The Capital, Gamemaking Center- Two Days Before the Reapings

Miss Kennedy Treznor did not like being interrupted- not one bit. She didn't like many things, but this... This was the cherry on top of the metaphorical bitch sundae. And yet despite this glaringly obvious fact, her brother, Charming, insisted on interrupting her "work" several times every day. Today apparently was no exception to this rule.

President Charming Treznor burst through the solid white doors of Kennedy's office in a frenzied panicked, his usually combed back blonde hair an anxious mess. He sighed as he looked forward, his sister regaling in her reclining leather chair as two women leaned over her, seductively feeding her grapes (their beasts conveniently hanging over her face). They wore black latex bodices and straight black wigs that reached down to the back of their thighs, their "uniform". Kennedy joyfully laughed, swirling her tongue around one of the grapes- not noticing her brother's presence. Her eyes were closed as she reveled in whatever "erotic lesbian office practices" as Charming had so dubbed them.

"Ahem," the middle-aged man mumbled, the two identical women looking at their president with fearful faces. They were statuesque as their matron opened her eyes, their cool blue gaze landing on Charming. The joy instantly left her pale white face as she waved a hand to the women beside her, both shuffling across the marble floor in their black stilettos. The door instantly closed behind them as they left- leaving President Charming and Kennedy alone.

Kennedy Treznor did not look like your average Head-Gamemaker with her bleached brows, bleached lashes, and messy bleached mullet. No, she looked like a "wild clubbing prostitute with a budget"- also a term claimed by her brother. The twenty-something-year-old hadn't necessarily earned her position through political prowess like her predecessors after all. Kennedy had received her most coveted position after her brother, Charming Treznor ascended to presidential power during the war. You see, when a certain president had begun to fail in fending off the District Rebels, Charming had stepped in as an emergency general- leading the Capital and the aligned districts to triumphant victory. He may have also shot the president in the back of the head at the height of his own popularity, being crowned president shortly after… But that is pure rumor and speculation of course.

"What do you want Charming?" the young woman asked, leaning forward in her chair as she propped her elbows on the glass desk. The man seemed more stressed out than he ever did. Winning a war against the rebelling districts- easy. Pleasing the cannibalistic masses of the capital with the first Hunger Games they've seen in years- not so easy.

"Have you checked on the mutts Kennedy?" the man began to rumble, sweat beading on his wide creased forehead. "There is a rumor that the rats-"

"It's all fine brother," she casually interrupted

"Fine!? How is any of this fine? We've spent a fortune on developing these things. Resources are being stretched thin for this event Kennedy. If we mess up, fifty thousand women in powdered wigs will be knocking down our doors ready to guillotine us!" he exasperated, running his hands nervously down his velvet blue suit.

"Charming," Kennedy began, popping a grape in her mouth as she spoke. "I got it under control. Chill the fuck out,"

"How about you chill the fuck-," he began before launching into a full neurotic rant on the expenses being poured into this year's games. Kennedy rolled her eyes and smiled as he sputtered, propping her feet up on her desk- steel-toed boots and all. Her older brother had gone on quite the rampage recently, constantly bursting into her office at the break of any single detail. In fact, it seemed as if he refused to leave her alone- supervising every single creative decision she made as Head-Gamemaker. She still was pissed he didn't allow her to make the arena into a giant strip club (completed with "Strippers with Rabies" as she had originally proposed). This was the way of their relationship, Kennedy had realized, her brother controlling her every move since their childhood.

After the president was done talking, he took a deep breath and looked at his clearly not entertained sister.

"Do you understand me?" he asked, straightening his tie and attempting to fix his hair.

"Gotcha dude," Kennedy deadpanned, looking down at her nails as she fidgeted with them. Charming licked his teeth and glared at the young woman before groaning and storming out of the room. "Fuck you too brother," she mumbled as her two servants- Ecstasy and Heroine- waltzed back into the room. Sensing their madam was stressed, they positioned themselves at either side of her shoulders and began to massage, Kennedy sighing. She was tired of Charming bossing her around. She was perfectly capable of handling herself and her job. She was tired of him, the little prick. In fact, he was more than a prick, he was a no good, annoying, bitch boy who-.

Kennedy stopped herself before she spiraled, cocking her head. She began to think, feeling her muscles loosen as the two women dug their fingers into them. Suddenly an evil smile came to her face- feeling a heavy weight lift from her chest. Yes, she knew exactly what to do.


"Yes madam?"

"Fetch me my contacts," she commanded, sending the scantily clad woman strutting across the room. She returned with a folder, seductively placing it on the desk (as seductively as one could place a contact folder on a desk, that is). Kennedy grabbed the folder and began flipping the pages until she came upon the page she desired- a page labeled "Ryatt Abacus- STATUS: Victor of the 89th Hunger Games, Alive". She sneered, licking her lips as she looked through the boy's stats. She remembered the boy, the youngest victor since Finnick Odair. He would perfect.


"Yes madam?"

"Please contact Ryatt Abacus and have him come to my office as soon as he arrives in the Capital for this year's games," she hissed, motioning for Ecstacy to return to her position massaging her. "Tell him it's essential business,"

She thought of her brother and smiled more. That preppy prick was gonna fucking pay.

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