them. Sai and Sasuke. Ino, pack a bag for me. All the essentials. Pack 3 weeks of clothes as well. Shika, come with me. We need a game plan in place." Sakura ordered.

"What of us?" Naruto asked, holding Hinata close to his side.

"You will stay here hidden. Choji will be your back up. I am going to take Ino and Shikamaru with me as back up for myself. INO! Is that bag ready yet!?" Sakura shouted.

"Almost. I am grabbing your bathroom items. Be ready to roll in 10 minutes. 2 cars?" Ino shouted back.

"Shika. I am driving. Pull up a map of the area of the Tomenko bridge. Find me 12 exit strategies that include several combatants." Sakura said ash she grabbed the keys to her 69 and watched for Ino to bring out her bag.

Ino came out 5 minutes later and they were in her car on the way to the bridge. It was a long drive. Only 30 minutes drive really but the emotional duress made it longer. Shikamaru spent the time on his computer making routs and figuring things out. He briefed them on each scenario as he found them and lettered them. Sakura stopped right at the edge of the bridge. A body was seen tied to the middle of the bridge. Another standing over it.

"Sakura. Come out of the car." Kakashi's voice rang out.

Sakura took the time to get out of the driver's seat and looked at Ino.

"Stay here. Get in the drivers' seat. As soon as they are clear, take them and run." Sakura ordered.

She walked over to the middle. Sasuke was tied to one of the poles of the bridge and was gagged as well. Sai was tied on the other side from him, passed out. Kakashi was standing in the middle between the two of them with a smirk on his face. Sakura stopped in front of him and looked at him expectantly.

"What do you want for them." She asked.

"Right to the point. I like that. Allen has a proposition for you. Are you willing to listen? Just for that, I'll let one of them go. Choose who." Kakashi said as he held up a blade for her to cut the ropes holding one of them down.

"Sai. Let me take him to the car." Sakura said as she watched Sasuke shake his head when she had looked at him.

"Done. I'll wait."

Sakura cut the ropes from Sai and took him to the car. She inspected him for wounds and found 3 broken fingers, but nothing else. She came back and leaned against the bridge.

"What is your proposal?"

"Allen will give up on Hinata. In return, he wants something else." Kakashi said as he put his hands in his pockets.

"What does he want?"

"You. He wants you to willingly put these on" he said as he showed her a pair of shackles with a chai attached to them, "and come back with me. You do that, your family is safe. You do that and he will stop going after Hinata."

Sakura looked at him.

"That's why you wanted me to pack. You had this planned from the beginning didn't you." She looked at the silver manacles and back at Sasuke.


"What will happen to me once I do this?" She asked quietly.

"I'm not gonna lie to you. You pissed Allen off pretty effectively. He's a man that traffics in young children and women that will never be seen again. I don't know what he has planned for you but it's not a happy ending for you. I can tell you that if you give up willingly, it will be better for you. I can also tell you from experience, that if you don't, he will hunt your family down one by one. This is the only way to protect them." Kakashi told her.

"Let Sasuke go and I will have him bring my bag. I will do anything to protect my family."

"Shackles first. Then Sasuke."

Sakura held out her arms to the man and shivered as she felt the cold metal clam around her wrists. The wind blowing her hair as the locks clicked into place. She watched as Kakashi removed one side of the chain from one of the cuffs and attached it to one that was on his own wrist. He then cut the ropes that were holding down the one known as Sasuke.

"My bag is in the back seat Sasuke. Next to Sai. I checked him over already. Just 3 broken fingers. He's fine." Sakura said with a sad smile on her face.

"Sakura. I can't let you do this."

"You don't have a choice boy. Go get her bag. I have several snipers trained on your lover through the windows of the car." Kakashi said as he yanked Sakura against his body, using the chain to hold her there.

Sasuke walked to the car and grabbed the bag that Ino had packed for Sakura placed it into the waiting hand of one of the men at the side of Kakashi and walked back. He got into the car and Sakura watched as her family drove away. She could feel the body behind her that was holding her hostage. It was firm and warm.

"I don't appreciate the gift you left me earlier. You painted my car." Kakashi said as he pushed her against the wall of the bridge and whispered into her ear.

"Did you notice I fixed her to?" Sakura sneered, feeling the stone cut into her.

Kakashi growled into her ear almost inaudibly low. He pushed her further into the wall and used his left hand to turn her so she was facing him. He pressed his leg between hers and used his hands to trap her in front of him. His eyes were full of emotion that she could not decipher. He chuckled and leaned in, lips on her ear again.

"I did. That piston was being a particular asshole to me. I've fixed it 3 times. I'll have to ask how you got it to stay fixed. For now, it's time for us to go. Allen is expecting you soon. But first," Kakashi told her as he ghosted his mouth to her neck and bit down hard.

Sakura squirmed against him as he bit down even further into her skin. Blood flowing freely as his teeth sunk into her flesh. He used his right hand to keep her from escaping and his left hand clamped over her mouth to keep her from screaming. The men he had brought with him knew that she was to be his and had no problem with laughing at the girl who struggled against the man. He pulled back after a few moments and inspected his work. His bite was clearly visible on the right side of her neck. He smirked at the girl as she looked at him with fire in her eyes and clamped a hand over the mark.

"You're an animal." She snarled at him.

"I am indeed. Let's go." Kakashi smirked and tucked a pink strand behind her ear.