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Chapter 35

Pandora's Actor posing as his lady smirked widely, enjoying the scene before him. He only needed to set up a scenario in which he could change position with his lady. Pandora's Actor hummed, observing everyone, thinking about what he could do to speed up things. Pandora's Actor thought for a few seconds before he got an idea. All Might was arriving fast, so if he wanted to pull it off. Pandora's Actor had to cause an explosion. But, he also wanted to add more drama to the dramatic scene. Pandora's Actor was, after all, a director too, and he wouldn't waste the potential for a great moment.

"We had to just hold on for a while...!" Pandora's Actor said, still posing as his lady. "I can feel All Might's coming soon!"

Galadriel's body suddenly lightened up, and everyone could see those strange tattoos, those marks shining brightly. Midoriya and the rest saw then how much in pain Galadriel was, like those marks on her skin seemed to burn her. It didn't look all pleasing. But at the same time. It started to fade away slowly.

"He's running out of time. We must just hold a bit!"

They saw Galadriel's pleas and ready themselves for what could be a battle for their lives. The Primordial hissed at them, pointing his wooden staff at them.

"I will not let you run away. I'll take you with me!"

The Primordial then started to move out his staff, trying, acting in a way that seemed to show them. He was about to cast a spell. Everything all perfectly choreographed. The Primordial lifted his finger at Galadriel, who appeared stunned by something. The marks on her body started to shine again, and she moaned in pain. Midoriya noticed the apparent reaction to whatever the Primordial was doing on Galadriel's body.

It's like she's allergic to them! Like they can control her, but why?! Midoriya thought with worry.

Narberal took her cue. She knew what to do. "Stop him!" She yelled dramatically. "We must stop! Before he retreats!"

Narberal attacked quickly. "[Electrocute]" She yelled, proudly showing her acting skills. The Primordial promptly scoffed at the attack by dramatically waving the spell off as if it was nothing more than an annoying fly.

Then, panic grew when Galadriel's body started to tremble while her body was glowing. Her body began to levitate as if she was posses by something. Galadriel's body was slowly moving towards the Primordial.

"What's happening to her?!" Ashido yelled, horrified by her friend's bizarre reaction.

"Hey!" Bakugo yelled as he jumped and grabbed Galadriel's body, trying his best to stop it from moving one inch closer to the Primordial.

"B-Bakugo," Galadriel moaned in pain.

"Stop moving, you stupid albino!" He replied with a scream.

"I-I can't move on my own!" Galadriel screamed in panic. Bakugo saw those golden eyes slowly drifting away. "H-He can control it!"

"Control what?!" Bakugo yelled in panic.

Pandora's Actor grinned, taking the opportunity to add even more to the mythic of her lady's origins. He has already prepared the ground for the future plans of his lady. Pandora's Actor was sure his lady would love it. It was, after all, an incredible detail. He saw something similar in a movie a while ago and wanted to recreate it. Of course, Pandora's Actor changed some details to mix them with their goals. Still, it was slowly becoming an enormous upheaval of magic and excitement. At the very least, that's what Pandora's Actor thought.

The Primordial, who was being played masterfully by Mare, was nervous. He didn't know if he was doing everything correctly. But, by the look of Pandora's Actor's grin. Mare was doing a marvelous job. So, feeling happy, he also felt inclined to add more.

"You don't want to accept what you truly are," he whispered with a sinister face. "That's why you're under our spell. That's why your body, your soul, the tree of all the seeds hurt you."

Pandora's Actor smiled brightly at Mare's improvisation.

"Leave her!" Narberal attacked, aiming for the Primordial's head. "She's not some toy or some object! She's my sister!"

Pandora's Actor would celebrate Narberal and Mare's performances back in Nazarick. But now, he must focus.

"She's the destroyer of this world and the creator of new life!" The Primordial yelled.

Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki had enough, and with Narberal, they attacked the Primordial, even with fear written on their face. They would not sit idle while one of their friends faces danger alone.

"The hell she is!" Bakugo screamed loudly, bringing his hand near the Primordial's face, trying to hurt him badly. Yet, no matter how much he wanted to attack him. It had no effect. Midoriya did the same.

"Detroit Smash!" Midoriya punched the Primordial right in the face. But it was blocked with the enemy's hand like nothing. "What?! Nothing?!" Midoriya hissed as he could sense the Primordial's gaze upon him. Even behind that mask. Midoriya felt the threat emanating from the creature or whatever that thing was.

"Midoriya, careful!" Tenya yelled as he tried to help his friends.

"Midoriya! Bakugo!" Todoroki yelled as both jumped away from the Primordial as fire engulfed the creature.

Yaoyorozu and Ashido went ahead and helped Galadriel or tried to. The white-haired girl screamed at them with panic in her eyes.

"Don't touch me!" Galadriel yelled. "You'll get burned!"

"What...?" Yaoyorozu looked troubled.

"Gali?!" Ashido replied.

"I just need to... to hold it for a moment!" Galadriel hissed in pain. "I can't let it control me!"

The group of kids saw how the flames did nothing to the Primordial. He looked rather annoyed, hissing widely and making those terrifying bells sound. Kirishima couldn't move out of his place. Yet, looking around, he noticed something odd. Like air simply didn't exist anymore. However, his thought was cut short by the arrival of All Might. The Number One hero looked battered and frail. It was surprising to see how much damage a Primordial could do to his body. Nevertheless, All Might was a professional.

"Young Midoriya!" All Might exclaimed. "What are you doing here?!"

"All Might! We were following Galadriel here!" Midoriya replied. "We didn't want to... we didn't want to leave her alone!"

All Might nervously look at the Primordial and the rest of the students. It was a dangerous place for them. It was difficult enough for him, but he couldn't do anything else. All Might hated to admit it, but the Primordial was on a different level. It wasn't even funny how powerful that thing was, and to know they were a few more running around. It was terrifying. All Might look at Galadriel and her sister and notice her body. She was on the ground, hugging herself in pain, moaning and trembling.

"Miss Nazarick?! What's wrong?" All Might asked anxiously as everyone stared at her.

"Everyone stand back!" Galadriel screamed. "I'm beginning to Mor-!"

Before Galadriel could finish her sentence, an explosion pushed everyone away. Even the Primordial looked shocked by the sudden outburst of pure and raw power. An ample light was emerging, a sphere of sorts. It was in the middle of the destroyed ground. The dust was settling down, and everyone then saw the girl with white hair. They saw Galadriel, but she looked different.

Galadriel's hair was longer than before. It reached her hips. Those golden eyes were different. Not only were the golden eyes brighter than before, but they looked more mature. Way older.

However, it was more than that. Galadriel's wing shocked everyone. She has chosen to show a bit of her true self to procure more attention to her. Allowing the whole Primordial drama to reach a new level. Only one black wing was visible to them. But also a tiny horn on her forehead. A demonic one. Thank god for the Yggdrasil Holloween event. Galadriel thought with a smile. What happens next would indeed be necessary for their future endeavors. Still, sometimes too much, it's too much. Especially when dealing with Pandora's Actor.

I cannot believe Pandora's Actor was actually going to say that! Galadriel thought, cringing internally. She has changed spots with Pandora's Actor during the explosion. Galadriel would have waited a bit longer since she enjoyed watching Pandora's Actor, Narberal, and Mare acting their way to an early Oscar. But the moment Pandora's Actor started to add lip more. She knew it was the right time before she had a heart attack.

"Galadriel?" Midoriya whispered, staring at Galadriel's form.

"Is that Galadriel?" Todoroki's face seemed to be the reaction. Galadriel faked shame, looking down.

"I never wanted to be seen like this," Galadriel said, pretending to be ashamed of her true self. "This is not who I am."

Galadriel's voice carried melancholy and was loud enough for everyone to hear it. Yet, they also listened to a particular small creature jumping with joy.

"Yes! Yes!" The Primordial exclaimed joyfully. "You have finally accepted it!"

The Primordial then stared at her, showing a sign of expectation, waiting for more. But it didn't happen as Galadriel seemed to fight her own body.

Galadriel hissed. "I have not! I will never accept such a thing! I will never be that thing!"

The Primordial seemed to not like her answer. "It seems I'll have to force you to learn to accept it."

"You'll have to kill me first," Narberal stood before Galadriel with a defiant look. Aw, she looks so cute with that outfit. I'll have to reward her after this. Galadriel hid her smirk, as she didn't want to ruin everything.

"And me!" Midoriya said while each of the kids stood before her one by one.

"Everyone," Galadriel whispered, with genuine honesty in her voice.

"I don't give a shit about what she is!" Bakugo yelled. "She's not going anywhere! Until I beat her ass!"

"You're not going to take her," Todoroki added.

"She's my friend! I will not leave her alone!" Ashido practically yelled.

"Yes!" Yaoyorosu said, and while her legs were trembling. She looked determined not to move away.

Kirishima and Tenya smiled at her. "We are not going away."

"We ain't leaving friends behind!"

Galadriel expected them to do something like this. Yet, watching it was highly different. Galadriel's memories of the past, where her friends were with her, came to her. She hated to admit it but having friends like them was incredibly precious. Yes, it was childish and naive. But that's how friendships were most of the time. Galadriel's small human side simply felt the love of her friends while her demonic side cooed at her pet's actions.

"She has no friend. She doesn't need a friend," the Primordial hissed. "She's alone and forever will be."

Auch, Mare... that hurt... a lot! You didn't need to say it like that. Galadriel whined internally.

"That's not for you to decide!" All Might declared. His body was suffering from the wounds and time he had left. He had some time left, but he didn't know how much of One for All he had left.

"Annoyance," the Primordial hissed, moving his staff. But then everyone saw a few strange lights surrounding his body. The same marks that were on Galadriel's body not too long ago. "Ugh! Time, no more time! I... just a bit more!"

"What's happening?" All Might whispered.

"His time is running out, All Might!" Galadriel spoke. "If we push him if we attack him all at once. We may be able to force him to retreat."

Galadriel then nodded slightly to Mare, who began to act the epilogue of their show. They couldn't waste that much time. It was time to end it big.

"You'll not send me away! Not to that darkness!" The Primordial hissed. Then he started to move his staff, and Galadriel acted.

"We must attack now!" Galadriel yelled. "Bakugo!"

For some reason, Bakugo simply used his explosion to do something. Midoriya then saw how the Primordial was forced to stop moving his staff to block the attack.

"This Primordial needs to focus on places and takes time casting attacks!" Galadriel yelled. "As long we interrupt him, he would not be able to use his staff!"

It was enough for them. All Might then attacked immediately. "So, we only need to keep the Primordial on the defensive!" He yelled, using his strenght and power to force the Primordial back.

"Until his time runs out!" Midoriya added, following All Might's steps.

"Yaoyorozu, please craft something that could blind him! His eyes are sensitive to light!"

It was a lie, but Galadriel wanted to make everyone do something. It was quite the scene having everyone attack Mare at the same time. She wasn't worried about her guardian. Mare wasn't even receiving any damage at all. But had to pretend to be mildly annoyed.

"Take this!" Bakugo yelled as he let all his frustration out. He wasn't the only one. Todoroki and Midoriya were doing everything they could to keep the Primordial at bay.

"Here, use this!" Yaoyorozu yelled, passing some flash bangs to everyone. Ashido and Tenya took an opportunity and threw it towards the Primordial.

"Don't let him move!" All Might yelled.

"Humans!" The Primordial yelled furiously, creating small pockets of air around him. Pushing everyone away with incredible furious power. "You're all...! Annoyances!"

The Primordial yelled, cracking the air with his wooden staff. The bells rang louder than before. "All of you...! I was trying to do my job! Yet you're still trying to fight me... me! A Primordial! One of the original beings created by our lady!"

The Primordial hissed slowly, raising from the ground up. All Might and Midoriya jumped at him, looking to bring him down.

"Young Midoriya!"

"All Might!"

Both of them brought their fist and aimed directly at the Primordial's face. "Detroit Smash!" Both yelled, but those eyes then stopped them. It was then when they all felt something freezing them in their place. Froze completely.

"[Mass Paralysis]"

Everyone couldn't move, not even one finger. Then, Mare removed one of his rings, and the reaction was mighty. Even Galadriel couldn't shake the feeling of wonder. Mare was, after all, the most powerful spellcaster in Nazarick. Mare's Magic Attack was bigger than Galadriel, and the guardian M.P. was more extensive. Mare was built to cast AoE spells and had a large pool of magic abilities. So it was exciting, at least for Galadriel, to see him release his power a bit.

"I'll kill YoU AlL!" The Primordial yelled with a broken voice. "Maggots! Low-life creatures! Vermins! All of you! Are nothing but an epidemic of grotesque creatures that deserve to be put down!"

The Primordial screamed, flying above them.

"I-I can't...!" Yaoyorozu muttered, stunned entirely by fear and the spell of the Primordial. She wasn't the only one.

"What's this...? What is this power?" All Might whispered, trying to move his body but without luck.

"I can't...! I can't breathe!" Ashido paled, falling to her knees. "P-Please save me!"

"Ugh! I...!" Bakugo could barely keep his gaze up. It was as if something was pushing him down.

A powerful being was before all of them. The pressure emanating from such a thing was abnormal and out of this world. It was too much for a young person, even for an adult.

Galadriel hummed internally, looking around and watching the reactions of the kids at the presence of Mare's raw power. Maybe it was too much for them. Galadriel wondered. But, they had arrived at the end of the act, so it was time to end it all.

The Primordial flew above them, high in the sky. "I'll destroy this city and everyone in it. Perhaps then, you'll remember who you indeed are."

Everyone saw a strange circle around the Primordial. Bright with symbols.

"Let it be a reminder to this world! We Primordials... have judged you to be unworthy! Prepare to be annihilated it!"

"[Meteor Swarm]" The sky suddenly turned dark, even in the middle of the night. The darkness was unnatural as if someone simply turned the stars off, and the moon disappeared. Then, the black clouds started to be pushed by something massive. A large object was coming down to earth.

Everyone saw how a giant meteor appeared from the sky, splitting the sky in two. It looked like a massive meteor around 90 meters in length. A city killer.

"You will survive. I know you will. But this city will disappear, and the ashes will fall in your hands."

The Primordial looked in pain as suddenly a portal of sorts appeared, and from it. Large hands appeared, dragging the Primordial away. When it did, the group could finally move. But there was nowhere to run since the giant fire meteor was approaching earth.

"What is that...?!" Bakugo yelled and trembled, looking at the giant fireball approaching. The heat could be felt all around them, and the sky seemed to boil.

"This is beyond heroes... this is the power of gods," Todoroki whispered, awestruck.

Galadriel started to feel bad and a bit amused. They all looked entirely out of it. A mix of fear, shock, and more. Galadriel understood their reaction of them. She truly does. But it was funny to see it. [Meteor Swarm] wasn't even Mare's most potent spell. It was a simple 8th-tier spell. Well, at least that version of [Meteor Swarm], there was one even more powerful than this one. Yet, it looked enormous because of Mare's buffs. Still, it wasn't big of a threat.

Funny, but I must stop it and set my name for all time. Mm, would that meteor be enough to destroy the entire city? Well, I think it would at least annihilate a chunk of it and kill millions of lives, that's for sure. Ah, the news reporter is here! Galadriel smiled brightly at the helicopter flying nearby. The perfect opportunity has come now. She just needed to seize the moment.

My moment to shine has come!

"We must evacuate the city now!" All Might exclaimed, snapping back to reality.

"Evacuate?! Against that?!" Bakugo yelled, showing a side of him few had seen before.

"W-We must warn the people!" Lida yelled.

All Might look in panic mode. The number-one hero didn't know if there could be a chance even to do it. The size of that meteor was enough to destroy the entire city. It didn't matter where they ran. What can I do?! What could I do?! All Might thought, but as all hope was leaving. Everyone listened to a loud sigh.

"Sorry," Galadriel whispered. "For everything I have brought to this world. If... If I weren't born, none of this would have ever happened."

"Galadriel?" Midoriya whispered. "What are you saying?"

"Maybe... just for today, I could use that curse for something good."

Galadriel smiled at them. A gentle smile, a beautiful smile, was on Galadriel's face.

The white-haired girl didn't reply. She didn't want to because it looked cool that way.

"[Arcane Armor] [Grand Magic Aura] [Angelic Demon Spirit] [Iniciative Prime] [Magic Resist Aura]." Galadriel whispered, slowly making sure no one could hear her spells.

Those spells clearly did nothing to help her stop Mare's meteor. She didn't need them. Galadriel just wanted to look cool.

If before they all believed, Galadriel looked like an angel. Now, she was indeed one. Her body was glowing. There was a sort of armor around her, made out of pure light. The angelic aura surrounding her truly makes her look fabulous and mythical. All part of the plan. She turned around and gave them a small smile.

"Please, don't hate me."

Then, Galadriel flew to the skies, making sure to be in the best position so the camera crew inside the helicopter could film her doing her best hero pose. Galadriel flashed a smile to the camera. Not so obvious, but one of pure gentleness, so her fans would rejoice.

On the ground, everyone saw Galadriel flying toward the giant meteor crashing down to the earth, ready to destroy everything on its path.

"Galadriel!" Midoriya screamed as loud as he could, hoping his cries would reach her. But it didn't. The white-haired girl kept on flying, aiming at the meteor.

"What is she doing?!" Ashido screamed in panic. "Galadriel!"

In the sky, Galadriel debated herself about what she could use to showcase her power. She has an audience, after all. Galadriel pulled a bunch of Cash Items that would help her cast her spells faster and smirked.

"[Grand Arcanic Dome]" Galadriel cast and used the Hourglass item to launch it faster. Amazing Pay-to-Win items.

Everyone saw a large shining sphere surrounding a chunk of the city. It was marvelously, like crystal protection over them. The Pro-Heroes were far away and saw it. They were shocked and terrified of what was happening. There were many questions but no time to be answered. However, the helicopter with the news reporter was making sure to give every detail to everyone watching. All the people in Japan and beyond were staring at the white-haired girl. At the angel, flying to the flaming asteroid, with a gentle smile on her face.

"[Black Hole Well]"

Galadriel's spell was a powerful one. It appeared like a sort of round mirror, with only darkness inside. The silhouette of a dark star was above the city. Yet, it was flat. However, the sudden pull it had on the meteor was clear, or a better way to say it was that the dark star was sucking the meteor in. The sizeable flaming rock of 90 meters started to disintegrate before everyone, slowly but surely. Then, it disappeared inside the mouth of the unknown, leaving nothing behind but a reminder of what could have been.

Then, nothing. The stars were glowing as if nothing had happened. The sky showed no scar, and an eerie silence was left behind.

"What... what was that?" Bakugo whispered, saying the words everyone next to him was thinking. However, they were trying to comprehend what had just taken place. Their minds quickly went to see where their dear friend was.

"Galadriel?! Where is she?!" Ashido cried.

"I can't see her," Todoroki added, but then everyone suddenly saw a bright light in the sky. A shining star, burning bright.

"My eyes! What's that?!" Kirishima yelled, trying to block the blinding light with his hands.

Suddenly the star vanished, leaving behind something familiar to them. A body falling down to the ground, steaming, burning. Narberal jumped right ahead.

"Oh no...! My sister...!"

Narberal yelled, trying to catch Galadriel's seemingly unconscious body. When she did, Galadriel's body was severely burned and battered. Everyone then approached Narberal, who was holding the white-haired girl and gasped.

"Galadriel?!" Midoriya exclaimed. He never thought he would see Galadriel's body like that ever again. In fact, Midoriya would say Galadriel's body looked worse than during the U.S.J. incident at the beginning of the year.

"Miss Galadriel!" All Might hissed, noticing the limp body of the girl.

"We need to take her to the hospital now!" Narberal yelled.

"Of course! Follow me!"

The night may be over. But what took place that night would forever change the world.

The heads of the Hero Public Safety Commission, were all looking rather gloomy at the many recent events. But what they all saw was just too much for them to handle.

"So, the only bright side was that Galadriel Nazarick was rescued successfully, and the All for One was captured."

One of them sighed. "I wouldn't call it entirely a good thing. We may take this and twist it into a victory for the heroes. But the reality is that. The rest of the Villain league escaped with Tomura Shigaraki."

"And these Primordials are showing that they are a world threat to levels we never had never seen before," another added.

"Their power... one of them was able to take over All Might, and All for One single handly without any problem."

"The Primordial of Earth, Seas, and Heavens. This is one of six," a middle-aged lady said with a sigh. "This thing can create earthquakes, strong winds, and from what we all saw. Bring asteroids down from orbit."

Everyone went quiet, hearing such power. It was absurd that such a being even existed. "What an absurd power."

"So, what do we do?"

"The Primordials is clearly more than just a criminal organization. That's why I have already sent a message to the many committees around the world."

The lady explained as everyone around her nodded. "The Primordials are going to be considered the most significant threat now. And because of their power, we can't do it alone."

"An alliance with other countries?" One asked.

"It is necessary. We must remember what happened last time. We lost a great deal of Pro-Heroes. That's something we cannot afford anymore. We must obtain help from overseas before the Primordials move again."

"What about the League of Villains?"

The head of the Hero Public Safety Commission, the middle-aged woman, hummed deeply, already thinking about them. They were a threat too. But not one as big as the Primordials.

"We would keep an eye on them as well. Tomura Shigaraki is a dangerous fellow. But they'll not move for a while. The Police department is going to investigate all they can. That's all we can do for now."

A few seconds went by. The H.P.S.C. was incredibly busy with everything going on, yet among all of that. They allowed themselves to recall something else. Especially the middle age lady who looked at the picture of the white-haired girl smiling as she was flying towards the meteor.

"Galadriel Nazarick, eh? She's to become the new face of the hero world."

"Her power is utterly unique, and so is her family."

"Galadriel Nazarick is to be centered as the new face of justice," the middle-aged woman added with determination. "We have already talked with All Might. We are aware of his frail condition. It's only a matter of time. We need her to be the next symbol of peace and justice."

"I agree, but she is a child still," one replied.

"Isn't she in critical condition?" Another asked.

The middle-aged woman, the president of the safety commission, exhaled.

"Thankfully, she's going to make a full recovery. So she's out of danger. The Nazarick's enterprise new hospital center is now being built as we speak. Thanks to them, many pro-heroes are back in action. Their medicine and treatments are the best in the world. We are going to need them for what's to come. That's why I have to speak with the head of the family to procure a program that will allow pro-heroes to use their facilities to recover and condition their bodies."

"Condition their bodies?" One asked, slightly confused.

"Yes, more details will be sent to each one of them. But the bill I proposed is going to be pushed through the government. The Nazarick's hospital center is going to be the default place for our injured heroes."

Everyone looked somewhat unsettled by the news, especially since it came out of nowhere.

"The Nazarick Medical Health Center is a great success in Europe. Many pro-heroes there praise their advancement in Quirk Analyzes and their Recovery centers. No matter how critical the condition may be. The probability of surviving under their care is about 90%. That's why I want it here."

The president spoke as if she was selling a product, raising some eyebrows. But they waved it off.

"Madam president, are you sure that it is wise? This quite the bill."

"You're going to give them an entire healthcare monopoly in Japan."

"We have no choice. The treatment allows for even the most injured heroes to be healed in a matter of hours. Even less, and the new condition program will allow our heroes to reach new heights in their Quirks."

"That sound like experimentation."

"Call it as you wish... the reality is that if we want to save the world. We need all the help we can get. And the Nazarick enterprise is willing to do that."

Everyone looked around, anxious and restless. However, the president of the committee only smiled internally.

I must report to Lord Demiurge. Our lady's plan is going smoothly.

Back in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, celebrations were being made after such an accomplishment.

"You did an amazing job, Mare!" Galadriel exclaimed while hugging the shy dark elf and kissing his cute cheeks.

"M-My lady!" Mare replied, blushing deeply.

"I am so proud of you!" Galadriel said. "The way you screamed. How you move your body! It was terrifying! Amazing!"

Mare squealed at the countless praise of his lady. It was the happiest moment of his life.

"I must admit, I didn't expect Mare's act to be so convincing. I am surprised," Albedo added. "Great job, Mare."

"Thank you!" Mare replied with a big smile on his face.

"I knew he'll do good!" Aura said, with a proud smile on her face.

"Well, well, it seems Mare has set the bar too high for the rest of us," Shalltear added.

"Only for you," Aura replied. "You suck at acting."

"I-I do not!" Shalltear exclaimed. "I am a far better actress than this mouthed gorilla!"

"You dare!" Albedo growled.

Galadriel chuckled, noticing how the guardians smiled at Mare and joked around. It was gratifying to see them act in such a way. Honestly, she couldn't get enough of them working like good friends. Yet, her mind was now on her plans.

Everything was going smoothly, and she loved it. However, if she wanted to make sure nothing went wrong. Galadriel would need to step up as a leader and, more importantly, as a hero. Now everyone will know my name. It's only time for everyone to look at me as the new big name. Perfect.

"Now, everyone, we must focus on our next stage," Galadriel said, gaining the guardians' attention. "With this, the Primordials are now in the spotlight. No doubt they are going to be in every newspaper in the world."

"That's why our next move must be carefully implemented. Demiurge, you know what to do, don't you?"

Demiurge smiled with a sadistic grin. "Yes, I have already located the Shie Hassaikai group."

"Great, Demiurge. It's time we learn more about that drug of them. As well, let's get on with what's happening. There are a lot of catch-ups we must do. Albedo, please, begin."

As Albedo was talking, Galadriel sat down on her throne with a smirk. But, as she was listening to Albedo's resume of their current state. Galadriel thought about the group of kids. Mm, I wonder, what should I do? They need to get stronger. Yeah... it's time. Galadriel smirked.

It's time.