Chapter 7

Dean pulled the Impala over into a wooded area before getting to the dairy farm. They got out and armed themselves before taking flashlights and hiking the rest of the way to the farm. Dean used hand signals for the others to stop as he gazed at a guardhouse, gate and chain link fence that was blocking the way into the farm.

"Why would an old dairy farm need a guardhouse and gate?" Dean mumbled studying the lighted area with a critic eye.

"Must be hiding something."

"If we head around that way, I think we can find a way in," Sam suggested looking both ways to see what looked the best route. He moved through the woods parallel to the fence making sure he was out of sight of the guardhouse before sneaking to the fence and checking it out. "Here," he called quietly to the others. "We can break these metal ties and get the fence pulled apart enough to get in."

Dean moved up beside Sam and pulled out a small pry bar to use for breaking the ties and Sam pulled on the fencing, enlarging a hole big enough for them to get through. He put the fence back in place and marked it so they could find it to get back out.

Sam had found an aerial map of the farm so they could pinpoint where the buildings were located so they would know where to search. Bobby suggested they start in the barn first since that would be the likely place to hide something.

The three hunters slunk through the shadows toward the barn and saw a side door that would allow them access. Dean quickly picked the lock and checked for any alarms before cautiously opening the door enough for them to enter. The inside was dimly lit with overhead lights, but what surprised them was the sterile appearance of the large area. There was no dirt or dust or debris anywhere that they could see.

Dean motioned Sam to go left and he went right toward what looked like offices and Bobby headed toward an area that was divided by thick, heavy plastic sheeting to see what was behind it.

Sam could tell where the stalls for the cattle should be and moved the curtain that hid what was there now. He faltered in his steps with what he saw. There was a hospital bed with a male, middle age guy in it either unconscious or asleep. An IV hung on a pole by the bed going into one arm. He looked at the port on the other side trying to figure out what it was used for and then saw the bags to collect blood on the table beside the bed. He knew what they were from snitching blood from a hospital when Dean needed a transfusion. There was a chart hanging at the end of the bed and he grabbed it to check it out.

The paperwork listed an ID number, blood type, sex, age, and number of pints of blood taken. He frowned in puzzlement trying to piece this together. Sam moved down to the next stall and found a female in the same condition as the man, but she looked sicker and paler. He decided she may have been there longer and was starting to show the signs of so much blood being taken from her. Sam stepped out and looked down the two rows of curtained stalls wondering if they all had someone behind them.

He moved down to the end and opened a door to find a room with coolers that had bags of blood stored in them. There were boxes and packing supplies for shipping the blood stacked on a table nearby. The blood was being shipped out, but to where, Sam wondered. He investigated further and saw rolls of labels marked 'Special Delivery', 'Handle With Care', and 'Overnight Delivery'. There was a freezer sitting nearby and opened it to find dry ice to be used with packing the blood. He saw collapsed boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap, and tape, stacked neatly on a shelfing unit and thought this was really organized and wondered who was behind all this.

Dean stepped into an office and looked around at the file cabinets, desk, computer station, chairs, and baskets with file folders in them. He picked up a couple of folders and looked at the contents seeing addresses, units of blood, and payments listed on each page. He tried another and found a list of different body parts and dollar amounts by each item. He was not sure what was going on here but knew it was nothing good. The only thing he could think of was someone was selling off blood and body parts for a profit by the amount of money listed on the pages he found. He growled angrily wondering how long this had been going on and how many lives had been lost during that time.

Bobby pushed through the thick plastic and into a room that was dark and smelled heavily of blood. He let his light slowly pan over the room and saw a couple of autopsy tables sitting in the middle that were coated in dried blood. On a table to the side were an array of knives, hacksaws, electric saws, and other instruments that could be used to cut up a body. He saw a door that looked like a freezer over on one wall and moved to it to look inside. Cold air hit him in the face and when he could see, he saw bags of human body parts stacked inside and a couple of bodies that had not be hacked apart. Bobby had seen enough to get the gist of what was going on here. He headed back out into the other room to find the boys.

Dean stepped from the office as Bobby stepped from the other room. They both froze when voices reached them from the front of the barn. Dean looked frantically for Sam but did not see him anywhere. The voices drew closer as Bobby forcefully pulled Dean to the side door and through it, knowing it would not do any good if they got caught. He did not want to leave Sam but knew he could take care of himself until they could get help here and shut this place down.

"We can't leave Sammy," Dean hissed with concern, as he tried to get away from Bobby.

"Sam will be okay. He can hide and take care of himself. We need to get out of here and bring help," Bobby insisted pulling Dean back toward the fence. They found the opening they had made and slipped back through it and headed into the woods.

Dean pulled up short when they got into the woods and looked back toward the barn hoping to see Sam coming their way. They waited fifteen minutes, but Sam still did not show, and Bobby decided they needed to leave before they got caught.


Sam had seen enough and started to head back to the others when he heard voices outside. He ducked back behind the tables, squeezing under one to hide as the door opened. He was glad the air was heavy with the smell of blood so they would not smell him.

"Do we need to check any of the cows before we head back to the house?" one voice asked.

"Nope, the boss wants us to grab a few bags of blood for his meal. Man, I never thought being a vampire could be this easy. We have all the blood we can drink, and we're getting paid to grab easy targets and bring them here."

"Yeah, it's a better life than having to hunt our meals and dodge hunters and cops. This is the life."

"The Boss has got a great head for business. Who would think you could sell blood and body parts online and make a living at it?"

"We'll need to give the next dose of sedatives in the morning to keep the donors docile."

"I'm thinking number 1201 and 1400 are about done and will need to be moved to the cutting room."

"Yeah, we'll check them in the morning and let the tech decide."

"Here we go, Boss likes B positive, doesn't he?"

"Yep, the good stuff. C'mon, maybe we can catch the game when we're done. Think Steve and Bob are up to some betting on the game?"

"Oh yeah, they're both dumb jerks; we can take them for all they have," the other laughed. "C'mon, the Boss doesn't like to be kept waiting."

Sam listened to the conversation from his hiding place, being perfectly still and barely breathing as he waited for the vampires to leave. He stayed under the table for another ten minutes to be sure they were gone before slipping out and rolling his stiff shoulders and neck and drawing in a deep breath grimacing at the heavy smell of blood. He pulled his cell out and sent a text to Dean to be sure they got away. Sam decided to stay and see what help he could be to the victims and what damage he could do to this operation. He never believed they would ever find something like this. It was a blood and body parts mill run by business savvy vampires.


Dean and Bobby were almost back to the Impala when Dean's cell beeped softly that he had a message. He stopped and used his flashlight to see if it was from Sam.

"Sonovabitch!" Dean spat when he read what Sam had sent.

"What is it? Is Sam okay?"

"Yeah, he's still in there. Seems this place is run by vampires who are selling the blood and body parts to other monsters. They're making a killing by his account and from what I found I agree. He wants to stay to try and help the victims and insisted he will be careful. He wants us to bring help back."

"Balls!" Bobby growled angrily.

"I'm going back to help Sam."

"No, you're not boy. Sam doesn't need you getting caught and possibly hurt or getting him caught too. He can handle himself and maybe it's a good thing. Send him a text back to call Ash at the Roadhouse. He can walk Sam through letting him hack their computer system and Ash can take out any alarms, cameras, or security measure for us. It'll make our job easier when we come back."

"I don't like it Bobby. Every cell in my body is telling me to go back in and help Sammy," Dean complained but did as he was asked. He sent Sam a text about calling Ash and to be careful and don't get caught or he'd kick his ass when they came back.

"C'mon son, now that we know what we're dealing with, we need to hit up some funeral homes for dead man's blood. I got a couple of replies from fellow hunters stating they will be here in the next six hours. A couple of others it will take a little long, but they are all heading this way to help."

"Good, we don't know how many vamps we'll be dealing with, so we need to be prepared," Dean replied. "Sam got the message and will call Ash. He swears he'll be okay and for me not to worry, like I can do that. Let's go and get some dead man's blood so we can come back. I don't want Sammy in there by himself any longer than he has to be."

They continued to the Impala and headed back to town to find some funeral homes and stock up on dead man's blood and would fill syringes to handout to other hunters when they got there so they could use it and hopefully have the upper hand over the vampires. He could not stop worrying about Sam trapped in the lion's den, so to speak, and what might happen to him if he got caught. There would be hell to pay if any of them laid a hand on his little brother.

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