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Pov: Omnipresent

Center pairing: (older) Naruto X Kakashi

Side pairing: (younger) Naruto X Shikamaru

In Another Life

Chapter 5: Nightmares

Naruto had had a bad night. Haru had hovered around the small whimpering boy who had woken up in the early mornin a scream of terror had slipped from his throat. It had spurned Haru into action and Shin and Sai had scrambled into the room as Haru had violently searched the room for a moment until the whimpers from his chibi caught him.

Hau had eased down remembering the years of nightmares that had gripped him after his liberation from the orphanage.

Haru had an easy time separating himself from the idea that these children where his former friends and makeshift family. It wasn't painful because he could relish in the fact that they were alive and small and so utterly helpless. Haru watched Sai who had snuggled up next to Naruto who had seemed to slowly be calming down. Shin was gently petting the boy telling him a sort soft story about how they had seen Kakashi walk into a wall his nose in a book.

It had eased the boy and Haru's heart alleviated as his body relaxed and he shuffled into the bed behind all three of the boys. The red head still felt a small ache at seeing Sai and Shika or any of the smaller versions of his former friends and family. Yes, they would never be his Sai, or Shika or Gaara or Sasuke or well it was a long list but did that matter. Haru had never dwelled in past hurts or pain only pushed onward to make himself stronger and better for everyone's betterment. Swallowing past his own pain of dealing with the small children gave new life to happiness that burned within him.

He was happy they were alive, even if they would never be 'his' they would all still be Naruto's. Though the older Uzumaki was sure seeing them grow to the ages he knew them best was going to hurt him. Emotionally or mentally and Haru could only hope he could avoid clinging to the possible hurt he would encounter in the future. He had a hard time already dealing with Kakashi, he was somewhat the closest to what he looked like when Haru had originally met the man. It was a struggle, but it was manageable with indifference. It would be appropriate

Haru's gaze shifted to the window and he could see slivers of sunlight peeking through the curtains. His three boys had fallen back to sleep in his arms and the elder Uzumaki slipped out of the bed covering the trio. Sai and Shin were both cuddling Naruto and Haru resisted the urge to coo at them.

Swiftly he had moved to the kitchen beginning breakfast for the day. His mind was still racing over all the things he still needed to do when heard a knock at the door and jolted. Swiftly he turned off the burner and moved to the entrance of his home.

He had not been expecting anyone, so it was a surprise to see Shikaku holding a sleepy Shikamaru. The elder Nara looked to the red head sheepishly and Haru invited his guest inside.

"Kumo it seems is visiting about the Hyuga incident." Shikaku watched the surprise filter across the teens face but the confusion still was on Haru's expression. "My wife is on a mission and I am too nervous to leave my son in our clan home. I and other clan heads will be required to attend for solidarity behind this situation. Their Raikage asked you to be excluded until he and his brother may have a private audience with you. That will be most likely tomorrow as he will be demanding proof." Haru smiled softly to the embarrassed expression given by the Nara.

"I'm sure the boys would love to spend time with Shikamaru and their other friends." Haru had easily shifted the young Nara into his arms as his father thanked him and offered a joking warning.

"I'm almost entirely sure everyone will be bringing their children here, with the clan heads being required to attend your home is one of the few fortified from anyone being able to break in." Haru gave a soft laugh and waved the man off.

"I will be fine being the daycare for the day. Remember small cute things are my weakness, should I be wary of any allergies for Shika. I'm making breakfast which I realize I will need to make more of." Haru smiled gently easing the elder man's fears.

"He's not allergic to anything, if you can trick him into eating that would be great though. Kid would rather sleep than eat." The red head snorted and soon Shikaku was off. Haru and settled the small boy onto the living room couch and covered him with a throw blanket.

Going back to the kitchen Haru worked hard and swiftly ensuring there was enough food to feed a small army. Choza and Tsume had dragged along Shibi with their little one's and Haru had settled Choji letting the little boy snack a bit till the food was completely finished. Kiba was zipping around between Haru's legs and little Shino was sitting in the quiet living room with Shika but he was silently reading.

After Inoichi and the Hyuga's had dropped of their little one's Haru found the meeting would take all morning and the wives of each clan were needed to run things internally for the day or were out on missions. A few had even been asked to take extra shifts for better security around the village. Haru didn't mind helping out and understood his home was the most secure in the village. Tiny Hinata was clinging tightly to Haru's cloth covered leg and the red head was extra careful to ensure he didn't tip her over.

Neji was sitting next to an awakened Shin and both boys were acting like little baby grown up's talking about their beginnings of training, and Haru tried not to snicker at the cuteness. Ino had taken Shin's spot next to Naruto and cuddled the blonde to get a bit more of sleep.

When Fugaku arrived with his trio and blush on his face Haru only smiled brightly and shooed the elder away to his meeting. It seemed Shisui was generally looked after by Mikoto who was stuck running the police force for the day.

Little Sasuke had scrambled into Naruto's room and a bit of shouting and one Shisui later everyone was awake, and the two blondes were chasing angrily after two of the three Uchiha's. Itachi with the help from Shin and Neji and corralled the children to wash their hands and head to the dining room as Haru moved the food there. Choji had woken the sleepy Shika and soon everyone was eating. Haru ensured everyone had eaten before clearing the dishes.

"Naru, you and Sai have everyone play hide and seek like how I taught you." The two boys lit up and scrambled to tell the kids how to play. Shin, Neji, Itachi and Shisui had all scrambled to help to older teen clean up a bit.

Once that was finished Haru shuffled the older boys outside for some meditation and light chakra control exercises in the inner garden. It was an annoying reminder that Shisui and Itachi were already both trained ninja as young as they were. The Uzumaki head was nervous when the older boys told little Shin about blurring past the academy to be now be chunin. Haru still encouraged the boys to act their age in his home. The Uzumaki head knew he would have to push his two eldest through academy mostly due to their skill set and current training. It still made Haru feel guilty, but the teenager knew there was very few options. All the generations of his line would have to be powerhouses and of that wasn't a frustrating thought. He knew each of his boys could handle it but it did quell the fear within the red heads heart.

Though Haru found it funny to see the curious eyes of little one's sneaking over to watch the older boys working themselves through katas and jutsus. The teen worked with each boy a bit because he knew the Uchiha would not like them letting a day off of training. Little Sasuke and Naruto looked to their respective elder brothers in pure awe.

Haru and sighed and gathered all the youngest into a circle allowing the older boys to continue while Haru gave the kids a large rubber ball they had to push with a burst of chakra towards one another. Haru sat back watching both groups with a critical eye.

He needed to figure out how to convince their families to allow group training more often, preferably with each clan taking a turn. He didn't want them to give away clan techniques, but maybe fresh eyes could spot weaknesses the other's could improve on. Haru pondered how to bring up that discussion with their parents. The teen realized he would probably have to show by example. He might have to have Shin become chunin and that ment he would have to do the same with Sai, he couldn't do it to Naruto unless the entire class did the same. Sai and Shin were already advanced in their young age, they just needed to learn the clan art before Haru could progress the boys further.

From the corner of his eye Haru caught little Shikamaru explaining to a grinning Naruto how to put out a little burst of chakra instead of blasting it at their playmates. It would seem Naruto's awestruck expression was making little Shikamaru shy because the boy was gaining an adorable blush while the younger kids all played. Sasuke was pouting and trying to intervene between his best friend and the Nara heir. Haru had to stifle a snort seeing the little glare both boys were giving each other on opposite sides of an oblivious Naruto. Choji didn't hold his little snickers in though.

He allowed the children a break to roam the house and warned them not to open the shut doors or shut the open doors. Though Haru was sure he was forgetting something he focused on helping Shin work on using seals in battle. Everyone froze hearing laughter and a crash come from within the clan home.

Haru hurried back inside while the children who had all decided to tear apart his office. It was until little Shino who was running around trying to keep the chaos down. Shikamaru and Hinata were both standing off to the side wereing equal expressions of astonishment. Haru suddenly remembered he hadn't shut his study door and groaned making everyone freeze.

The teen looked woefully to his office and the sheepish gazes of the children before settling everyone down for a nap. The older boys were still being helped through their own training with the help of Haru's clones this time.

The red head had allowed a few clones to begin preparing lunch while he organized his office, nothing was damaged just in disarray. He had everything cleaned in time for the little ones to wake up and have lunch. The teen needed Shin to continue working on his seals having already noticed the sloppy work he did when fighting.

Haru had later settled Shin into a room littered in his protection seals before allowing him to practice his training Many red headed clones awaited the door to help with fighting and seals work. Naruto and Sai pouted at being forced to practice their calligraphy and everyone groaned realizing the red head was making everyone except Shin and the snickering Shisui and focused Itachi partake in his lessons. Haru had even tugged away Neji to work on his claigraphy.

Haru while the kids practiced spoke about the great Uzumaki clan, Shin could still hear as the room he was in did not need to have the door shut to keep him safe. The Uzumaki expanded to fun stories about his clan while walking around correcting everyone on their calligraphy.

Soon one by one parent's came to Haru's home collecting their children. The first one's were the Huga's Hinata was eagerly showing Hiashi her calligraphy work as Neji recounted to his father about the chakra exercise he had been allowed to work on with the older boys.

Haru shooed the men away from thanking him and watched as Shibi and Tsume sauntered up. Kiba was given to his mother half asleep and she looked stunned.

"Tell me your secret, please." Haru laughed and waved her off.

"It was the other kids; I think all that running around really tuckered him out." Tsume smirked as Kiba curled into his mother's hold. Little Shino had given the red head a leg hug surprising the boy's father who bowed to the teen. Haru was flustered begging the man to never to bow to him again.

Soon Fugaku came to collect the Uchiha's and Sasuke had hugged the red head refusing to let go. His watery eyes were enough to break down the red head who promised to bring along his boys to play at their home soon.

The older Uchiha was amused and listening to the older boy's talk about the training with the Uzumaki clan head. Fugaku had smiled and gave Haru a thoughtful look before escorting the boys home.

As they left the and the older generation of Ino Shika Cho were watching in wonderment as Shikamaru was talking a mile a minute asking questions about The Uzumaki clan. Shikaku was having difficulty trying to remove his inquisitive son from the red head who was being latched onto by Ino who was jumping back and forth between Haru and her father. She was excitedly showing off her calligraphy and Choji was talking about the Uzumaki stories and delicious snacks Haru had given the boy. His chubby little hand was tugging on the long kimono sleeve of the Uzumaki who smiled tiredly.

Shikamaru had wrangled a promise from the red head for him to especially bring along Naruto to visit his home. Haru had snickered and had to ask, "Oh, Naruto in particular huh?" The little boy pouted and crossed his arms stubbornly.

"Naru said he had never seen a deer; I want to show him how cool they are." Haru laughed and pinched the boy's cheek and before Shikamaru's father could press further, Haru threw his hands up in defeat.

"Fine, you win i'll bring the boy's around next time Shikaku is free. That way he can get his Shogi match. Two birds one stone." Shikaku snickered as the three kids waved goodbye to the older teen and Haru waved away the thankful fathers.

Finally, the red head sat on the living room couch too exhausted to move until a certain blonde menace jumped right onto his gut. The older teen groaned as listened as Sai and Naruto talked a mile a minute before Shin let Haru look over their work

Exhausted the older teen gathered up his boys and they headed out to get ramen. Naruto was sitting on the teenager's shoulders while Sai and Shin each took a hand from their guardian. When Haru heard the muttering of demon and noted how Naruto seemed to deflate it pissed Haru off.

His cold gaze pinned the man down, a civilian who froze under the gaze of the red head. "Say it again. I dare you." The man stuttered and turned tail and ran.

Haru relaxed and settled his kids into the ramen shop. Teuchi cheerfully greeted his regular customers who had settled in swiftly and ordered. Ayame was helping her father for the day and Haru cooed to the little girl who chatted and observed the cooking being done as it was her 'training'. The eight year old was adorable bossing around her father who took it in good natured.

After their bellies were full Haru had gotten his sleepy children home, bathed and dressed for bed. Instead of their rooms though the boys clung to their guardian and Haru accepted his fate and burrowed down his boy's using him as a cuddly pillow.

The next day Haru was a bit worried, as he knew the Hokage was going to be wanting him in a meeting as he was the one to intercept the attempted kidnapping. Haru had proof and even better he could use his skills to show everyone the memories of the prisoner. Honestly it was easy to find the proof of guilt when he had helped rip out the memories of the prisoner after first being free to partake in missions. The supposed shinobi diplomat who the Raikage denied allowing to be part of his envoy for peace between the nations.

Inoichi had already claimed the man used a jutsu to scramble his mind and Haru used an archaic fuinjutsu seal to dreg up proof guilty action. A and Haru had already met once when Haru first arrived to Kumo to add a seal to his brothers bijuu for protection. He had been the most stubborn man Haru had dealt with and now firmly held to belief that Haru was a demon himself. Let's just say their first meeting did not go well and the fact that Killer B loved Haru did not color him in a better light to the older man. Though all of that was not the issue here, Haru could handle political intimidation easily and his reputation helped him be personified as the political nightmare.

Haru's only problem, what to do with his little monsters. There was no way in hell he would be showing the village jinchuriki or his young clan members identity to the Raikage. Haru did not trust ANBU in his home unless it was Kakashi or Yamato, but they were out on a mission still and Tsunade was busy dealing with a bout of illness spreading in the hospital.

No way would he allow a genin team to watch over his charges not when people still held such unfavorable inclinations toward Naruto. Haru wondered what to do while he cleaned fed and dressed his little ones for the day.

So, deep in his thoughts he was surprised to hear a knock at his door and be greeted with Gai. Haru blinked owlishly and the grinning green teen was already speaking about the youthful day set before them. The red head huffed amused and stopped his yammering noticing an unamused Anko standing behind the green clad man.

"Gai, Anko-san did you need something?" The teen watched as Gai collected himself and offered a brilliant smile. Anko snorted and lifted her hands showing she was harmless.

"Hokage sama asked us to watch over your little brats while you attend the meeting." Haru gave another slow blink to Anko's words and nodded.

"Oh well, that's convenient. Thank you." Haru ushered the two in and explained the kids schedule offering for them to follow it as it was posted on the fridge. Their lunches were already sorted in the fridge as well.

Gai and Anko were equally astounded at how organized Haru kept his kids. Even with three boys and working often on missions and duties for the Hokage the older teen was proficient in handling everything. Unmarried and pretty much their age, his handling of responsibility was amazing to the duo.

Haru had dressed similarly to how he had before arriving to the leaf and had his weapons strapped or clipped to his body. He said his goodbyes and made the boys vow to behave before leaving.

Haru was a blur as he zipped through the village and into the hokage tower. Upon his arrival he was immediately rushed into a tense and quiet room. The large imposing figure of the Raikage A only glowered at the amused expression of the third hokage. Hiruzen eyed his deceptively calm red headed jonin who had entered the room.

The Uzumaki clan head had his hands hidden within his long kimono sleeves no doubt clutching a weapon and the teenager eyed B who was looking to the petite man in happy familiarity. Yugito was standing in the corner of the room and straightened immediately seeing the garnet haired man who walked into the room silently. There was no love lost between A and Haru. The tenseness that expressed itself through his posture was evidence enough.

The red head bowed slightly to the Hokage who inclined his head to the teen. The Raikage glared at the red head who only inclined his head. A held back a sneer spotting the Uzumaki clan symbols etched into the shinobi's jewelry. Long red hair was tied high and glittering like a gem. A knew of the bloody typhoon and nearly growled at the bratty teen. It annoyed the man that the leaf somehow got their hands on him. He had breezed through and adjusted the jinchuriki seals of Kumo. Before A could offer the Uzumaki to join them the teen and left the village like wind blowing through the streets. It was insulting for him to be ignored and for the talented teen to join the village hidden in the leaf.

"Right, let us get to the topic at hand. Haru here is the one who heard about the abduction, and honestly his claims were not proven invalid as we found your shinobi in a trap set up in the Hyuga heiress's bedroom." The red head stared impassively at the glowering Raikage.

"I gave my diplomats no such orders to go after a child. In fact, that man, Nuzumi was removed from duty weeks prior, he was not part of the party." Haru gave a cruel smile and stood next to Hiruzen.

"Nee A-sama be honest with me now, I can easily unscramble your 'former' shinobi's mind and use whatever I find against you." Haru cocked his head to the side as if hearing something. "It would be easy with my fuinjutsu, I even have one that might destroy his mind but all secrets about you and your village may also come tumbling out." The red head smiled brightly to the third hokage who leaned back in his chair seemingly at ease.

The tense silence only made the Uzumaki pout until a cruel smile etched onto his features. Haru tsked softly and pulled his hands from his sleeves holding a scroll.

Everyone stiffened seeing the seal of the Raikage and Haru easily placed it before Hiruzen who was still holding a smile toward his tense guest.

"I would normally rip apart a shinobi's mind using a seal so he couldn't remember his name afterwards. Though he made it easy by holding onto his mission scroll, I do believe you even signed it." Haru was all smiles and A had to repress a shiver.

"Your talent is wasted here kid, Kumo would have been better suited for your skills." A had deflated and had his two jinchuriki eased down from their uneasy positions. The taut air eased, Haru's gaze practically glowed looking at the pouting B and demure Yugito.

"You have nothing that would have made me stay. Your people helped to decimate my clan and stole from the Uzumaki clan. Nothing that would have bound me to be loyal." Yugito flinched from the comment and Haru's true blue eyes looked back to the Raikage. "I would never have taken an offer to tie myself to Kumo. I will use all my knowledge and power left to me by my clan to help the leaf fight you all if I must." The dark smile was back, and the malice hidden in the red heads expression made the room tense once more until the third Hokage settled his hand onto the petite man's shoulder.

"So, if that's settled would you like to discuss the terms to a real peace treaty now?" Hiruzen was smiling jovially and A gave a terse nod before Shikaku was escorted into the room with a few advisors from each village. "Let's begin."

After standing for hours and allowing his presence to be the only intimidation needed Haru was soon freed from the office. He had swiftly moved away from the group even, but B had moved in front of the red head. The Uzumaki sighed and glowered half heartedly at the man.

"Fool, ya fool! Haru upset big bro and will see his wrath one day for sho." The red head sighed and gently patted the buff man's shoulder. B looked upset at Haru openly making an enemy of A but the teen knew it had to also worried the big guy. B and Haru got along and the Uzumaki was sure he could smooth out relations between A and him in the future, just not right now.

"Don't worry about it B, I will not hold anything your brother does or says against you." B brightened up and Haru waved as he left.

The Uzumaki's mind was a blur as he made his way home lost in thought. Jiraiya had convinced Hiruzen to keep Haru close to home until this situation had come to pass. Sarutobi had been happily using the political prowess of his newest shinobi to the villages advantage. All his internal missions were to sweep and strengthen the protective seals around the village and hospital but Haru knew he would be sent out soon. Kids or no kids, Haru was always too valuable to keep in home.

The red head heaved a soft sigh and contemplated how he could convince other clans to take in his boys. Haru needed strong bonds with each clan because without their trust it would be hard for Haru to be able to influence growth in the next generations abilities when they actually begin training.

Currently the ninja's who made the biggest impact and influence were targeted first and everyone fell after. Haru needed to ensure that during the chunin exams for the year Naruto became genin would be the year of a show of power. Everyone was about four or five years old right now. Haru had already helped their numbers by keeping the Uchiha from imploding from within and he was grateful to stop the process before it grew in influence toward the main house.

He had kept Neji and Hinata from spiraling into depression from the results of a kidnapping had done to the Hyuga clan. Haru had already begun the teaching process for the kids and had a plan on how to press further in training each of the little guys in the future.

"Uzumaki san!" The Uzumaki stalled in his steps and glanced over to the young version of Iruka. The genin eagerly strode over to him and Haru had to hold back a smile. Iruka's death had hurt him long ago but Haru had luckily never seen it. Sakura had and it had haunted the girl till her dying breath.

"Iruka, how goes the training?" The red head smiled gently continuing his walk as Iruka followed along at a slow steady pace.

"It's alright, though I need to work on a lot until the next chunin exams, we got teamwork down. I'm just struggling with taijutsu and a fluidly moving from one attack to the next." Iruka was pouting but Haru was all smiles as they walked into a grocery story.

"Join my clan for dinner, I will help you train, and you help me cook dinner though. Just come by the entire week so I can help you out." Haru spoke as he hurriedly picked up a few items needed and pretended to not see the glittering exuberance in the young teenager's gaze.

"If you are sure Uzumaki san." Haru waved off the boy almost pouting.

"Call me Haru, you're really going to make me feel old." Iruka laughed and the pair had easy chats on the way to the Uzumaki land. Iruka's gaze was jumping all over the grassy and flower filled land. Haru had kept the growing vines that curled around the house and it was almost like a forgotten shrine.

"I'm home." Haru called out removing his shoes and pulling out slippers for his guest.

Anko walked out with Sai clinging to her back petting her vibrant purple hair. Gai came forward carrying a laughing Naruto and Shin who was covered in ink splotches. Iruka stared awed as the boys scrambled from the two other jonin to barrel into Haru's legs as greeting.

The teen handled the boys gently as Gai took Haru's bags and settled them into his kitchen. Anko was eyeing Iruka with interest in her gaze and Iruka nervously waved at the girl. Haru let them chat as he approached Gai who was playfully fending off a cheerful Naruto who was attempting to latch onto the orange leg warmers the teenager wore. Haru plucked the boy mid air and snickered at his small pout the small blonde delivered in retaliation.

"I would-a got ya bushy brow!" Naruto's voice was high pitched, but the red head snorted at his words.

"I would have gotten you is what you meant Naruto. Don't fault Gai he has allies to save him last minute from your great pouncing skills." Haru was amused and unfazed by the wide blue gaze Naruto had given him.

Gai was running off on a tangent in the background about the power of youth and Haru made his little monsters run off back further into their home to continue their lessons. Anko had bullied Iruka to help the boys with their work and the pair had focused on the boys. Haru had invited his babysitters to a home cooked lunch and each had agreed to the puppy dog eyes given by the little boys in the red heads care.

Gai eyed the red head who was prepping the food and allowing a soup he made to stew on low heat.

"Did you need something Gai?" Haru's back was to the green clad teen but Gai didn't question how Haru knew he had been staring at him.

"I'm just curious, about why you are starting training for the boy's so soon." Gai hadn't had the nerve to ask this of Haru the time previous but the Uzumaki head didn't even hesitate.

"Naruto is an Uzumaki. It is in his blood to learn our clan teachings. I see he will struggle with learning in a class environment, he is hyper and can't sit still but if I get him used to the process he will pick up things easier in his time at the academy. Besides with his Uzumaki line he will have chakra reserves that need to be honed and maintained now." Haru's gaze was echoing a bit of pain.

"His extra issue of having a tenant inside means his control needs to be developed here and now." Gai nodded understanding the reasoning for the blondes lessons.

"Sai and Shin had been rescued from cages hidden in Danzo's secret labyrinths. They need assimilation but not stagnancy. They are already trained killers sadly and nearly desensitized to all emotions. They both have to get used to a class room setting because all my boys will be separated by years. Shin is turning eight soon and will be entering the academy. I don't plan to allow Shin nor Sai to sit in the academy for long either, both boys will most likely skip a few years. They may be just boys but Danzo has already made them killers. Getting them onto a genin team and ensuring they understand teamwork will be the best course of action for both boys. Sai is a year ahead of Naruto in age, but I might have to send him a year or two ahead of his class. Sai and Shin need the small bit of normalcy in home before being put into a class setting and Naruto needs the precaution." Haru washed his hands and set aside the prepped food and pulled off the soup, rice and sides for a light lunch. Gai just stared dumbfounded at the thought out process the Uzumaki had given to the boys.

Everyone ate the light lunch and Haru was immensely amused by Anko flirting with Iruka who was flustered right up to her departure with Gai. Haru had settled his boys to watch as he observed Iruka's solo kata sessions. The red head had hovered around the teen correcting him where he could and adjusting stances easily.

The elder Uzumaki then pressed Iruka into a spar with him ensuring the teenager put his focus into his taijutsu and then focused on ninjutsu before giving a soft hum.

"Why did you become a ninja Iruka, why do you want to advance to become better?" Haru had eyed the teen who was swept easily to slam into the hard ground.

Iruka wheezed feeling the air escape him but Haru held him in place in the ground. The brown haired boy collected his thoughts before a sigh left him as the red head moved back from the boy who now sat before the older teen.

"I want to protect the village and make a difference with my skills. I want to protect kids like me from wasting their lives and I hope to become a chunin instructor. I want to be able to prepare others better than many of my comrades. We are in peace now but there is always tension between the elemental nations." Iruka had a slight blush on his face as Haru moved to crouch before him a smile on his lips. "The instructors are life boat in the sea of bloodshed for aspiring shinobi. I don't have power or great intellect like many from my generation. My chakra refuses to expand further, and I know I can at least help others become better by preparing them in the academy." Haru tugged the brown haired teen to his feet and moved away to a ready stance.

"Well, then I guess you better be prepared for me to kick your ass into gear so you may pass the exams." Iruka gulped at the foreboding smile directed at him by the Uzumaki.

Somehow Iruka felt like he was going to regret coming to the red head for training now.

In a blur of a week Haru had booted Iruka out into the world fully in control of his skills and determined for his exam. The Uzumaki head had been just as prominent of a dictator in the educations of his three troublemakers.

His week had been much louder handling three little boys and a young teenaged Iruka but it had not been unpleasant. Haru had stayed up late contemplating where his emotionally stunted former sensei was and his pain in the ass former sensei was.

They had been gone a week and it made Haru a bit nervous waiting for their return. The teen had settled his trio to sleep in their own beds and stepped out to the living room. He was tense and didn't understand why.

That feeling was answered when a bloody and wounded Kakashi and a worried and hovering Yamato stumbled into his home. Haru gave a frustrated sigh and lifted the stubborn silver haired man up and into one of the bathrooms.

Internally he thanked Tsunade and Sakura for pounding first aid training into his pea brain. Yamato helped the red head stitch and tape up his captain. The man was skilled and worked quickly before then turning on him and stubbornly working on the younger teen.

After Haru was satisfied he helped Kakashi clean off the rest of his uninjured body while Yamato had quickly washed and left to report for their team. The red head had settled an unconscious Kakashi into his bed and sent off a clone to collect Shizune. Haru knew she would be awake and free as tonight was Tsunade's free drinking night.

Haru had the most convenient luck, either that or his thoughts could conjure up anything he wished. That would be vaguely concerning though as he had a lot of silly thoughts.

Shizune had arrived to his home and Haru allowed the woman into his room to look over his stupid former sensei. Yamato had returned looking exhausted and Shizune bullied the teen for a check up as well before allowing him to go to bed.

The dark haired woman had approved of Haru's medical work on both men and left the Uzumaki home leaving an annoyed red head behind.

"Chakra exhaustion, how fucking reckless." Haru huffed and stewed in his upset while the sun decided to rise. Haru had began cooking for the day and woke up the kids to eat. He took food to an injured Yamato who was grateful and then took food to Kakashi who was awake and looking around his room.

Haru's eye teitchs as Kakashi smiled at him.

"Yo." For a split second the red head wanted to throw the hot soup at the annoying man but squashed his anger and gave him the food leaving without speaking.

Haru made Shin work through katas while allowing Sai to work on his art jutsu. The red head was looking over Naruto's seal before meditating while leaving his palm on the boy's stomach.

Haru could feel Kakashi settle into the same room observing and Haru and Naruto slipped away into the younger boys mindscape.

Naruto was looking around the sewer styled tunnel and soothed the boy before walking forward a small blonde clinging to him. A growl scared the boy but Haru didn't even flinch.

"Oi, Kurama stop being a bastard." Haru had lifted the blonde as they looked up to meet the large imposing nine tiled beast.

"How do you know of me human." Kurama growled out glaring darkly at the teen who only smiled darkly.

"He can't hurt you Naruto, always remember that." The little blonde Haru looked up to the fox demon. "Know this you bastard of a fox, Mandara lives, and he will come for you especially if you leave the boy weak and vulnerable. You will need to work with your host. You and I both know the sage created his children for this purpose. You will disappear and decay if separated from a vessel, and there aren't many that can hold you." Haru watched the fox tense and settle down unease was in the demons gaze.

"Who are you human." Haru snorted and Naruto looked back and forth between his guardian and the fox.

"I am the one who will train the chosen child." Haru looked down meaningfully at Naruto and Kurama became thoughtful and gave a singular nod.

"Fine, for my father I will work with the boy, but you will be required to explain one day." Haru gave a soft laugh but nodded.

"I will put a secondary seal, to protect you from the danger that threatens all the sage's children. Come let me touch your snout." The demon gave a curt nod leaning forward as Haru bit his thumb and created a seal on the nose.

"Naru bite your thumb and touch the center of the seal for me." Haru watched as the blonde did as asked and smiled brightly to the boy.

"We will return." The fox huffed and Haru brought them both back to reality. Kakashi watched them and eyed a new seal that settled in the center of Naruto's own before it faded back into his skin.

His single eye watched the elder Uzumaki smile to the blonde and sent him off to let Sai and Shin train him. Haru looked exhausted and Kakashi settled close to the teen.

Too exhausted to fight him off Haru fell asleep somewhat pleased Kakashi had returned back to the leaf. "Welcome back dumb ass." The red head fell asleep to the sounds of masculine chuckles.

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