Downtime By Lauren Metal

Another Drabble fic!

The challenge:

Write a 100 word drabble about a character, two characters, whatever is your choosing who are on duty, and bored between calls. For example - sitting around the table in the firehouse... sitting in the front of the bus... sitting in the front of the RMP.. whatever. How do they pass the time while waiting for their radios to come to life?

Summary: Kim and Carlos are bored!

*** *** ***

"Come on Kim, if you're gonna do that, open the window," Carlos moaned.

The nail polish fumes were definitely getting to his head.

He teased her about the possibility of having to waddle to their next call, cotton shoved between her still wet, glittery toenails. That was, if they got a next call.

If the calls didn't pick up soon he was gonna have to.

*** *** ***

"Slow day, huh, Carlos?"

"You have no idea, Davis," Carlos replied, shoving hands into his pockets.

The nail polish may have looked good on Kim, but pink definitely was not his color.

*** *** ***


Okay guys, my real fic is coming soon, I PROMISE! I've got four loooooooong stories in progress, they are just taking a while!