A Mystery Of A Cherry Blossom

A Mysterious girl who wants to prove her clan, a emo boy who seeks revenge, a dead last who wants to be acknowledged by people and a teacher who lost everything.


"Uzumaki Naruto, the Kyubbi sealed within him.

Sasuke Uchiha, the last Uchiha, survivor of the Massacre.

Haruno Sakura... very mysterious I may say... somehow the Hokage-sama accepted her with open arms"

"Haruno Sakura..."

"Interested already? Kakashi?"

"Please don't play favorites"

"You should tell that to Gai too"

"Anyhow they will be your team Kakashi so take care of them"


"Sasuke-kun can I sit next to you?"

"Is this seat occupied? Sasuke-kun?"

"Move aside. Hello Sasuke-kun"

Mist started to fill the room making it hard to see, seconds later the mist vanished and a pink haired girl is already sitting on the chair beside the raven haired boy.

"h-how did she get there?"

"h-how did she do that?"


large green eyes looked at them then back to the book she was reading. Everyone suddenly shivers feeling a very dangerous aura since she arrived.

She wore a black long sleeve botton up shirt tucked in with a black pleated shirt and leather belt that holds her sword only to be covered by her short white cloak fastened on one side, she wore her black boots with pink laces and black fingerless gloves.

Her wavy hair reached below her knees and is tied into a high hybrid bun ponytail and her bangs are sidesweaped on the left side pinned with cherry blossom hairpin.

"Ok every one take your seats and I will announce to you your teams" their teacher finally arrived breaking the dead aura.

"On team 7, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura-"


"And Uchiha Sasuke"

'Oh great, I'm with an idiot and a weirdo' the last Uchiha thought.

'Saku-chan you're with the dead last and the Uchiha survivor' Said a female voice in her mind.

'Don't fall in love for him Sakura you need to focus on proving yourself' A male voice said this time.

'SAKU ISN'T LIKE THAT TEME! and plus... young love sound cute!' Another voice spoke it was a male.

This inner voices she can here is the Harunos Kekkei Genkai their purpose is to shut down their inner demons. Every Haruno can posses at least one soul together with theirs in them but Sakura seemed to posses three due to her inner demons can be so powerful, each soul has their own ability.

Akitsuma, the only female soul she has the ability to communicate with nature and understand them this helps Sakura gather information and fight with animals and even nature.

Fumihiro, a male soul who has an ability to power up weapons and a master in kenjutsu, he can master elemental techniques but he tend to let Sakura develop her weapon on elemental techniques.

And lastly Daichi, another male soul who has an ability to gather information about someone just by looking at the person this helps Sakura look for her opponent's weakness and strength also know their names, age, and other informations.

But there is always a side effect. At any time she can lose control and might wake her inner demons and not be herself, she gets unexpected migraines and the biggest side effect is that she could cough blood at anytime.

Haruno clan is considered as a very weird clan because of how they act and because of their weird Kekkei Genkai, but even if they have this kind of abilities their clan is still placed at the very bottom for some reason, the Uchiha clan and the Hyugga clan is still the superior clans.

Some says every Haruno who battles with an Uchiha and a Hyuuga and other clans tend to lose easily making the Haruno clan look weak. But Sakura is gifted to have souls with such power but then nobody knows.

Before the Uchiha massacre the Haruno clan was killed. Sakura was hidden at the secret room behind the bookshelves, she was only four years old at that time and is found by an ANBU. Konoha didn't mourn for the Harunos as much as how they did when the Uchiha massacre happened.

The lost of the Haruno clan is soon forgotten in a short period of time making the pink haired four year old drown in anger and sadness. She created her inner demons with anger, sadness, sadist and jealousy on how other clans are treated like king and queens and how her clan is easily forgotten.

The first soul that helped her shut down her inner demons is Daichi then Akitsuma came along with Fumihiro. Daichi is mostly cold serious and aloof while Fumihiro is the opposite he is mostly goofy, carefree and likes to joke around. Akitsuma is like a mother to her she is caring, nice and kind.


"Hn you'll probably drag us down" the Uchiha retorted.


"NARUTO SIT DOWN! All teams are in balance, Sasuke and Sakura are at the top of the class. You're on the same team as them so you can learn something from them" Iruka explained.

'this is it... this is how I'll prove them wrong' Thought Sakura.

[End of Prologue]

[Chapter 1: Team 7]

A/N: I just want to tell you that I'm not planning on making Sakura OP I'm just making her strong enough to fight alongside with Naruto and Sasuke so don't get the wrong idea. I'm not Mary-sueing her just making her stronger though she is still the main character.