TITLE: " A day of happiness and secrets"

PAIRING: Alexander and Hephaestion.


CATEGORY: Historical AU.

DISCLAIMER: I don't know the people involved. Everything is the product of my imagination. Alexander and Hephaestion belong to History and to each other but I would not mind sharing my life with the blue-eyed man.

My mother tongue is Spanish and I work without a Beta so all the mistakes are mine.

FEEDBACK: Comments are love! Any kind will help me to improve my writing or leave it forever.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my tribute to Alexander's birthday 2020.

The old Chiliarch was walking in their garden when suddenly he remembered that it was Alexander's birthday the next day. His memory was not as good as it used to be and even though he would not forget such an important date, he finally realized that he had not asked anyone to help him prepare a proper banquet to celebrate the occasion.

He tried to hurry his steps towards the kitchen where he knew he would find his daughter-in-law or his granddaughter to help him with his "problem". What he did not take into account was the broken jar lying on the floor and hidden by some bushes. He tripped and his hands got the worst part, several long and deep cuts appeared and the constant flow of blood out of them really put the old warrior quite nervous. He tried to sit on the floor but his old knees did not want to respond at all. He sighed loudly and asked for help to anyone who was nearby.

Theo, his youngest grandson, appeared and hurried to help him. When he saw what had happened, he felt truly embarrassed; he was responsible for his grandfather's fall. He had broken the vase while playing in the garden and he had hidden the broken pieces so his mother did not ground him.

He helped Hephaestion to stand up and he quickly took him to the kitchen. The women were at the market and his father and grandfather were with the horses so he gently made his grandfather sit on the couch and he proceeded to clean the cuts and stop the blood. They had looked more serious than they really were and after taking of them quite amorously, Hephaestion could breathe more calmly.

However, Theo was feeling horrible and decided that he would help his grandfather to prepare the best banquet of all. And he did it perfectly under his grandfather's suggestions and recommendations.

When the family got together again, Alexander could not help seeing his partner's bandaged hands and got really worried about his accident but the former Chiliarch told him that it had been only a scratch.

Phainder looked at his father and then to his son who had a sad expression on his face and knew that something had happened. When they retired to bed, he asked his son to remain for a while and asked him directly what had happened. The young boy retold the whole story and Phainder was about to ground him for life when his own father appeared by the kitchen door to defend his grandson. After a long conversation, they went to bed.

It was a hot Monday morning, birds were singing and the former royal couple were still in bed. Hephaestion had his eyes onto Alexander's frame and immediately remembered other birthdays when he used to wake him up by making love to him. Those times were gone but he still loved the old man lying next to him.

With patience and strength, he rolled to his side and set his lips onto Alexander's leaving a butterfly kiss on them. Alexander, who had felt his husband moving next to him, was more than awake and ready to deepen that kiss. They still knew how to lure the other and they enjoyed long and deep kisses for a while.

The banquet took place at midday and Theo, no longer feeling embarrassed, was the one who helped the most and saw to his grandfathers' needs during the whole event.

Athina, knowing that his grandfather might have not thought about a present, gave Hephaestion a wrapped thin package. He looked at her and she could see confusion in his still cerulean eyes. She signalled with her head towards Alexander and so Hephaestion handed it to him.

Alexander opened it and it was a scroll with drawings of both of them during their long life together. He was so happy with it that he kissed his husband in front of everyone. Hephaestion blushed and kept his mouth shut. He had seen the name of the artist; it was Lysander, Athina's boyfriend and his former student.

It was an amazing day for the 80-year-old man and a day full of secrets and help for the blue-eyed one.