Chapter 24: Update! Sequel Story for Phase 2!





BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SIKE! But no seriously, this will be the last chapter of this story as Phase 2 of the MCU will be reacted to on the newest story: WELCOME TO THE MCU! PHASE 2! Yes, uncreative name but I save the creativity for the stories. Anyways, this update chapter serves as a recap of most things that happened in this story before you go onto the next story, which will be released shortly after I post this one with Two chapters, one an introduction to Phase 2 and a second for Iron Man 3. So if you want to skip the recap and multiversal counterparts listed then hop on over to the new story and I will see you there.

First off, I want to say again that I am very appreciative of you all for the support of this story and all my others stories as well. I really couldn't be where I'm at today, mentally wise, without you guys. I also wish to thank all the thoughts and opinions for this story, your ideas, thoughts, and criticisms, both constructive and harsh, mostly constructive have been incredibly helpful in shaping this story throughout the years. Its almost unbelievable how long this has gone and how much you guys and gals have stuck by me, during my best and worst chapters, throughout my greatest of ideas and twists and the most controversial and argumentative of ones. Again, I like to thank you all sincerely. You all are the best fans and readers I can ask. Though if I will ask you guys of anything: just please be more respectful and patient, keep in mind these stories are still a hobby and the moment they start to feel like an obligation, and one that doesn't feel appreciated, the moment my enthusiasm and creativity for these stories drops too. Just stay cool and calm, alright? All I'm asking.

But anyways, first off, the counterpart list. Now you can honestly find this list on the Tv Tropes page about me and my stories, which is really awesome and was a shock to find, and touching to see people make something like this. So there's a list there but I will add a list here too, and some key points to know about any race changes, character changes, and the like.

Also when I mean for the character race to be Ambiguous, it is to say that I do not have a clear race for the character and they can be seen as Asian or White depending on your preference for to look more like their actual selves or more like their MCU counterparts. Lots of people from America apparently mistake almost every person in anime to be white and not Asian unless the character's features are highly exaggerated. Black and Hispanic are not included in ambiguous as I will straight up say if they are black or hispanic because if I won't I would get canceled by this sensitive, intolerant society that we live in.

The first few names will be the biggest names of the story and then will proceed from chronological appearance order. Starting off:

1. Izuku Midoriya: Steve Rogers/Captain America

- Name Change to Izuku Rogers

- Race/Nationality: Half Japanese/Half American

- Appearance largely like Deku's, with same hair, eyes, face, just with a Rogers-like body

2. Katsuki Bakugou: Tony Stark/Iron Man

- Name Change to Katsuki Stark

- Race/Nationality: Ambiguous, see him as you want, whether it be Half Japanese/Half American, full Japanese, or full American, your choice, just don't fight among each other.

- Appearance: Replaced black hair with ash blonde hair and eyes for ruby red eyes.

3. Toshinori Yagi/All Might: Thor

- Name Change: The same, alter ago of Donald Blake changed to Hisashi Blake

- Race/Nationality: Asgardian

- Appearance: Mostly the same, has a bit of All Might's haircut and appearance in his younger form in Two Heroes movie

4. Ochaco Uraraka: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

- Name Change to Ochaco Romanoff, alias changed to Olivia Rushman

- Race/Nationality: Half-Asian/Half-Russian

- Appearance: Changed hair to Ochaco's, not hair color, changed to long or short depending on movie, similar face to Ochaco

5. Shishida Jurota: Bruce Banner/Hulk

- Race/Nationality: American

- Appearance: Unchanged

6. Hitoshi Shinsou: Clint Barton/Hawkeye

- Name Change to Hitoshi Barton

- Race/Nationality: Ambiguous

- Appearance: short brown hair changed to short indigo hair

7. Shouta Aizawa/Eraserhead: Director Nick Fury

- Name Change to Director Shouta Aizawa

- Race/Nationality: Japanese

- Appearance: changed completely to Aizawa but with an eyepatch

8. Hizashi Yamada/Present Mic: Agent Phil Coulson

- Name Change to Agent Hizashi Yamada

- Race/Nationality: Japanese

- Appearance: changed completely to Present Mic only with slicker, shorter hair and Coulson attitude

9. Nemuri Kayama/Midnight: Agent Maria Hill

- Name Change to Agent Nemuri Kayama

- Race/Nationality: Japanese

- Appearance: Changed completely to Midnight, with shorter hair in pony tail

10. Nieto Monoma: Loki

- Race/Nationality: Frost Giant

- Appearance: similar to Monoma with blonde hair

11. Ibara Shiozaki: Pepper Pots

- Change Name to Ibara Shiozaki

- Race/Nationality: Asian

- Appearance: Just Ibara but her hair in a ponytail and just green not vines

12. Ejiro Kirishima: Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine

- Change Name to Colonel Ejiro Kirishima

- Race/Nationality: Ambiguous between Asian and American or both

- Appearance: Ejiro with black hair

13. Shoto Todoroki: James Buccanon "Bucky" Barnes

- Change Name to Shoto Buccanon "Bucky" Barnes

- Race/Nationality: Half-Japanese/ Half-American

- Appearance: Shoto with only short white hair, similar style to regular Bucky

14. Tenko Shimura/Tomura Shigaraki: Johann Schmidt/Red Skull

- Race/Nationaity: German

- Appearance: Regular/mask appears like Shigaraki, true Red Skull appearance unchanged

15. Dr. Kyudai Garaki/Dr. Daruma Ujiko: Dr. Armin Zola

- Changed Name to Dr. Armin Garaki

- Race/Nationality: Half Japanese/Half-German

- Appearance: combination of Zola and Garaki

16: Setsuna Tokage: Agent Peggy Carter

- Change Name to Setsuna "Set" Carter

- Race: British

- Appearance: roughly like Setsuna like her curly moss green hair

17. All For One: Thanos

- Race: Titan

- Appearance: Unchanged

18. Yosetu Awase: Harold Joseph "Happy" Hogan

- Change Name to Happy Awase

- Race: Ambiguous

- Appearance: mostly Happy, hair darker like Awase's.

19. Yubi Ayase: Obidiah Stane/The Iron Monger

- Race: American

- Appearance: Unchanged

20. Higari Miajima/Power Loader: Ho Yinsen

- Change Name to Higari Miajima

- Race/Nationality: Middle-Eastern (apologies I don't know the actual race, I'm stupid)

- Appearance: Unchanged besides name

21. Tsubasa: Raza

- Race/Nationality: Middle-Eastern

- Appearance: Unchanged

22. Inko Midoriya: Dr. Jane Foster

- Change Name to Dr. Inko Foster

- Race/Nationality: Ambiguous

- Appearance: roughly like younger, slimmer Inko

23. Dr. David Shield: Dr. Erik Selvig

- Change Name to Dr. David Selvig

- Race/Nationality: American

- Appearance: like an older David Shield

24. Pony Tsunotori: Darcy Lewis

- Race/Nationality: American

- Appearance: A less animal looking, older Pony

25. Yoroi Musha: Odin

- Race/Nationality: Asgardian

- Appearance: Unchanged

26. Tatsuma Ryuko/ Ryukyu: Lady Sif

- Race/Nationality: Asgardian

- Appearance: roughly the same as Sif but with blonde hair color like Ryukyu's

27. Shinya Kamihara/Edgeshot: Fandral

- Race/Nationality: Asgardian

- Appearance: Unchanged

28. Taishiro Toyomitsu/Fat Gum: Volstagg

- Race/Nationality: Asgardian

- Appearance: Unchanged

29. Ectoplasm: Hogun

- Race/Nationality: Asgardian/Asian (actor)

- Appearance: Unchanged

30. Keigo Tamaki/Hawks: Heimdall

- Race/Nationality: Asgardian/Black

- Appearance: Unchanged

31. Geten: Laufey

- Race/Nationality: Frost Giant

- Appearance: Unchanged

32. Yoichi (The First User of One For All): Dr. Abraham Erskine

- Race/Nationality: German

- Appearance: Unchanged

33. Mustard: Ivan Vanko/Whiplash

- Race/Nationality: Russian

- Appearance: Unchanged

34. Kagero Okuta/Giran: Justin Hammer

- Race/Nationality: American

- Appearance: Unchanged

35. Masaru Bakugou: Howard Stark

- Change Name to Masaru Stark

- Race/Nationality: Ambiguous

- Appearance: blend of Howard and Masaru together

36. Mitsuki Bakugou: Maria Stark

- Change Name to Mitsuki Stark

- Race/Nationality: Ambiguous

- Appearance: blend of Maria and Mitsuki

37. Death Arms: Colonel Chester Philips

- Race/Nationality: American

- Appearance: roughly the same only with Death Arms white hair

38. Daigoro Banjo/Lariat (5th User): Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan

- Race/Nationality: American

- Appearance: Unchanged

39. Hikage Shinomori (4th User): James Montgomery Farnsworth

- Race/Nationality: British

- Appearance: Unchanged

40. En (6th User): Jim Morita

- Race/Nationality: Asian-American

- Appearance: Unchanged

41. The 2nd Wielder: Gabriel Jones

- Race/Nationality: African-American

- Appearance: Unchanged

42. The 3rd Wielder: Jacques Dernier

- Race/Nationality: French

- Appearance: Unchanged

43. Ippan Josei (Fox Girl): Rescued Waitress Civilian

- Race/Nationality: American

- Appearance: Unchanged

And that's it, the 43 characters introduced in Phase 1 of the MCU that I have paired a counterpart to. If there's any that I didn't name here, tell me over in the comments and I will try to inform it in the next chapter of Welcome the MCU Phase 2 after the first ones, which again, is coming out right after this one.

As for the key plot events going on so far: Bakugou and Ibara like each other and they are steadily acknowledging it and have a date planned, Kirishima is busy being both wingman to Bakugou and suspicious about Bakugou's past with Izuku, Izuku, All Might, Bakugou, Gran Torino, and Nezu are worried about One For All being slowly revealed to the group, Izuku and Bakugou are worried about their past coming back to haunt them, more so Bakugou, Izuku worried they will expel Bakugou and Bakugou worried more that Ibara will hate him, Aizawa knows about One For All and he, Nezu, All Might, Tsukauchi and Gran Torino know the truth and are going after Aldera, Izuku and Bakugou possibly getting therapy and Mineta punishment for attempted sexual assault, Garaki is going to be investigated, Nezu means to have a chat with Endeavor and his past and Hawks about the PLF.

David, Melissa, Mei, and Power Loader are well on their way to create the New Stark element and Vibranium, particularly to make a shield for a certain Green Bean and the other to fuel Melissa's drive to be a Hero again, Nezu wants F.R.I.D.A.Y.'s Hard Light Matter Formation and H.U.L.K. to perform virtual environmental training and scenarios, the Hero Course classes plan a sleepover, Monoma tries to frame Deku and Bakugou for pranks he committed and was punished by me.

The Sisterhood is formed with the intent of sharing Deku among each other and finding out if he likes them and the 1-B girls will help them in return for help with their own romantic issues, Izuku has a heart to heart with Eri, he explains the multiverse to her, he accepts being her Papa but feels guilt about not telling her about her real father, he comforts her on what happened to Bucky and Rogers and Carter, Eri now committed to helping Deku be with her Mamas, Izuku and Setsuna admit to like each other, Setsuna makes a deal with Deku to either have the girls share and confess to him and she gets a date and be Head girl or Deku realizes his feelings and confesses first and he does to Setsuna whatever he wants on their date.

And with that all said and done, I leave things off here. Thank you guys again for the amazing support, sticking by me through good and hard times, enjoying the work I put a lot of effort and creativity into, and helping me out when needed.

Again, Welcome to the MCU Phase 2 story will be out right after I post this and it will be a direct sequel to this one, so don't worry about anything you missed. Know that this decision is to further protect these stories from those who would see them gone and to better organize the chapters and movies in a more comprehensible way.

This has been Zayden StormVoid. Per Audacia Ad Astra: I'll see you Starside.