Ohhh a Rayne/Spike Conflict!


Rayne laughed as she walked out the back door, leaning against the back wall for Spike to follow. She knew he would.

Just then the door creaked and out came her favoriate vampire theif. "Bloody hell, how did she find me!?"

"Three vampires and a demon named Samat. I think he thought he was sending something good your way." Rayne kicks off the wall as Spike turns to see her.

He falls back dodging as she brings her fist around to punch him, barly missing. "You here for some payback, love? I mean cause I can think of lost of ways to pay you back that don't involve me getting pummled. You know not that you could pummle me...."

Rayne stomps her foot, he rolls, but she catches his jacket and he's stuck once again. "I'm only here for one thing, the collar. I know you took it."

Spike smiles, tugging his jacket away, and brushing off as he stands. "Oh, the little creatures jewely? Looks like a chain with a small red jewel right? Never seen it." He shrugs and turns to leave once more.

Rayne growls and slams her fist into the wall, "I'm not here for jokes! I know you took it, damn it," she looks at him her eyes slightly glowing, "and I want it back."

"Well love, you can always frisk me," Spike holds his hand up behind his head, "and you could return the favor." He winks at her.

She rolls her eyes, "You are a cocky one aren't you?" He blinks and she's right next to him, "you don't know what you're messing with."

"I know you're a demon, just can't tell what type." He sniffs the air trying to smell any type of demonic sent, "you're good at masking almost smells like a vamp, but..... wha." He smells a hint of a human. 'Something's not right with this bird.'

Rayne slams him into the wall. "You need to tell me what I want to know. Your life is only important for so long, then I'll just get tired of your game." She shows her fangs, shoving his head to the side, and licking his neck, "Just tell me and you won't have to die."

"What the hell are you!!!???" Spike tries to get away but she holds him against the wall.

Rayne runs a hand down his chest, busting all his buttons, then digging her nails in a bit. "aw, poor vampire's all confused. Can't smell a real demon, that's because I'm not a full vampire." she nips at his neck, "and your blood will just add to my strength. Are you going to tell me where the coller is?"

Spike feels her nails dig deeper into his side where she had stabbed him before. "ahhh! Get your bloody nails outta me!!!"

"Ent. Wrong anwser," Rayne dips her head and bites into his neck.

He stands in shock for a moment, 'She's actually biting me...' A sensation of lust races through his body as she drains some of his vampiric blood, "oh god.... I... I'll tell youuu.... mmm....."

She razes her head and lets him sag against the wall to the ground, "Good." She kneels, wiping her mouth, "I need it."

Spike sit's there unable to move, just staring at her. A slight tinge of blood still in the corner of her mouth. "I...it's... I sold it..."

"To....?" Rayne grabs his chin and holds his mouth inches from hers, "tell me..."

He licks his lips, "a guy who lives down in the sewer. He moves alot..." He can't help look at her lips. "He... he... wears it on a necklace now...." He closes his eyes for a moment.

Rayne looks at him then jumps onto the building behind him raceing back toward her hotel room.

Spike opens his eyes and she's gone. He leans his head back and breaths deeply still unable to get up. "Oh how I do love a strong woman..." He bites his lip as he inches his way up the wall, back into the club, and lays down on the couch once more.


o.0 omg don't tell me spike has the hots for miss. half vampire/human. oh well i guess i shouldnd't be surpirsed since i wrote it. ^_^