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Chapter 37

Many young students were inside a large room where the Provisional Hero licensing would take place. They were all packed inside a large room with nothing but whispers about what was coming. Galadriel made sure to inspect each one of them. After all, they were to future of the Hero world. And perhaps, even future employees of hers. Besides, the creativity of their costume, which was entertaining, made Galadriel a bit joyful. A good distraction, something she could appreciate. However, she must maintain focus and seek potential candidates for her future projects.

"So many...!" Midoriya stated, surprised at the number of new students arriving for such an important event. "A lot of schools are here!"

"So many extras are here, idiots," Bakugo hissed annoyingly.

"Hey, Bakugo, don't say it like that!" Kirishima replied.

"But they are truly many people here," Uraraka muttered. "We can barely walk!"

Galadriel nodded, feeling a bit crowded as well. She wasn't a fan of overcrowded places; too many people around her made her uncomfortable. A lifetime of living in overpopulated megacities would do that to anyone. Galadriel felt like they were stealing her air, which is why she sighed deeply, trying to relax.

"Galadriel? Are you okay?" Midoriya asked, watching how tense Galadriel looked suddenly.

"Yeah, just crowded places aren't my thing," Galadriel replied.

Midoriya wanted to say something to the poor girl, but before that, a deeply exhausted sigh brought everyone's attention. And the person responsible for today's test and other things. Nevertheless, Galadriel could see the exhaustion in his eyes. And remember the last time she saw eyes like those. Not a good memory at all.

"Yeah, well then, let's do that provisional license thing," he said with the most tired voice in the world. But not one Galadriel hasn't heard before. "My name is Mera from the Heroes Public Safety Commission. The kind of sleep I like is non-Rem sleep. Nice to meet you all," Mera whined with an incredibly sleepy voice. Drooling each word as if he were battling against his own body to death to keep awake. A sight that didn't make Galadriel happy at all.

"I've been so busy that I haven't gotten much sleep. We're too short-staffed... I'm so sleepy!" Mera declared to himself while not caring to be heard by everyone else. "With that conviction, I will give you the orientation."

Galadriel recalled the last moments with HeroHero and how his voice sounded like Mera's. It was a sad reminder of what exhaustion could do to someone.

"Now, there are around 1,540 examinees here. All young heroes are ready to take part in the big world. But not all will pass."

Those words made sure to make everyone nervous since it was clear that if one were to lose this opportunity to get a hero license, it would take yet another year to have another try. And that was a prospect many did not want to go through. Especially those who failed the last year.

"Our society is currently said to be saturated with heroes, but with what has taken place in the last weeks. From Stain to the League of Villains and the appearance of the Primordials, it is clear that we require not just heroes. But efficient heroes."

Galadriel wondered what else could be happening inside those kids' minds. She knew most of them understood the implications of those words. Those who had seen firsthand what the Primordials could do surely realized that it was more than just a call for a future war. But of sacrifice and pain. Maybe it was Galadriel's mind who saw it that way. But it was something she thought about. She glanced around her and noticed the face of determination from the kids. Each of them has come to the same conclusion and seemed to understand what was at stake far better than the rest.

You all are a bunch of interesting kids. Galadriel thought with a smile.

"All of you would work hard to help people and defeat villains. But to prepare for what's to come," Mera announced, and for a moment, his tired voice was no more. "That's why we decided to go for quality over quantity, and today's test will be speed. And because of that, of the 1,540 participants today. Only 100 will pass."

Those were the numbers, and everyone there froze for a few seconds. An unfair rule for most and a clear push to the edge for others. But an interesting bet to see. That's why Galadriel chuckled at the sight of such a challenge. Not for her, no, but for the kids.

"That's...! That's not even the 10% of all here," Momo muttered nervously.

"Uh! I am getting nervous!" Jiro added.

"Whoa, this is so... manly!"

"That's quite the challenge! Uh! What do we do?!"

"Shut it, you drolly!" Bakugo hissed.

However, while it sounded quite menacing, the test was more like a game. Tag game, to be precise. The instructions were simple. If they tag two individuals three times and they pass. But if they get hit three times, they lose.

"Well, that's quite the test," Galadriel muttered amusingly. "Did you all hear it? Bomb kid?"

"I did! Shut up!"

"You have a minute before the exam start. So, good luck... Ah, I want to sleep."

Mera muttered as he left the podium while all the students started getting ready. However, Galadriel soon felt the rest of the students glaring at her. Well, not only her but all of the students of the U.A. Galadriel frowned for a second before noticing the smirking faces, and it was then that she realized one thing. They all have their eye on us. Galadriel thought, quite amused by the revelation.

Suddenly, the rather packed conference room began to shake, and from the roof, it began to open up. The walls all fell down, leaving only a large stadium with made-up scenarios for all the students to use.

"Ah... also, you're free to use your Quirks... ah, and hurry up. I want to rest as soon as possible," Mera drawled, leaving behind the students.

It took not long before everyone around them started to spread out, leaving behind their intentions. And it seems Galadriel wasn't the only one thinking of such a thing.

"We are going to be the target of everyone," Midoriya whispered, looking around him. "They already know our Quirks and how they operate, no doubt they are trying to take us down first."

Galadriel nodded at the green-haired boy. "That's right, Midoriya. We are the U.A., the best school in the country. No doubt they would also try to take down the strongest. So, let's play smart. Shall we?"

"Everyone, don't get to separated!" Midoriya yelled. "Let's move as a group!"

"Yeah, right, this isn't a field trip!" Bakugo replied, annoyed, but Galadriel quickly stopped the bomb kid rampage.

"Bakugo," Galadriel called, stopping Bakugo midtrack by simply calling his name. He hissed as he turned back only to watch Galadriel's puppy eyes.

"We must learn how to operate together. As a unit," Galadriel's voice was enough to make Bakugo grunt, annoyed, but he didn't move any further. It's quite an amusing scene for everyone. Since it was now clear that Bakugo would only ever listen to Galadriel's orders.

"The rebel boy would only listen to his belove one!" Toru whispered with excitement. "This is from a drama!"

"Shut it!" Bakugo yelled, annoyed, but Galadriel only chuckled softly.

"Now, Midoriya, I think you know pretty well how to do this, right?" Galadriel asked, watching with keen interest how that boy's mind works.

"Mmhm, we should move on a group of three or four and keep track of where we are at all times. Tenya, you could serve as a runner-up and keep everyone in contact. And so do you, Toru. No one would ever see you move."

"I agree. We know how we work and how we operate now. We have experience in difficult situations. We must use that to our advantage," Galadriel added, and the green-haired boy smiled at her.

"We must cover each other weaknesses."

"And work around it."

Both Galadriel and Midoriya quickly started to add to their overall strategy. Galadriel's experience with Raiding bosses back in Yggdrasil allowed her to communicate their strongest points better and how to use each of their Quirks better in a team base operation. And Midoriya's obsession with learning everything in sharp detail makes sure to bring forth their flaws, so they can be careful with them. A very dangerous team both Galadriel and Midoriya were.

And professor Aizawa, watching it all from far away, couldn't help but smile internally. Seeing those two working together in such a manner was quite a sight.

"Aoyama, you would serve as our bacon if everything goes awry," Midoriya stated, surprising the sparkling boy.


"We know your Quirk if we separated and we can locate each other. Use your Quirk and point it to the sky. Then, we'll know it is you."

Such words made Aoyama feel a bit proud of his Quirk. To be asked to be a light for his companions. A source of hope that, in his mind, was the best thing to happen.

"We are counting on you, Aoyama!" Uraraka exclaimed, smiling.

"Count on me!" He replied dashingly.

The kids listened carefully to Midoriya's instructions, and Galadriel smiled at such a mind.

"As well," Midoriya then looked at Todoroki and Bakugo. It would be hard to tell them something. He doubted they would listen to him. But Galadriel seemed to notice such a predicament.

"Bakugo and Todoroki's quirk is hard to use in groups... So, I'll keep an eye on them," Galadriel said, or pretty much stated.

"I'll help him!" Kirishima and Kaminary exclaimed together, making Bakugo quite angry.

"Alright," Galadriel said, smiling at Bakugo's angry face. "Be careful, all of you. And show them how far we have come since the Sports festival."

"Yes!" All replied.

And soon, the class 1-A moved quickly, preparing themselves for what would be a long day.

Aizawa watched the start of the test from the standings of the stadium. He may look uninsterested from the outside, perhaps even bored by the whole thing. But, inside, he was still a teacher, watching his students face yet another challenge. However, there was a difference this time. Those students down there were highly different from the ones he had before. The entire class was unique, and he would lie if he said he didn't like those kids.

"Hey, Eraser... your fly's down!" Ms. Joke joked as Aizawa just grumbled under his breath.

Why am I always surrounded by these annoying types...

Aizawa whined internally as he tried hard to ignore the woman sitting next to him.

"Anyway, 21 people. That's a lot of students for you to keep around."

Aizawa didn't reply; he simply hummed as he stared silently at the stadium.

"It's rare of you to not have expelled anyone already, you know. You must be pretty fond of this class, huh?"

"Not particularly."

"Bah! Don't get embarrassed now! It's not very cool, you know?!" Ms. Joke exclaimed very loudly. "Let's go on a date?"

"Shut up."

Ms. Joke laughed for a bit before looking at the stadium, then with a surprised, condescending smile, she stared at Aizawa as if she knew everything. A sudden rivalry emerged from within Ms. Joke, but only from her. Aizawa seemed to ignore whatever tension was occurring since it was not what his mind was wondering about.

"But if that's really the case. It's weird for you," Ms. Joke said, smirking. "I have seen your smile, the one you hide when looking at them. You like them."

Aizawa was now getting a bit annoyed by her.

"But you should have told them about what happens every year, what every school does when the provisional license exams come by. The custom that has been going on for quite some time now."

Ms. Joke then glanced at Aizawa with a big smirk on her face. "The crushing of U.A."

Aizawa only hummed deeply. Not bothered at all by that event. "The crushing of U.A... there's not a particular reason I didn't tell them about it."

"Uh, why is that?"

"It wouldn't change the outcome."

"What outcome?"

"Being a hero means getting yourself out and being exposed by everyone. Once you become a pro. It's given that your Quirk has been exposed to the world. I'm sorry, but we're looking farther ahead than everyone else."

It was time for Ms. Joke to frown at him, which was joyful for Aizawa.

"What do you mean by that?" Ms. Joke asked, not with her usual carefree voice. "Do you think that all of your students will pass? Remember, only 100 can do it."

Then Aizawa did smile. But it was his own twisted one. "You're underestimating them. Especially those two. Yeah. All of them will pass."

He declared with a sort of arrogance Ms. Joke had never seen. A peculiar sight but one that made her wonder. Aizawa has changed a lot. Even if he doesn't show it or admit it, he likes them. This class must be truly special. Ms. Joke thought deeply as she glanced at the stadium, wondering how much that class had improved.

All the students there quickly moved to where U.A. students were or where they were supposed to be. All of the rest of the schools wanted to take them out. It was a rather usual strategy to get rid of them. The most famous school, whose showcase of power has been public since the Sports festival and definitely renowned. Yet apart from that, all the other schools felt quite vindicated against them. Call it jealousy, an ego stroke, or simply arrogance. It didn't matter. But the students wanted to take them there.

Yet, as they all approached them. They soon noticed that class 1-A was more than ready to take them ahead. In fact, class 1-A was for all things, waiting for them to arrive.

"They are here."

"Uh! So many!"

"Everyone focus!"

Yo Shindo from the Ketsubutsu Academy frowned but quickly regained his quiet arrogance as he focused on what he had planned. However, the smirk emanating from the white-haired girl made him shiver. But still, he wouldn't be easily intimidated.

"We are also heroes! We have trained as hard as everyone!" Shindo exclaimed as soon everyone aimed at 1-A class, ready to attack them. "Here we come!"

Then, every school started throwing their balls at them, hoping they would soon be out of the test.

"Oh no, they are using their balls to attack us," Galadriel exclaimed. "They are coming at us with their balls!"

Galadriel's twelve-year-old humor wasn't lost on everyone around her as they all looked at her with disappointed stares.

"Why are you like this?" Ashido asked with a sad sigh.

Midoriya, unbothered by Galadriel's words, simply jumped away, and it was quite surprising to see him so up high without much difficulty. Soon enough, he noticed all the balls approaching them, and focusing only on his feet, he brought one of his new techniques.

"One For All...! Full Cowling!"

Galadriel hummed deeply, watching the green-haired boy's attack. It was such a simple yet effective move that made her smile. The swing of Midoriya's attack caused a minor but strong wing to push all the orbs away, but not only that. For, Midoriya, it was proof of his ability getting better, and to Galadriel, he wanted to show he had put in some work to ensure he wasn't left behind. Now, she wondered how far he could go with that new ability.

But that would be unfair for Galadriel to say, after all. Everyone in the class has a lot to prove to her. And she would make sure to watch it closely.

You have proved yourself to them. Let them prove themselves to you.

Aizawa's words were true, and Galadriel would make sure to let them show what they were capable of and how much have they improved.

"Alright, everyone, be ready! Remember what we have planned. Also, don't panic. I'll use a new ability I have earned."

The 1-A class nodded fervently, although they wondered what type of ability Galadriel was talking about. It was a very simple ability that was under Galadriel Arcane's tree. One that she barely uses since it was not necessary. [Mind Call] was like using [Message] except that it was only useful at close distances. And it could only be used on one person at a time. But it was all fine, at least for Galadriel. She would keep an eye out for the kids and make sure they all passed. Galadriel wasn't worried about her, not at all. But her aim was to inspect them.

"Now, everyone, I'll keep in touch with you. Don't let your guard down and always remember...! We are U.A!"

Galadriel smiled brightly as soon a large circle appeared around the class.

Yo Shindo quickly recognized that strange circle and wasted no time trying to stop the white-haired girl's ability.

"Break! Maximum Force...! Tremoring Earth!"

Suddenly a sort of earthquake destroyed the land around them, but by the time it reached their feet, in a blink. The entire class 1-A vanished. Yo Shindo grunted, knowing that the U.A. class could be anywhere. But more importantly, he realized that the class wasn't going to be one to be hunted down as simply as they thought. No, it was clear that, soon enough, they would be hunted down.

"Whoah! Where are they?!" Tatami Nakagame exclaimed.

"They escaped from us," Itejiro Toteki muttered. "Cowards."

"I doubt that was the case. The U.A. was surrounded. It was the only thing they could do."

"It doesn't matter," Yo Shindo replied, smirking. "We are not pushed over too. We will show them."

The test would surely be different from what he thought, but he would succeed and get his license. No matter what.

Galadriel smiled as she practically flew above the stadium, using a few abilities so no one could see her. It was her time to see, note, and inspect the kids. It may sound like it could be more important than it actually was, but truly, Galadriel was just wasting time. She could just end and pass the test if she wanted. But that wasn't what she was there.

"Mm, in any fight, especially a team fight. One must be careful with the abilities to avoid friendly fire."

Galadriel has made sure to test Yggdrasil's friendly fire since it would be quite disastrous if that were to happen among the Guardians. It was dangerous and quite embarrassing. Back in Yggdrasil, friendly fire was normal, but there were some circumstances when it was disabled. Like dungeon raid when it extended a large cap of players. But here, in this world, such a thing wasn't possible to know until they tried. And what they found out was that they needed to be quite careful with their abilities.

So with that in mind, Galadriel wanted the kids to learn to measure their abilities, especially those with what she would call AOE damage. Among many other things, she wanted to try on. Just like [Mind Call], she has yet to use it. Honestly, there were many better skills for doing what [Mind Call] does. But she just wanted to try it like a bored child who has never used all of her toys. Galadriel would use them in this world just because she could.

And the whole reason for coming here was to experiment and do what she always loved doing back in Yggdrasil. Experimenting with her abilities to see what type of new combination she could do.

"Mm, let's see how is everyone doing?"

Galadriel muttered as she focused on the stadium and saw the kids doing their utmost best to take over the challenges that lay before them. However, her attention was focused on that strange boy with a cap. The tall one from Shiketsu High School. And had to admit that she was surprised by his control over Quirk. A wind type of power that made him the center of a tornado. Yet one he has learned to use.

Galadriel saw how he destroyed a large group of students without much problem. More of what he truly needed.

"Heroes need passion!" He yelled quite frantically. "All of you have fought with so much passion! I love passion!"

Galadriel was worried about his mental health; maybe she shouldn't be so dramatic. One could say that she was also the same. She is a bit passionate about what she does. However, it was clear that that boy was truly strong, all things considered. He took 120 people alone, a large number. An unnecessary one but impressive.

"His costume, though, is awesome," Galadriel admitted smiling.

Then she focused down below and saw Todoroki doing his thing. It wouldn't take long before he finished the test. But she wanted to have fun.

"Alright, let's test this."

Down below, Todoroki, Mineta, and Sato were busy dealing with some ninjas students. No, that they were a problem to Todoroki, but he didn't want to leave his guard down. And to injure the other two. Yet, soon he felt a sudden tingling in his head, a sensation that confused him to the point of being almost wiped out by those ninja kids.

[Oi! Todoroki? Do you hear me? Can you hear me? Pip-bum-pib-bum-bum-pit.]

"Galadriel?" Todoroki replied.

[Ah, then it works. Don't worry. Those ninja kids can hear me. Only you. This is very intimate.]

Todoroki wanted to reply, but a very big screw appeared before him, almost squashing him. He grunted, annoyed as he kept on hearing Galadriel's voice inside his head.

[Ba-da-ba-da-ba-be bop bop bodda bope. Bop ba Bodda bope.]

"If you don't have anything to say, please stop."

Todoroki said as he again started to evade some attacks.

[Sorry, I was just checking if I could do this. And it works... so, how are you doing?]

Todoroki was patient after living with his father and trying to be nothing like him. He had decided not to be like him at all. But Galadriel was just different. That girl could touch a nerve him. But he could never be angry at her.


[I see.]

"Todoroki? Who are you talking to?" Sato asked, making sure not to be the reason for their loss. But he couldn't say the same about Mineta, who latched to him like a parasite.

"Galadriel is talking to me... in my mind."


"She's annoying."

[I heard you.]

"As you can see, Galadriel. We are quite busy. Suppose you aren't going to help us. Please stop interrupting us."

[How rude! Of course, I am going to help you!]

Galadriel wasn't going to help them. She wanted only to watch, but after what Todoroki said. She couldn't just stay idle.

[Alright, Todoroki, tell the purple midget and sugar rush dude to close their eyes. And you too. I don't want to blind you.]

Todoroki sighed but nodded. "Everyone close your eyes."

Soon enough, a large light came down over them.


"I can't see...! What's is that?!"

[Now, Todoroki. And you're welcome. Now, excuse me. I had to ensure the rest passed this test.]

Todoroki only sighed while freezing the poor ninjas. "Thank you."

Galadriel smiled from hiding above. Still, she needed to see all the kids pass the test. And to see if they were able to work together. She honestly doubted it. But she hoped they could do it. Regardless, the day wasn't over yet; it was only starting.

"Hey, Aizawa, do you want gum?" Ms. Joke said.

Aizawa scoffed at her. "No, if it is from you. It's hard to say if you had something on it."

"Don't say it like that! It's normal gum!"

"Still, I don't believe you."

Ms. Joke huffed while chewing her gum. She glanced at the stadium, but it was hard to see after one of her students' ability practically destroyed a part of it and allowed a large dust curtain to be raised up, covering their sight.

Ah, Shindo. I told you to use that move sparingly. Ms. Joke exhaled deeply.

"It's pretty frustrating not being able to tell exactly who failed and who passed."

"My Shindo really went and messed things up and made it hard to see, didn't he? But what is it? Could it be?! Are you worried about your students?!"

Ms. Joke replied tauntingly, but Aizawa was annoyed about not being able to see clearly. However, there was something he would like for Ms. Joke to hear. Oddly enough, it seems that even after such a long time. People still underestimate what one student could cause in an entire classroom. And while he couldn't see it clearly. Aizawa would bet his career as a Pro hero that they were doing incredibly fine.

"In my time observing students. Especially this generation. I've come to understand something."

Aizawa said, making Ms. Joke to stared at him.


"That it only takes one person to shift an entire room. Those around such a person may not notice it. But they would be affected by, say, person."

Aizawa stated, thinking deeply about a certain group of kids. He has seen how Todoroki, Bakugo, and Midoriya have changed their manner of speaking. Some are slower than others. But the change was there. Midoriya has been slowly becoming more forward to what he wants to say and do. The poor boy was still quite a nervous child. But the shell he was in was slowly breaking.

Todoroki has been leaving behind his solitude to accommodate the ability to seek and provide help. Something Aizawa didn't expect from the son of Endeavor.

And Bakugo has been clearly the one who has changed the most. But it was hard to see at first look. The bomb kid, while screaming like a raging explosion maniac, was still there. He was now more of a begrudging team player. And was learning to trust his teammates and understand that he would not achieve anything independently. At least not for what's to come.

And the one responsible for all of that was Galadriel. The number one student in the class, and possibly the entire country. She was the one who Bakugo listened to without question. Even if it was the most ridiculous request, he would do it, screaming and raging, but he would do so.

Todoroki would also do what she says and simply keep quiet. Only nod and do it.

Midoriya was like a lost puppy sometimes and simply accepted everything Galadriel said without question. Now that Aizawa thought about it. Those three kids maybe liked the girl. And knowing that girl, perhaps, was unaware of it. But then again, while it could be, and maybe it was true. It was also that Galadriel was simply a natural leader. Her aura simply made it easier for people to follow her, to seek her acceptance, and that everything would be alright. Aizawa knew it because he also felt it sometimes.

That was more powerful than any Quirk around. And Aizawa truly believes Galadriel would be a hero like no other.

"Such a person that can bring people together. That can make people change without them knowing. And spread to the entire class," Aizawa smiled, and it was quite strange to see from Ms. Joke's perspective.

"And class 1-A has one person whose presence, voice, and aura lift them to levels they didn't know possible. This class will be the catalyst of a new age of heroes."

Ms. Joke chuckled darkly but somehow seemed to know who he was referring to. "You sound like you're in love... gross."

Aizawa rolled his eyes at her and decided to ignore that statement. However, he did want to make something clear.

"It's not love... it's pride."

The 1-A students welcomed each other in the lobby, as one by one couldn't hold back their happiness and excitement to know the class was whole again. And that their teamwork has proven efficient for now. But there was room to improve. A lot of room.

"Baku-turd!" Kirishima and Kaminari started to roll over the floor while Bakugo glared at them. He truly wanted to kill them right then and there.

"Fuck you all! Stop calling me like that!" Bakugo growled like a madman. He hated allowing himself to be touched by that strange guy from the Shiketsu High School with that disgusting and weird Quirk. And not only that, he was watched by Galadriel, who, to his dismay, was laughing inside his mind. When she saw his meatballish state. And started to call him many stupid names.

Baku-turd. Meat-bomb kid. Explosive kid turd. And a lot more childish-like names. Galadriel does have a twelve-year-old sense of humor sometimes. But she did help them a bit without getting too much involved. Much to Bakugo's despair.

"I'll fucking kill her...!" Bakugo grunted annoyingly. Trying to ignore those joking chuckles from the other two.

"I was so nervous!" Jiro exclaimed nervously. "I thought they had us for a moment."

"Indeed," Shoji added with a sigh.

"I'm sorry, everyone. If it wasn't for Galadriel, those students from the Seiai Academy would have got us," Yaoyorozu declared with some hint of shame in her voice.

"Don't say that Momo," Tsuyu approached the dark-haired girl with a gentle smile. "You did everything you could. You did save us and keep us from completely falling out."


"Exactly!" Jiro exclaimed with joy. "If it wasn't for you, I would have almost lost my hearing. You were amazing!"

"Indeed, don't sell yourself too short, Yaoyorozu. You did an excellent job," Shoji added, and those words did make Yaoyorozu feel a lot better.


Yaoyorozy had to admit that she would have cried if there weren't people around them.

"Hey!" Ashido yelled happily as she approached the group. "How is everyone doing!"

"Ashido!" they replied cheerfully. "You're here."

"And so everyone else!" Ashido then stopped for a moment before looking around. "Uh, where is Galadriel?"

"Now that you mention it..."

Then everyone heard a loud sound of eating nearby. They all saw Galadriel practically eating an entire table's worth of food without bothering how people looked at her.

"Ah, there she is," Jiro stated.

"You!" Bakugo growled, walking towards the unbothered white-haired girl, who then glanced at him.

"Oh, Baku-turd, how are you doing?" Galadriel asked, with her mouth filled with food.

"Don't call me that!" Bakugo yelled, and before he tried to cry some more, Galadriel shoved food into his mouth.

"This is very good, right?!" Galadriel declared honestly. And she was. It was strange to find food worth eating, not that she was a picky eater or anything. But finding delicious food took a lot of work. She has grown used to Nazarick's cuisine. But for some reason, the food there was quite good, so she enjoyed herself quite a lot.

"Hey! Todoroki, come here. The food is good! You too, lettuce boy!"

Todoroki just did what Galadriel said while Midoriya pointed at himself.

"Lettuce boy...? Me?"

Galadriel hummed happily while smiling at the three boys. This is such a relaxing day! Galadriel thought, wondering what else was awaiting them.

Far away, in a deep and dark room where a dim light was the only source capable of bringing sight. A poor little girl was in the corner of the room; some toys were lying around, but not joy those things brought to her. There was a bed, but it looked as if it was there only because it was needed. No color, no place for a child like her.

She cuddled a pillow with a painted face, made by her, hoping it would bring her some peace. Yet, it did not. Only reinforce her loneliness.

But soon, a small light came. Tiny, but it seemed alive.

"Hello," the light spoke in a charming, sweet, gentle voice. It sounded like a child-like creature.

The girl let a small squeal, a bit afraid, before the tiny little thing calmed her down.

"Hey! Don't worry! I am not here to hurt you! I'm here because you're lonely!"

The girl stared, amazed, confused, and stunned at the small creature with wings and saw it was wearing a short dress. A gown of sorts. It was a miniature person.

"Uh... what... what are you?" The girl asked, and the little person chuckled.

"I am Fey! A fairy!" Fey, the fairy, stated proudly, spreading her golden wings.

"A fairy!" The girl replied, astonished, but a huge smile appeared. "Like in the histories?!"

"Mm, well, I don't know what histories... but yeah! I am a fairy! And what's your name, child?"

"E... Eri," she replied shyly but still looked at Fey with shining eyes.

"You shouldn't be here... it's dangerous... you must leave," Eri whispered. That joy she felt before became sour as she looked around fearfully, wondering if someone would come to her room and wake her from that beautiful dream. But soon enough, Fey pinched Eri's cheek.

"Uh, no! I will not leave!" Fey replied with a huff. "I am here for you!"

"For... for me?"

"Yep! You see, a child like you shouldn't be alone... no. You shouldn't suffer this. That's why I was sent here, to keep you company."

"Company? Uh... who sent you?" Eri asked, and then Fey chuckled arrogantly.

"Well, the Supreme One, of course!" Fey declared. "The one above all! She hates what's happening to you and has given me the task of ensuring you're never alone!"

Eri, let out a huge gasp. "The supreme one?!" She didn't know who she was, but a six-year-old was easily impressed by such a title.

"Yep! And here I am!" Fey smiled at her gently. She was a creature of positive karma and gentle nature. Perfect for the job. "You shall never be alone."

Eri's lips trembled as tears appeared. "You promise? You're going to be my friend?"

"Of course!" Fey smiled proudly. "A fairy's oath is unbreakable!"

Eri, for the first time, since forever, cried with joy. But it wasn't all. Shadows were looking at her without Eri knowing it. Monitoring her reaction.

"Who is this... Supreme one?" Eri then asked softly.

"Oh, do you want to know?"


"Alright, let me tell you!"

And so it begins.