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Chapter 36

The following days went by in a blur. The reports of what took place traveled the nation and the world, and so did everything that happened. The good and the bad. Yet, quick as they were. The Heroes agency and the Hero committee push the notion that it was a huge victory for them and that their objectives were accomplished. All for One was captured and imprisoned. Yet, that was questioned, but it was slowly moved away by one of the Primordials' appearances, like many other things. Everyone was now completely terrified about the power just one of the Primordials had. It created a mist of fear and doubt around everything. Still, it has then since become clear that these so-called Primordials were more than just powerful entities. More than just villains.

Suddenly, across the world, many were slowly discovering ancient ruins. All perfectly calculated, of course, but it was not something that was known. They all believed something bigger was happening, something hard to comprehend. Yet meanwhile, the world governments were scattering around to find any clue of what they were facing. The other side was focused on the heroine that saved an entire city.

Galadriel Nazarick's name has been elevated to a sort of new level. The Hero agencies needed it. They were desperate to create a new symbol of justice. The newer generation of heroes required someone who would be the big star. The big hero that would save and lead them against the upcoming emerging evil in the world. Galadriel has now been named the Angel of Hope, allowing the hero committee to make her bigger than she actually was. A distraction of sorts that would put some minds at ease. It didn't matter much in the long run, but everything was going according to plan.

Whose plans? Well, that was left unsaid.

Yet, in the U.A. High School, principal Nezu has concluded that for everyone's peace of mind and to avoid further crises. They needed to do something that would ensure the safety of their students. That's why he thought it would be better to change the school system to an All-boarding school. It was time to convince the parents that such a transition was for the better, and doing that job was left to the teachers.

It was the only thing they could do, especially, All Might, who now believes he must train young Midoriya for what's to come. It wasn't a battle between good and evil, between Heroes and Villains anymore. No, the future conflicts would be for the future of the world. And it became clear to everyone, to every single student, particularly those who witnessed the power of the Primordial first-hand, that it would be a matter of time before they faced it again.

That's why it was time to set the record straight and make sure everyone understood the future that was yet to come.

However, in Nazarick, where all the new problems of the world were coming from. The Demon Empress smirked at the sight before her.

"Thank you, Demiurge," she called as she couldn't help but feel quite joyful about what she was reading. "This is certainly interesting to read."

Demiurge chuckled proudly. "Thank you, my lady."

Galadriel has spent the last few days reading everything about the Shie Hassaikai group and has paid keen interest in the drug manufactured. It was still on the testing ground, but their results have been positive. Yet, while the drug itself was interesting on itself. The true interest behind it was the responsible for such medication to be created. A small little girl with a quite powerful and interesting Quirk.

The girl's ability to reverse an individual living body to a previous state was incredible. It was more than just bringing back an arm or leg. The girl's power could even undo bodily modifications, heal injuries, and to even make someone physically younger. Of course, Galadriel also wondered how far that Quirk could go if pushed correctly. If those Yakuza could create a drug that "erased" a person Quirks, then maybe. Galadriel could even create something far better than that.

Suppose a drug could destroy someone's Quirk. Then, maybe... Can Quirks also be altered? Evolved even. Galadriel hummed deeply. The small girl's power was still unknown. It would take years before the girl reached her true potential. And Galadriel wanted to be the one who controlled the girl's growth.

"We are ready to take the girl away," Demiurge stated.

"No," Galadriel replied. "Not yet... I want to create the perfect opportunity for us... I want the girl to see us as her heroes."

"Heroes?" Demiurge asked, pondering those words slowly.

"She is a child," Galadriel stated. "A child that has been abused and tortured for experiments. She would open her arms to anyone who saved her from that. We must be smart and make sure to be that."

Galadriel chuckled. The girl's situation was something she understood very well. Galadriel's own past life and experience told her as much. Galadriel would look up to anyone who smiled at her during those times. Anyone who saved her from the hell she lived in. Galadriel would have followed that person anywhere and done everything that person wanted. That's the power of desperation, sorrow, and fear.

Every child needs love and affection. Galadriel knew as much. That's why she wanted to make sure to make that girl happy. Galadriel was a Demon Empress and would do whatever she needed to accomplish her goals. But she still has her morals. Perhaps, ghastly morals to fit her own persona, but morals nonetheless.

Galadriel would not torture a child. No, she would save the girl and give her the love and affection she deserves. Then, she would make sure the girl was loyal to Nazarick. Again, it could be seen as morally wrong. Maybe it was. But Galadriel would not lie to the girl and be honest about what she wanted. She would give her the world and love if she joined them. Which Galadriel knew would happen since a child that hasn't been loved hasn't learned to live.

"A child's happiness is one of the most powerful things in this world. We can't underestimate it," Galadriel stated with a self-deprecation tone. "At least, that's what we can do."

Galadriel sighed deeply. "Keep me updated, Demiurge. Soon, we are going to take on the Shie Hassaikai. Inform Albedo about it."

"I will, my lady," Demiurge replied. "Are you going to school again?" He asked, smirkingly.

"Yeah, it's long overdue. The kids must have already settled in that place. Mmhm, is my room ready there?" Galadriel asked as she changed into her young version and started to put some medical bandages around her arms and face to looklike she was still recovering from the battle against the Primordial.

I look like a Mummy. Galadriel thought amusedly.

"Everything is in order."

"Good," Galadriel said. "Ah... before I go, have you heard about this Hatsume girl?"

"Oh, we have!" Demiurge's diamond eyes shined brightly at the mention of the girl with the crazy mind and look. "I've been paying attention to her for a while now. She will definitely be an asset for Nazarick in the future."

"Indeed," Galadriel chuckled. "Bring her to me. I want that girl working for Nazarick."

"Of course," Demiurge replied.

"Good, I'm going then."

Galadriel smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror one last time before heading out.

Everyone in class 1-A was starting their new morning routine like usual, some better than most. It has been a week since the system in U.A. changed to a boarding school, and since all of them were now living together under the same roof as roommates. It was a fairly new feeling for them and a welcome one. Yet, they were all incredibly happy and hopeful for this new set of arrangements.

Something was missing.

It became painfully clear after the first day that an important thing, an important person, was missing from their lives. And it was their dear friend, Galadriel.

Everyone has asked Midoriya, Todoroki, Bakugo, and the rest about what happened. It was hard to explain; even after so many days with those images in their minds, they couldn't properly convey with words what they experienced. Still, what they knew was that Galadriel was in bad shape. Even worse than last time. And nothing more. The last thing they all heard was that Galadriel was taken by her family, so she would recover and no more.

It didn't make things easier for them, nor put their minds at ease. That's why many of them were trying to just continue their day despite this dark cloud looming over them.

"So, are we going to keep training our signature moves?" Ojiro asked nervously, looking over the table where everyone was eating their breakfast. It was a beautiful day, but they didn't seem to notice it. Not yet.

"Yeah... I... I already have a few ideas," Kirishima replied softly.

Bakugo only sat there, not really eating his breakfast. He hasn't spoken a lot in the last few days. Not much. His mind contained many images of the Primordial battle. And not only that. But also the power the white-haired girl has. Yet, while he felt so small next to her. Bakugo also feels a bit of relief, a strange sensation of knowing that there was someone better than him, stronger, smarter, and overall better.

A goal to surpass. Someone to beat.

But also a feeling of anger and fear. Not that Bakugo would ever admit it to others. Bakugo knew that he had to get stronger. More powerful than before. Not only because he wanted to beat that annoying albino girl and show her he was stronger than her. But also... to protect her when the time comes.

I won't owe you a thing after that! Bakugo thought angrily since, in his mind, he truly believed that he only wanted to protect her and pay her a debt he owed to her. Galadriel, after all, has saved him before.

"Tch, stupid girl," Bakugo hissed, annoyed, conflicted by his feelings.

Todoroki, sitting across from him, was also deep in thought even though he shared some of the same feelings as Bakugo, like also wanting to prove himself capable of defeating her. He also wanted to be able to protect her for a more obvious reason.

Todoroki liked Galadriel. As simple as that. Todoroki also believes both Bakugo and Midoriya liked Galadriel. However, they clearly didn't know or refused to accept it.

Was it love? No, or perhaps it was. But Todoroki being the type of person he was, didn't like wasting time as if life was a big drama. No, for him, Galadriel was smart, beautiful, and powerful. So, instead of pretending he wasn't attracted to the girl, like that idiot of Bakugo. Todoroki would just accept that he liked her.

That's why he wanted to become stronger. Not only for himself but for Galadriel because in the future, very soon. He would need to be strong to fight next to her.

"I need to get stronger," Todoroki whispered, slowly eating his breakfast.

Minutes went by as everyone kept on eating breakfast. Suddenly, Ashido jumped out of her seat.

"Hey!" Ashido yelled, making everyone turn around her. The pink girl held her cellphone hide above her, waving it like crazy. "Galadriel is coming! Now!"

The sudden gloomy feeling disappears immediately. Especially when all the students heard the door of the great hall opening, some muttering came along too.

"Why is this building so far away from the kitchen?! Does it have its own kitchen, or will I be forced to order food daily?! Maybe I can force them to build a Kentucky or Huts nearby. Perhaps, I'll have to send bomb kid for food... yeah."

Ah, that's definitely Galadriel. Everyone thought.

Galadriel soon entered the room, only to stare, baffled, at everyone waiting for her.

"Uh...? Why is everyone staring at me?" Galadriel asked them. She waited for them to be there, but how they stared at her was quite funny and scary.

"Wuaaa! Gali!" Ashido jumped and hugged Galadriel tightly.

"Careful, Pinky," Galadriel chuckled softly, still trying to keep up her act of wounded princess. "Don't hug too tightly."

"Miss Nazarick!"



"Big boobs!"

Everyone approached her and quickly started to ask her if she was fine and more. Galadriel found herself a bit overwhelmed. It's Nazarick all over! Galadriel groaned, but she still felt quite happy to be so cherished. It made her ego grow more.

"Sorry for scaring all of you."

Galadriel apologized slowly, but more importantly, she stared at the group of kids who went all the way to save her. That level of loyalty was hard to come by; more importantly, those were the type of friends one must always have by their side. Also, she felt that despite the fact everything was directed and coordinated by Nazarick. Those kids played their part perfectly and improved on the already scripted history.

"I know there are a lot of questions," Galadriel said, noticing the stares from them. "When the time comes, I'll answer them. But before that, let me thank you... for coming to save me, even when you didn't have to, even when it could possibly lead to your expulsion. Thank you, all of you."

Galadriel could be an affectioned person. She would love to be more expressive with her feelings and joys; that's why she loves hugging and holding hands, and she did just that, hugging them and kissing their cheeks just to add more to the shock factor and to see their reactions.

"If it weren't for you all... maybe... I'll be dead, or worse."

Galadriel muttered softly, trying to look terrified about the whole Primordial incident.

"What are you talking about, you stupid albino?" Bakugo replied hissingly, not wiping the mark of Galadriel's lips on his cheek. "You aren't allowed to die until I beat your ass! If those Primordial sons of bitches come again, I'll beat their asses!"

Galadriel's mind thought of Bakugo trying to do just that, which was quite amusing. But she gave the kid some credit. He knew what to say, to make her smile. Those stupid comments were entertaining.

"We are here for you. We are your friends," Todoroki added with his monotonous voice.

"No matter what happens... we aren't going to leave you alone," Midoriya said, not looking away from her. Those eyes of his meant it.

Galadriel remained quiet for a while. Not leaving me alone? Galadriel thought about the last days in Yggdrasil and wondered. The day no one came and left her alone. This hurt truly hurts. Galadriel looked down and, for a moment, showed a bit of weakness, and everyone saw it. But they mistook her grievance and sadness for that horrible memory for something else. It didn't matter, at the end of things. Galadriel's sadness was real.

"Well... It's a promise, then?" Galadriel replied with a smile.

"A promise."

Galadriel doubted it would come to pass, but she liked dreams. A promise. Galadriel chuckled, having a hard time believing it. Nevertheless, she wanted to believe.

"Miss Nazarick, welcome back."

Aizawa looked at Galadriel's bandages and knew she wasn't ready to train yet. Still, Aizawa had a hard time trying to find a way to teach the girl. Her Quirk was just too unique and too special for him to find a suitable way to train.

"I hope your injuries will heal soon. Since the hero provisional licensing exam will start in a few days."

"Don't worry, professor. I'll be on my feet soon," Galadriel replied, smiling.

"Mm, good."

Galadriel then looked at the way everyone was practicing. "They are all fired up, aren't they?" Galadriel noticed.

"Mmhm, after what happened, they truly are," Aizawa noticed Galadriel flinching and looking down. Guilt was written all over her face.

I am such a good actress. Galadriel grinned.

"They all wanted to be prepared for what was to come. Every single one wished for that."

"Prepare for what's to come..." Galadriel muttered. "That's a huge task."

Aizawa glanced at her and did not say much for a few minutes.

"Don't push yourself too much," Aizawa sighed. "You have proven yourself already. Why don't you let them prove themselves to you?"

Galadriel stood there, shocked by Aizawa's words, but they were right. Galadriel has already shown them what she could do over and over again. Her dreams of world domination were there, but Galadriel still wanted to see how much those children could push themselves. If they were to become part of her future, her gran scheme. Then, they must prove themselves worthy.

"Yeah... I set the ceiling too high," Galadriel smiled, looking at the kids. "Truly high, but... they'll be stronger than before. I know that no matter the challenges ahead. They will surpass them."

Aizawa chuckled but silently agreed with the girl. "Trust them. They will."

"I know."

Galadriel replied, and for a few more minutes, they both only stared at all of the class 1-A practicing their special moves.

"Ah... yeah, miss Nazarick. You haven't delivered your homework."

"Uh... I ... kind of forgot about them."

"Then do your homework now, before tomorrow. Or I'll double the work."


The days went in a blur for Galadriel while her mind was on many things. She still enjoyed those days in school, pretending to be something she was not. But keeping an eye on the future generation of heroes that would soon serve her. But the more time passed, the easier it was for her to forget the little things about teenage life. Maybe, since she never truly experienced normal adolescent life, Galadriel didn't know how strange and dramatic it could be.

But, besides the obvious. Galadriel felt strange returning back to normal school life. Perhaps, relaxed and just enjoying the fun that was being a student.

The national Dagoba Arena, where the provisional Licensing Exam Location would take place.

"Whoah, this place is huge!" Kirishima stated.

"Ah, I'm getting nervous," Jiro added. "I wonder what we'll have to do..."

"I wonder if I can get my provisional license..." the gnome kid exclaimed, earning a glare from Aizawa.

"Mineta, it's not about whether or not you can. Go and get it or go back home!" Aizawa hissed, not in the mood to hear Mineta giving up. Not after so many days of training.

"Right, o-of course!"

Aizawa scoffed but had to take a big deep breath. It was an important day, after all. "If you can pass this test and get your provisional license. Then your novice eggs will become chicks. You'll hatch into semi-pros, so do your best!"

Everyone in class 1-A nodded fervently.

"Novice eggs? Hatch into semi-pros?" Galadriel muttered, a bit confused. But he ignored Aizawa's strange words since he was now glaring at her, daring her to say anything about his words of encouragement.

"Sorry, I'll make sure my eggs hatch...?"


"All right, I'll become a chick!" Kaminari exclaimed while Galadriel scoffed slightly, trying to hold her laughter.

"Let's all call out the usual!" Kirishima added. "Ready, set- Plus... Ultra!"

However, while those words belonged to U.A., suddenly, out of nowhere, a big and tall student followed Kirishima's call of bravery and yelled with them a bit louder than the rest.

Galadriel tilted her head, looking at the uniform of the school the large student boy belonged to.

"Inasa, you shouldn't barge in on other's people's conversations. It's rude," a boy with a hat and a condescending look spoke.

"Oh, no!" Inasa then got rigid and suddenly slammed his head on the ground, hard and deep. "I am extremely sorry!" He yelled loudly, showcasing, with blood running out of his head, how sorry he was.

"What's with this guy?! He slammed his head down?! What's with his enthusiasm?!" Kaminari asked, completely dumbfounded and quite shocked. He wasn't the only one. Everyone just stood there, looking aghast at the boy's extreme actions.

Inasa, just like everyone there, stared at Galadriel with shining eyes. He then slowly raised his head and approached her.

"You're Galadriel Nazarick! The Angel of Hope!" Galadriel cringed a bit at the sound of her title or the way the kid was saying it. She only nodded gently.


"I am a huge fan and... I think you're cute! Please go out with me!" Inasa exclaimed, bowing to her.

"Eh?!" Everyone gasped at the audacity of the boy.

"He is trying to steal our Gali!" Toru exclaimed angrily, waving her invisible hands.

"Damn! How manly!" Kirishima hissed. "Hey, Bakugo, aren't you going to say anything? He's trying to steal Galadriel from you!" He whispered.

"Shut the hell up!" Bakugo replied, but no one could deny how annoyed Bakugo looked. "Fuck this guy; who does he think he is?!"

"Mm," Todoroki only hummed.

"Da-dating?!" Midoriya added, blushing and surprised, looking at Galadriel's reaction. She looked aghast and annoyed and was, for the most part. Then, she glanced at the three and smirked. She does love taking any opportunity to raddle those three. It was fun.

"Sorry," Galadriel bowed gently. "I don't know you, so I can't date you."

"Oh! Pain for rejection!" Inasa exclaimed loudly. "But thank you for being open and honest! I appreciated it!"

"But... if you knew me better, would you accept?" Inasa then asked, and Galadriel smirked, taking the chance to aggravate those three kids. Bakugo already looks ready to burst.

"Maybe, I don't know," Galadriel faint innocent. "Perhaps, I could."

"Then! I'll make sure you know me after today's event! Make sure to remember my name!" Inasa exclaimed loudly, to the four winds, to every god, and whatever.

"Alright, good luck!" Galadriel waved at him in a friendly manner. Everyone was troubled by Galadriel's words, especially a certain bomb kid.

"Hey! You stupid albino! What do you mean you're going on a date with him?! He's from another school! You idiot!" Bakugo yelled, screaming directly in her face.

"What? Date? What are you talking about?" Galadriel stated with an innocent look on her face. "I am not going on a date with no one."

Galadriel said as she decided to go for the kill. "But he was brave enough to ask for a date. That's something I couldn't say for some... other people." Galadriel huffed like a petulant child.

"You... fucking... argh!" Bakugo screamed, frustrated.

"THEN! I'll see you when this is over!" Inasa said with the biggest smile on his face.

Galadriel was having the time of her life, watching their reactions.

"Be friendly, everyone. Besides, it's always good to know potential rivals. See, their uniforms?" Galadriel pointed at those kids' caps.

"Wait, that uniform?" Jiro pondered, gazing at the strange attire of the boy.

"Shiketsu High School," Galadriel stated, humming deeply. "U.A. so-called rival school. Fascinating."

"The elite school that rivals U.A. in prestige," Midoriya muttered. "Their programs are as high-end as the one in U.A."

"Tch, U.A. in the east, Shiketsu in the west..." Bakugo scoffed at them. Still angry at Galadriel, who smirked at him.

"Oh, you know where the west and east are?!" Galadriel faked shock, earning a glare from Bakugo.

"Shut up! You stupid albino!"

"That boy has problems," Ashido muttered, amused by the whole thing.

The student from Shiketsu just said their goodbyes, leaving the U.A. students behind.

"Be careful with him," Aizawa whispered. "Inasa Yoarashi, he is strong."

"Teacher, do you know him?" Toru asked.

"Yoarashi was among the top score students admitted through recommendations, just behind Miss Nazarick. But for some reason, he turned down his acceptance."

"What?! Then, he's a first-year?" Midoriya exclaimed. "Then, he is above Todoroki?"

"Don't let your guard down," Aizawa warned them. "Keep an eye on him." Aizawa didn't want to show concern for them. He trusted them and knew they could push forward no matter the challenge. Yet, Aizawa himself would face a different challenge of sorts. One filled with pain and suffering.

"Eraser?! It's you, isn't it? Hey! Eraser?!"

Aizawa's body shivered in fear as he slowly turned around, watching a certain seafoam green-haired woman approaching him with a big smile. "I've seen you on TV and at sports festivals! It's been such a long time!"

He groaned loudly. "You..."

"Let's get married!"


"Pff! No? A good one!"

"You're hard to talk to, as usual, Joke."

Everyone just stood there, watching whatever they were watching. It was hard to explain but at the end of things. They all thought that it was entertaining.

"Ah! Smile Hero: Ms. Joke!" Midoriya, the walking Wikipedia of heroes, started to speak about everything he knew about Ms. Joke.

"Oh? Ms. Joke, can you tell me a joke?" Galadriel asked, and Aizawa then glared at her.

"Do you want to die?"


"So mean, Eraser!" Ms. Joke stated, smirking widely.

"Joke, since you're here, that means..."

"That's right. Come here, everyone! This is the real deal! U.A. is here!"

A group of students slowly approached them. Their uniforms were gray and without much detail. But their faces showed quite the determination to be one of the best schools.

"Whoah! It's really them!"

"Wow, that's amazing! I've seen them all on TV!"

"Look! It's the Angel of Hope!"

"Ketsubutsu Academy, second years, class 2! They are my class!" Ms. Joke stated with a proud smile on her face.

The students from Ketsubutsu academy gathered around Galadriel, staring at her with big, shiny eyes. All wanting an autograph from her.

"My name is, Tatami Nakagame! And I love your speech at the sports festival!"

"Mine is Yo Shindo! And I am a huge fan!"

Whoah, I feel like a celebrity! Galadriel thought while waving at all of them.

"A heart of fortitude, that's all I want to be! Like you! Spreading hope across the world, I would like to spread courage!" Shindo stated, smiling like a pop idol, showing his natural charisma.

"B-Bright!" Kaminari exclaimed.

"Like an idol from TV!" Kirishima followed. "He's totally a charming pretty-boy type!"

"Galadriel, you're experienced being at the hands of the villains. You have an especially strong heart. Today, I'll do my best while learning from you!"

Galadriel was now deeply embarrassed. She didn't expect a huge following so fast. In fact, she was quite overwhelmed by how popular she had become. She foresaw it to some degree, but to experience the fanboyish wave toward her was another thing. Galadriel looked down, muttering some words.

Galadriel didn't notice the sharp look on the boy's face, she was cringing too much to see, but Bakugo did.

"Stop pretending. What you're saying doesn't match the look on your face."

"Oh, whose face?" Galadriel asked, now trying to keep embarrassment away.

"Hey, don't be rude, Bakugo!" Kirishima yelled. "Sorry for his rudeness!"

"It's fine! It just proves how strong his heart is."

"Hey, all of you, change to your hero costumes and prepare for the exam!" Aizawa called, wanting to leave Ms. Jokes and her jokes away.

Galadriel sighed deeply. She should have known better than not preparing for what her popularity would bring. Nevertheless, she would adapt and overcome whatever embarrassment and any cringy situation may arise.

Oh, and get her provisional license too.

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