Author Note:

Hello hello peeps here is my Treasure Planet Fanfic! XD

I been wanting to do this fanfic but this one I want to try to make it different.

This is the story where this take place before the movie as this the time where Flint is alive.

So I hope you guys enjoy it and this is mostly self insert, just a fair warning in case and I'll try my best not

to make it Mary Sue.

Thank you for reading!

What if you wish for something that actually came true, but all of sudden backfires you? Many people say always be careful what you wish for, it won't turn out the way you wanted. Will, you be able to fix your wish or keep it the way it is?...

Chapter 1: Wish that came true

A young 27-year-old brown-haired woman unlocks her door as she finally came back from her job looking beaten. Today was a stressful day for her due today was crazy with a bunch of people coming in to shop clothes and she has to clean up the mess they left in the dressing room. Now she can finally relax in her home evening until another day, much to her disliking.

She heard her cat meowing she almost smiles.

"Hey Cecilia, you miss me?" Her black cat came over to her and didn't hesitate to rub herself on her legs. the woman bends down to pet her. "You're hungry? I'll get you some food let me go change in my comfy clothes." Soon after she fed her cat and eats her own meal which are leftovers from yesterday.

After the woman finishes eating she decides to vench out by laying on her couch and pull her laptop out to browse the internet for a while. Ash, the woman's name lets out a long sigh on not looking forward to tomorrow's work. It'll be the same as today but this time it'll be busier and it overwhelms her on how much work effort she pours out. And if she has to be honest with herself, she'd never felt happy with what she's doing in her life.

She could've searched for another job and start a new life but honestly, the dream job she wanted wouldn't come around. And with that, she'd felt less self-esteem over her years and sometimes it made her depressed but she didn't tell anyone. She dosen't want them to know and for her its better this way. While she looks through her Tumblr and Deviantart to see if there are any updates her cat jump on the couch with her and rest her body on the edge.

So far there was no update much to her disappointment. She sighs and pulls out a youtube, as she was doing it her cat walks over to her and snuggle on her side.

The woman chuckles softly and pets her back. "Wanna watch youtube with me before bed baby?" She watches Cecilia yawn and snuggles on her side before turning to her laptop screen and searches for any funny videos. All of sudden a youtube recommend her childhood Disney movie clip of treasure planet. She forms a small smile and clicks it and watch the clip where Silver comforting Jim. As she was watching the video came to the part John Silver is giving his speech to him.

You got the makings of greatness in you, but you got to take the helm and chart your own course stick to it! No matter the squalls. She felt her almost lift when she hears those quotes, having some hope in her future maybe things will change and perhaps better. But she knows it won't happen anytime soon. When the video was done she closes her eyes, sighing heavily, and then looks over at her window behind her couch to see a clear night and saw some stars shining above.

She let out a dry chuckle after saw the big one and said "Oh look Cecilia a wishing star just like a Disney version!" Her cat didn't pay much attention instead she licks her paws to groom herself. Ash decides to make her wish just for fun.

"Starlight star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might. Have the wish I wish tonight." She stops for a moment and shook her head. "You know what be nice, I wish I can leave this world and go into Treasure planet and meet the characters. Where I can have some fun and go on an adventure, leaving this boring life behind." She looks at the bright star.

"You think you can do that? Make my wish come true star?" She asked, then she scoffed seconds later. "Of course not. Wishing upon any stars is nothing but a fairy tale." She tsks and closes her laptop and put it on the floor and gets up for bed. Her cat jumps down to follow her into her bedroom.

In her room she got in her covers, feeling too lazy to change in her PJs and snuggles herself on her bed and covering herself in a blanket up she begins to fall asleep for another usual day tomorrow.

"Night Cecilia, see you in the morning."

What the woman didn't know is that right after she fall asleep the star begins to glow brightly outside her window. Bright enough to lighten up the room as Ash sleeps soundly, unknowing what is happening.

"Miss? Miss?! Oh my gosh, are you alright!?" She suddenly felt someone shook her shoulder in desperate. Ash opens her eyes tiredly.

"Wha..?" When she opened her eyes it was bright and sees figures surrounding her and one was close to her. Why is she seeing many people? How did they get in her bedroom, wait she's not in a hospital is she? Did something happen to her after she fell asleep..?

"Um what's going on?" She gasps when a voice close made a loud sigh in relief.

"Oh, thank heavens she's alive!" Wait that voice. Her eyes begin to adjust and see who was talking to her, her eyes went wide. The bronze robot with a navigator's chest was kneeling beside her as he helps her get up sitting. She knows who it was. It was B.E.N! The robot from treasure planet. Ash glance at her surroundings and to her more shock she saw many aliens along with humans and all of them are wearing some victorian/sailor style clothing looking at her and she found herself in a mess of carts broken with hay, instead of her bed.

Her face grew pale and begins to stutter. "W-where am I? What happened?"

"You fell from the sky." The robot name B.E.N answered. "Luckily this hay saves your fall but it did a little damage."

"Wait what?" Ash blinked. How the hell she went from her bed to falling from the sky?

"Mamm are you alright? Are you hurt?" She'd look over at a human woman not saying anything.

"Let's take her to a nearby hospital, to make sure," The other one suggested. The two aliens one is an elephant-like and the anteater like came over to help her up while Ash took a good look above, she gasped to see a boat that is literally flying above.

"Oh my gosh." She breathed as she was being help walk over towards a nearby hospital.

About a hour later Ash was in a room on a bed being recovered as she was waiting for results if she has any broken bones in her body. She still can't get over on what is going on now. It's like someone shove some new article on her face on what is happening that is unexpected.

The woman couldn't even believe she's in her childhood movie but it was impossible! This movie did not exist, it was created by Disney. Which second point was based on a children's book Treasure Island! She has to be dreaming. Soon she'll wake up in her own bed, and be back to work like normal. Ash lays down on her hospital bed and closes her eyes, trying to fall asleep, so she'll wake up in her bedroom. Her breath stop when someone knocks. She opens her blue greyish eyes and turns and saw a nurse who looks like a frog-like alien by the door.

She gives her a polite smile. "There someone here to see you, he's the one that found you falling." She moves aside and B.E.N stood there. Ash breath almost caught her throat, to see one of the characters standing. So this isn't a dream? Was this really real? When the nurse left B.E.N uses his robotic hands to play his finger in nervous as he smiles sheepishly.

"Um hello there, I just want to come to see if you're still okay. I- I'm sorry if I'm a stalker but I was worried you might gotten hurt." He gulped. "But I see you better now, I'll leave you be bye." Right before he left Ash rose her hand out and shouted.

"Wait!" He stops and the woman quickly spoke." Don't leave yet, you can come in, I have some questions." He glances at her surprise on the invite and did but slowly, he closes the door behind him and walks to her. When he got close to her bed she beings asking him.

"Can you please tell me where I am?"

"Why you're at Corona V spaceport aka Crescentia Empire." He replied. '

"And you saw me falling from the sky?" She gulped.

"That's right! "He smiled. "While I was out shopping for some rums and fruits all of sudden I saw you falling from the sky. " He gestures his hand as he was making demonstrate on his explaining." You kept falling, falling, and falling until BAM!" He made a loud bang sound making her almost jump. "You crashed hard on a cart with hay in it after I rush to find you. we are!" He spread his robotic arm out. "In a hospital checking if your bones are broken...hopefully they are not."

After he finishes the story the woman breathed heavily. Not believing what she is hearing.

"So I have a question for you, how in the name of Nebula you fall from the sky? Did you fall out of a boat of something?" She heard him asked she can only rest her back on her pillow, trying to figure all this bizarre out.

"I-I don't know," She manages to answer. " I wasn't on any boats. I was sleeping in my bed and then I ended up here its right after.."She stops herself. Wait a minute before I went to bed I was on my laptop, watching some youtube videos and saw stars through my window. And then when I saw the big star I've made... Her eyes lit up. She finally starting to understand this puzzle piece. She made a wish of coming here! And it came true?!

Ash put her hand on her forehead and gasp sharply." I can't believe it happened."

"Happen what?" B.E.N was taken by surprise to see her pinching herself. "What are you doing!?"

Ash winch from her pinch to see if she can wake herself up but after trying three times she didn't wake up. This was indeed all real.

"Oh my gosh, it did happen!" The woman can't help to smile and B.E.N didn't understand her sudden outburst.

"Um, Miss are you okay?" He asked causoully,

Ash turn to him and smiled more. "I feel great! I always wanted to come here."

"You do?" Ben almost-smile on her sudden joy. "Then this must be your lucky day." And then he clears his throat and holds his hand out.

"Oh let me introduce myself I am B.E.N also known as Bio Electronic Navigator. And you are?"

"My name is Ash, just Ash." She took his hand in greeting but almost forgot he takes the shaking hand seriously that he grips them and shook them uncontrollably.

'Oh, what a pleasure to meet you Ashy!"

"I-its nice to meet you too," She manages to make him let go of her hand and then the nurse came in with some results.

She made a smile. "Good new miss you don't have any broken bones in you. That is a relief the cart full of hay saved your fall, you could've been killed if that wasn't there."

"Yeah, that's a relief," The woman sighed. Then the nurse grabs her notepad and a pen.

"Now do you have any relatives I can contact to tell them what happened? And can you tell me your full name?"

"Um.." Ash bites her lips. Unsure how she can tell them her family is not here and tell her the full name. She won't be here long, all she gonna do is meet the characters and had a little adventure before heading home. B.E.N notices her struggling to find words that he decides to help her out. He clears his throat and the nurse turns to him.

"How about she doesn't tell you her whole information?" He reaches the bag he was carrying and pulls out some gold coins with a ruby* Ash mouth almost hung opened to see he has that kind of money. The nurse stares at the coins in awe for a while and about the second later she clear her throat.

"Then lets keep this a secret between three of us," She put her notepad away and took the gold coins from him and tip her head. "Have a nice day but if something hurts always come back okay?"

"Um okay we like that thanks," Ash replied.

When she and B.E.N were out of the hospital she turns to him.

"B.E.N I don't know how I can thank you for letting me slipped away from her.."

"Hey, that's what friends are for!" He smiled.

"Friend?" She asked, they only met for short while and he sudden think they're now buddies. Not sure how she feels if she's honest to herself.

"Yeah, are we now friends?" You seem like a nice girl to talk to and I like to know you more."

Ash thought for a moment and saw him looking at her almost see he really wants to. She sighs, since he the character that she likes decides to give him a chance and gives him a friendly smile.

"Sure we can be, you seem like a good robot to talk to." Right after she spoke he grins happily.

"Hooray! I got a new friend!" Without warning, he glomps her into a bear hug making her almost gag on how he's squeezing her.

"B-B.E.N! B.E.N you're making a scene, not breathing!" Ash squeaked. He notices and quickly let go of her.

"Oh sorry sorry. I get excited whenever I make new friends."

"But don't you have any friends?" She asked him, after dusting herself off. He looks down sadly and rubs his neck.

"Actually I don't have any friends." He answered softly. hang on what? Jim and others are his friends. She thoughts and judging by his appearance he has his memory back so that means she's in where Treasure Planet was already done. But not understanding how he says he doesn't have any friends. Maybe he forgets he has them?

Instead of wanting to ask due not wanting him to see she's some kind of fortune teller she looks at him with sympathy. "...I'm sorry I asked."

He shrugged. "It happens but I'm glad I met you." He decides to change the subject he asks.

"So anyway I know its not my business but can I ask where you come from?" Ash hums not sure how to tell him that she's a woman who comes from where he and this world were just movies.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to!" B.E.N quickly spoke, "I understand if you don't wanna.."

"Oh no its okay, I can tell you a little." She interrupted him and tell him a small truth. "I'm actually from a planet that is surrounded by big water, we call it the ocean."

B.E.N looks at her with interest," Ocean? Sounds interesting."

She nodded. "Yeah but I honestly got tired of living that planet,"

"So you run away?" He gasps.

"Yep...I mean no, its more of moving out," Ash replied, fibbing.

"But will would you go?" He added.

The woman made a smile. "I'm going to Motressor to stay at Benbow inn, surely you heard of it." B.E.N looked at her funny which catches her suprised.

"I never heard of it actually, I don't know if the building exists,"

"You..haven't?" Ash blinked. Okay, now she's confused. If she's in Treasure Planet that was taken after the movie why is B.E.N not remembering this?

"But I can help you get there," He said.

"You can?" Ash asked. He nodded.

"I can use some of my money to get you on the ship, and it'll take you to Montressor in a couple of days."

"I would love that," Ash smiled at his generosity.

"That's what friends are for," He winked. "Now I think the ship is this way and its gonna take off soon we must hurry." They begin to make their way and then Ash look over at his bag, thinking about the money he has.

"So B.E.N how do you got that kind of money?" She asked.

"Oh, my captain has let me use them to buy him some more rums and fruits along with bread." He replied.

"Well, that's funny these coins remind me of Captain Flint's treasure," B.E.N almost stops himself when she spoke about him. "Are those his treasures?" Ash realized after she asked he has the fear look on his face.

"H-how did you know they're his treasure?"

"Wait why are you afraid?" Ash tips her head in puzzled. "Captain Flint has been dead for a hundred years,"

"What?!" B.E.N gasped. Ash almost back up from his outburst.

"He is right? Like there's no way he survived for that long," She chuckled. B.E.N was silent while she was laughing and then he slowly forced to laugh.

"...O-of course he is, I guess I get a little paranoid when I use his treasure." He watches the woman smile and then turns to run off.

"Come on let's get to the ship, you know where it is right?"

"Yeah, I'm coming!" B.E.N follows her but without her looking he bite his bottom metal lips in worry, not understanding how she's thinks Flint is dead where he's actually alive and still raiding on mercant ships.

Really...where do you come from?