Neal laid in bed in the guest room staring at the ceiling. He thought about his statement earlier and hoped Peter wouldn't see him as broken now...though he had been worried about that since he had woken up at the hospital. And he wasn't even sure if Peter would believe anything he said after either. He also can't help but wonder if Peter would tell El what happened as well. He's still thinking as he hears a knock on the door. "Come in." he calls out to whomever it is.

El quietly opens the door. "Hey Neal. How are you feeling?" she asked, sitting on the edge of the bed, sitting something out of sight. "Dinner will be ready in a bit, have a good nap?"

Neal shrugs his shoulders and regrets it as his ribs remind him of their injuries. "I didn't end up falling asleep, just ended up laying up here." he said, being honest. "It's just been a long day and as much as I hate doing nothing, well it's actually been fun for once." He tries to sit up and can't quite hide the grimace.

"How about I bring dinner up here tonight?" said El, standing. "Then you can get some more rest. There's even a TV up here." She opens a small armoire in the corner that Neal somehow hadn't paid much attention to. "Not a large TV, but at least you could get more rest. You are welcome downstairs, but going up and down the stairs has to hurt."

"I don't want to make you do that though." said Neal, though the idea sounded great with the pain. "I don't want to make you carry a heavy tray up the stairs and everything. I know I'm already adding more work for you by being around."

"How about I make Peter bring the tray up?" said El, patting Neal on the shoulder. "And it's not a problem. I even did some of your laundry while you was asleep. It's on the dresser." She points to a clothes basket. As if reading Neal's mind, "Don't worry, Peter didn't tell me anything. I even told him not to and that it was up to you to tell me if you wanted." She can't help but see Neal visibly relax.

"Thanks El." said Neal, feeling very grateful to his partner's wife. He wondered how Peter found someone so understanding...Kate had never been anywhere near that understanding. "You're too good to me, you know?"

"Maybe." said El laughing. "Honestly Neal, it's nice having you here. I know Peter worries less and well so do I."

"Worried about me getting into trouble or causing trouble?" joked Neal.

"Why can't it be both?" said El laughing. "But probably the first more, especially now considering. Anyways, I'll leave you alone and send Peter up with a tray in a bit." She tosses the remote to the TV where Neal can reach it. Picking up the books she had sat by the bed, "I also brought you some reading materials. I noticed you had flipped through the books on the coffee table and figured you might want something different to read."

Neal looks and notices a couple different art books and a few paperbacks. "Thanks El." he said, managing to give El one of his infamous smiles. As El leaves, he picks up the remote and flips on the TV and settles on a show about antiques. He wonders just how much Peter would hate it as he reaches for his sketchpad to complete the drawing he had been working on. It was a drawing of Peter, El, and Satchmo and he planned to let El have it when it was done if she wanted it.