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Chapter 1

Consciousness slowly began to come back to the hunter as he groaned in pain when he moved. He was sure his shoulder was dislocated and could feel burning pain from glass cuts when he was thrown through a window. After the dizziness passed, Dean carefully sat up and blinked quickly trying to clear his vision to see. He looked around him trying to remember what had happened and how he had gotten hurt.

"Sammy?" Dean gasped as loud as he could and worked on getting up from the ground. He clutched his arm across his chest to stabilize it as he searched for his brother. They were working a case and had trailed the monster to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town.

Dean looked in the window and finally spotted the legs of his brother laying behind some crates. He hurried to the rusted door and bullied it open, almost falling in the process. Once he got his feet under him again, Dean went to his brother's side.

"Sammy, hey man, are you okay?" Dean asked looking over Sam's body for any injuries and seeing blood on one of his arms and bruising near his hairline that had a large knot there. He felt his pulse and it beat strong against his fingers. "Wake up dude," Dean called to him tapping his cheeks, trying to rouse him.

Wh…" Sam moaned as he slowly rolled his head to the side. "Dee…" he mumbled bringing his hand to his head to feel the knot and winced in pain.

"Yeah, right here bro, can you sit up?" Dean asked trying to help.

"Think so," Sam grunted as he tried to shift himself from the floor.

"Easy, you're bleeding," Dean cautioned him pulling out a bandana to press to his arm making Sam jerk away and hiss in pain.

"Is it dead?" Sam asked looking around.

"Yeah, I got it right before being thrown out the window."

"Are you hurt?" Sam asked when he saw how Dean was holding his arm.

"Think I got a dislocated shoulder. Think you can pop it back in place for me so we can get out of here?"

"Yeah, let me get up," Sam replied moving slowly as he used a crate to pull himself to his feet. "Sit on a crate here."

Dean lowered himself down on the crate and got ready for the sharp pain that he knew was coming. This was not the first time then had done this and would not be the last.

"Okay on the count of three," Sam told him positioning himself at Dean's side and taking his arm and shoulder in his hands. "One…" Sam counted and popped his brother's shoulder in place.

"Damnit! You still managed to sucker me with that move every time!" Dean cussed angrily as he stood and moved his shoulder carefully still feeling pain and soreness. He unbuttoned his shirt and slipped his arm into it for a makeshift sling and to keep the pressure off it. "I'll check your arm when we get out of here. Is it still bleeding?"

"Don't think so," Sam winced, his head pounding from his movements. He rubbed a hand across his forehead and blinked quickly to try and clear his slightly blurred vision.


"Yeah," Sam confessed knowing he could not hide his pain from his brother.

"How many fingers?" Dean asked holding up two fingers in front of Sam's face.

"Two, now get your hand out of my face. I don't think I have a concussion, just headache for being hit on the head."

"There's Tylenol in the car, c'mon, let's get out of here." Dean led them to the side door they entered and around the side of the building heading behind the warehouses until they got back to the Impala. Dean unlocked the driver's door and got in, leaning over to unlock the passenger door. Dean's movements were awkward with his arm in his shirt as he got the glove box opened and found the Tylenol.

Sam dropped into the passenger seat and sighed softly as he let his body relax. His head ached, his arm hurt, and other parts of his body felt abused and mistreated.

"Here, take these," Dean told him shaking two pills into his hand and holding them out to Sam.

Sam took them and found a water bottle in the wheel well to wash them down. He saw Dean dry swallow a couple himself, before he could offer him the water, then started the Impala and pulled out from behind the warehouse to head back to their motel. He knew they would pack up and head out of town now that the hunt was done. They had been trained by their father to never linger in a town once a hunt was over since there was too big a risk of the locals wanting to talk to them.

"When we get to the motel, pack and let me have a quick look at your arm."

"It's okay really. I think it was only a graze and it's stopped bleeding," Sam replied giving his arm a quick glance hoping he was right. At least he did not feel blood seeping down his arm, but it did feel like his shirt had dried to his skin. It hurt like hell to move it around, but it was not life threatening and he thought he could wait until they found another motel.

"I'll give it a quick look anyway. Won't take but a second." Dean wanted to be sure and see for himself. He saw the motel up ahead and slowed to pull into the parking lot. He was glad it was dark, and no one could see the condition of their clothes or the blood on them. He stopped in front of their room and got out slowly heading for the door of their room. He got it open and waited for Sam to walk in before following. "I'll get the first aid kit, get your jacket and shirt off," he ordered Sam.

"Fine," Sam huffed knowing it was no use arguing with him. He took off the bandanna and eased his jacket off and unbuttoned his shirt slipping it off his arm. He grunted when he pulled it loose from where it had dried to the wound.

Dean came out of the bathroom with a wet washcloth so he could clean the wound and get a better look at it. Sam was right, it was only a graze, but it had started bleeding again. He grabbed some peroxide and poured it over the gash making Sam jerk and hiss, but Dean held tight to Sam's arm. Dean dapped it with some gauze, judging whether him needed stitches or just steri strips.

"You're lucky, no stitches at least." Dean dug out some strips and positioned them on the wound before smearing antibiotic cream and taping a pad over it. "That will do for now. I'll get our bathroom bags; you get your clothes packed. Better change out of the bloody ones at least."

Sam did as he was told, pulling jeans and shirt from his bag. He changed and shoved his few clothes laying by his bag into it. He picked up a couple of shirts that were Dean's and tossed them on top of his bag. Sam grabbed a pillow and pulled the case off to make a sling for Dean's arm knowing it was going to hurt like hell for a few days.

"Here," Sam told him when he stepped from the bathroom. "Made you a sling for your arm to help with the shoulder."

Dean looked at the pillowcase but did not object as he found a clean shirt and jeans. He grunted in pain trying not to use his left arm as he dropped his jeans and pulled on the other pair. He did let Sam help him get his shirt off and put on a clean button up. Sam positioned the sling and adjusted it to where it was supporting his arm and taking pressure off his shoulder.

"Thanks bro," he mumbled shoving dirty clothes into his bag. After a quick look around, Dean picked up his bag and headed out to the Impala. They put their bags in the back and got in to head out.

"We'll put some miles behind us before finding a place to stop," Dean told Sam as he pulled onto the street that led to the interstate. He was driving one handed and was careful as he pulled into the traffic and found a lane he liked.

"Alright," Sam agreed with a sigh. All he really wanted was for the drum to stop pounding so hard in his head. He leaned his head against the cool glass of the side window and tried to shut out the rest of the world.


Dean slowed and signaled to change lanes when he was about three hours away from the previous town. He saw signs for lodging, food, and gas up ahead and decided it was a good place to stop. He was tired, sore and beginning to stiffen up and knew they both needed the rest. He looked over at Sam who had gone to sleep a few hours ago and saw the pinched look on his face. This worried him and hoped a good night's sleep would do the trick.

After exiting the interstate, Dean looked both ways before deciding on a motel. He stopped at a convenience store and ran in to grab a six pack before going on down to the motel. It looked fancier than what they usually stayed in, but the sign read, 'Great Rates, Great Rooms' and thought it was worth a shot.

He pulled up to the office and shook Sam's leg to wake him.

"Hey, I'm going in to get us a room," Dean told him as Sam tried to wake from sleep.

Sam stared bleary eyed at Dean trying to register what he had said, but Dean was already out of the car and striding to the office door. He wiped his eyes and shifted in his seat seeing they had stopped at a motel. He did not know how much time had passed but at least his headache was now a dull throb. He waited patiently for Dean to come back out thinking he needed to move around some because his body ached from being still for so long.

Dean was grinning when he came out and held up a room key for him to see.

"We've been upgraded," he announced as he dropped back into the driver's seat. "Seems this is their off season and I got us a nicer room for the price of a regular room, and we stay two nights and get a third one free. Figured we both could use a couple of days to unwind and relax."

"Yeah," Sam croaked clearing his throat and coughing. "Sounds good to me."

Dean pulled around to the back of the office and parked the car in front of their room. They got out and grabbed their bags before heading for the door. Dean opened it and flipped on the light by the door before stepping in and looking around.

It was large, with two queen beds, table and two chairs by the window, small kitchenette off to one side, flat screen television, dresser, overstuffed chairs, and a large bathroom.

"Will you look at this," Dean gushed when he glanced into the bathroom to see a tub big enough for him to stretch out in and soak. A shower stall was nearby, and they had double sinks. "Dibs on the bathroom first," he said quickly.

"Fine, I'm going to go grab a water," Sam said dropping his bag on the bed. He turned to leave and saw Dean pull a six pack from a paper bag. "When did you get that?"

"While you were snoozing away. Didn't even flinch when I stopped."

"Whatever, just don't take too long, I need a shower too."

"You're one to talk dude." Dean grabbed a beer and put the rest in the small fridge. He looked in his duffle for sleep clothes and bathroom bag before stepping into the room and admiring the tub as he turned on the water and flipped the lever so it would fill. It would feel good to soak some of the dirt, blood and grime off instead of scrubbing it off in the shower. He knew he had small cuts, scratches, and abrasions on his body, and this would clean them and hopefully take some of the stiffness out of his muscles.

There were numerous small bottles of scented oils, bath balms and soaps sitting on a shelf above the tub and he looked at them before choosing one and pouring some into the running water. A soothing, mild scent filled the room as it mingled with the hot water. He adjusted the water temperature slightly, wanting to get it as hot as he could stand it to make the bath last longer. He heard the television come on in the other room and knew Sam had come back.

Dean stripped off his dirty clothes, being careful of his shoulder, and hissed as he stepped into the water filling the tub. It took him a moment to adjust as he eased his body down to a sitting position and sipped on his beer. This was the life, soothing bath and a beer to help relax you. He used a hand towel as a pillow and leaned his head back against the rim of the tub. The water was rising, and he did not turn it off until it was nearing the top of the tub. It was heavenly as he let his body float in the water.

The beer was gone way too soon, and he wanted another, but could not make himself get out of the glorious bath. He looked toward the partly opened door and still heard the television.

"Hey Sammy, can you bring me another beer?" he called out. "You awake out there?"

"Just a minute," Sam replied through the cracked door.

Dean leaned back and rested the empty bottle on his stomach as he floated in the now dirty, reddish water. He heard the door pushed open and footsteps.

"Damnit Dean, can't you at least cover up?" Sam fussed as he looked away from his brother's wet, naked body.

"What? We've seen each other naked before dude, no big deal."

"Well, I'd rather not see it now."

Dean huffed and laid a washcloth over his privates and glanced to his brother who was giving him a disgusting look and holding a beer in front of him.

"You know, it might be a good idea to drain that bloody water and put in some fresh."

"But Sammy, you know why it makes it easier to float when it's like this?"

"No why?" Sam asked falling for the line.

Dean opens one eye and looked at him with a smirk on his face because he had the perfect comeback.

"Because Sammy, blood is thicker than water," Dean replied in a serious tone.

Sam looked at him as he opened his mouth to say something and snapped it shut, giving him his best bitch face and a snort. He sat the beer down on the sink, well out of Dean's reach and turned on his heels and walked out leaving his brother alone.

"Sammy, hey Sammy that was good, really good," Dean called to him. "What about my beer?" he whined when he saw where it is siting. "Bitch!"

"Jerk," Sam's voice echoed back to Dean.

Dean looked to the beer and back to the dirty water and back to the beer deciding beer beats water. It was starting to cool anyway, so he flipped the lever to let the tub drain and stepped from it. He snagged the beer and turned on the shower to do a quick rinse and shampoo his hair. He checked the small cuts and scrapes seeing none were serious and would put some cream on them when he was done with his shower. He drank half his beer before sitting it on the counter and stepping into the stall to finish up. A guy could get used to this, and Dean knew this was probably a onetime thing, but he was going to enjoy every minute of it.