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Pov: Omnipresent

Center pairing: (older) Naruto X Kakashi

Side pairing: (younger) Naruto X Shikamaru

In Another Life

Chapter 1: Save Us

Naruto held regret. His body held all the bijuu and tragedy befell him upon the moment it happened. It started with the change of his hair. His blonde he had grown in his seventeen years of life changed to a startling red like garnets. It was done once Kurama was freed from the seal and combined with his newfound junchuriki in a bid for them to live in the desperate moments of war. Yet nothing hurt quiet as much as the loss he would face or the decisions he had to make now that he was facing the precipice of uncertainty before him.

It felt like he couldn't breathe when he watched his lover collapse. It was the final strike against Naruto that his now retreating enemy could muster. His heart was pounding and if he had any doubts about their plan it was gone in that moment.

"Shika!" It was a lot of strain on his already abused body, but Naruto caught the genius before he could fall. His blue gaze blurred, and Naruto willed the tears away. For a moment he almost called for Sakura only to remember both she and Lee had died the day previous. Naruto cringed away from the image of lifeless eyes and cold bodies choosing to focus on the gasping one in his arms.

They had been caught unprepared, just after the war all the other nations turned on them wanting to steal away Naruto. They were all hungry for his powers it made the once blonde turned red head regret taking in all the other tailed beast and learning fuinjutsu. The only ally now that all the other bijuu containers had died was Gaara. Suna had stood strong by their allies' side and Naruto was being protected by Gaara who had lost everything and was about to give him so much more. Though they had been begging for Naruto to do the task they lay on his shoulders. Naruto now was the only one who could accomplish this for them and holding the slowly dying man in his arm's he could no longer doubt them.

"Naruto, we have to go to Sasuke now. It's time." Naruto's dark red hair soaked up the blood of his lover as he held him despite his body's protest. Naruto lifted the fading man in his arms and the trio rushed off to the former hideout of Sasuke when he used to be on the run as a missing nin. Sasuke stood in the middle of a hidden room as the trio slipped behind a barrier. Sasuke held his side blood was leaking and he strode toward Gaara looking him over before the pair embraced in a hug. They kept distance from the seals that lined the far wall and floor.

Their romance never went beyond a shy kiss and Naruto wondered of it was the harshness of a war that drew the pair to one another or rather kept them so far apart. Naruto had never thought Gaara and Sasuke would have found something romantic in one another but looking at them there was only sorrow of what if's. Though Naruto's gaze was focused on Shikamaru who refused to allow Naruto to bind his wounds. It was pointless and they both knew it.

Naruto cried as he fell to his knees before he gently settled Shikamaru against a wall.

"I miss your blonde hair sometimes." Shikamaru said as he coughed up blood. Naruto had let out a harsh laugh pressing his forehead to Shikamaru's as he cried. The shadow ninja stared into the deep blue eyes of Naruto that now seemed to have encompassed looking like a maelstrom of pain. Shikamaru pressed forward and they kissed.

Naruto could taste the man's blood on his lips, and he could only cry harsher when they separated.

"Save us Naruto. Make sure we are so powerful that no one would stand against us or Suna. Take out the Akatsuki before they could weaken us." Shikamaru's eyes softened. "Stop the war by making the leaf so powerful that a threat against us would be submersible to suicide." Naruto was nodding his head making sure to offer that power to suna in his mind as well.

"Then I want you to find love." Naruto furiously shook his head still unable to speak past his tears. He couldn't imagine loving anyone else other that Shikamaru and even if their plan worked the demon container would vow lifelong chastity and ensure the younger versions of themselves could still find love. He would make sure a version of his Shika would get his troublesome blonde.

"Naruto, no it will be Haru now won't it." Shikamaru's laugh was choked by blood but he still smiled through it. "My sunlight, the only sunshine in my shadowy world. Grant me my last wish and don't be stubborn. I'm on my death bed here, you aren't allowed to say no, them's the rules." He tried to smile through the pain etched into Naruto's expression. "Younger me gets to keep the blonde. I know you will make sure that love story goes on, but I want you to find happiness. I love you and won't put up with you being stubborn right now. Let me nag you one last time. Do it, for me. Do it or I could never forgive you." Shikamaru was crying now as Naruto openly wept his shimmering red hair fell forward and Shikamaru could see it would be troublesome for his Naruto to handle. Shikamaru tugged out the leather strap that held his hair. His own dark locks fell far past his shoulders and his hands worked pulling the garnet tresses into a messy tail.

"Say it Naruto. Promise me." Shikamaru held the weeping face in his hands. It was always strange to see his Naruto with the vibrant red hair. It seemed no matter what his Naruto could never be subtle. Blonde or red hair the teen just couldn't help himself it seemed.

"I promise Shika." Naruto finally said but it was squeezed past his lips like it hurt him to say it. Shikamaru nodded satisfied by that. Once Naruto made a promise he never went back and that comforted him wholeheartedly. He couldn't stand him to be isolated ever again.

"Sasuke, Gaara we have to do this before I die." Naruto whimpered he had never understood why him, but everyone had faith in him. Naruto knew how to inspire and insight strength. It had to be him no other could accomplish this. They had to get to a younger Naruto and have his graduating class be seen as a threat to the outside world. They had to ensure and change so much but the only one who could was Naruto. The person who lived through all the problems who everyone confided in, who could use their sacrifice and use it for the better. Naruto was their best bet to circumvent the disaster that they lived through.

Sasuke and Gaara went to each side of the Nara and lifted him gently. They had stayed silent through the exchange saying their final wishes to the world. To each other and praying for Naruto to succeed and come out of it still Naruto.

"Naruto,save my clan. You can save Itachi before Danzo pushes him to act. Only do it if you can get away with it safely. We need you more than we need my past self's happiness." Sasuke said and the young man took a scroll with his clan's plans of takeover all stemming from Danzo and shoved it at the garnet haired man.

Shikamaru sighed "We don't even know how far back he will go." Sasuke shrugged.

"We're giving up three lives, it better be far enough." Sasuke said muttering ignoring the dark glare from the Nara who was bleeding rapidly now.

"Save me Naruto. Use your sealing on me before I have a chance to lose the bijuu." Gaara's soft seafoam eyes looked into Naruto's and they both nodded.

"Do it Naruto you are our Hokage you have to make this sacrifice. Now." Shikamaru said and quickly the man of seventeen years pulled out his ink brush and created seals over the blood over the dirt over the wounds. The trio watched Naruto move to stand in the center of his seal while they stood on the outskirts of it. They had been debating this as a last-ditch plan, the issue with this forbidden jutsu of the Uzumaki clan was a life had to be sacrificed. The last three of both the leaf and Suna stood before Naruto offering their lives so their fates could be changed.

Naruto focused and fought through the tears and pain. He couldn't think that these were his friends that one was his lover that they were like family to him. With the final stroke Naruto called forth at the powers of his tailed beast with tears in his eyes he watched as he began to glow and both Sasuke and Gaara slit their own throats while Shikamaru struggled and dug his hand into his open wound. Their blood pooled around Naruto's feet. Sasuke's sword was thrown the scabbard and handle covered in the blood of the men who sacrificed their lives and Naruto gripped it tight enough that it hurt his hands.

With their sacrifice and the power Naruto was gifted a blur of light pulled away the heart broken man.

The rumors had started with the disappearance of scrolls and artifacts stolen away by a powerful red head. Anything tied to the Uzumaki line was taken in the matter of day's like a ghost of the line had come to reclaim the formerly pillaged items.

Rumors followed the tale of the red headed man. A man who stopped war, who felled great foes. Who saved children and people of the tailed beast. A shinobi that appeared out of air and challenged and defeated missing nin collecting bounties on their heads or returning other's back to their villages alive to be tried.

He was known as Haru and S classed shunobi that appeared in bingo books. They called him the Bloody Typhoon. He had the hair of an Uzumaki and the talents of their line as well. A seal master who traveled and saved the demon containers. A bounty hunter that knew how to battle against missing nin as if he could read into their future moves. The man wore the clothing of the Uzumaki but denied telling others of his surname. He was Haru a mystery who saved other's out of the kindness of his heart. Yet vicious to those that wanted to thrive in other's pain. Many other hidden villages were seeking out the mysterious man. Hoping for him to be added to their strength.

It was not all rumor either. The Bloody Typhoon had gone out of his way to save the Hyuga heiress Hinata from being kidnapped. They avoided a political disaster all because he had given a warning to the Hyuga clan head about the plot. When they found and captured the ninja responsible their village had claimed no tie to the would be kidnappers. Many had thought he would come seeking repayment for his deed but years past and the mysterious man was rumored to be onto a new task of helping the young demon vessel of Suna.

Hiruzen sighed, they needed to bring this man to the village, if he was who the third suspected. Rumors of his possible tied to the fallen city of Uzushiogakure, never from the man's mouth but from those who claim to have seen him. The possibility of another living Uzumaki was something they needed. His loyalty could be obtained for the good of the village but if Hiruzen was being honest he wanted it for little Naruto's benefit. The scorn the anger the hate aimed at the young Naruto was unsettling as it was. The boy had to be removed from the orphanage for the caretakers were a danger to the young boy's life. He was constantly watched by Anbu but the civilian council refused to allow any other to help the child. Only family could intervene only another Uzumaki.

Yet Uzumaki was a name that could be a threat to the village and Naruto as well. They were a clan that respected the position of the jinchuriki and he could resent the leaf for the fall of his village. Especially since it was an S-class shinobi. He was powerful but was he dangerous. Would he kidnap the young Naruto? Yet he had only done good for villages. Even in the systematic take down of rising threats from missing nin across the elemental nations.

With such a reputation it was a surprise for the leaf to get another warning from him. At first when receiving a letter with the Uzumaki seal, Hiruzen had assumed it was going to be a threat against the village. He had helped the Huygan clan but confirmed rumors was the man had a soft spot for children. It didn't change the tension that could still be between the leaf and Uzumaki clan. The Uzushiogakure was under the protection of Konohagakure when it fell. They had arrived too late to save the village and any who survived had hidden themselves away.

The third Hokage feared this S class shinobi wanted revenge but was surprised to be given a warning. A man who owed them nothing but offer to aid even if from a distance.

'To Sarutobi Hiruzen. I write you to heed a warning. Rumors of the Uchiha rebellion had found my ears. Do not damn them, but do not sit idle. Fault their rebellion on a man named Danzo and elders tied to the Uchiha clan. Place those responsible on trial. Do not allow Danzo to get his hands on Itachi Uchiha or your choices will be taken from your hands. There is a secondary scroll hidden in a seal placed behind my given name.' A simple Haru was signed at the bottom of the letter and for once the third was at a loss of what to say. What was Danzo plotting with the Uchiha eleite's?

"Bear." An anbu appeared before the hokage bowed before the man.

"Find Jiraiya. Bring him to me." With a wave the anbu disappeared and Sarutobi released the scroll hidden within. Hiruzen noted the Uchiha seal on it but the seal was expertly broken. Opening it his worst fears were confirmed.

The Uchiha would have to pay and it would not be pretty, but they would stomp out a rebellion before it could take place. It would bring shame to the clan but it would keep other's from daring to insight rebellion.

Sarutobi read the missive once more. Danzo seemed like he had not taken heed to Hiruzen's past warning. They had been friends for many years, but the village of the leaf came first, he would not be undermined. "Hound. Koi." Two more anbu appeared before the man.

"Hound to are to keep Itachi Uchiha safe and away from Danzo. Koi, you are to find a trusted team and bring me any damning evidence against Danzo. Go." The two masked figures spit up to do their task. Hiruzen would not let the young ten-year-old jonin be used by his friend.

He needed to meet this Haru. His eyes looked intently at the Uzumaki seal that once held the scroll closed. The older man hoped he was part of the scattered clan of Kushina. Especially with the young Naruto now living on his own for his own safety. How and where did this Haru find this information. Why warn the hidden village? What did he want?

Jiraiya had heard many rumors of a red headed seal master. The man Haru had made quite a name for himself in the shinobi world. He had saved villages and taken down S-rank missing nin, helped the vessels of bijuu and created seals to protect many of them.

The toad sage was impressed, but also flabbergasted to be faced with the man. It had been an accident on Jiraiya's part. He had only returned from his summons with Hiruzen. He had orders to bring this mystery ninja to the leaf.

The Hokage felt he owed the mysterious man for saving their village from a civil war and saving a clan from annihilation. The Hyuga clan was more than eager to allow the S class shinobi into the village, him saving the heiress was the leading factor to their eagerness.

The leaf had horrified and shocked to find the news of what exactly was happening under the surface. Itachi had been saved from the clutches of a man who manipulated many to do dark deeds. Danzo had already gotten his free pass after trying to kill the third and for this second crime and the crime of stealing away children to become part of root he was sentenced to death.

More proof of his manipulation even went into the exploitation of Uchiha elders to press them into the attack on the leaf.

For that the Uchiha clan was shamed and many of the rebellion leaders were tried and jailed. The rest of the clan realized they were close to being destroyed by the whims of a man when all his plans and wrong doings were brought into the light of day. The remaining members of the clan promised complete loyalty beyond that day. The possible annihilation of the Uchiha clan had tempered any offence they had felt.

All this crisis averted due to a warning from a mysterious man who had the Uzumaki seal. Yet this so-called mystery man who was only known by the glowing garnet of hair was found within hours of Jiraiya's search.

Jiraiya focused on the red head who he happened upon. The man's hair which shimmered like a garnet stone was true Uzumaki fashion. What surprised the toad sage was how the young man looked. He was also small thin and beautiful like the wife of his dead student. Vibrant eyes of blue and pale skin that he almost mistook him for a woman. Wearing clothing in a shade of dark and light blues, a kimono styled top covered a netted undershirt both tucked into dark black shinobi pants. Seals were inked into the man's skin from the netted black shirt Jiraiya was almost envious of the beauty in the man's funijutsu. It was delicate work that the toad sage wanted to take time to study.

He wore a worn and weathered headband that hailed from Uzushiogakure even bearing the traditional long hanging pearl earrings with their clan insignia etched into it.

This man was pale, petite and terribly short and young yet there was no mistake this was the man he was searching for. The only other notable marking's he had were similar to Naruto's facial lines. Had that always been a trait of the Uzumaki line? It must have been a trait of Kushina's line if Naruto bore them then this man Haru had to be a close relative to Jiraiya's Godson.

The man looked very similar to his godson despite the difference in coloring. It was almost as if he could see the ghost of what Naruto could grow into in this man.

Though watching the red head fight off the advances of a drunk man in the bar distracted the toad sage from thought. It was amusing but what better opportunity did the sage have to get his target to be willing to heard him out.

He had just started on his journey to search for the man, had gone to his favorite bar in the fourth village over near wave country. He had hoped to use his spy network to search for the red headed stranger Haru. Not at all to be faced with the man being fondled by a drunk.

The mysterious and deadly Haru who had earned the moniker bloody typhoon was peacefully trying to tell a man he himself was a man. It was interesting to see him dodging the grabby hands aiming for his small body.

Jiraiya held back a chuckle and jumped forward surprising the pair.

"Haru you naughty minx, I leave you for one second and you run off with another man. I'm taking you home to teach ya a lesson." The sanin said making the red head sputter and blush as he was pulled out of the bar and away from the spying eyes and ears. For a bounty hunter the man was ridiculously complacent in being led around like a toddler.

Jiraiya wondered what to do with the strange man who was willingly following him still in awe and looking as if he was about to burst into tears. The toad sage led them to an open field and let the young man go. He eyed the read head up and down. This very small and young man was in bingo books across all the elemental nations an S-class shinobi took down missing nin and dangers against bijuu. Yet this guy couldn't be any older than eighteen.

"Well kid, you weren't what I expected." Jiraiya had become a bit guarded. Sure, he had helped the leaf, but this man was still an unknown and powerful shinobi.

"Well I'm not into older men but thank you for saving me." The red head snickered making Jiraiya growl.

"Oi! I am the Legendary Sanin the great and powerful Toad Sage Jiraiya!" Jiraiya jumped into a pose before the teen who fell over pointing at the white-haired man and laughing making his grand gesture become a huge waste.

"Well you sure are different from what I though you would be oh toad sage Jiraiya." Haru snickered eyeing the older man. The happiness at seeing his former mentor alive was a soothing balm to his soul. He had only been in this time for a year and after resting to recuperate his chakra, Haru followed the plan given by his former lover and friends. Not a moment was wasted in the year he had made a name for himself.

Haru only had one shot and he was not going to waste it. His Shikamaru had been the tactical genius and the Naruto of this time would appreciate it as much as Haru did before the pair were separated. Haru would not let this time follow the path his own did.

This ninja was nothing like Jiraiya had expected. He was open, friendly and personable. The red head straightened and sighed looking back at the pouting sanin.

"What does the great Toad sage need with a simple traveler." The red head was tweaking his clothing and pulling his long red hair up tying it messily with a leather strap. The teen plopped himself onto the grassy field eyeing the older man.

"My Hokage wishes to extend a thank you for saving our village from catastrophe." Jiraiya eyed the casual young man. Though the Uzumaki's land had been destroyed he could be a descendant of the almost decimated Uzumaki clan.

"I see, and you are here to be assured that I am worthy of that thanks." Haru's blue gaze met the with Jiraiya and there was a look the older man couldn't read. Almost as if he were calculating something. Weighing the pros and cons of something before nodding to himself. The teen hopped up surprising the older man. "If you join me on the last of my journey, I will meet your Hokage. I mean you did pretty much save my ass back there." Haru said laughing before looking outward almost as if hearing something. "Though you will have to make the decision quickly."

Jiraiya looked at the teen oddly but then he vaguely felt the flow of Chakra headed their way and the red head was running.

"H-hey brat!." Jiraiya shouted chasing after the strange teen. Who the sage discovered was a freaking talented sensor.

Jiraiya followed the kid deeper into the land and Haru had guided him deep into the ruined lands of Uzushio only stopping when they reached the center of the town. The teen plopped down to the ground facing the sanin and he seemed to have a look in his eyes.

"So, toad sage who don't I explain exactly who I am." The smile on the teens lips didn't foster a good feeling but Jiraiya nodded. He wanted to ensure that despite his offered help he would be safe to his village.

"Have you heard of the Uzumaki interrogation technique?" The red head seemed almost eager and Jiraiya nodded.

"There is a seal that allows one to see your every memory, thought, and emotive. It bares your soul to whoever is the interrogator and every secret you have will be known to the interrogator" Haru brightened at Jiraiya's quick explanation.

"Correct! Now do you know how to draw the seal?" Haru smirked this time like he knew something the sage didn't.

"I do know it." The sage felt like he was missing something the red head wasn't reacting how you would expect an S class shinobi to act.

"If it would ease your worries you may use the technique on me. I will even willingly offer up my blood for the ceremony." Haru quickly pulled out a small jar and bowl. He poured a small amount of ink into the bowl and before the sanin could blink a kunai cut across the teens palm and dripped into the bowl to mix with the ink. This was too easy, and it kept Jiraiya on edge. The teen stood pulling out a fresh inkbrush and handed it extended to the confused sage.

Yet Jiraiya had to press on, he had to hope this man was an Uzumaki. The council would not let them into the boy's life, no but a true Uzumaki they could not stop. He needed to hope that this man was the real deal. Jiraiya was forbidden to help Naruto and so he clung to the hope that this man was the key to save the barely four year old orphaned Uzumaki then the toad sage had to do this, He had to take the risk for Naruto's future.

"I give you my word, I will cause you no harm." Haru said to the warry expression aimed his way. The teen tugged off his clothing letting the kimono top hang off his hips and tugged off the netted shirt turning and pulling that lovely red hair away. Quickly Jiraiya set to work and quickly created the seal. From what he had heard of how Naruto was treated they needed a good man like Haru to help raise the boy. If the powers this Haru had were as the rumors spoke the village desperately needed him. This teen who was willing to offer up his mind to the sage, offered a vulnerable position of turning his back to a potential enemy.

It was insane and honestly bold, very much admirable to the sanin. With the last stroke of the brush and the power Jiraiya pressed through the seal it seemed like it worked.

"All right kid, let's do this." Jiraiya gulped before he plunged into the beginnings of consciousness for the teen. For the leaf.

For Naruto.

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